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November 2, 2012 @ 12:47 pm
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Schiano Talks Talib Trade and Wright's Status

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Bucs head coach Greg Schiano spoke to the media following Friday's final practice before heading to Oakland to take on the Raiders. Understandably, most questions were related to the Aqib Talib trade and the status of Eric Wright, but Schiano did say the decision on left guard has been made and will be revealed game time Sunday. 
Can you give us your take on the rationale behind the Aqib Talib move?
“Just like any move we make we put a lot of thought into everything we do. At the end of the day our main motivation [and] our sole motivation is what is best for 
the organization. With all factors considered we had an opportunity to make a trade and be compensated in some way you know the fourth round pick. At the end of the day when we did all the comparisons and all the different things, we think this is what is best for the Tampa Bay Bucs moving forward. It is really like I have told you guys every decision is made with the same criteria.”

What happened to the plan of bringing him back as you mentioned before?
“Well, the NFL is as fluid a situation as there is. Things change day to day. I am not a fortune teller. I cannot tell you and that’s why when I get in front of you guys I hate these iron clad statements because I don’t know what tomorrow holds. What I try to do and when I say things like—I probably shouldn’t say things like trust us. Why? They don’t know me yet, but the whole point to that one and if you look back what I said it in reference to was that we are going to do what we truly believe is the best thing for the organization. Nobody is right all the time and you know that, but when I say that I mean that we are going to do everything we can within our control and with all our intelligence to make the best decision for the organization. That’s really what I meant. There is no way I can predict what the situation would be right before the trade deadline. I didn’t know that.”

Have you made a decision at that time or any time prior to that he had played his last down as a Buccaneer?
“No, not at all. I got to tell you I appreciate the time I was here, other than this incident that happened here when he was suspended, I enjoyed coaching Aqib (Talib). For me he worked his tail off. Everybody didn’t play great at times and didn’t coach great at times, but as far as what he did for us while I was here and I said it many times I am not naive to what happened before. I do appreciate it and I wish him well going forward.”

Any update on Eric Wright’s status in terms of his availability on Sunday?
“Yes, I think Eric (Wright) is going to be good to go. He did a lot the last couple days and I think he is going to be fine.”

How hard is it to waive the future let’s say an Eric Wright or any other player goes down at corner and you could have had Aqib Talib back?
“Well, you certainly do not have a crystal ball as far as what the health situation is going to be, but you do try to look at the now and the future. I think we all thought that this was the best move both for the now and for the future. So that’s why we did it.”

Is it too simplistic to connect dots from players like Kellen Winslow, Tanard Jackson, Brian Price, to Aqib Talib to say well this is the way he wants it?
“I don’t think simplistic is the word, but I know what you are saying. I think what it is every guy is different. Every person is different. Every situation is different. I hate to couple any of them together really. I think each one of these was an individual situation, but I think the thing that you can couple in is that the criteria is what is best for this club. To get us to where everybody wants us to be and that’s be a championship team. That’s where we make these decisions. We have talked at length about how we want to become a championship team. It is not at all cost. It is doing it the right way and being a championship team in a community that is truly a community, Tampa. That part of it is what it is, but in reference this is the Oakland season. You certainly have to do what is business at the time and there is a deadline and the opportunity presented itself. I promise you that as soon as we moved through that it was back to the Oakland season because it has to be. We are playing a good football team. We are going across the country to go do it. We are excited to go do it, but we know how steep a hill it is. How big of a challenge it is.”

How big of a factor was the suspension in the trade?
“Well, I think there is never a decision as this or that. Everything is coupled together. Plus the opportunity that presented itself, right? So it all factored in. I wouldn’t say there is any one thing that made or didn’t make the decision.”

Does the Aqib Talib trade make you feel any better about the Eric Wright situation with the league and do you have any insight on that?
“I don’t. No”

Have you made a decision yet on left guard?
“Yes, we have done every combination. You guys were out there and saw (Jeremy) Zuttah was out there playing some guard. We have played people at all different positions. I am going to hold that till game time, but yes we know how we are doing it. I feel good about it. Certainly it is not as good as it was or we would have been doing that originally, but with the loss of a guy like (Carl) Nicks you need to sit back and figure what is best here moving forward. I think we have done that. Like any decision we make, you have to make the decision and you got to go with it. If it is wrong then you will change it. That’s something that I learned a long time ago. You can’t be hesitant once you make it you got to go. We feel good about it and we will be ready to go Sunday.”

How much confidence do you have in the play of some of your younger guys whether it is Leonard Johnson because you are going to relying heavily on them?
“Well I think it all factors in what is best again for the club. Now that I think there are some guys progressing E.J. Biggers is playing well. Certainly all those factors come into play. I think we have some young corners in the program right now that can play and they got to play. Myron Lewis and all those guys they got to play. That’s the way you get better. You can practice and that’s great and you have to do that to get good, but there is no substitute for games.”
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    I for one am glad to see this side show of a corner gone, I was always puzzled why Bucs Fans made excuses for this guy saying " we don't know all the facts blah, blah, blah" but it seems like twice a yr Talib is either getting suspended or arrested be gone I say! Use free agency or draft next yr to replace this mistake of a player. By the way Biggers sucks so don't get why Bucs Fans don't see that as well open your eyes
  • avatar

    With Talib I was always waiting for the next incident. Schiano had a positive influence on him and Belichick can only help him to mature as a player and as a man. Fair deal for the Pats and a good deal for the Bucs. I love that Schiano does not hesitate when he sees an opportunity to make the team better. Go Bucs.
  • avatar

    I appreciate scubog passion and loyalty to Talib but I have to admit I was truly excited about the transaction. I was at work and a buddy of mine text me saying go Bucs and he's a Jax fan. I went online and saw the trade details and immediately my mind went to all the times I would watch games and remember Talib getting picked on, coupled with his off the field drama. Point blank he ran out of real estate with the front office and him getting suspended opened the door for the Bucs to get something for him, considering he was going to hit the market anyway. Don't forget this draft class is suppose to be flooded with CBs and you can get great value in the 3rd - 5th rounds. I remember the Bucs versus Ravens two years ago, Derrick Mason put on a clinic with Talib and he was in the twilight oh his career. Talib never lived up to his draft status. You take your joe Hayden, Patrick petersons, and even Mo Claiborne have lapped Talib in coverage ability. He was better in zone but in man he struggled mightily. He was drafted to be a lock down guy and it never happened. He ran out of time.
  • avatar

    How do we know that Talib wasn't the cause of Wright getting into trouble? Sure is curious that they both took the same banned drug! Is that just a bad coincidence? You see, we don''t have all the facts that Schiano knows but isn't going to talk about. I am in favor of Schiano cleaning out the bad apples before they affect the rest of the team. Thank goodness we have Biggers. No he is not a playmaker, but he has sure broken up his share of passes, and he is a very experienced corner. I think Johnson will be an outstanding corner in time, but he is going to make some mistakes as he gets the game experience he needs. In the short run we could play Wright and Rhonde at corner and use Black to fill in at safety for Rhonde and we would be fine for the game with the Raiders. I sure hope we are not going to use Zutah at left guard, because I don't trust his replacement at center. I am hopeful that our present right guard will just move accross to left guard and our displaced RT will finally find a home at right guard (because he is good at run blocking). I think that gives us the best chance to win tomorrow.
  • avatar

    @pinkstob: I understand you're upset about the Talib trade, but a guy only gets so many chances and it was just time to go. Look at the bright side...this upcoming draft is absolutely jam packed with good CB's and we'll easily get a starting caliber #1 CB even if we're picking in the middle of the round. A guy like Xavier Rhodes or similar will be available in the 12-16 range which is where we'll likely be picking. The other rounds are stocked, too. I'm not worried and I like the direction this team is taking.
  • avatar

    FLBoyInDallas, if you want to let 4 games of work from this year override 4 years of work, to each his own. Since Talib is only 26 we've got at least another 5 years to continue to evaluate not only his ability, but the ability of our own CB's.
  • avatar

    Here's what PFF had to say about the 2012 version of Talib: "Talib this year: 36 targets, 24 receptions (66.7%), for 399 yards and 1 TD given up. 1 INT, 6 PDs, QB rating of 101.5 into his coverage." Pretty much sums it up right? I like how Schiano is so much like Belichick in that if a player, no matter his past accomplishments or reputation, shows himself to be underperforming and not helping the team, he is not afraid to trade or release that player. I like it.
  • avatar

    Talib has always been overrated by Bucs fans and he’s been given way too many passes, not only for his off-field behavior but for his failure to live up to his draft position and “potential”. Sure he’d lock down a good WR every once in a while, but too frequently he was easy pickings for good QBs and good WRs. Wildly inconsistent and unreliable. That was Talib. Did you catch Schiano’s wording? It's even clearer when you watch the video. He hinted that part of the reason they released Talib was they felt after reviewing his play the team would actually be better off without him. It’s clear as day once you read between the lines of what he says. He's saying it wasn’t just an organizational decision but it was also a FOOTBALL decision. He felt it was best for the team and he wants guys like Biggers, Johnson and Lewis getting more playing time as he felt they were improving to the point where game experience is absolutely essential for them. Go back and watch Talib’s performances this season. He was horrible. Not just average, but BELOW average. Anyone who can watch with an unbiased opinion will see this. He wasn’t helping the Bucs on the field and that’s just the plain facts. Getting a fourth round pick for a guy who they were gonna let walk anyway after the season, and who in the here and now was a liability in coverage, was a great job by Dominik.
  • avatar

    What most people see in Biggers I will never know. It is one of the biggest head scratchers I have experienced in recent memory. I think the way Talib has been misevauluated around here can be summed up in a post I saw on NFL.com after the trade. A Bucs fan posted, "Hey you Pats fans got a pretty good player. The only thing about Talib is that he'll give up a big play every once in a while." To which at Pats fan responded to him, "Yeah, but all the players we have give up 5 big plays every once in a while." Because of Talib's behavior off the field everyone amplified every mistake he made instead of appreciating the positives. More importantly no one was comparing his positives to the rest of the top CB's in the league. Everyone gave up big plays every now and then but he gave up fewer than most. It stands out when we play good QB's. It stood out against Brees and it will again against P. Manning, M. Ryan and the others until we find another top tier CB. The last one was Talib in 2008 and the one before that was B. Kelly in 1998. The data suggests we won't find another one until 2018. The timer on my phone is still running...
  • avatar

    Pink, I've seen that you continuously stand by Talib and I admire that. I think he is on the path of changing as a man and I admire that even more. However, considering that we've had TWO winning seasons with him and he hasn't emerged as a primary shutdown corner, Tampa would have had to ridiculously overpay him next season to stick around. I like what the staff has done in shipping off overrated players like Price, Winslow, T-Jack etc.... I want something NOW for him, esp. if the upper office moves with aggression and decisiveness in building through the draft like this last year, instead of grossly overpaying him or letting him walk for nothing. You may not like the move as a fan, but the NFL is an ultra-competitive business with each team trying to build an elite talent base. Considering all the talent we've released thus far and that we're one win away from matching last years entire win total, I'll trust that the big-wigs in the upper office may know what they're doing in this situation. Time to put aside personal feelings for individual players and put forth every effort to support this team as it rebuilds. We're close folks and you either have to support the new captain, or abandon ship entirely. Tampa fans NEED to grow a set and officially make a choice. No more fair-weather BS. Peace Buc nation!
  • avatar

    Let's face it; none of our CB's is going to be confused with Rod Woodson, Deon Sanders or even the great # 20 at this point. Biggers is a try-hard guy who is improving from last season, but as Roland mentioned, he's there but just doesn't make plays. To me the problems in our secondary are more related to the lack of a pass rush and mental errors more than a physical inability to cover a WR. We've sure seen Talib do a pretty good Rod "Toast" Jones impersonation a number of times. The way the league favors the passing game, the days of locking down these freaks of nature at WR are gone. Teams pass more than the old days. A 50% completion rate used to be the benchmark. Now these QB's are commonly completing over 65%. The result is CB's made to look bad. Want to slow down a team's passing proficiency? Know what you're doing in coverage, but more importantly, Knock the QB down! Losing the high-motor Clayborn really hurt. Let's hope Bowers can get up to speed and show the skills he displayed at Clemson. Regarding the 2013 Draft. You can never have enough pass-rushers or CB's.
  • avatar

    Scubog, Amen to that.
  • avatar

    Mr Incredible I respectfully disagree about Biggers play being a "joke". He isn't great in zone coverage (not bad either, just okay) but in man he is usually draped on his guy. Bigger's ball skills are bellow average, but his play has been solid. Leonard Johnson will be better in zone. And acceptable for the first 20-25 yards or so in man (poor top end speed). Anthony Gaitor may actually be the best all-around corner on our roster now so as soon as he can come off IR I'd look for him to get a very real chance to earn a starting spot... Currently Myron Lewis is lucky to still be on the roster and that is only because Brandon McDonald isn't a gamer. I'm guessing McDonald must practice far better then he plays on third down... My guess is our waiver wire grab Gorrer may quickly pass both of those guys. Also, don't forget if we have to Ronde can move into the slot on third down. That is very risky as it puts undersized and painfully slow Ahmad Black on the field but he is a better option imo then Lewis or McDonald.
  • avatar

    Right now the needs on this team based on players who have gone on IR and we are not sure whether they will come back in the same condition prior to their injury is OG, DE, OG, CB, DT, CTR, RB, TE, OT, WR. LB, S, A lot of this will change once we find out more about how the various surgeries went for each player.
  • avatar

    "E.J. Biggers is playing well" - Really? Well that just blew any goodwill generated by the Talib thing from me. E.J. Smallers is a joke and we have to get rid of him next year. Every time i see an opposing receiver catch a ball the next image I see on television is #31 desperately trying to catch up. I would feel embarrassed for him if this hadn't been going on for years now.
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