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November 8, 2012 @ 1:35 pm
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Bucs-Chargers Game Blacked Out Sunday

Written by Pewter
Report Staff
Pewter Report Staff

Report Staff

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Despite a two-game winning streak, a 4-4 record and an record setting offensive performance over the last month, the Buccaneers announced Thursday that their Sunday matchup against the Chargers will be blacked out.
The Buccaneers are riding a wave of confidence these days and with good reason. Unfortunately the fan base hasn't bought in.

The Buccaneers announced on Thursday they had failed to sell enough tickets to reach the 85 percent needed in order to lift the blackout.

Last Sunday, Tampa Bay notched its first victory against the Raiders in Oakland in franchise history. For two weeks rookie sensation Doug Martin has been the most exciting offensive player the Bucs have had in a long time, breaking rushing records along the way for both single-game yardage (251) and touchdowns (4). Fourth-year QB Josh Freeman is playing at a very high level with 11 touchdowns and one interception in the past four games. 

In addition to the individual accolades, the Bucs have the No. 1 run defense and are seventh in the league in scoring offense. 

They will face the Chargers Sunday, but locally, fans without a ticket won’t be able to watch.

Monday afternoon, the team announced they were just shy of 9,000 seats remaining in an effort to reach the minimum ticket requirements. Several local media outlets sent the information out via twitter, facebook, and other social media vehicles in hopes to bolster the final ticket push.

Back in July, Tampa Bay announced plans to take advantage of the National Football League's recently-passed measure reducing the percentage of general admission ticket sales needed to avoid local broadcast blackouts of home games.  As a result, any 2012 Buccaneer home games that sell 85 percent of non-premium tickets would be televised locally, rather than the 100 percent previously required.

The Bucs failed to reach the 85 percent minimum on their first three homes games against Carolina, Washington, and Kansas City, but rebounded with nearly a full-house for division rival New Orleans, which happened to be the Buccaneers’ throw-back game. After the last two wins, a 36-17 blowout in Minnesota in the NFL Network’s Thursday Night Game and the 42-32 victory against the Raiders last week, there was a lot of hope that the next home game would meet the league requirements to be televised. 

The Bucs have been one of the most talked about teams in the league in recent weeks thanks to the explosive offense and hard-nosed run-stuffing defense. Unfortunately, locally only fans with a ticket will be able to keep experiencing the excitement as well.

–Mark Cook and Dory LeBlanc contributed to this report
Last modified on Thursday, 08 November 2012 13:44

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    Scubog, I understand your points, but you're the one who felt the need to bring politics into a sports website/story commenting board. I too have done alright for myself, but I don't feel the need to go flaunting it about to others. I too am displeased with the recent election results, but I still have no idea why you felt the need to go there. You made a comment that was just about 100% guaranteed to offend someone else who was going to read your comment. I call that picking a fight. As I said, I sympathize with your displeasure with the recent election, but there's no reason to bring that here and pick fights with people, which is pretty much what you did when you threw that first comment out there. At least, if you weren't picking a fight, you were certainly setting bait. You strike me as something other than a youthful blowhard, so take this advice seriously - grow up and deal with the situation. It is what it is. And if you're not going to, at least don't bring it into pewterreport or similar lighthearted arenas. I can't speak for everyone, but I know that I have surely had enough of this political discord amongst citizens. Honestly, what purpose does it even serve to do anything other than plow forward and handle what's here?
  • avatar

    Kenola: I'm NOT rich by anyone's standards. But I am in the 30% tax bracket. You see, the tax % obligation increases as your income increases. It may surprise you that I, like many others you want to attack for having a higher station in life than presumably you've been able to achieve, am not eligible for most of the deductions of which you probably are able to take advantage. I am upside down on my mortgage like a lot of people but don't qualify for the government giveaways that low income people can receive. Is that fair? Last year I paid over $30,000.00 in income tax. Did you even earn that much? I'd say that's way more than my fair share when many who didn't bother to get an education or have any semblance of work ethic pay nothing. Everyone should pay their fair; share; I just don't expect to pay your share. Not sure why you resorted to name-calling. I'll just presume you're dependent on someone else or the government for assistance because if you worked as hard as I did to get where you are you wouldn't want to give it away to a social parasite either. And maybe then you wouldn't feel the need to make a personal attack on a fellow Bucs fan.
  • avatar

    Hey Scumbag, I have 8 season tickets. I'm rich. I shouldn't have to pay my fair share in taxes like every one else. Because us rich people are special so we shouldn't have to pay the same rate as, well common people. I'm special, want proof, I have 8 season tickets. Romney lost. Pay your fair share you cheap a-hole and stop crying like a little girl about it.
  • avatar

    If I lived there, I would be at the games. Wish we could fill up that stadium...!
  • avatar

    You need to spread the wealth Scubog , just kidding. I live in the middle Tennessee area , think god for nfl sunday ticket. I was in Port Richey for six months in 2010, and went to every home game we had while i was here and really enjoyed them. When i make it back to the tampa area sometime in the future i plan on picking up where i left off.
  • avatar

    Great comment scubog! I give you a "99%". (Minus 1 for forgetting the L in splainin'.)
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    Maybe the players should buy up the tickets and goive them to family and freinds. Or give them to their favorite charity. Beats buying all these drugs and getting suspended.
  • avatar

    Perhaps people should boycott Universal Studios, MGM, Disney and the other movie studios for not letting people watch the latest feature at home for free on TV. Or maybe when Taylor Swift comes to town, her concert should be televised. How dare they actually want people to buy a ticket and pay for their product? That said, I think it's actually counter productive for the NFL to black-out games for teams trying to stimulate interest. But the fans of Tampa Bay have now witnessed two games in a row in which our favorite team looked dominant. Yet our transplanted fan base still don't want to go to the game. As Ricky Ricardo would say, "Somebody got some 'spainin to do." With our government headed the way it is going, since I have 8 season tickets it's a wonder I'm not forced to contribute 35% of them to fans "less fortunate" or illegally in this country.
  • avatar

    Here we go again. The NFL has just reinforced my dedication to boycotting any product in which they make money until this crap is stopped. How in the hell do you develop interest in your product if you keep it from the public???? Greedy bastards!
  • avatar

    I can't believe that Roger I can't believe that Roger Goodell continues with this archaic policy of sellouts by Thursday, particularly. when the Thursday falls in a presidential voting week. This inflexible rule has no place in professional sports.
  • avatar

    Sad, sad, sad......this should be a great game to watch. Fantastic weather for a game also. The Tampa Bay area dosen't seem to want professional football or for that matter, baseball. I'd be a real shame to lose both franchises.
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