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November 9, 2012 @ 1:51 pm
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Schiano Says Benn Will Be Game Time Decision

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Bucs head coach Greg Schiano spoke with the media Friday for the final time before taking on the Chargers on Sunday. Schiano said Arrelious Benn will be a game time decision, discussed Vincent Jackson's demeanor as he faces his former team, and talked about San Diego's passing game. 
Any updates with the injuries and Arrelious Benn in particular?
“I don’t know. I thing Regis (Arrelious Benn) is going to be more of a game time decision.”

Is Roscoe Parrish the leading candidate to do kickoffs if you have to go without Benn?
“Again, we got a few guys and we will make a game time decision on that as well. Maybe not game time, but between now and then, yes.”

Could Michael Smith be in consideration or because of the numbers game at running back you only dress 46?
“It is hard with the numbers game at running back. But they are all part of the equation. You never know what happens between now and kickoff.”

Doug Martin is not a big fan of his nickname “muscle hamster” what do you call him?

At the midpoint of the season would it be a stretch to consider Lavonte David as a defensive rookie of the year in your opinion?
“You know what we kind of live in this cave here so I don’t know what everybody else is doing, but I like the way he is playing. I will tell you what I am glad he is on our team. I don’t know what everybody else’s rookies are doing on defense, but both he and Mark (Barron) are I think playing well.”

He has got a big burden too with carrying the defense signals and things, right?
“He is up to it.”

You don’t see anything physically that he has slowed down from the mental part of the game that he has to deal with?
“I don’t.  You don’t know because we have not seen it relative to him not having to do that. The opportunity cost may be there, but I don’t see it. I think he is playing well. The other side to that is he is doing a good job with the communication aspect. So we gain something from that.”

Have you noticed any signs of Vincent Jackson being more intense because he will be facing his former team this week?
“I have not noticed anything, but he is an intense guy period. Right? So he practices so hard that I don’t know if you could practice harder for [the] San Diego game. Certainly, I am sure, any man if somebody had an opportunity to keep you there and then didn’t I am sure any man [would], but he has not shown anything. [He] hasn’t talked about it. He is a professional. I am sure he is going to be able to contain his emotions and play the way we need him to play to be successful.”

Can you talk about the challenge of facing another veteran quarterback?
“Well there is no doubt the one thing that I quickly saw in this league is those guys don’t miss many tricks. So you really have to work at your disguise. You really have to work at timing of things. (Phillip) Rivers is certainly one of the best at seeing it. We are going to have to really be on top of our game if we are going affect the quarterback. That’s what our whole deal is. You have to affect the quarterback. It is not all sacks. It is affect him with disguise. It is affect him with pressure. Just surrounding him. You know disturbance all that stuff. Now sure we love sack fumbles. That’s the top of the list, but we need to be able to affect him and that’s going to be a tall order.”

Do you expect him to throw it 40 to 45 times?
“You know you never know what a game is going to do. You never know how your offense is going to do so sometimes that dictates as well. You get down a little bit [then] you are going to throw it more. I think when you watch them they do like to throw the football, but they like balance. They like to run and pass. That looks like that’s what they would do. Maybe a little tilt to the pass, but not crazy. We will see how the game unfolds.”

They seem to throw to their running backs a lot is that sort of their deal?
“Well, it is a very accurate statement. They do and that’s the true west coast offense. Catch and run. Yards after catch. It is not only with the receivers, but it is with the running backs. I guess Ronnie Brown is their second leading receiver so that tells you something right there.”

Where does Antonio Gates stack up on tight ends to you?
“He is at the top. There is an elite group and he is in that elite group. How do you know if this guy is better [or] that guy? We are going to see more down the road too. When you have a guy like that it is a weapon. There is no doubt about it because it is a guy that cans stretch defense. It is a guy that can affect defensive pass coverage. Often times you don’t have to worry about that as much.”

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    C'mon Horse, it's not going to be too hot today.
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    Benn is a non-factor so it really doesn't matter what his status is. They'll need to keep Barron and Barber out of the box and shadow Gates as much as possible. CB's will need to step up to the challenge and be ready to stop those screens - and I pray they can do a better job in coverage this week.
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    I won't be at the game so my brother in law and wife have promised that they will yell much louder for me. Go Bucs! Lets surprise them and play some pass defense!
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    Go bucs lets all refer him to Phillip quivers after Sunday!!" Bucs win 38-24
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