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November 11, 2012 @ 5:38 pm
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McCoy Said Coaches Listened To His Suggestion In The Second Half

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The Bucs struggled to get pressure on Chargers' QB Phillip Rivers in the first half but made adjustments after intermission. McCoy said following the game the linemen made a difference-making suggestion and the coaching staff listened.
The Buccaneers struggled to contain Phillip Rivers and the Chargers offense in the first half, giving up 254 yards, including 218 through the air. When the first half whistle sounded things weren’t looking to bright for Tampa Bay.

Part of the problem was a lack of pressure on Rivers, who at times appeared as if he were playing backyard football, with a 10-Mississippi rush.

In the second half, things were dramatically different, as Rivers only adding 105 yards to his stats, and the Chargers scored just three points.

Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy said there was reason behind the late game improvement.

“They (defensive coaches) kind of let us go,” McCoy said. “You know I said I have a time where I tell y’all they need to let us go this way (motioning up the field). We said, ‘coach we are doing too much of this (motioning lateral stunts) and we need to do more of this (motioning up the field). And he did. They kind of did. Our coaches trusted us they made a decision, and said, ‘look, if this is what y’all want, then go.’ And it changed things (in the second half)."

The Buccaneers intercepted Rivers twice in the second half, with both of the throws being forced by pressure from McCoy. The former overall No. 3 draft pick appreciates coaches willing to listen to their players.

“I love that, I love that the coaches are always open to hear what we have to say,” McCoy.  They tell us, ‘we (the coaches) aren’t the ones out there.’ They aren’t out there so they don’t know. They try and make the best coaching decisions, and they did, and it worked out for us."

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    Mark, I do realized Daniel Teo's sack came on a stunt. Stunts benefit guys like him and Roy Miller who arent as good at pass rushing straight up. We are handcuffing our best players from doing what they do best. Let McCoy, Bennett, Bowers do what they do best, going straight at the QB, getting him no matter what. I understand that stunting is helping our rush defense, so when I see our defense stunt on second down I dont mind. But far too many times do I see us stunting on 3rd and long scenarios, most of the time creating little to no pressure at all, not even moving the QB off of his launching point.
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    I do not understand why they assume that Butch Davis is going to be the DC. Last time I check he was the advisor until his contract is up with NC. I understand that he wants to be a HC not a DC so if it isn't Sheridan do not expect Davis to be there.
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    Knowing when their Oline was getting locked in on protecting against stunts could likely be the reason for the success of the change of pace right at em. I am glad our guy in the trenches is talking to coaches about opportunities he sees from his angle. Even happier Sheridan listened.
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    Not to try and make excuses but Sheridan told me that part of the stunts are actually designed to stop the run first. Can't argue with that success. From worst to first. Literally. Last year this team gave up 156 yards on the ground. This year – half of that. But in obvious passing downs, let the big guys get up the field. But remember Daniel T'eo's sack did come on a stunt.
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    We have been through this exact situation before, where McCoy has had to ask the ooaches to let them go. Why? Why aren't we letting these pass rushers go in the first place, playing to their strengths. I am sick of seeing us twist and stunt up front. Let McCoy, Bennett, and Bowers do what they do best, and go get that quarterback. Also I have a question for you pewterreport. What ever happened to Dakoda Watson as a situational pass rusher? Was that just a experiment of Raheem Morris or does Schiano see the same types of qualities in Watson? I would like to see Watson get some snaps to give Daniel Teo'Neishiem a break on passing downs, or move Bennett inside with McCoy and put Dekoda on the outside. I feel like our defensive coaching staff has been letting us down with their play calling this year. Too many times have they admitted to making coaching mistakes. Its time to hold them accountable as well
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    Absolutely they need to make Davis the Defensive Coordinator as soon as they possibly can. Sheridan has improved on the disaster he had with the Giants; at least his players are not rebelling on him here, but our pass defense is one of the worst in the NFL, and we know the Bucs can do better than that! Now that we have a Super Offense, we just need to restore the defense to a Super Defense, like we had for a ten year span; and I am convinced with just a number one pick DB next year we will have all the players we need to get there; we will just need the defensive expert to be our coordinator to get us there--and Davis can do it!
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    Our scheme, or the way its being called is doing great things obviously for our Run defense, but we have got to mix it up. A smart man once said, "you stop the run on the way to the quarterback". Lets mix it up! Let them go after it a little more Bill!
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    I'm glad he is speaking up and showing leadership.
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    um....this is not the first time McCoy has said this...and why aren't the coaches just letting the front four loose in first place? I'm hoping Davis takes the place of Sheridan next year...
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    Not going to happen. Once Butch contract is up with NC, he wants to be a head coach.
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    That's a great story, and I'm happy they got the win, but it makes you wonder what they heck they were thinking in the first place. Can they not see that the stunts are not working?
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    Way to continue to display why you wear that "C" patch McCoy.
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