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November 11, 2012 @ 6:38 pm
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Schiano: "We Did Just Enough To Find A Way"

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The Buccaneers won their third in a row on Sunday defeating the Chargers 34-24 at Raymond James Stadium. After the game head coach Greg Schiano talked about the win, the play of the secondary and the Quincy Black injury.
Head coach Greg Schiano met with the media following Tampa Bay's 34-24 win over the Chargers that raised their record to 5-4. Below is a complete transcript from his press conference.

How is Quincy Black?

“I think Quincy (Black) is going to be okay. He is at the hospital for observation. I was really impressed with the medical people [and] how they handled the whole situation. I think [with] Quincy (Black) there is obviously something that we got to deal with, but I think he is going to be okay.”

A blocked kick, an interception returned for a touchdown, a Tiquan Underwood touchdown pass is this like a Rutgers highlight film for you?
“Well, I will tell you what, our guys today played team football. That’s what we needed to do. It is like a pitcher when he goes out there [and] maybe doesn’t have his fast ball that day, but he works the whole game with different pitches and battles through it. That’s what our team did and held each other up. Critical, critical that we could do that against a good football team because we ran into — Phillip Rivers was hot as a fire cracker the last two games. We did just enough to find a way to win which is a good feeling.”

Can you talk about Leonard Johnson and his play?
“Leonard (Johnson) has stepped up in the last three games. He has got an interception in each of the three games he has played. The ability to pick it off and score. I don’t know how long the run was, but that was a pretty long run. Obviously as you look at the game a critical play in the football game. Leonard (Johnson) is working his tail off to become a good quality corner in this league. Three under his belt [and] he is doing a good job.”

How has Tiquan Underwood been playing?
“Tiquan (Underwood) has battled his way in the lineup and is doing a heck of a job. He is working his tail off to do it. I think Tiquan (Underwood) in his journey in the National Football League has went through a lot. I think he has learned a lot. He is a good guy to have on this team.”

You have a couple good linemen out and you are getting pretty good pass protection from the guys that are going in there is that your assessment?
“Yes, I think Bob Bostad and Steve Loney, the two offensive line coaches, have done a great job of just he we lost some good guys [and] the next guys got to step in there and we are going to work it hard. We are a work in progress without a doubt on the offensive line. Last couple weeks they have really battled. I think the leadership of Donald Penn and of Jeremy Zuttah has been really, really big.”

You have a couple divisional games coming up with Carolina and Atlanta and what do these games the past few weeks of grinding them out mean to you?
“Well, I understand divisional games and how important they are, but at the end there are 16 games and they all count. So these were huge. I think as we go we go one game at a time. We are going to enjoy this for a few hours and then we are on to Carolina. That’s the only thing that will be on our mind. I know one thing if you can take care of one game at a time [and] you look up at the end and maybe you got something cooking. That’s where we are.”

Can you talk about your secondary and how big has it been to finish up big the last two games?
“Well, again, there are certain things we haven’t done as well as we would have liked, but we have made plays. Leonard (Johnson) with the touchdown, interception for the touchdown. Then at the end of the game making a play to put it on ice. Sure, we would like to be doing things better and we will. Like I told you during the week, it is not from a lack of effort [and] it is not from a lack of want to. We just got to kind of get everything clicking together. The pass rush. The coverage. The scheme.  The coaching. All of it. We are working at it. We will get it.”

How much during the week did you go over your punt block technique?
“Well, it is an ongoing thing. Really I am excited because we had an opportunity to block one today and then to score with it and Adam (Heyward) did that. It was great to scoop and score there. We believe in that as part of our deal. It is not exclusive, but we believe in that. When you can do it right, it can be a real big play in a football game.”

You have been through a similar moment like the one with Quincy Black, but do you ever think back to what happened a couple years ago when you see an instance like that?
“Sure, I thought about it immediately. When a guy goes down and he is still, the good thing was Quincy (Black) immediately moved his right arm. So that was a relief. Now it is just a matter of you got to be real careful. Like Is aid earlier, I think the medical people did a tremendous job. having been through it, and then after the fact having been someone that has kind of supported some efforts to do that stuff, I think really a great job by our medical people to take every precaution.”

Can you describe the moments after that and is going back to playing football difficult to do?
“I think it is when you don’t know that he is going to be okay. There was every indication that he would be okay. I think that was easier on his teammates. You could see the fear and the concern that they had when they were out there initially, but as Quincy (Black) and I talked a little bit I got word back to the fellas that we got to do this as a precautionary measure, but I think he is going to be okay. That helped a lot.  Certainly at home with the crowd they got it cranked up there and then we made some critical plays.”

When you think of winning in all three phases was today an example of what that is?
“Without a doubt and I mentioned before you got in here that maybe we didn’t have our fastball today in every area, but what we did is we played off each other [in] all three phases. Guys made plays when we needed to make them. You usually don’t win a game when the time of possession is the way it was. It was 36: 23. 36 and change to 23 and change. That’s hard to win that way, but again some of the plays that made it that way were a blocked punt for touchdown and an interception for a touchdown. Certainly the defense was out there a long time today and it is not easy. They bowed their neck and made the play when they needed to.”

How good is Leonard Johnson?
“I will tell you he has been productive. Three games [and] three interceptions [with] one for a touchdown. Really could be four interceptions [with] that one right before the half at Minnesota. He is making plays. He certainly as we said it is not too big for him. He is a competitor. He loves being in it. Great story too. Hometown guy coming back and doing as well as he has.”

Where have you seen the most growth as you went from 1-3 to 5-4?
“Well, I don’t think we are playing that differently. I think what’s happened is we have worked through and we built cumulative repetitions in what we do. We are more comfortable with it. It has given us a chance to make because the line is so fine between doing it and not doing it that right now we are tending to be on the other side of the line which is good. We have good players and the coaches are working hard. We just need to get now into game 10 coming up and just got to make sure that we keep our health. Keep feeling good. Mentally get it and go out and be ready to play on Sunday. That’s going to be a challenge moving forward.”  

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    We are ballin week in and week out now. I'm as happy as a lark .
  • avatar

    Just like your namesake JonnyG.........he loves everybody too. Well, except Chris Simms.
  • avatar

    I was against hiring Schiano when we did now I am wrong and loving it I love Schiano
  • avatar

    Buc ball is back in Tampa. Can't wait to see them at Mile High next month.
  • avatar

    I was predicting 8 and 8, but they are looking like a playoff team the way they are playing now! I couldn't be happier, either, Horse. I think Johnson is turning out to be the real deal. Its great when you get a playmaking DB, and he is only going to get better. He deserves to be a starter! I hope Quincy will have a quick recovery, but if he is out for awhile, we have three linebackers who I believe can step up and keep his production going. Schiano is going to take this team to the Super Bowl in a few years. Then they need to take another poll and see how many NFL players will want to play for him! Ha.
  • avatar

    I really, really like what they've become. They are similar in ways to the Texans, Giants and Niners in that the offense and defense are largely simple but executed well. The plays they miss, in my view, are literally lack of repetitions, inexperience. They seem to really believe in the coach and each other. Little disappointed the attendance was light again, but RJ was pretty loud (I was loud anyway).
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    I can't be happier.
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