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November 14, 2012 @ 3:02 pm
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Schiano Says Hayward In The Lead To Replace Black

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


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The Buccaneers were back on the practice field Wednesday as they continue preparing for their Sunday matchup with Carolina in Charlotte. Head coach Greg Schiano spoke to the media following the afternoon practice and discussed a number of subjects including how the team will adapt without Quincy Black in the lineup, the play of specials teams and the health of the offensive line.
Below is a full transcript of head coach Greg Schiano's Wednesday afternoon press conference.

What is the game plan now that Quincy Black is out is it Adam Hayward?
“We have some flexibility, but Adam (Hayward) would be the most prepared. So that’s probably the way we will go. We will have different personnel groupings [and] different things. So there will be some other guys that play as well.”

Can you talk about Adam Hayward and what is it that you like about him?
“He is a professional. He works very hard. He stays up to speed on all three linebacker positions. That’s why I say we are going to have some flexibility where guys will move around. It will not be just exclusive Adam (Hayward) for Quincy (Black). There will be some other things that will play out.”

How is Quincy Black’s spirits?
“He is down as you would imagine, but he is a professional. He knows these things do happen. [I] have had the opportunity to visit with him every day and he knows what is in front of him. You just got to refocus your efforts now and get well and get him back here.”

Would you consider you guys to be a very aggressive team on special teams?
“Yes, I don’t know if it is more or less. I guess the thing that would say is that we block some punts. We go after some punts. That is part of who we are. It fits into our defensive philosophy and that’s just an extension of our defense when you go after it. It is an extension of your offense when you try to return it. That’s who we are. We have done some good things in special teams and then we have done some things that are not so good. That’s where we need consistency on our special teams. That will probably be something that if that can come and we can become consistent that can win us some games here.”

As you prepare for the Panthers for the second time what are you impressions of Cam Newton and do you buy into that sophomore slump that hanging over him?
“I don’t know. People like to talk about that stuff. I look at a guy who is [an] extremely talented quarterback. The thing that I look about the Carolina Panthers is they are top ten in big plays, big runs, and big passes. And they are top ten in big runs and big passes allowed. So they are not giving up a ton of big plays and they are still hitting a lot of big plays to be ranked in that way. So that’s where my focus is because when you can make chunk plays and you keep people from making them that’s how we have been making some hay offensively is making those big plays. That’s a challenge for us and that’s something that we are very, very aware of.”

What kept Jeremy Zuttah out of practice today?
“What kept him out was from the game he got bumped a little bit--his shoulder. So we just want to make sure that he is going to be okay to go. He played really well Sunday, but it was a physical game. He has had two physical games at that position. We want to make sure that he is ready to go Sunday. Hopefully he will be able to go tomorrow.”

Can you talk a little more about Zuttah - he played against Richard Seymour at Oakland and can you just talk about him as a competitive player?
“Well, the thing that we really talk about all the time around here is being an unselfish teammate. That’s what I think Jeremy (Zuttah) has done. He finally got the chance to be the center. You know he was moving along and having a good year then all of a sudden the best thing for the team is to move back to guard. I have known the kid a long time [and] he did not want to do it, but he did it for the team and really has played well. You hit it on the head (Richard) Seymour is just big, strong I mean I know a fine back that poor guy that was a physical game. So then he comes this week and plays well again and another physical game so my thing is we got to make sure that we can keep him healthy and get him to Sundays. We don’t have that many more moves left.”

Did you have an understanding that Black would be out for the season?
“The wait and see was to get more information. You say all the things were known at the time, that’s not accurate. As it turns out we’re going to wait two or three more weeks to get another test that we thought we were going to do in two or three more days because they say with some of the swelling and things they can’t see what they need to see. What Quincy has is not your normal thing. It’s not like you go to the normal doctor. You have to go see the specialist for what he has and our doctors have been awesome in that they’ve been on the phone all over the country, all over the world, talking to people, asking them what is the best course of action here. And that’s where we found out that wait two or three weeks before you do. You can do the test but you’re going to have to do it again anyway and he’s not going to do anything until then and in talking to all those doctors they said, it’s not even a consideration for this year so that’s when we made the decision.”

Is it an unusual injury?
“Yeah, it is a little bit, not a normal thing. And there’s been guys who have had it for sure. I wasn’t here but I know Biggers had something similar. Again, I’m not a doctor so I don’t know if it’s the same or similar, but it sounds similar and Biggers had it a long while and then he got better and Quincy’s got some thing he’s going to have to do and I think they’re not even sure yet what is going to have to be done. So I think we have to wait and let it calm down and get the rest of the tests and then (follow) a plan of action. In a few weeks we’ll know better what the timeline is but we’re all very confident that he’s going to get back, because he really played. The shame of it is, he played his best game of the year on Sunday. When coach Fraser, he was just, I had to kind of pick him up a little, because he was like, finally it looked like what we know he can be. But this was really a good game for him. But he’ll get better and we’ll get him back and keep moving.” 

Does Dekoda Watson naturally get a little more work in regular defense?
“Like what I said when I said there will be some more movement with guys around, he may show up in different spots, not necessarily one for one. We’re doing some adjusting and I’ll leave it at that so there’s not a competitive disadvantage.”
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    Let me get this straight. You think Hayward is a better player than Black but the two coaching staffs who have seen them both for the past 5 years couldn't see it?
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    I see that Tampa will have to stay focus week to week. Maybe a cb and a lb will hit the waiver wire and tampa may take a chance on.Go Bucs
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    Hayward has always been a better player. I don't like QB the player but I hope the person regains his health. Godspeed.
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    Hayward will fit in fine, could be an upgrade.
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