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November 18, 2012 @ 8:41 pm
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Schiano Says Trust, Belief, Accountability Won The Game

Written by Dory
Dory LeBlanc


Beat Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano spoke to the media following Tampa Bay's exciting 27-21 overtime victory over division rival Carolina. Schiano discussed the play of Josh Freeman - including his two interceptions, Doug Martin's fumble and ensuing review, and why he decided to go for a field goal to bring the game to within eight. 
Can you talk about the way the Bucs won the game?
“I think the fight in our team, the resiliency, the belief in all the training that they’ve done. We’ve talked about situations like that and we’ve watched other people on video. We get into one and our guys executed really, really well.”

What about the trust and belief in each other? Can you talk about that?
“I think that’s the key, right? They trusted their training [and] they trusted each other. First quarter, everything was going our way and then, all of a sudden, the thing just totally flipped on us. A good bit of time there when we were really struggling – and for those guys to keep fighting says a lot.”

How did Josh Freeman turn his day around?
“What I just described applied to so many guys but I don’t know if it applies to anybody more than Josh Freeman. He just kept with the process, kept his composure, executed.”

How do the guys bounce back from tough plays?
“I mean, that’s the belief in themselves and the belief in each other. When guys had tough plays, their teammates pick them up and that’s so important, ‘Keep going, we’ll be alright.’ And my hat’s off to Carolina. They played a heck of a ballgame. They played extremely hard. Cam [Newton] didn’t turn the ball over and all the things that we really needed to happen, we weren’t getting. Our guys kept fighting and even though it wasn’t coming off the plan – that’s a good lesson, just keep going. It’s not going to turn out this way every time, but if you don’t keep going it’s definitely not going to turn out this way.”

How impressive was the touchdown at the end of regulation?
“Really impressive. That was a laser. There wasn’t a lot of room for that to get it in there and the catch was something else.”

The two point conversion play – when did that come about?
“We put up our two-point play and we usually have one or two of them. Then your tight end offense can also sub in there, but Sully (Mike Sullivan) was great. He said, ‘We don’t think this is it.’ We talked about it, we had two conversations – ‘I think this is it,’ and he was right.”

Can you talk about the fumble call and ensuing review?
“You just have to go with what they – they have a better view than I did. The big board I was watching, it was hard to tell. It was weird – like somebody’s body got in the way. Just when you could see it – there’s a body in the way. I don’t know if it was an official or somebody [else]. I guess so many times by the letter of the law it’s what’s called on the field. That’s real important. At the end of the day, we need to make sure we take care of the football. We cannot fumble the football, that’s just not what we do.”

What happened on Josh Freeman’s two interceptions?
“I think that the Jackson deep pick was maybe miscommunication or misunderstanding. The other one was far and away. Probably if Josh (Freeman) could take that back, he would. That’s an ill-advised throw. But when he makes them and completes them, then they’re not ill-advised and everybody gets excited. You have to measure your risk. The wind was a factor today. The wind was a weird wind, it was a crosswind. So if you saw the balls all of a sudden get taken and they were off the mark , that was one of the reasons why – about a 15 mile-per-hour wind.”

Did you think about going for it instead of kicking the field goal to bring the margin to eight points?
“Not in that situation, not where we were. We knew it was a two-possession game and we were going to have a touchdown and two-point conversion at some point, but you want to keep hope alive. You want to take it – you’ve got to make the field goal. You miss the field goal and it’s over but either way that’s the case. You take what you can get. Go stop them and give them that shot.”

Did the win build confidence or was it a result of confidence?
“Probably a little bit of both.”
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    I'm impressed how Coach Schiano's outward demeanor stays so even keeled. He doesn't, as Raheem Morris would say, "ride the emotional roller coaster". Even when bad things happened on the field, instead of chewing out the culprit, he puts his arm round them and coaches them up. His Dungyesque qualities are exactly what this team needed.
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    I believe in TBA too, but there's some good luck in there somewhere!
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    This win would not have happened without the Glazers shelling out the money for Jackson and for them also having the great sense to hire Schiano. This team is definitely on the right track! It was good to see Bucs fans showed up in Charlotte to cheer on their team. It will be nice to see the fan base build with wins like this one, and maybe one day soon we will stop having blackouts of our games.
  • avatar

    That was a incredible comeback, with 50 seconds left. I'm so happy for the entire team, pewter report , the buc fans , the Tampa community , that was flat out awesome .
  • avatar

    You just gotta believe! The Coach is building The Buccaneer Way!
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