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November 30, 2012 @ 2:38 pm
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Schiano Said Peyton Manning's Arm "Looks Strong To Me"

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Head coach Greg Schiano spoke to the media one final time before Sunday's road trip to Denver and talked about the Buccaneers preparation for the high altitude, the play of the young defensive backs and said anyone who doubts Manning's arm strength has never played against him.
Tampa Bay put the final touches on their game plan Friday afternoon at One Buc and will fly to Denver on Saturday to take on Peyton Manning and the Broncos. Head coach Greg Schiano spoke to the media following Friday's practice and below is the full transcript from the press conference.

What can you say about Manning’s weapons Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas?
“They are dangerous. They are very good. Young I guess, but very good.”

Their route runners have size and can bring the whole package?
“Yes, whole package and a guy that can get them the ball where he is supposed to [and] when he is supposed to. It is talented receivers with an experienced talented quarterback. It is a dangerous combination.”

Some say Manning lost a little arm strength, but what do you see out there?
“Those people that say that I am not sure if they ever coached or played against him. If they did, he has beat a lot of people. His arm looks strong to me.”

Do you have any injury concerns at this point if it is not on IR?
“No. We have enough there right? In our injury report that is in red. We got enough red, but the other guys we look pretty good, yes.”

How is that illness with Roy Miller and Ted Larsen?
“They are all good.”

With regards to altitude what do your trainers tell your players about that and is it best not to even bring it up?
“I bring it up because the facts are actually favorable. It is not—you know we get in and we get out. [By doing] that you are fine. As long as you hydrate you are fine. Now if you are going to spend an extended period of time there and your body then gets acclimated [then] there is a whole medical thing that occurs then that is a different story.”

So for a short period they tell you there is really no problem?
“Right, hydration is the key though. Which it always is when you are playing a competitive contest, but you can up that. Our humidity today was 55 percent [and] out there it will be like 25. It is a big difference.”

So the level of oxygen in the air at that altitude not going to fatigue anybody quicker?

Didn’t Ted Larsen get in a scuffle a couple weeks ago on the field because some guy was roughing up Josh Freeman and what is your take on that and is that something you are proud of?
“No chance you are going to get me on that one.”

Isn’t it protocol that he is supposed to protect his quarterback?
“I guess—here is the deal. We got protocol used on us the beginning of the year on some play. The reality is look there are rules [and] we got to obey the rules. It is where you leave it.”

With regards to altitude you looked at possibility of going to Denver early then deicided it was better to go in and get out as opposed to get used to it?
“That is our philosophy [with] altitude that is our philosophy. Time change you know Oakland [we] flew out [and] stayed on east coast [and] played it. We are playing a 4 o’clock game Sunday.”

How are draft picks Najee Goode and Keith Tandy developing behind the scenes? 
“I think they are developing well. They are both good football players. They are both smart football players. They care. Keith (Tandy) has had a little more action than Najee (Goode), but they both had a little bit. Keith will get action this week so that’s good. Najee we are not sure yet. I like them both. They are going to be good football players. Glad we have them.”

What are the traits that you see in LeQuan Lewis and Danny Gorrer that might give them a future here in Tampa Bay?
“They are both speed guys. They both can run very well. I think they both have a football feel. They are football guys. They just need to be developed [and] taught. The issue that we are dealing with is that is happened while concurrently they are playing. So you live with that. That’s the world we are in right now. They will do fine. They are preparing their tails off. The whole group of them E.J. (Biggers), Leonard (Johnson), Myron (Lewis) they are all preparing. They are getting ready to go. They are going to be fine.”

What is the protocol when you bring in so many players and who gets them oriented to your system?
“We take bits and pieces. So like practice orientation methods [and] those kinds of things we have one coach do. Then their position coach handles all that stuff positional. The coordinator sometimes [and] I sometimes depending who it is—what position. We try to acclimate them as fast as we can, but like we talked about the other day it is hard. You go through OTAs and training camp and all that stuff to get them to this point and now you are trying to do it sometimes in a week. I think that’s part of this league. I think when you do it—it is all relative to how other people do it because you are competing with other teams. If you can do it just a little bit better [then] hopefully those guys you bring in can get acclimated just a little more quickly. That’s the goal, but you are right it is not easy.”

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    The title of this article is comical, 28 td's later and in Nov to make that observation is just downright hilarious
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    Schiano is the master of deception "The whole group of them E.J. (Biggers), Leonard (Johnson), Myron (Lewis) they are all preparing. They are getting ready to go. They are going to be fine"....keep 'em guessing coach - maybe Manning will be fooled!
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    Thank you KINDERRT for your well thought out, in depth insight to which my only response can be, "duh!!!!!"
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    All our CB's are weak. Manning is going to have 500+ yards this week.
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