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December 3, 2012 @ 6:17 pm
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Schiano Said Falling Behind Hurt The Offensive Gameplan

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Greg Schiano spoke to the media on Monday at One Buccaneer Place and discussed a number of subjects regarding Sunday's 31-23 loss to the Denver Broncos.
Below is a transcript from Bucs coach Greg Schiano's day-after-game press conference. Schiano spoke to the local media on several topics about the 31-23 loss that dropped Tampa Bay's record to 6-6 on the year.

Do you have an update on LeQuan Lewis?

“Not yet. We are waiting for some test results. [We] will probably know better tomorrow.”

Can the backfield take any more injuries?
‘We don’t have a choice. We will just line up and play with who we have.”

Will Anthony Gaitor be ready to come back this week?
“Anthony (Gaitor) is ready, yes. So the plan was to get him back this week. He has practiced for two weeks and he is ready to go.”

Will he be able to practice with the team on Wednesday?
“He has been practicing with us the last couple weeks. So he is all set. Now he will be able to take part in the reps against Philly’s offense.”

Has there been anything teams have done to you or maybe you are not executing as well where Doug Martin has been bottled up the last couple weeks?
“Well, just sticking to [the] last game Doug (Martin) actually in the first half I thought he ran the ball [well]. He had 48 yards at the half which is against the No. 4 rush defense. In the National Football League to have 48 yards at the half [and] usually if the game remains a close game those runs only get more. They don’t get less as you wear people down. So I thought he was right on stride to have a really good rushing production day. But then we got behind the three scores and then it turned into—from 18 minutes left in the game it was purely passing. So you take away really the prime real estate for rushing the football and that’s the fourth quarter when people are worn out. Overall I thought Doug (Martin) ran the ball well and had we continued to be able to do that by the situation in the game, I think we would have had a good day. Like I said, they are the fourth ranked rushing defense in the league. I think we will be fine there.”

How has Josh Freeman handled the pressure that he has been getting the last couple of games?
“Again, they are a top 10 defense in most categories. I think there was one, red zone defense they were not. So it is a good outfit. He was under some pressure, yes. I think he is doing fine. We just got to continue to make everybody on the same page. When things happen they happen quickly and you got to be on the same page: receivers, quarterback, line, [and] running backs. The whole deal.”

Lavonte David had another solid game and where have you seen his game go since the start of the season?
“I think he started the season playing at a high level and he has just gotten incrementally better little by little each week. He played a great game yesterday. I mean very, very high production.”

With the way Lavonte David takes his preparation so seriously is it anything more than you have ever experienced and how do you characterize it?
“I think he approaches it like a true professional which is rare for a rookie to be that on point with his preparation. I think he truly has bought into everything [and] the way we do things here. He comes from a great college program at the University of Nebraska. I think it is just logical in his progression to keep going. That’s the kind of guy he is so we are fortunate to have him.”

When you get close to a situation to a playoff race, do you allow yourself to look at the standings or does it just remain a one game season like you have said all year?
“No, I don’t think being a fan – I hope I never stop being a fan of football. So the fan in me likes to look at the other teams, but when it comes to my job and my team’s job I hope that we never act like a fan. You got to keep them separate in that when you are working you got to focus on the things that you can control to win that game. Everything is that game. As you build your week you just pour all of yourself—coach, player, anybody involved—pour every ounce of yourself into the preparation. For Denver last week [and] for Philly this week. But certainly as a fan of the game and you like to follow the other teams and see how they are doing and all that. I don’t think they have to be mutually exclusive. I think the same person can do both as long as you are disciplined and understand where you draw the line.”

Every coach strives to see improvement and consistency from their team and have you seen that from your team?
“For the most part, never do you say every position group [and] every guy has improved every week. That would be impossible. If you did you would be lights out right now and we are not lights out. As a team I see improvement if you just add up all the positives and the negatives and your improvement with your net. The other difference is there are different people doing things than there were at the beginning of the year because of injury [or] because of whatever the circumstance. It is not one continuance line of this guy getting reps week one through week 12. There has been disruption in certain areas. So that all factors in, but I think if you look at it as I do from the overhead view we have improved as a football team no doubt from week one through week 13. Our 12th game yes we have. We have to continue to do that and as we enter game 13 the Philadelphia season we have to make big improvements this week out on the practice field to be able to come back and get a win this week.”

Do you see some things where you guys made some mistakes or missed some opportunities to put more pressure on Peyton Manning?
“First, we did get some pressure on Peyton Manning. It didn’t manifest itself in sacks, but we did disrupt some of his timing and throwing pattern. Not as much as we would have liked, but we tried to give as many different looks as we could. Some of those looks were three-man rush [and] some were four-man rush [and] some were five some were six. Again, did we affect the quarterback? Sometimes. Not as much as we would have liked, but at the end of the day when you are looking at him as a quarterback and you can kind of contain him to what we did overall that is not a bad outing. Certainly can we play better and will we play better? Sure, but he has the explosive ability within his [skillset] that it could have gotten worse. I think our guys battled their guts out to be able to be where we were. A little more pressure could have lead to some takeaways. That’s what you hope for. We were close. A couple of those plays that were tremendous touchdowns could have easily been interceptions. They were steps or two away, but they are not. He made the plays we didn’t. My hats off to them.”

How is the offensive line handling the last few games in terms of playing together as a unit?
“I don’t think there are issues of them playing together as a unit. I think you are looking at you know a week ago Jamon Meredith and we didn’t even know if he would play. All of a sudden he fights through it and he is in the game. We have had not where it has been continuous smooth even with the replacements. They will keep fighting. It is a good group. We didn’t play our best game up front this week that’s for sure. I anticipate that this group will fight back and we will be ready to go on Sunday.”

Do you have any concern with penalties from yesterday’s game?
“Yes, both teams got penalized at a high level which means that the game was being called. As long as it is both ways I have no problem with it. Every game takes on its own kind of feel. The only issue I have is the penalties that we committed. Certainly some of them were very, very costly. Never is a penalty good, but some of them came up to bite us in the rear end. We will address that [and] we have addressed it. We will address it this week in practice again. We have to avoid from shooting ourselves in the foot like that.”

Was that just a matter of the refs calling it or were there things you could do with your guys?
“No, I think there are things that can be done. A lot of times if you get yourself in just a little bit better football position [then] a lot of those holds [and] those kind of things and DPIs don’t happen. We just got to make sure that we are paying attention to the fundamentals. That will keep you from getting yourself in some of those bad spots.”


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