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December 6, 2012 @ 5:15 pm
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Schiano Eager To Correct Bucs Two-Game Losing Streak

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Head coach Greg Schiano spoke with the media following practice on Thursday and commented on a number of subjects including his admiration for Monte Kiffin's former Bucs' defense.
The Buccaneers practiced on Thursday at One Buc Place as they prepare to welcome the Eagles into town on Sunday. Head coach Greg Schiano held his daily presser just minutes after the two-hour practice. You can read the full transcript below.

How much did Monte Kiffin’s defense influence you as you were developing as a coach?
“Big. We used to get their tape and cut it up and have their cutups on our system and our cutups on our system. We did a lot of the stuff they did and a lot of the stuff that the Steelers did. Which are really different sides of the house so that is kind of the mix.”

Is what the Bucs used to do back in the day part of your defense now?
“Oh it is still part. Not as much certainly as they did it. They were exclusive with it, but we still play Tampa two.”

What is the danger generally speaking for your guys when they play a team like this who has lost 8 in a row and do you get concerned if your team is focused?
“There is no danger. We are in a tailspin. We lost two in a row. Our back is against the wall. I am not worried. If that’s a problem then we got bigger problems.”

You have not noticed any drop off of intensity?
“No, there has been a spike in intensity. We know where we are and what has happened the last two weeks.”

Has Ronde Barber been as good as advertised and what jumps out the most to you about the way he approaches things?
“Well you never know on the outside how he handles himself as a person and that is the thing that is most impressive. [He is] a good guy to be around. He cares about people. He helps other guys get better. He is a leader in his own way. When something needs to be said, he will say it. He has been a huge help for me.”

Was Roy Miller back out there today?
“No he did not participate today.”

Did the head injury happen in the game?
“Well there is a whole protocol that our trainers and our doctors go through. I don’t know exactly where we stand. I have heard other coaches [say] they are in stages and everything. I don’t know that and I am not being sarcastic. Todd (Toriscelli) and the docs keep me informed about where we are. I am sure we are using that protocol, but we don’t talk in that protocol. I will do whatever they tell us. If he is available and hopefully he has logged some real equity in this system in what we do. So I think he will be fine to go out there and crank it up. Maybe not play quite as much, but I don’t know. That is up to the docs if he gets cleared.”

Have the doctors ruled out concussion?
“I don’t know if they have ruled out anything. I think they are evaluating him.”

How is Vincent Jackson?
“Vincent (Jackson) is going to be [fine]. Vincent was out there. He feels better today. We just got to be careful.”

When you look at the tape from Eagles what do you see from this running back Bryce Brown?
“A very explosive runner. He is big. He hits it. [He] goes zero to sixty like that.  Good vision, but he can bounce things and has the speed that [is] unusual for a guy his size. He can bounce things and run away from you.”

How is Aaron Morgan doing?
“He actually did some things. He brought some speed off the edge. Affected a few throws on Peyton (Manning). [He] made Peyton the one where the ball was on the ground and he chased it. It was good. He is improving.”

Who would he have been rotating with there on those snaps?
“We just kind of bump people around. Mike (Michael Bennett) is a flexible guy. So we will play Mike down inside. We will play him outside. Te’o (Daniel Te’o-Nesheim) then Cut (Jacob Cutrera) some. Then Te’o will be out of the game and Aaron (Morgan) will come in and play some end. We just kind of move everybody around a little bit. Get some rest for guys that are loading it up on first and second down.”

Do you think South Florida is a good job from where you were?
“That is a tough question. I don’t really know enough about it to tell you that.”

Have you seen more adjustments by opponents in the last few weeks specifically?
“Well there is always gamesmanship. There is always gamesmanship so I don’t know. What are they doing? They are doing everything you said. Loading the box more. DO they do it at the right time? Do we identify it and change the play? I think it has really been more of an execution. We just need to finish a little longer. Maybe someone has finished a little harder than we have. Maybe we got to call a better play. There is a whole bunch of stuff that comes into it. The end result is what I was mentioning yesterday. It is this close and if we can get that little bit you know then we got a chance to pop some of those. Those that are four and five or two and three they become 12 and 15. Those are the plays that kind of perpetuate a drive down the field.”

Gerald McCoy mentioned that you all did more fundamental work yesterday than had in the past and is that accurate and is this a time where you feel it is important to go back and do more of that fundamental work?
“Well I think every position group did what they felt they needed to do. I think what he may be referring to is we wore pads longer than we have recently. We got after it a little bit with contacting each other. Every week it is different. This week I felt like that’s what we needed and our coaches felt like that’s what we needed. By position group, I give the coaches you know they have blocks of time and I say what you need to do. You know better than I do it is your group. I think what Randy (Melvin) is he just went back to some real basics that hopefully will help us on Sunday.”

Why did you feel more pad work was needed?
“Just because I felt probably not that it was more needed, but I felt it was less needed in the other weeks. We had been banged up a little bit [and] just protecting the guys a little bit. I have kind of a longer strategy figuring the 16 weeks. Now we got four left and how we are going to work it. They have the rules with the CBA out of those last six weeks you can only have three padded practices. I have a little plan. I don’t know if it is any good, but at least there is a plan.”

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    This week against Philly will be a complete massacre. The only way teams have exploited our defense has been against the pass. With a rookie QB, and rookie RB, no DeSean Jackson this is the game the Bucs have been waiting for. McCoy better pin his ears back and go hunt. The ball wont be flying out of his hands like it did against Peyton, Eli, Brees and Ryan so the pass rush will have time. I predict big days for Doug Martin and a big day early for Freeman as the Bucs cruise to a win! Honor the Champs and blowout an awful Eagles team. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    Nick Foles is about the same size a Josh and his QB rating is only 6 points under Vick. I was listening to NFL network and one of the experts was saying they expect Foles to continue improving, but didn't think he could improve enough to beat the Bucs in Tampa. Bryce Brown offers a new Dynamic in the Eagles running game, more physical than Shady and on fresh legs. Desean Jackson has always been a thorn in our side. The Bucs ace in the hole is coach Schiano. He will not allow them to buy into the hype and they will be ready to play tough. The Eagles won't be forfeiting I am sure.
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    I hope the Coach does a defensive plan that is based on a new 6' 8" QB for the Eagles and they might spread their offense out because they have nothing to lose at this point. I know we can score 25-30 points; the concern is that can our defense holding the Eagles to less than 24 points if they decided to pass like most teams have done?
  • avatar

    I hear that Horse. I'm hoping we can get some bang fro Gaitor in nickle and dime packages. Some pass rush could help too. Philly has a patchwork O-line but they will be giving it all they have too.
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