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December 9, 2012 @ 6:57 pm
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Schiano: "Didn't Play Well Enough Or Coach Well Enough To Win"

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


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The Buccaneers loss to the Eagles on Sunday was the seventh of the season and once again it was by less than eight points. While Tampa Bay has managed to be in every loss, the frustration of losing another close one is tough on head coach Greg Schiano and his players. Following the game, Schiano took a handful of questions from the media regarding dropping their third straight game.
Bucs' head coach Greg Schiano stood at the podium at Raymond James Stadium shortly after Sunday's heart breaking loss to the Eagles and took questions from the media in attendance. Below is a transcript of the press conference.

Can you talk about the third–and-7 play and running the ball there late in the game?

“There are two ways to play it. You can try to throw the ball. We decided to run the ball and make them use their timeout or let it tick. My thinking was we can punt the ball away and if we get a stop the game is over. They have no timeouts. If we don’t get the stop, we put it on the defense if we didn’t come up with the stop. When you are on our side of the playing field the risk reward [or] tip pass anything that could go wrong where you can get the ball to the plus side. As it turns out we didn’t have a great punt which could have helped.  You hit a boomer there and you get them back to the 18, 16, 20 whatever, but that’s not what happened. At the end of the day we just had too many mistakes to win an NFL football game. That’s what it boils down to.”

What kind of mistakes did you see?
“Well there are obvious ones; there is a guy that got cut loose in coverage in one of the plays. Just throughout the game there were too many penalties at inopportune times. We had our hands on some balls that we didn’t catch. We were fortunate too. There were some balls that they could have intercepted and they didn’t. At the end of the day we just didn’t play well enough [and] we didn’t coach well enough to win. All that responsibility falls on me. I am in charge. We needed to play better to win and that didn’t happen.”

You dominated the first half defensively, but what happened in the second half. Did they adjust and did you guys just not adjust well enough back to them?
“I think really [in] the second half you are talking about two drives. I thought that [well] I don’t know what the numbers are, but bulk of the yardage – bulk of everything comes on those two drives. They are two touchdown drives that win the game for them. It is what it is.”

What happened with Josh Freeman overall today, but particularly the first half?
“I’ll have to watch the tape to see exactly what the problems were. It just seemed like he wasn’t himself, wasn’t in sync. Then he made some throws that make you say ‘oh there he is.’ We as an offensive football team didn’t play the way we are capable of playing. We made some critical mistakes. At the end of the day you can’t do that in the National Football League. It doesn’t work.”

Was Leonard (Johnson) supposed to get a jam on the receiver in that play there near the end what was the coverage there?
“Well it is a red zone coverage that is designed for those types of plays. They are trying to do what they are trying to do too so it is imposing wills and their will won on this play. By inches, but it won.”

Does losing three in a row change the challenge for you and your staff in the final weeks to try to reestablish what you had going earlier in the year?
“I’d be disappointed if there was a harder way to prepare and get ready then what we have been doing. We try to do everything that we can. Turn over every stone. That is the way that we operate. We are going to continue to do that. We have to do something. I have to do something to get our team to play better because we didn’t play well enough to win and that’s my job.”

How long was the conversation about the third–and–7 or third-and-8 play?
“We usually talk through those situations well before we get there. But then again you can’t take the football out of the game. You have to feel what the momentum is. Although they had scored the previous drive I felt good that we could rush the passer in a pass only situation with no timeouts. Really we thought that they might be playing and we could pop that one. That is either a feast or famine run and it didn’t pop. Again, knowing that it is a feast or famine-- it is first down and here we go or we are going to punt the ball. We resign ourselves to the fact that we are going to punt them down and we are going to play great defense and they need to go score a touchdown. We didn’t do that.”

Can you talk about what happened near end of the first half it looked like there were some coverage busts?
“There was a mistake in coverage and on the touchdown run by (Nick) Foles we had a mistake in a pressure. So yes two mistakes. That’s what I mean we made too many mistakes there. It is not mistakes because guys are not working and not preparing, it is more mistakes of guys trying to do too much. Guys trying to make—you have to do your job. That’s our home motto do your job. Sometimes coaches [or] players we all try to call too perfect a play or you try to do something as a player to make something happen. You can’t do that. It is the ultimate team game for a reason. You have to do your job and when you do that it gives you a chance to win. Today we didn’t do that consistently enough and that’s why we lost.”

Do you put any of it on the fact you are at the back of your depth chart with some of those positions?
“Nobody cares about that. It is the NFL. You play with the guys that you have and I think the guys we have are good players. We just got to coach them better and we got to get them ready to play and help them make plays.”

Any chance that with all the talk about the 2002 team and celebration that these guys came out and wanted to do a little too much?
“I sure hope not. I don’t think [so]. I can see why you asked the question, but I don’t think [so]. We got so much at stake during the football game. Right now we are playing for a lot and we just didn’t do it well enough. That’s why we lost.”


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    I'm tired of hearing this same lame brain excuse. It's one thing for the players not to play well but the coaches not to is tiresome. On that final drive we should have ran some stretch plays, screen passes short high percentage passes that could keep the chains moving and take more time off the clock instead of running straight into the line stacked with eight or nine players. They knew we were going to run.That's when we should have taken that shot down field when they least expected it. That's something Bellicheck would have done.
  • avatar

    I've had the same observation about Mark Barron as many of you. He just seems invisible out there. I'm not going to write him off just yet because he's only a rookie and the great # 47 didn't start his career very well; but # 24 is a top ten draft pick who seems unsure of what to do. Perhaps an off-season in the think tank will help.
  • avatar

    Agree scubog, he likely is getting more exposed due to our weak CBs but still expected him to show up from time to time and make a few plays out there.
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    Kind of hurts when you think your really going to suck, then you turn out to be pretty good and get your hopes up...then start sucking like you thought you would in the first place. With that said, i truly think that the secondary and injuries in key spots are doing us in and catching up big time. I say we draft corners with all of our picks, J/K!
  • avatar

    Coach Schiano, Go back and look at tape from the Giants, Redskins, and this loss today. You will see a common thread - where you had a lead in games coming down the stretch that should have been won and defensive play calling made the difference between the win or loss. You say you trust your QB, then let the offense play to win instead of using the defense to keep from losing. You're doing some very good things - you can fix this! Go Bucs!
  • avatar

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    Exactly macabee. The proof is in the pudding. The defense cannot seal the deal. Put on your Big Boy coach pants on and don't be scared of a turnover because in the end on all those games lost by the defense it was the same as if the offense did. Josh was hot and so was the offense you should have stuck with him. You play to win that's how you close out games. You run the four minute offense to salt the game away so you have to take some chances to keep the ball in your offenses hands.
  • avatar

    Coach, I am glad you are taking responsibility for this because you and your staff get credit for the 6 wins and so does you and your staff for the 7 losses. Please start making the corrections because the last three losses appears that there is still much to do.
  • avatar

    Coach - You are correct. We didn't make enough plays to win the game. Why is Josh snapping the ball with 12 seconds left on the play clock on the last "drive"?? Why are you playing "not to lose" instead of playing to win?? Why do we get penalties for 12 men on the field AGAIN?? Why is there no Pass Rush Blitz on the last play of the game?? Why does Josh look like a hero one week and a zero the next?? Why can't Josh consistantly move the chains?? Coach - why do substitutie the D on the far hash marks in an obvious spike the ball situation. Coach - why throw a challenge flag on call that cannot be challenged?? This L just killed us - we are now on the clock. Coach - I respect your effort with this team but please, attention to detail also pertains to you. "Toes on the line" Coach. Clean up the sloppy....
  • avatar

    Is it me or does Mark Barron SUCK???!!!!!! Constantley out of position getting burnt, no splash plays, looking sluggish,no big time hits,no nothing!!! WTF!!!
  • avatar

    kingbucc34 - I agree with you. Where has this guy been the last few weeks??
  • avatar

    It's not just you.
  • avatar

    Coach, even without timeouts they had 2 minutes left which is all the time in the world, especially since Foles had moved the ball pretty well in the previous drive. This game reminded me of of the 2010 game against the Lions. Our pass defense wasn't that bad that year, but the Lions had been moving the ball against the Bucs all day through the air. R. Morris decided to do the same thing Schiano did today when we were in the thick of a playoff hunt. He went conservative on offense and punted the ball back to the Lions. They of course went right down the field for the deciding TD. Later that year we beat the Saints, but it didn't matter because Green Bay also won and they had the tie-breaker. Then of course they go on to win the Super Bowl. Decisions like the ones made today can make all the difference in an entire season and how it is remembered.
  • avatar

    Good point pinkstob, that is way too conservative in a game you can not afford to lose. As much as I would like to think we can still make the playoffs, I dont see how 9-7 gets us in with all the tiebreakers we do not possess vs Seahawks, Bears, Vikes, Redskins. etc.
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