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December 10, 2012 @ 12:33 am
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Bucs Shocked By Eagles 23-21: Locker Room Reaction

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The Buccaneers came into Sunday's game with the Eagles on a two-game losing streak and in danger of falling even further behind in the NFC playoff race. The struggling Eagles seemed like the perfect candidate to help the Buccaneers get back on the winning track, but Tampa Bay wasn't able to take advantage of a sold out stadium and the 2002 Super Bowl team looking on and suffered a heart-breaking 23-21 loss.
The Buccaneer players spoke to the media following their 23-21 loss at home to the Philadelphia Eagles. The team is now 6-7 on the season. The following is locker room reaction.

(On losing a close game)
“Any time we lose, it’s frustrating, no matter what the reason is. Today, Philly just found a way to make more plays than us. Whether it (was) at the beginning of the game or down the stretch, it doesn’t matter when it happened, but it happened. We have to find a way to make more plays and score more points. That’s what the game is all about: winning and losing. Any time you lose, and lose close, it’s going to be rough.”

(On watching the final drive)
“That’s part of the game, part of the game. You have to find a way to get it so it’s not that close at the end. The Eagles, like I said, made more plays and down the stretch found a way to make the plays to win the game.”

(On teammates RB Doug Martin and WR Vincent Jackson)
“No question, both of those guys (are important). Vincent had a number of huge catches, including his touchdown. Doug as well, got him running, got him rolling, and busted some tackles, busted some big runs. Mike Williams and I thought the offensive line really cranked it up the second half and answered the call. The fact remains that it wasn’t enough.”

(On the first half of the game)
“We were just a little off. We were taking shots and trying to throw it down field and then one to Vincent (Jackson) was out front of him. The one to Mike (Williams), the guy jumped up and made a play on it. If you hit a couple of those, you really have something going. But, first half, I thought our defense did a great job holding them to 10 points, but you definitely have to come out and play better in the first half and score more points.”

(On what issues the team faced)
“It’s hard to say, because practice, preparation – we’ve been continuing to push the envelope and to work extremely hard. We had a great week of practice, but we just weren’t finding the plays (in the game). We weren’t finding the plays downfield that we normally do. It’s frustrating, but, at the same time, it something that you know that your guys can do that you’re capable of doing. It was there first half today. We didn’t do enough today but all we can do is go out and continue to prepare and continue to play.”

(On the rest of the season)
“We have three games. The one that we’re focusing on is the next one, the New Orleans Saints. After the season is the time for reflection, right now we’re going to try to go in and prepare as well as we can and find a way to win our next game.”

(On the second half)
“Coach Schiano always talks about doing your job and I think that’s what we did coming out in the second half and (Vincent Jackson) had a great game as well as Mike Williams. Josh (Freeman) also did a good job of getting the ball to them.”

(On the loss)
“A loss is a loss. Any loss feels bad, but we just need to bounce back and get ready for the next game.”

(On his play)
“It’s a loss, so I can’t really feel good about anything. Individual stats only matter if you get the W. That’s the main point, right there.”

(On the game)
“(Philadelphia) made more plays than we did. I’ll give them credit, the QB went out and executed his two-minute and drove it better than we did on defense.”

(On whether the game was especially dangerous with Philadelphia’s record)
“There isn’t any danger – this is the NFL. I don’t care if they are 3-9 or 6-6. (The Eagles) have been playing good for their coach and they showed up on the field every week.”

(On whether the Super Bowl XXXVII anniversary affected today’s game)
“It was an honor to be a part of the 2002 Buccaneers team. It was nice to see all of those guys, but it had nothing to do with the product on the field (today) – so it doesn’t hurt more or less. It’s 2012 and that was 10 years ago. They celebrated rightfully, but it has nothing to do with this 2012 team.”

(On the game)
“It was a real good game. I want to tip my hat to the Eagles; they made more plays than we did today. We have to get back to the drawing board.”

(On his near-interception at the end of the game)
“When I saw the ball, I kind of got excited and what not, but the great corners in this game make those balls. If I want to be a leader and take my game to another level, I have to make that play.”

(On the last play)
“We knew they had a shot to win the game and we called the defense. We thought the defense was good and we went with it. Like I said, they made one more play than we did and we'll go back to work Monday.”

(On the final play)
“It was a sprint-out pass and you know that that was their play. That’s most teams play in the NFL. In order to get one guy open, they have him running and everyone else is just blocking. For a defensive line, everything is rushing one way and you think it is a rush play. It’s one of those things, they called that play, we knew that play, and as veterans on this team we should have stood up and made those plays.”

(On playing in front of Tampa Bay’s Super Bowl XXXVII Championship team)
“Yeah, you recognize they’re here; you’d like to win the game for them. If you know the history of Tampa Bay, you know that Philly was an issue for them. A game like this, you definitely want to get the win.”

(On his personal performance)
“It had nothing to do with them (the Super Bowl-winning team); that’s me playing for God. We got a message last night in chapel and they said, ‘What are you playing for?’ They told us what we should play for and that’s my motivation. Just playing as hard as I can for God.”

(On the play of QB Nick Foles)
“It’s not easy to keep your poise when you’re getting hit all day as a rookie, but he did. All the credit goes to him. Mike (Bennett) got to him early on that last drive, (and Foles) could have gotten nervous, but he didn’t. (He) sat in the pocket, made the plays and they got a good win. Came on the road and got a good win.”

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  • avatar

    Bringing in Some Q.B.'s to compete with Freeman isn't giving up on him, it should make him, and the rest of the team better. The cub board is bare after Freeman, the Buc's would do well getting some help there.
  • avatar

    Freeman never puts the blame on himself in an interview unless totally pushed to and he still tries to say "we" or the "team". Listen to all the greats... even when they didn't play horrible they will say "I have to do better" or "that was piss poor play by me." He doesn't have the courage to say that. And yes, the defense shouldn't have given up 2 TDs at the end of the game, but it is even more embarrassing to do absolutely nothing on offense against the lowly Eagle defense the whole first half. Freeman looked nonchalant. Well, your defense keeps given you the ball back, we're getting you to 3rd and 3 and 4s, so do your job and throw completions. If Freeman plays even average in the first half that isn't even a close game. They were ready to quit after 8 straight losses... and we gave them every encouragement to play it out.
  • avatar

    I guess we must have lost the game. Obviously, because all of the Freeman haters are back..... If the defence actually stopped the Eagles on either of the last two drives, the Bucs win. The coaches called three straight runs on the Bucs last chance with the ball, so you can't blame Freeman for that. When Freeman last had the ball in his hands, they were up by 11 points late in the 4th. He did enough to win this game for the Bucs, but since the D / coaching lost the game, Freeman is now considered to be trash. Things never change.....
  • avatar

    nmkinley - put it however you want and that's fine that you don't want to see the issues that plague your QB, but you can't win consistently with a QB that goes through long periods of inaccuracy during games. Yes, our defense has work to do and we will have a different defensive backfield next year, but we can't give our QB too many more weapons than he has now. And the oline was not a problem yesterday. Freeman had a running game and time to throw yesterday. Foles had absolutely no running game to work with and got sacked 6 times, but he was much more successful than Freeman. I'm not even talking about the score of the game. We would have won in spite of Freeman. The last few games we haven't held onto the ball long enough to get a running game going, because Freeman has been missing on 3rd and short passes. That kills any offensive momentum. He did it over and over again in the first half yesterday. Call us what you want, but it's just being real. I love the Bucs and I like Freeman and want him to be better, but a 4th year QB has got to be more consistent than what he has been the last 3 weeks. And I guarantee our coaches are showing some of the same uneasieness we are with Freeman by not calling a pass on 3rd and 8. Freeman has to earn that faith from his coaches and players.
  • avatar

    Why in the world would you idiot fans blame a player(s) that are not on the team, nor on the field? Let's stop blaming Raheem Morris, John Gruden, and other for our mistakes! We lost with the players and coaches on the field period. Freeman is the re-incarnation of Byron Leftwich. He is the slowest, stiffest, plodding QB in the league. His decision making ability is equal to a division III QB at best. Our offensive line is trash! Demar Dotson, and Ted Larsen makes Trueblood Look like Anthony Munoz and Paul Gruber. Poor, Doug Martin and Vincent Jackson are playing "balls out" for nothing. Our offensive playing is weak and scary, which accounts for Freeman's "Deer in the headlight" or playing like a girl. I wanted to say "beatch" Could, someone please tell me, who was our first round pick, and when was the last game he actually played??? Please, let's stop with the Talib crap. He's playing for the Patriots, and we received a 4th rnd pick in return. The same 4th rnd pick that we wasted on Luke Stocker that gave the Eagles a chance to pick the garbage QB (Foles) that kicked our Ashes. So, please let's not blame our DB's reminder we signed the best hall of fame (future) DB in Eric "toast" Wright. He's returning after four games. Thanks, Mark (Ishiah Thomas) Dominick!
  • avatar

    Surferdudes is right about Freeman being out played by a rookie. I mentioned last week when I watched Freeman play in Mile High that I just don’t think he can carry them team when they need him to. He had missed passes, missed open receivers, and he still stairs down the receivers. He did the same thing in this game. When freeman plays bad, we lose the games. Yes our defense needs help, but Freeman had the ball going into the 2 minute warning. That was when we needed him the most. We know that he can do this, because he did it a couple of games this year, but we need consistency from him. We will not be a playoff team until the defense steps up and Freeman plays with consistency
  • avatar

    Everyone thought Wash was crazy last year when after drafting RG 111, they spent another draft choice on Kurt Cousins. Turned out to be a smart move when he came in yesterday bringing a come from behind win. The Seahawks drafted R Wilson even though they signed M Flynn as a F.A.. So let's see those two teams are in the wild card hunt, and we're not. Count em, Foles, RG, Luck,Wilson, Cousins, that's five rookie Q.B.'s who out played Freeman yesterday. The Buc's would be wise to look for a Q.B. who falls in the draft, and sign a free agent like A Smith to compete right now.
  • avatar

    Freeman didn't wake up till the second half, and that cost us. I'm not seeing any pocket presence, he stands in there like a statue when at only 24, being 6 5 225 never breaks down a defense by moving to buy time. Look at the 3rd down converstion rate, that's when your franchise Q.B. has to produce. One third down he throws way out of bounds to a covered Williams when he has an easy 10 yd run right in front him. Move it Josh!! The difference between Free, and Foles in this game was when both were faced with the same play. Free had a screen called to the right on third down that was completely covered. He still threw the ball and Martin was tackled for a loss. Foles had the same play, but when he saw we had it completely covered, he simply ran the other way untouched for a T.D.. The rookie out played Freeman.
  • avatar

    Stratobuc - what people saw was - wide left, wide right and high and outside and this was a quarterback throwing a game. 41% completion rate from a 4 year QB is criminal.
  • avatar

    freeman is never going to be a top rated QB like a AARON ROGERS lets face it.
  • avatar

    Anyone else notice the difference in poise between the two opposing QB's when under duress? One is a rookie starting his 4th game, the other...well, he just needs more time to "develop", in his 4th year.
  • avatar

    Even a very good team can not vacation thru the first half of a game and expect to win the game. Freeman may not be the QB of the future for TB. Just getting the ball to receivers on short and intermediate routes is difficult for him at times. Yesterday the first two quarters he couldn't do *censored*. Love his quotes,"we didn't, we couldn't" should have been "I didn't". Put a QB on the shopping list for Christmas, PLEASE.
  • avatar

    Ridiculous. Freeman had a bad game, but still scored enough points to win. That loss is on the DEFENSE and NOBODY ELSE. Geez, I have no idea what people are watching when they say this junk.....
  • avatar

    In the words of Jim Mora, "Playoffs......Playoffs?........Are you kidding me? We'll be lucky to win another game." Before the season started I, and probably most of my fellow posters, had no delusions that this team would be playoff bound. But this group teased us just enough that we looked past the injuries to the O-line and the suspensions in the secondary to think it just might be possible. We're all disappointed and some of us angry that the Bucs lost to the "lowly" Eagles. But I learned a long time ago that no NFL team presents a sure victory and no lead is safe. Now that the playoffs are a remote, if not impossible chance; let's take these last three games to finish strong and build on 2013. At least the Philly cheese steak we had at DelCo's after the game was good.
  • avatar

    My Heart Just sank when Eagles with 2 seconds loss to Phila. Tampa still has a slim chance, But I see hope for the future, and it was a shame that My beloved didnot win this game in front of a sold out stadium. All they can is prepared for the next 3 weeks GO BUCS. REMEMBER FANS THE NEFL CANNNOT TAKE THAT SUPERBOWL AWAY FROM TAMPA GO BUCS
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