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December 10, 2012 @ 5:37 pm
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Schiano: "Josh Will Get Back To Playing The Way He Is Capable"

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Less than 24 hours after the Buccaneers fell to the Eagles 23-21, head coach Greg Schiano stood at the podium at One Buc Place and answered questions about the tough loss.
Coach Schiano spoke to the media in his game after press conference at One Buc following the team’s third loss in a row.  He mentions what happened during the game both good and bad as well as what the team needs to do in order to improve. The following is the transcript from his press conference.

After looking at the tape what did you see?
“We did a lot of things that you would normally look at and say that you win the game, but we didn’t win the game. So it kind of went against the rules of football. You win the turnover battle, you out-rush them, we were about even on third-down percentage. But at the end of the day they had two more points than we did. We committed too many penalties, some in crucial situations. Some could be argued, but that doesn’t matter. If they’re called, they are. At the end of the game we had some opportunities to make the game be over and we don’t do it.”

Fourth time the defense has let the game slip away, anything consistent there?
“No, there’s four times so what would consistently be, more than two at a time? Three times? I don’t really see that. It’s not one guy, one mistakes, one set of calls, whether it’s blitz or three-man rush or four man rush or man (coverage) or zone. So no, but it is something that we work on a lot, so I’m not sure that it’s lack of attention to it, but we just need to get better.”

How do you get better?
“I think you have to do your job and you have to get 11 guys doing their job consistently. Now, if you can get that, then you start saying, well, is maybe one of their 11 better than our 11 and maybe we need to provide help to him and then we have to change the call. I think when you focus on making plays is exactly when you don’t make plays. Focus on doing your job and plays come to you, the game comes to you, that’s what we believe around here. So we have to do a better job of doing that. Certainly personnel is always part of the issue and coaching is part of the issue. We have to make the best call possible and then they have to play it the best way they can and see where it matches up against our opponent. If we make our best call and we play our best and they make their best call and they play their best we win or if they win, you live with that. But we’ll keep at it. You just keep going and try to get better. And you know, we have gotten better. One of the bad things about it when you look at the tape is there are a lot of things that we haven’t been able to do that we’re doing better defensively. It’s just that at the end there that wasn’t one of them.”

Why did the offense struggle early on?
“Well, we got off schedule. First play of the game we drop a ball, now it’s second and 14. We drop a fumble on a lead draw play. And it started right there. When you run your offense efficiently, you’re on schedule, you’re in manageable situations; it gives you run-pass choices, checks if you want. You get behind in the series and it changes your play-calling mentality a little bit. And we had too many self-inflicted wounds, things that we know better – holding penalties, things like that. Second half we come out and even there, we’re driving and we self-inflict and make a mistake. But we get the ball on the muffed punt.”

Freeman seems to be taking brunt of criticism; is that fair?
“As I’ve always said, the quarterback and the coach get more credit than they deserve when they win and they get more blame than they deserve when they lose. Somewhere in between is where it should be, but that’s the position Josh (Freeman) plays and the position I hold and you have to have broad shoulders to do it and you have to enjoy that. That’s got to be one of the things that you like, that focus, that pressure. So we’ll get better. Josh will get back to playing the way he’s capable of playing and we’ll get back to winning. You do all those things and prepare the way you’re supposed to and you get back to winning.”

How did Mark Barron play particularly in coverage yesterday?
“With the exclusion of one play pretty well. Just in one play we had an error. Yes, one play there in those final two drives. I could see why it was a little bit confusing. I put that equally on me. We got to get that coached better and we got to execute it better.”

On the run by Nick Foles for the touchdown were Lavonte David was blitzing was Mason Foster supposed to have contain on that and is that what you mean by trying to do too much?
“But not the way you said it. It was vice versa. And you know they know it. They care. Look if they didn’t care and they were trying to be selfish and they just wanted to make a play that is not why they are doing it. They are not doing it to so they can be the guy who makes the play. They are doing it because they want to win so badly that maybe we just got to do your job and let the game come to us.  We kind of chased the game as an organization yesterday. Then I thought calmed it all down. You know 21-10 okay kind of calmed it all down and let it come back to us. With all the things—we had some guys out, but they had some guys out too. I think when it just all comes out in the wash if we settle down we would be okay.  I thought we were and then two drives [happened].”

Would you do anything different after watching the film on third-and-8?
“No, it is none of that. Each situation if it were the same situation another day [or] another game I might have chose to do it differently. But in that game [with] a rookie quarterback on the other side where we were on the field [and] our punter [with] all things that I believe to be true and are true. Again that’s why I say the laws of football didn’t hold up there. I am betting on the things that I am counting on are going to happen and they did not. To say would I change it? Well, if I knew the result beforehand I probably would today, but if you put me back in that spot again I don’t think because that’s what I thought the right thing to do was. It is not any lack of confidence in anybody, but a tipped ball and they are on the 35 or 40 yard line. I just didn’t think, I would rather put the [pressure] on them to have to go with no timeouts, but it didn’t all play out the way I thought. There was a 30-yard punt. Now all of a sudden they are in a lot better field position than I envisioned, but that is my job. Once the vision changes I have to be able to adjust and get my coaches to and get my players to. I didn’t do a good enough job and they scored.”

What did you guys do yesterday that you liked?
“We ran the ball well. We stopped the run. Their idea was to come in the game and try to have balance. That didn’t work so they were just throwing it every down. In the second half I think before we went into those final two drives we are talking on the headset saying ‘okay what do you think they are going to do?' Said they have only ran it twice period the whole half so even if they don’t change a thing they are probably going to throw it. We knew they were going to throw it, but that’s what we did. We had six sacks. Everybody wants to talk about not getting to [them] well that’s getting to the quarterback. That’s what I mean when you look at what we were able to do—my hat is off to Nick Foles. He played a heck of a game. I thought going into the game I said this kid is really getting better fast. He has got two really good quarterback guys working with him in their coaching staff.  He did what I was a little concerned he might do, but I still though that we would be able to cover their guys and hold up and we did for a lot of the game. We made some bust. We had one bust in the first half on a cluster and that was costly as well. Then the one with the screen. It was an odd looking play. I can imagine.”

Couple of guys said after game we regrouped at halftime and decided we need to be more aggressive. When you hear something like that at this stage of season is there any excuse for not being aggressive from snap one?
“I don’t mean this in any way disrespectful, but I would tell you they were just trying to give you an answer without going into too many specifics. Probably ‘aggressive’ is a nice easy word to throw. ‘Got to make plays’ is another one that guys will throw out there. Even I will I don’t throw that one out there, but I will throw stuff out where you really don’t want to go into detail on so and so missed a down block or we were off to the races. Or get into specifics because guys don’t want to dime each other out that there was a mistake made. I think aggression could be said if one guy didn’t hit his block the right way well then if we are more aggressive that would cover that and a whole lot more. I think that’s probably what was meant to tell you the truth.”

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    I had a nightmare the other night, that Myron Lewis and Danny Gorrer, were named our starting cornerbacks for the next ten years. I woke up screaming and sweating. I was afraid to go back to sleep, i did'nt want to see any more.
  • avatar

    Well here Iam again- Like a faithful Buc. Qb Josh Freeman has his days good and bad. But Tampa better be looking at a young QB that is not in Tampabay team yet. Well Fans How good is that qb from Kansas State.Do you think Tampa should go after Him if he's comes out if he can or go after a smart qb that will be coming out in this year draft like:Tyler Wilson-Ark,Logan Thomas from Virginia or even Laundry Jones from Oklahoma.I know by all the rumors that in Rd-1 Tampa will go after a CB or two. How about if one of the top 18 QB's slid to Rd-4 Tampa goes after him.Remember Tampa has two-4th Rd picks-GO Bucs
  • avatar

    You're right 76Buc. That's exactly what I meant when I said "BTW, I saw Trent Dilfer...and to compare Freeman to Dilfer is totally ridiculous." Just to clarify in plain language: Trent Dilfer was absolutely horrible!
  • avatar

    Idk what some of yall are thinking. Freeman is the TRUTH nuff said. Dynasty in the making. U heard it here first
  • avatar

    Freeman is a good QB with the potential to be a great one and he's ours; not some free agent hired gun. Remember that laser pass he threw a couple of games ago to Jackson between 3 defenders. You guys are so fickle sometimes. Have a little loyalty. The guy had a down game. I say "down" and not bad, because, again, no interceptions. Spending first round pick on a QB is insane given that we have a good one and the needs of this team are so dire on the defense. Get a grip. We have to draft 5 corner-backs in this next draft. End of story. I can't believe it's gotten to a point where Biggers is one of our better corners. That is shameful.
  • avatar

    What I've seen of our QB Freeman-He has come a long way since arriving at Tampa-His offensive firepower is steading Improving. But this is an everyday learning.Sometime the more Experience Teams knows when Freeman is going to pass to a certain Individual. What Tampa needs to do is draft another bIG FAST WR OR tE FOR 2013. gO BUCS NOW AND 2013 AND BEYOND-GLH
  • avatar

    I don't know what some of you guys are smoking. Dilfer threw more INTs than TDs. Freeman is on pace for 30 TDs, 10 INTs, and 4,000 yeards.
  • avatar

    Freeman is who is he is and who he was in college - inconsistent. One series he looks like a world beater, the next he can't hit the broadside of a barn. I have been singing the same tune for 4 years now. Sunday was one his worst games as a pro. It says a lot when the game is on the line and it is 3 and 8 and the coach takes the ball out of your hands. That's how bad he was Sunday. Still, he didn't throw a pick (not for lack of trying) and if we had even the semblance of a secondary we should have won the game.
  • avatar

    Time after time Josh brings the Bucs back to take the lead and then the coaches take the ball our of his hands and depends on the defense to end the game. And time after time the defense lets us down. The problem is not Josh, or as we call him Fourth Quarter Freeman, it's the coaches. Coach Schiano talks about football odds. Well our defense is so bad that the odds don't add up. Our strength is our offense. If we made a few first downs at the end of the game we win. Instead we ran the ball 3 times, and the defense killed us. If we had a good pass defense that might be a good strategy. But because we have the worst pass defense in the league that strategy is faulty. The odds are much higher that the offense will carry the day than our defense. Is there anybody besides the Bucs coaches that would choose to win the game with our defense over our offense.
  • avatar

    I agree with Pinkstob. Generally, a winning QB must have a percentage completion rate of at least 60%. Freeman's average percentage completion rate on the total season is 60.5% even though his last game was only 41%. In fact, the only game other than the Eagles game that the Bucs lost AND Freeman passed for less than 60% was New Orleans...where he was 57% with 415 yards! I'd like to see more fire from Freeman (and still don't know why he stands 15 yards away from the rest of the offense on the field during timeouts); but he is plenty capable enough to be the Bucs QB WHEN the Bucs get to the Super Bowl. Freeman's had some droughts during games, but most every QB has drought periods. Just look at the stats and you'll see Freeman did well (overall) in all games except the last one. I don't agree that bringing in another QB will have any effect. If we think Orlovsky is terrible, I get it, but for no other reason. BTW, I saw Trent Dilfer...and to compare Freeman to Dilfer is totally ridiculous.
  • avatar

    I don't think bringing in competition for Freeman will Improve his performance. He Already gives everything that he has in every practice and game. He comes in early and stays late. The problem is he has a limited ability to pass the football with consistent accuracy. The good news is that limit is still enough for us to be able to win a Super Bowl. I've always likened him to Ben Rothlisberger. I envision Freeman will be the quarterback of the Superbowl winning team but won't be the MVP, like Big Ben. There are no QB's in this next draft class that are better than Freeman, So we should just use a fifth rounder on a better backup quarterback.
  • avatar

    First - Victoria, well done...any fan who could sit through that press conference and not hurl their pen and paper at the stand in frustration deserves kudos. Second, stlbucsfan - it's like you read my mind and then write on this blog. Third, surferdudes - we have needs that are unfortunately deep and painful (see bh65's post) and that's why no back-up QB in round 3 (in addition to Orlovsky as a backup is better than what most teams have). Fourth, warren - yes it's early to start speculating, however the big difference this year is that our CB need is so obvious and so deep and so painful that the speculation can be pretty narrow. Fifth, horse - I too have to lay a lot of the blame on the coaches...and here my gripe really is that we saw some of the same mistakes we've seen all year long...it's not a problem with making mistakes, it's a problem with making the same mistakes over and over.
  • avatar

    21 unanswered points and we lose? Freeman had a couple of bad throws but he was running for his life most of the time with a 3rd string line...every and i mean every loss this year is on the secondary...Barron Wright if he stays clean will stay everyone one else couldn't start for a high school team! Front seven did awesome but when no one is covering doesnt really matter! Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    We all have suggestions regarding what the Bucs should do in FA and the draft. Bottom line is we know the weaknesses at the moment, but we have no idea what the Bucs FO will do in either FA or the draft. Who saw V. Jax AND Wright coming to the Bucs? How many saw Barron, Martin, AND David picked in the draft? Yeah, it's fun to speculate...but a bit early for me to pay attention to such speculation.
  • avatar

    This is how the draft should go, first round a cornerback , second round a cornerback, third round a safety, fourth round a safety, fifth round a cornerback sixth round a cornerback, seventh round a safety. Try to get a good cornerback and safety free agent , and bring as many undrafted cornerbacks and safetys as we can . I wonder at times what Ronde is really thanking about them CLOWNS , but would not dare say in public . The next time i buy a lottery ticket, i would love to have Myron Lewis pick the numbers for me.
  • avatar

    Schiano said we work on it a lot , we just need to get better. that is the understatement of the year . No matter how much chrome you put on a Mack, it is still a Mack. You can put lipstick on a pig and a mink coat on him, but he is still a pig . Except for Ronde , i hope he gets away from them and retires . The rest of that secondary , if they are lucky will end up working on the dock of some freight company . Drew Brees is licking his chops about now, really looking forward to sunday.
  • avatar

    It can't hurt to draft a Q.B. in the 3rd, or 4th rd who might fall in the draft, like Rogers did. It also wouldn't hurt to bring in a free agent to give Free some competition. Even if you believe Freeman is the man, players go down to injury, and why wouldn't you want to add talent to the most important position on the team. I wouldn't write Freeman a blank check right now. I'd bring in competition in the off season, and make him earn it next year. What's wrong with that?
  • avatar

    Stlbucsfan - You are totally right that it would be foolish to move on from Freeman. Especially with what our draft position will be and the fact that there will be no FA QB worth spending on. Now, if Luck or RG3 were coming up next year and we were in position to grab them I would say do it. But there isn't a Luck or RG3 next year. Freeman is still young and will still get better. All I'm saying is that he has not played well enough the last 3 games. Teams are starting to play him differently and making him be more accurate with short to intermediate passes. He will have to prove that he can beat that philosophy or that's all he will ever see and he will not last long in the NFL. No... I do not want to see him go, but yes, we should expect more of him than the last 3 games. There is no excuse for it.
  • avatar

    ehinote-I agree completely. He's the only QB in the top 10 without a 60% completion percentage so there is definitely room for growth in that department. Hopefully a full offseason studying the playbook can help him get right at 60%. I dont think he will transform into Dan Marino but I think with his arm strength if he can complete 60% consistently and eliminate the errant throws on some of his check downs and crossing routes that he can hit 300 yards on a weekly basis.I can definitely see Tampa drafting a guy that will be a backup to Freeman but the fiasco with the Jets have shown the last thing you want to do is make a young QB uneasy about his job. On top of the glaring weaknesses in the secondary which will obviously be addressed this offseason, Tampa needs to either draft or sign a defensive FA that has a presence. Schiano is loading the defense with nice quiet guys and that of course is great, but defense must be played with fire and passion and that seems to be an element this defense lacks. David great player but quiet, McCoy good/great player also quiet. This defense lacks a leader, I know its hard to draft or sign a guy that will walk in and lead but they either need a better coordinator to galvonize the group or get a player that brings the edge this defense severely lacks. As always Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    How do you groom a QB to replace a 24 year old QB? Josh Freeman is the 10th ranked QB in the league with a QBR of 91.1, ahead of Eli Manning, Phillip Rivers, Drew Brees, and Romo to name a few. So if we are seeking to replace a 24 yr old QB ranked in the top third of the league among QBs then I assume these teams should be seeking replacements as well right? The answer to anyone who knows football is no. Freeman even through his struggles have outperformed several QBs with a proven record and standing in the league. I think its convenient to blame Freeman for the loss but how can you forget the throws against Carolina that snatched victory from defeat. The coaches failed us yesterday when they took the ball out of his hands when the game counted the most and during a time that he has PROVEN he's at his best, the end of games. Schiano, Sheridan and Sullivan need to check their personnel and realize defense may win championships but until they assemble a defense to do that, Freeman wins games and let him do that. Last thing, I dont hear Detroit fans yelling to replace Stafford who has been more injury prone and outperformed by Freeman. Get realistic and appreciate the franchise qb we have in Freeman. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    Josh has all the skills. What is happening now is in his head. This is mental and is not a football problem. Regardless of what kind of season Freeman has, at the end of the season he should seriously consider a sports psychologist. Dr. Tom House is the psychologist that treats Drew Brees and Tom Brady. Brees swears by it and the last time I checked both Brees and Brady were pretty good QBs. Brees recommended that Alex Smith go see him and regardless of what has happened recently in SF, last year Smith got better. There is no stigma attached to this. He helps with the mind, body, mechanics connection. He teaches leadership and what we know as a QB "getting in the zone" and playing on automatic. I'm no expert but I think Josh would be helped by this. http://www.patspulpit.com/2012/5/13/3018030/tom-brady-worked-with-former-mlb-pitching-coach-in-march
  • avatar

    I 100% disagree. Freeman will prove to be the greatest Buc QB of all time, if given the chance. This is the first year in a new scheme, and the first year that he has had viable weapons, and the results have been mostly positive. Ever remember a Buc offence in recent times that led the league in points / yards for a significant stretch of the season? Apparently that's not good enough though, as yes, we have struggled against - get this - good defences. Does he have his down times? Sure. Most of them do who aren't named Brady. See Brees / Eli / Rivers / Newton / etc this year, where each has gone through some awful stretches. It would be irrational and uneducated to get rid of Freeman and start from scratch again.
  • avatar

    We don't need a QB; Freeman is fine. My guess in the New Orleans game we will not be calling the same precision side over the shoulder catch over and over again. The RB has to flare out more than 2-3 yards when it is 3rd & 5+ yards; same for the TE whose route once he releases doesn't go to the 1st down marker. I mean there has been some bonehead WR/TE/RB very short routes on 3rd down; that's Sullivan's fault more than Freeman. This goes for Sheridan too; he is not adjusting to the Offensive play adjustments fast enough; either the people upstairs are too slow to see the adjustments or he isn't listening. I think we definitely have some defensive coaching changes after the season is over. There will be head coaching changes from a few teams and I hope we can capitalize on some better coaches in a couple areas. This was one of the toughest losses other than past playoff games. I know the Referees didn't help either, but this loss is on our coaching. With 2 seconds left and after calling a timeout , why not call your last time out to be even more disruptive and give the defense another 30 second breather?
  • avatar

    As a season tciket holder, here's what I suggest. Use the first round pick on a blue chip QB prospect and groom him to become a Josh Freeman successor. This will accomplish two things: #1 it will pressure Josh to improve his game day performance (step up or be exposed) and #2 give BUCS an option to trade, renew or decline his contract after next year. After that, I suggest we spend the remainder of the draft on the Defense.
  • avatar

    I disagree, The only way we don't get a QB with our first pick is if Freeman doesn't get resigned otherwise we need to get a CB and some other defensive players. If we do end up getting a QB to "groom" behind Freeman we can wait til the later rounds but for now I think CB, DL, OT, and S (Pending on Barber) is the top priorities for the off season.
  • avatar

    RY893 - Think ahead, not for the moment. Is Josh really a franchise QB?? In my opinion - it's like watching Trent Dilfer all over again. Freeman is going into a contract year and we need a Plan B. Have the Rock Star GM do the right thing and draft a QB first round, otherwise I agree with your suggestion of CB, DL, and S. As I stated before, get a blue chip QB in round one and then go D the rest of the entire draft.
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