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December 21, 2012 @ 8:19 pm
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Schiano Says Bucs Must Be Better At Blitzing

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


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In his final press conference before Sunday's home finale against the Rams, head coach Greg Schiano spoke to media one final time this week. Schiano addressed several subjects but spent considerable time explaining some of the Bucs failures on defense.
In his final press conference before the Buccaneers play the Rams on Sunday, coach Greg Schiano spoke about some of the Rams players, the team’s home finale, and his defense. The following is a transcript of his press conference.

Anyone questionable or doubtful?
“Aaron Morgan is the only guy we’re not sure of right now. So we’ll see.”

What was your opinion of the Rams then and now?
“I do recall some of those things and as I was watching them. So I was a little more familiar going into the week than I was another team but we do our offseason stuff, so this late in the year, I didn’t look a lot at them because I knew I was going to see so much, so.”

What do you remember about Janoris Jenkins in terms of scouting and how does he look on film?
“I’ve known Janoris Jenkins for a long time. Janoris Jenkins came up to our summer camp. He was the best player on the field at our summer camp. And he was gung-ho Rutgers. Until the Gators offered him. He’s an excellent player. Great instincts, burst, ball skills, the whole deal.”

When you have three second-round picks like the Rams did does it give you more flexibility to take a chance on a guy like Jenkins?
“I don’t know what their plan was. I know one thing, he’s a great player, one we have to be aware of. Both of those corners are pretty good. That’s a strength of their football team.”

Defensive end Da’Quan Bowers was saying he feels he is getting stronger from week to week and have you seen that translate in his play?
“There’s no doubt. When he came back initially we were all apprehensive, because of the injury, but he’s really, the thing that I mentioned when he came back was he really did more than just rehab his Achilles. He changed his body somewhat, so he’s stronger, he’s quicker and I think the sky’s the limit for Da’Quan (Bowers). He has got to play, get two more games – God willing – and then another offseason with JB and the program, I think he’s going to be a really talented guy.”

With this being the home finale what kind of impression do you want your players and coaches to leave on your supporters?
“Just you know we have great fans and we need to give them a great product. Unfortunately, our home record is not what I want it to be. I think we are all going to grow together. The fan base is going to come back and we are going to get better. It is all going to come together, but I would like to finish this thing at home obviously the right way for a lot of reasons. One of them is our fans. Send them off with a good taste in their mouth here at home.”

Last week the defense gave up 149 yards rushing to Saints and do you have any concern going into this week with Steven Jackson who is a big guy, that is hard to bring down?
“Certainly, it is a big concern. Both their running backs are dangerous running backs. They are different in stature, but wow. Steven Jackson is still as explosive a running back as there is in the National Football League. We have our hands full that is for sure.”

It is very much unlike your team to give up that many yards in the run game, what did you see when looking at the film that told you this is what we missed?
“Yes, we had some perimeter support issues. They were doing some things that I thought we were ready for, but obviously we were not. We worked on that. Hopefully secure that, but you know it is one of these deals. That really amounted to most of the yardage. We need to go back to just fundamental football. I think they have done a great job the guys this week. Three really inspired and focused practices and now we got to go out and do it on game day.”

There is a lot of talk about affecting the QB in this league and how do you think your team has rushed the passer this year?
“We need to improve. We are not where we want to be certainly with our pressure and our pressure packages. We need to be more precise when we do blitz. We need to be more effective when we go with a four, three man rush. That’s part of our growth. We have to get better at that though. That is one of the things if you say defensively one of the things that is a huge thing. I have coached secondary for a long time before I was a head coach. Some of those years we were really good in the secondary and we were not really good, but we had a great group that was rushing the passer. He was throwing out of a well and we made a lot of plays that really a lot of guys could have made. We got to get better at that. That is one thing for sure.”

Is that different packages when you talk about cumulative reps is it timing what goes into making those guys better?
“I think all of those things. Understanding protection is number one, but then that is kind of built into the blitz and the disguise of the blitz and then being able to defeat guys. Not every time you are going to scheme a blitz where okay I am free I got the quarterback. Sometimes you got to whip somebody’s tail to get to the passer. All a combination of those things, but we need to be more precise. Hopefully we will be this week when we do pressure. When we bring more than four and then when we do bring four whether we are gaming or straight rushing again more precise and execute the plan with more precision.” 

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    The biggest weakness is the secondary, no doubt. What I got from coaches comments was that if we can get better pressure up front or in blitz packages (going forward), our secondary can be average (talent wise) and will look much better because of the effects from the pressure. My point is, next season we need to fix both,secondary and the defensive line.
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    The Bucs win this game, it will be a great CHRISTMAS GIFT to the organization and the fan base .
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    No excuses; play your best. I am very concerned about our pass defense. If we give up another 300yards + yards in passing , we are in serious trouble.
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    It's gonna happen Horse, there's really not much use in sugar-coating how bad this secondary is right now. But at least we know it's an area of weakness and the coaching staff and front office have had most of the season to get a strategy in place to get it fixed in the offseason.
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