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December 23, 2012 @ 5:13 pm
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A Frustrated Bennett Calls Out His Teammates

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Defensive end Michael Bennett was visibly upset following Sunday's 28-13 loss to the Rams. Bennett said the coaches are not to blame on the team's recent failures but instead the players have to take responsibility.
The Buccaneers locker room was, not surprisingly, a very quiet place immediately following Sunday’s 28-13 loss. Amidst the funeral parlor type muffled tones, one voice stood out – veteran defensive end Michael Bennett – who was visibly frustrated when speaking to the media.

“On Sunday it is time to strap up and get ready to play,” Bennett said. “Because people are coming at you and you have to be coming back at them.”

Tampa Bay held the Rams to 285 yards, yet Bennett said there is no consolation is a statistical victory.

“It can’t be our best of the season unless you win the game,” Bennett said. “We plan to wins games and that is all we care about is to win the game. So whatever happened on defense, or whatever happened on offense, as long as you win the game, that is what you have to do.”

Bennett talked about the 80-yard touchdown that opened the third quarter, but said that play didn’t make or break the game.

“It was a breakdown but those things happen,” Bennett said. “Things are going to happen. In this league you have to translate them and keep playing and not let that play define you. I know everybody is going to say is that the play changed the game. But it isn’t the play that changed the game. We had many opportunities to change the game but we didn’t step up like we were supposed to.”

The fired up Bennett said the blame squarely falls on the players – not the coaching staff.

“And the coaches come out and make the gameplan week in and week out,” Bennett said. “But it’s not up to the coaches. People want to say the coaches this and coaches that  – it’s not the coaches, it is the players. We have to come out and do what the coaches say and execute at a high level. This is the NFL so we have to execute on Sundays. Not Monday, not Tuesday not Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday. But Sunday. That’s the day games are won.”

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  • avatar

    I say RESIGN BENNETT and if some of the players don't want to give 150% get rRID of them_GO BUCS
  • avatar

    Personally I thought with the exception of the one play, the defense, in particular the secondary, played one it's best games in a while. We still relied on way too many blitzes to get pressure. But it still wasn't very effective as Bradford had time to at least get rid of the ball. Some of you people should hold off making comments until your emotions subside. We all love our team and get easily frustrated on days like Sunday, but I try not to get as emotional as I did when I was younger.
  • avatar

    I disagree with Bennett on the point he makes about the rest of the week doesn't count. Practice make perfect my friend!
  • avatar

    I'm glad Bennett is talking because I'm speechless!!
  • avatar

    Whether it is Schiano or one of the team leaders in the locker room Someone better hold this team together or they'll implode before they ever have a chance to find out how good they can be. We sacrificed Talib in the name of the "Schiano way" so win or lose we better at least end up with a unified team to show for it.
  • avatar

    I was at the game and it was a solid team loss; everyone made mistakes and some more than others. It was an implosion by the team. It's easier to see now where the improvements are needed.
  • avatar

    I was at the game and it was a solid team loss; everyone made mistakes and some more than others. It was an implosion by the team. It's easier to see where the improvements are needed.
  • avatar

    Guess HE won't be back next year, he want's to win. BIG mistake not giving him an extension... ahhhhh crap.....
  • avatar

    How is Barron a miss? I can see McCoy and Freeman (still not sure what his deal is), but Barron? How can you tell after one season in which he played pretty well. Our pass defense is atrocious because we're schlepping out EJ Biggers and "another cornerback" every week. We also have almost no pass rush. None of this is Barron's fault.
  • avatar

    roypadrick, I agree with you. I thought Barron played good today. He was all over the field.
  • avatar

    I can honestly say I've never seen anything like this. The fans don't care at all; there is no traffic on these boards anymore and comments are cut in half on the Trib/ESPN sites from five years ago. No one cares about our team; it's not just the players. Domenik seemed like he might have gotten his act together but Barron, McCoy and Freeman are major misses and our defensive ends have to stay on the field. Hopefully they get it right next year, but if we bring them back for another season like this you're going to have a Norv/Smith in SD situation that costs us an entire generation of fans.
  • avatar

    Cant speak for others, byt sometime last year I lost my emotional "connection" to the team. I was looking forward to the new regime and seeing the team come back from the Morris debacle, however, I discovered I just dont care anymore :( wins dont excite me, losses dont depress me its just like watching any team on tv. Probably giving up the tix after 15 years.
  • avatar

    jcarruth, don't give up yet. Ido believe the Coach will get this turned around. It's still a better team than last year. Freeman is not the answer and Schiano knows it now too. I am off the Freeman bus.
  • avatar

    Horse, fully agree, think this is a better team with better coaches and a potentially bright future. Unfortunately too late for me though, not a matter of giving up, just noting that for whatever readon the emotion is gone, not something I decided.
  • avatar

    I Understand Your frustation, I gave Up My Tickets After Having Them Since 1979..Ive Lost All Emotional Connection After The 2009 Season
  • avatar

    McCoy is anything but a major miss! Clearly you haven't been keeping up with your own team. He's being double-teamed on a consistent basis, yet he still makes plays against the run and the pass. His first full-season and he's making serious plays! I'm not even going to say anything about you calling Barron a bust. I'll just chalk that up as a typo.
  • avatar

    Tellem' Bennett!
  • avatar

    Bennett was just as bad. There were no sacks. He should shut up.
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