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December 23, 2012 @ 9:35 pm
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Schiano Takes The Blame For Sunday's Loss

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


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In his postgame press conference Greg Schiano spoke about the play of his quarterback and what happened in this loss to the Rams. The following is a transcript of his press conference. 
In his after game press conference Greg Schiano spoke about the play of his quarterback and what happened in this loss to the Rams. The following is a transcript of his press conference. 

What is your general feeling about this one?
“Well, certainly disappointing. As you look at the game it is a case where St. Louis took advantage of their opportunities and we had a lot of missed opportunities. We had plenty of chances to win the game. We played our cleanest game penalty free. We had one penalty for I think, five yards. You cannot turn the ball over. That is what it boils down to in this league. People are too good. You turn it over and it is going to be awfully hard to win games. Does it happen sometimes? Yes, you can overcome it sometimes. We had 36 minutes of time of possession. It is what it is.”

Can you talk about Josh Freeman’s interceptions today and making those mistakes four years in?
“Well, I cannot live in a vacuum. I certainly will examine all those things. Coming off the sidelines [is] probably the worst time to discuss that with emotion and everything else. I will examine him. I and coach Sullivan [and] coach Turner will look at it. Certainly there were some things throughout the game you thought that is not what we want to do, but until you look and make sure why, you know. Got to protect a little better. I thought they did a good job with their pass rush and you are right when you are falling backward that is a tough time especially on the length of that pass. We got to examine all that stuff. At the end of the day I know we are not going to win turning the ball over like that. We have one week to get better and go try to end this thing on the right note. The way we practiced this week I was extremely confident that we would come play and we did. We did a lot of things a lot better than what we had done. Which is sad because it is all for not when you turn the football over. We have to have to have to make improvement there. Earlier in the year we were great at ball security and great at taking it away. That is how we won football games. That has not been the case as of late. There is no one, but me. That falls on me. It is the number one job of a football team is to not turn the ball over and to get the ball taken away. If that’s the number one job, I am the head coach and it is not getting done, that is my fault.”

What happened on the first play in the second half? 
“That was a shame. Without getting into guys and things it was a mistake that [was] a valuable lesson learned. Unfortunately it was an 80-yard play. I think they had 285 yards total offense and 80 of it was on that play. The other thing is you have a chance to get them down on the 30 or whatever yard line to my right wherever it was and we did not get them down. That is like maybe even worse, right? But that’s the way it happened today. Other than that there were some really good things defensively. Again, none of it matters when you turn the football over and you don’t take it away enough. If you are going to have a four or five turnover game you better match it. Otherwise the thing quickly tilts out of favor and even with all that said there are a couple chances to get that ball in who knows.”

You have one game left and you see how this team has turned the ball over on offense as a fan do you think this team is closer to winning consistently now than it was at start of season?
“That’s more of an after week where I will look at the whole season and say, okay here is where we started [and] here is where we finished. The ups and downs of it all. Right now I am not going to get into where we stack up. I do say this to our fans we have good players in this program. We are going to get more. We are moving forward and we got to find a way to win this game next week. We got banged up today. I am anxious to get the injury report. E.J. Biggers early in the game – out. Jeremy Zuttah late in the game – out. We got to figure out where we are and that’s our job. That is my job. Mark (Dominik) and I will sit down and figure out how we are going to get the best team we can put on the field for that final week.”

Do you have a feeling of what has changed since started 6-4 and everything was positive and then five weeks later seems like the team has fallen backward?
“Well, three of the five I would not say that. Three of the five I would say flip a coin and you win it or lose it and then we are all sitting here talking about okay we lost a couple at the end, but we are in the playoffs and that’s great. But that did not happen. We lost those three that were close football games. These last two there is enough here to say we got to hit it and get it this week because this is not the way you win football games [by] turning the ball over. That is for sure.”

Josh Freeman made a couple plays today, but at the end of the day it seemed like he was trying to force some plays and have you seen him try to do too much?
“I don’t know. Here is what I think. When he makes those plays they are spectacular. Everybody [says] wow what a great play. When he doesn’t now he is forcing it. Really that’s what it turns into. We are in a result driven business and when it works then it is a great play and when it doesn’t work is he pressing? Is he trying too hard?  Somewhere in between. When you make it [and] when you don’t make it, it is somewhere in between. I think calculated risk taking is something that is a huge component of quality quarterback play. You need to know this is a risk we are willing to take and this is a risk we are not. Again, I will put it on me. Certainly we have to get that communicated better because we have to make and we have done it. It is not like, oh I hope it happens some day. It has already happened. We got to have it. Keep coming back to this word consistency. We have to do it because there are some plays out there today that are outstanding offensive football plays. It doesn’t matter when you sprinkle them in with the turnovers.”

Some plays in the red zone, in one series where Josh Freeman tried to run a sneak, was that on him or did he get the green light ,explain that series and another ball was thrown out?
“I am mad at myself on that one. I thought definitely we would catch them before they were ready. I don’t know what happened. The ball went out of bounds. I don’t know if they put a kicking ball in because they felt we were kicking a field goal. I don’t know, but there was no football. So now everybody is waiting and waiting. I should have ran down there and called a time out and huddled up and called a different play. Once they are ready for the sneak it is swimming upstream. They are all bottled in there. I kick myself in the rear end for that one. I think. Yes.”

Are concerned at this point with the play of Josh Freeman these past two weeks?
“I think as a coach when you don’t win and you turn the ball over you are concerned about everything. I am paid to win games. We have lost five straight. So yes I am concerned, but it is not just about Josh Freeman. Starts with Greg Schiano and goes all the way through the organization. I am concerned because we have not been able to get it done and I am the head coach. So I got to keep going back and looking at it. I just ask our fans to hang in there and I know that it has been a while around here but this group of guys we will get it straightened out. It is a great place to coach and to play and to be a fan. We got to get it back to being great.”

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    Scubog I am not sure about your analogy, but in my mind McCoy is a much greater failure than Freeman. Freeman has had a couple of bad games in what was otherwise a pretty good Season for him. He did it with a patchwork offensive line and a rookie running back. McCoy continues to be a disappointment every year just like his first and is at best after 3 yrs a back up quality DT, who will never lead this team in tackles or Sacks on the line. My opinion is to keep Freeman and try to correct his errors and Trade McCoy. At best McCoy is worth about a 5th round pick. We can win with Freeman. Just get a better offensive line and a offensive coordinator.
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    Saying Freeman needs a quality backup to "push him" infers that he is not motivated himself to put in the work. From everything I have read and heard about our young QB, work ethic is not his problem. If Dominik offered Freeman in a trade for any of the names who have been mentioned here the other GM's would be falling all over themselves to make the deal. Apparently all we look at now are interceptions and sacks to evaluate players. Here's a thought; have Freeman and McCoy swap statistics. Freeman throws the same number of interceptions as McCoy gets sacks (5) and McCoy gets as many sacks as Freeman has interceptions (16) Everyone would be happy then.
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    Freeman needs a quality back up to push him. Freeman has never had a situation here where the QB position wasn't a forgone conclusion. Bring in a guy who has started in the NFL but maybe has only a few more yrs but can still compete, and Freeman will get the sense that his performance is going to matter next week and he will improve. Freeman was sacked 5 times and knocked down twice. The key to stopping a Team is to get to their QB. They did and we did not.
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    Great points macabee. Before you want to kill me for posting this, please think before responding.... 1). Resign freeman on an incentive based contract. In the event he turns the corner, we still have him, if not, we cut our ties with him. What is Freeman's cap value for next year...wouldn't resigning him clear up cap space this year? 2). Bring in a veteran QB to push, groom, possibly replace him. Who has freeman had to compete against since he has been here. There has to be a veteran out there that we could bring in.. Who will be getting cut...Fitzpatrick, A Smith, K Orten....not saviors, but possibly upgrades 3) draft...(I have no idea who..I don't follow college football enough to know) a QB to bring in and compete....not just a camp arm Another good draft this year and more quality free agent pick up..I believe we make the playoffs... Questions about free agent CBS...do you like M Jenkins or Cromartie (from Philly) in Tampa next year? Do you think they will for too much.
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    Schiano is just as much the problem as anyone else on the team. He refused to think of what is best for the team instead of hurting Freemans feelings. He should have been pulled him earlier the last 2 games and let Orhlosky (sp) play. Not that we would have a chance at the playoffs but to let this team go into the offseason with a winning attitude instead of a 6 game losing streak. Where the hell has been Blount been all year? He should be getting 5 to 10 carries every game along with Martin as your primary back. Freemans inaccuracy is the biggest reason this offense struggles when it does because they should be ahead most games if he was hitting his targets and in stride. Let him sit on the sidelines next game and watch it like the coaches do and maybe he can learn something watching someone else. His staring down receivers and not being able to pick up secondary and third receivers is as much to blame for his problems as not being accurate with his passes. Watching a rookie like Wilson last night lead his team tells you all you need to know who has the ability to be a good qb and who is just average. Freeman constantly has the "deer in headlights look" on the field. Maybe coaching can help him, but I doubt it. At least lets draft and grab some FA DB's and rushers during the offseason to help the poor defensive secondary. Feel sorry for Ronde having to be a part of that fiasco!
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    Glad to see coach talk about that QB sneak. With the element of surprise, good idea...without it get into a different play. Silver lining with penalties this game, but the refs got us with all of that ball juggling. They were probably as shocked as I was that the Bucs offense wanted to do anything in a hurry!
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    I think it’s safe to say that pretty much everybody is now of the opinion that a change needs to be made at the QB position. Last week I wrote a scathing opinion about Freeman and whether given more time we would see a better Freeman. I’m convinced now more than ever that what we see is what we’re going to get. Can we win with Freeman? Yes! Can we win consistently? No! If we’re willing to put up with the ups and downs, big wins today and blowouts tomorrow, then Freeman will give us that. That opinion sounds like we should cut Freeman tomorrow, Right? Wrong! It’s even safer to say that there are no easy alternatives. This cannot be fixed quickly and there is no guarantee that anyone else out there will do any better. There are no RGIIIs or Andrew Lucks out there that can win now. There are lots of Blaine Gabberts out there and this is the kind of fan disillusionment that makes even Tebow look like a possibility. These are times when rational thought and good sense need to prevail. This is the kind of turmoil that can change administrations and Schiano knows it. Cutting Freeman loose now may be smartest move short-term but a nightmare long-term. The Broncos traded Cutler and wandered in that wilderness for years and may finally be coming out of the darkness of that decision. I’m not saying keep Freeman, I’m saying don’t make a snap judgment or a brash ill-timed decision. Thought should be given to the precise type of offense we’re going to run and take time to get the skill set that can execute it. You know something is really wrong because Dominik has quietly disappeared – just like he did when Morris was on the skids. He knows that a lot of money can go up in smoke either way if they don’t get this decision right. He knows that with this type of season ending and uncertain outlook, the price to get top level FAs (CBs) to come here just went way up. The risk is we have to grossly overpay or settle for the Eric Wrights of the NFL. This is a hot mess!
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    Macabre, I agree with you except I am for moving Freeman on. He is not the QB for us. I believe some older QB's that have been in the league for a few years as back ups would be better. Why I say? They totally understand that there job is temorary while a new QB is looked for in the next two to three draft. If we keep Freeman in my opinion, he will become a virus that spreads that inconsistency is acceptable. Schiano can't afford to keep him and put his short career on the line. Heck let's swap with the Jets and see if Sanchez can perform in this scheme. We know that Freeman can't in this one nor the past one under Morris.
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    I think the Bucs should just use the franchise tag on Freeman this off season and maybe draft a QB in the mid rounds..(Landry Jones maybe?) cause I don't see a QB coming out of college this year that stands out. So try to go with Freeman for another year in the same system groom a QB. I don't know but I'm not happy with Freeman but there isn't a real option for the upcoming season.
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    Which QB would you suggest we bring in? The free agent market is abysmal, the draft is full of guys that won't become backups...should we look to the CFL? Let's look at the facts: 1) through the first 10 games of this season Freeman was being crowned as the next coming of Joe Namath, 2) the kid is 24 years old, 3) there is nobody else.... Yes Freeman played poorly today...so did everyone (apart from Lavonte David) else, including Mike WIlliams who spent more time on the turf watching passes be intercepted than he did catching balls and Vincent Jackson who for the 10000th time this year was caught at the 4 yard line (you're being paid $11m per year, get in the endzone!). The bottom line is the wheels are off the wagon...not the Freeman wagon, but the Buccaneer wagon (that's everyone - coaches too).
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    Coach knows what he has to do and he is telling us what is going to happen in 2013. Josh is trying his best and I believe that he is, but it just is not working for this team. Let's give him a chance somewhere else.
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    I agree with Bennett. This one is not on the coaches, the past 2 are not on the coaches. this is about the Players, the Bucs have the talent in places, its just where they DON'T have the talent that is killing them. The Bucs need to sure up the DBs (Johnson played really well today), and bring in a QB (Freeman needs to Go)
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