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December 24, 2012 @ 8:42 am
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Freeman: "I Am The QB; Have To Put This One On Me"

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Josh Freeman met with the media following Sunday's 28-13 loss to the Rams and explained what happened from his perspective. Freeman took responsibility for the loss saying he is the QB and it falls back on him.
Quarterback Josh Freeman spoke to the media in his after game press conference. In the conference he discusses his play, where he thinks his game is at, and what has happened to his team these last few games. The following is a transcript of his press conference.

Seems like on a couple of those interceptions today you were just trying to make something and is that accurate?
“The one to Vincent (Jackson) it is a heads up play-action. He came around and we got 55 to suck up. Most of those linebackers they start bailing as they are running to a spot and they don’t get their eyes around, but right as I threw it he popped his eyes around and made a good play. Really in hindsight should have come off that. And the other one it is just rough trying to make something happen. Trying to—just got to figure out ways not to do it. Whether it is a guy slipping or you just got to figure out a way to take away these turnovers because I will tell you our defense came out and played great today. We put them in tough spots and they rose to the occasion. Offensively, we were unable to do that.”

You had some opportunities in the red zone and can you talk about the one I guess you were throwing a fade and had to hurry up was there no ball there and trying to run a sneak on 4th-and-1?
“Just one of our plays that on third and short fourth and short is kind of a hurry up just get up and snap the ball. Calling it from the side line and I am calling it from the field. We get up there and the guys you have to place the ball standing over the ball and the whole premise of the play is getting up there in hurry up. Another instance where I just got to get it. Just a yard. Got to find a way to get over and get it.”

Can you put your finger on what has happened lately where things sour after such a great middle to the season?
“I can’t. We have been working. Working hard. This week was one of our best weeks of preparation. Just untimely turnovers. It seems to be that in the past couple weeks. I am the quarterback got to put it on me. Just got to find a way to limit those. When you have a team like us that has been in a bit of a rut you can’t make those mistakes that cost you. Once again our guys play for 60 minutes offense and defense, but just was not quite enough. You talk about those earlier drives that get in the red zone and go for it on fourth down and don’t get it, those are the ones that I mean we score two touchdowns like we are capable of you are looking at either a tied or one point ball game with plenty of time left in the fourth quarter. We did not do that. We are going to have to go back and take a real hard look at ourselves as an offense. Me personally to find a way to cut these turnovers out of the game and win.”

Do you think you are closer to being who you want to be now than you were last year?
“No question. No question. It is a whole team. It is a whole team. Guys are eliminated from play off possibility, but guys are still coming in early. Still coming in for treatment [and] still taking care of their business. Still practicing hard. We are practicing extremely hard and guys are getting on film study. It is frustrating. You want to go out [and] you want to play well enough-- you want to win. You want to win for your whole team. You want to win for the coaching staff. It has been unfortunate, but I got to take the blame as the quarterback. I got to find a way like I said throw it around the guy. Find a way to get the ball in the end zone. Give Mike (Williams) and Vincent (Jackson) more opportunities. Whatever it is. We are going to go back and watch this film and try to figure that out. You got to say the Rams came to play today and capitalize on the turnovers.”

 Donald Penn said he talked to you after the game and he felt you were depressed how would you assess how you handled the situation here?
“No, not depressed. I would say frustrated as anyone who goes out each week and does everything they can to win. When you lose it is frustrating. Like I said the Rams are a good team that came here today. I like my team. I feel like we can go out and without those turnovers find a way to win. Even with those turnovers we still had a few drives in the second half where we could have cut it close. We were just unable to capitalize. Not depressed by any stretch, but just definitely frustrated.”

Made a point last couple games talking about not making turnovers and do you now talk about just going out there and playing naturally and not worrying about not doing this or not doing that?
“You know that’s the funny thing as far as preparation it has been amplified since the second half of this season. We have been getting after it and I have been feeling great. Prepared and comfortable going into the games. I try to relax and just play. Things have not been going great. It is back to the frustrated thing, but just got to keep pressing on. There is no definitive answer. No one thing you put your finger on. You just got to go watch the film. Got to put in the best week you possibly can this week. You got to keep rallying the guys. We have one more chance to go out and win. That is what we are going to try to do.”

What type of things does Mike Sullivan say to you on the sideline after you throw an interception?
“Really it is kind of a next play mentality. You throw a pick. Something happens. Unless it is a certain piece of information that I missed it is all about the next play. What we are going to run next? We might do this at this formation we might run this. A lot of that I mean it is extremely positive. He is over there talking about what we are going to do as an offense. Mainly just educational things about the next series and where we are moving forward in the game plan.”

How would you describe the last few games over all?
“Really frustrating. That’s all you can say. The Saints game and then this game not really a brand of football that I expect to play. Two games that you feel prepared going into and a few things don’t go your way and you find yourself at the wrong end on the win loss column.”

That interception that Mike Williams slipped on if he doesn’t slip do you think he has a chance to compete for the ball?
“Yes, the play was actually an inside comeback. The play was on top of him and he kind of slips, but usually the ball is thrown to the sideline and he is in between the ball and the defender. Still it happened, but just unfortunate.”

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  • avatar

    Horse: Unlike in those days, thankfully we no longer have the race issue when it comes to playing QB. I brought up Doug Williams along with the rest of the "white" QB's who were chastised here and went on to have successful careers elsewhere, while the floundering Bucs continued to search for the savior who could make all of the other weaknesses disappear by his presence on the field to make a point. I'm not saying Freeman is great. I'm just saying we'd be wise to hold onto what we have until that "can't miss" QB comes along. Dbuc63: I appreciate your comments and will take them to heart. I'll presume by your moniker that you are "old school" like Horse and me. Maybe that's why I have a little more tolerance at this point for our QB since I have witnessed first hand each and every one of the previous men we've had passing the ball. You're right about BF47 and my taking some humorous shots at his equating his opinions and predictions with fact and history. First Obama declares me rich and now you call me an elitist. I thought I was just a smart a$$ Bucs fan with a sense of humor who has suffered along with the rest of you since 1976.
  • avatar

    Horse: I'm not going to argue with you and your recollection of Bucs history. Remember what you want about those days. Apparently you weren't in the stands like I was when fans hurled insults and criticized Doug unmercifully at times and would have been happy with any "white" QB. I guess you skipped right past the part in my comments that said I liked and defended Doug Williams so I'm not sure why you took a jab at "me and my friends". McKay most certainly called him Dougie often. Not sure why you find fault in pointing it out. It wasn't meant to be disrespectful.
  • avatar

    Scubog, what I was referring to was that there is big difference from then and now and there was no need to bring up that part of racism that thank goodness has faded. Doug Williams and Josh Freeman are totally two different people. Williams was a true leader, Freeman doesn't know what that is. There is no question that Freeman is a nice guy and that Williams has and had a chip on his shoulder.
  • avatar

    Horse: You are correct that in the end it was Culverhouse but I 'm sure you must remember that when the Bucs drafted a black QB many fans at the time did not accept it. Many criticized his under 50% completion percentage. Many thought he should be benched in favor of Jerry Golsteyn or Mike Rae. Many thought he threw the ball too hard and joked that, "he could overthrow the Ayatolla". Many thought he was "too stupid to be a QB" . In short, # 12 was blamed for every loss. I always liked "Dougie" as John McKay called him, but his popularity came more after he left. I don't "have it wrong" I remember all too well having to defend Doug Williams in the stands on game days and at work the next day. Kinda like now. Think back Horse, how did you think of Doug Williams with his less than "elite" statistics and losses piling up? Are you saying I'm a "logical" thinker? Gee, I hope so.
  • avatar

    Scubog, I and many of my friends never thought that so that must have been you and your friends. I met Doug Williams in the locker room for the first time after he had just gotten his jaw busted. I and many others supported Doug from the get go and were some of the first to wear his jersey. Yeah there were some racist in the crowds, but most of us drowned them out. Sorry that your memory and mine is different. To answer your other question about Williams; yeah he could throw some bad passes, but he threw some good ones when the pressure was on. I don't feel the same about Josh, I wanted too though. One more thing, why do you bring up the term Dougie, you know as well as I know that McKay called him Doug. That was just a John McKay trying to be funny with a reporter. Stop trying to change history, it's not cute.
  • avatar

    As always Macabee, I enjoy your posts. Mostly because we tend to think (key word) alike. I had the same observation as you did about what happened to cause a doubling of interceptions in just two games. One needs to look at each interception and diagnose it for a proper evaluation but in my opinion the problem is much more widespread than placing all of the blame at the feet of # 5. Too often fans think football is similar to baseball and believe the QB, like the pitcher, is totally responsible for wins and losses. So after 13 games Freeman looked like a rising star; but a mere 2 games later many fans, including macabee, are ready to toss him aside with no Plan B. Might I remind folks that my fellow Buccaneer fans also ran off Doug Williams who with his "less than 50% completion percentage" went on to win a Superbowl, Steve Young who "couldn't pass and ran around too much" went on to a Hall of Fame enshrinement, Vinny Testaverde who "is colorblind and can't tell the good guys from the bad" went on to have a stellar career, Trent Dilfer " who seemed lost and lacked commitment" went on to win a Superbowl. We've also placed our hope on and endless collection of stiffs who were cast-offs from other teams like the names many of you mentioned here. Only one, Brad Johnson, who merely had to protect the ball, score a meager 17 points and let the incredible defense win the game, had much success. Point is, we Buccaneer fans never seem to like our QB from Steve Spurrier to now Josh Freeman we have sought to start over with "anyone else". Maybe that explains the long history of losing teams.
  • avatar

    Scubog, I don't remember fans running off Doug Williams. It was Hugh Culverhouse who ran off Doug Williams. You have that totally wrong.
  • avatar

    Scubog, you always take the safe position and then toss out some words to create that you are the logical one. Four years of up and down games spell inconsistency to me and enough logic to support it.
  • avatar

    Scubog- You sound like an elitist. Are you sure you are not related to bf47, your all time favorite poster that you could criticize almost daily. Truth is, you have no idea what is going on as much as anyone else regarding Freeman. I understand your logic and rationalism but it is based off assumptions not facts. I can easily criticize your opinions as well like your analogy using baseball. Your opinion on posters jumping on and off the bandwagon with freeman is true. Most times it is called passion.We all care and want the Bucs to win and express our frustration differently. I do think macabee made very good points about Freeman based off what he thought to be true. I also enjoy many of your posts as well. So let me throw an opinion of mine out there, get off your high horse and allow your feet to touch the ground. You may see a more constructive perspective..
  • avatar

    I am no longer defending Freeman as our QB. As a person he is Avery nice guy and any parent would be proud of him for how far he got in his football career. With that I have moved on from Freeman; he will never help us win a super bowl again, nor help us win a play off game. Go Bucs, I still support you as my team.
  • avatar

    Horse- I'll remember you said this about Freeman.
  • avatar

    Jon- I'll remember you as the guy that was willing to give Freeman 8-10 years to develop into a QB that could win the Bucs 9 games against teams with a winning record. *Facepalm*
  • avatar

    "Facepalm"? is that like "Talk to the hand"? -no comment, lol
  • avatar

    No. That's where you just put your face in the palm of your hand and kind of shake your head because you can't believe what you just heard/saw/read.
  • avatar

    "blah blah didn't execute, blah blah make more plays"... same schtick different week. pathetic
  • avatar

    I've got my issues with Freeman like everybody else, but something just doesn't add up. In Freeman’s defense, would somebody care to explain what causes a QB to throw all of 8 INTs for 13 games and all of a sudden throw 8 INTs in the last 2 games (still less than Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, and Phillip Rivers)? There is no Haley’s Comet, no obvious synaptic meltdown, no root woman from Haiti that has placed a Santeria hex on him that conveniently explains why this has happened. Could it be that DCs have figured out how to defend this briefly potent offense and is loading the box at the LOS clogging running lanes on their way to the QB? Is it a coincidence that the running game went away at approximately the same time that the INTs went up? Has our 2nd string O-Line finally been exposed? Can our first-time-nfl coaches make the proper adjustments? Something has happened that's not easily explained and it may be a toxic soup of failures and not only Josh Freeman. All questions that need to be answered before we perform an ill-fated exorcism that we may live to regret!
  • avatar

    Great post macabee, I agree. Its likely not that simple of "Freeman sucks now". Martin has been awfully quiet over the losing streak and teams are basically stopping the deep throw and/or clogging the early running game forcing Freeman into a dink and dunk game which isnt his strong suit given accuracy issues. As much as Sheridan deserves blame for a poorly designed DEF scheme that is good at consistently getting torched, Sullivan deserves some heat for going into a rut down the stretch as the OFF, our strength, has not looked the same once mid season adjustments were made by other teams. Having Demar Dotson get beat on every play doesnt help either.
  • avatar

    4 wins in 4 years against teams with winning records. The one constant is Freeman in that time. I need that explained immediately, by anybody at this point....
  • avatar

    Vicious: Mark Dominik has also been there for the 4 wins in 4 years. And I am pretty sure he is the guy responsible for building the team, not Freeman. Idiot.
  • avatar

    Freeman most look great at practice when no one can hit him, and the defense isn't trying to fool him. Come game day he can't adapt,adjust,or improvise. Still stares down receivers,throwing mechanics go out the window,pocket presence becomes bad. Please let's sit this kid next Sunday, and see if things look any better with someone else at the helm.
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