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December 26, 2012 @ 7:08 pm
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McCoy To The Pro Bowl! Barber, Jackson, Martin Are Alternates

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Bucs DT Gerald McCoy will play in all 16 games for the first time in his three-year career, and now will accomplish another first – a trip to the Pro Bowl. S Ronde Barber, Wr Vincent Jackson and RB Doug Martin were named alternates.
The National Football League announced today that Tampa Bay Buccaneers DT Gerald McCoy has been named to the NFC Pro Bowl roster. It is McCoy's first career selection.

McCoy spoke to the local media shortly after the announcement was made.

"I just wanted to play a full season," McCoy sad. "But it is definitely a gift from God. You guys have always heard me say I am just trusting in God's plan. I don't know why the injuries came, but I just trusted in the Lord and his plan for my life and I guess this was according to his plan. I am really at a loss for words. This is a dream come true. I really just don't know what to say."

McCoy is in his third season with Tampa Bay since being drafted in the first round (3rd overall) of the 2010 NFL Draft. He has posted career highs in sacks and tackles for loss this season, while starting all 15 games for Tampa Bay. McCoy has been an anchor for the NFL's top-ranked run defense, with the Bucs ranking at the top of the league in both yards per game allowed (83.7) and yards per carry allowed (3.5).

McCoy said he wasn't thinking about the Pro Bowl when the season started.

"My goal was to be at my best for my team," McCoy said. "And by doing that, I was able to accomplish that I could show that I can actually play a little football. I just had some issues with my injuries. But my goal and focus this season was to just be at my best for my teammates."

McCoy said he still has plenty of room to grow as a football player in the NFL.

"This is just the beginning for what I plan to do," McCoy said. "I talked earlier what it was like going into an offseason without an injury, I (can now) focus more on the football aspect of it. And (instead) of that time the time I was putting into rehabbing, I could put solely on football and focus on that more."

The Buccaneers also had three players named as alternates to the Pro Bowl roster: S Ronde Barber, WR Vincent Jackson and RB Doug Martin, with Jackson and Martin being named first alternates.

The 2013 Pro Bowl will be played on Sunday, January 27, 2013 and televised live on NBC at 7:00 pm (ET) from Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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    Those of you who are dissing McCoy are either just haters or don't know football. He's a stud and was a major reason our run d was so great. Sorry but he's a beast. Get over it.
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    what a joke. fewest impactful plays i've ever seen a pro bowler make. charity pick in my opinion. jackson and martin had much bigger impacts, david much more consistent. in this case the stats don't lie, for the #3 pick gmc has been a huge disappointment. waaaayyy too much gum flapping also, he shouldn't be allowed to say the word great unless he's referring to warren. having the best rushing d is not much of an accomplishment when it is as easy to throw against us as it is.
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    Ok. So your saying that McCoy had a bad year and doesn't deserve to be in the probowl. That's fine and your entitled to your opinion but your not taking into account that when McCoy doesn't play our run d is terrible. He was finally able to play a full season and bc of his presence all yr he has proven that he is an impact player regardless of the sack total which is overblown for defensive tackles. McCoy did his job and now he is primed to take that next step. The guy is a beast. Once the secondary is sured up and we get clayborn back the sacks for everyone will go up. This is not a sympathy selection it's based off the fact that he was impactful for the number one ranked rush d which for a dt is what is most important. Look at the tackle for losses this team had this year. Yea David had a major impact and is amazing but even ray Lewis needs a solid dt in front of him to thrive and David and foster are no different. I'm not trying to start a fight or anything but the stats that matter for this selection are based off of those not seen on the stat sheet.
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    Well done GMC - he is a stud and has played like one all year....sacks aside, his pressure up the middle is among the best at DT in the league (watch the film - any game you like) and he has been recognized for this! Barber - yes he led fan ballotting but it's got to be tough to pick anyone from the worst secondary (factually by the stats) in league history...I feel for you Ronde but hopefully you understand. As for David and VJax, that's really a numbers game with a lot of talented players at their positions ahead of them in the selection....their time will come, as will Martin's and others. This team looks very good for the future - burry the last two games in your minds fans (call that a young team slump or whatever you like) - before that our losses were fixable (many of them falling on poor decisions of the coaches who I trust will learn), and with short memories I know everyone forgot that after 10 games Josh Freeman was ranked as Kurt Warner's top QB in the league (with stats that reflected this, including 3:1 TD to INT ratio), Doug Martin was on pace to break Wilder's records, Vjax and Williams were the top 1-2 WR combo in the league, and we were overcoming a very obvious and glaring deficiency in the secondary (all with several key players in IR) - sadly that deficiency could not be overcome all year, our offense has slumped the last couple of games (okay the first half of the Phily game too) and we suffered from some poor coaching along the way....these things can be fixed and with a little more luck in the injury department we will be better still next year. No players (well maybe some CBs) need to be cut....this is a marathon and we're well into it now....GO BUCS!
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    3 weeks ago people were asking for McCoy to step up or take a pay cut and now he's a Pro Bowler lol. I hope this shows how far from reality some of our fans are. Go Bucs congrats McCoy!
  • avatar

    I love it that "fans" feel the need to criticize players for making the Pro Bowl. Bill Barnwell, Pro Football Talk, ESPN all have stated that McCoy deserves to go, both before the rosters came out and after. But I am sure the experts don't know as much as the "fans" who hate a player like McCoy just because they don't like him or Dominick. It's sad.
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    Way to thank your fellow players and coaches McCoy. It was all the great gatsby that got you to the Pro Bowl. Bennett outplayed you. Bow out and let another deserving player get their recognition. Playing a full season should not warrant a pro bowl appearance.
  • avatar

    Congrats to McCoy. Although L. David was overlooked because of our team I think McCoy's selection was well-deserved now if we can only get another disruptive tackle on the other side. I may be the only one to think that our DBs aren't as bad as they appear. A DB can only cover a receiver for so long and without any pressure from the DL it's almost impossible. I like Gaitor and Wright at the corners with Biggers playing the nickle. I think I would focus the draft on the most disruptive tackle available and look into free agency for a couple of DBs with #1 being Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie I would also try to resign Bennett if the price isn't too high. As for the QB position it's time to give him some SERIOUS competition. See San Fran or Seattle.
  • avatar

    Ecstatic for GMC!!!!
  • avatar

    From our first Pro Bowl player, Dave Pear to now Gerald McCoy; I'm always happy when any member of our team makes the Pro Bowl. Pro Bowl caliber players are what is necessary to win consistently. Having just one, but also having some on the cusp, tells me that the team is now headed in the right direction talent wise. Back in the 1997 when the Bucs emerged as a contender, the team sent eight players to Hawaii. It was an indication that better days were ahead. Hopefully, 2013 can bring similar results. With the return of Joseph, Nicks, Clayborn and an off-season for Bowers, we just might send a half dozen or more. Like my 1975 McDonalds bumper sticker says, "The Bucs Are Coming"
  • avatar

    Well Fans we should go out and celebrate that all these fine football players from Tampa made the Pro Bowl Roster starting or b/up. I hope that Rhonde Barber would come back one more year to teach the new CB's that will be drafted. I hope that if that CB from Mississippi State is available Tampa should get him. and another CB in Rd-2 or 3, With a big WR selected in Rd-2 or Rd-3. I see that Tampa has an extra 4th rd pick from NE is that true. Then I would select a CB with that pick. Then in Rd-2 Tampa selects BIG OT/G with pick No#2, and another WR in Rd-3 or switch WR in Rd-2 and in Rd-3 that OT. Here if I was the guys who draft the players. Right now we selectes at no#12 I WOULD SELECT CB-JONATHAN BANKS-MISS ST. AT NO#42 i WOULD TRADE DOWN WITH MIAMI @45 AND SELECTS dj FLUKER OT FROM bAMA AND GET MIAMI #78 AND SELECTS IN RD-3 ILB-SHAYNE SKOV-STANFORD WITH OUR PICK AT #72 LB KHASEEM GREENE FROM COACH COLLEGE TEAM RUTGERS.THEN WE COULD PICK A PLAYER OR TWO IN RD-4. I THINK MIAMI IS THE KEY THEY HAVE IN RD-2 @45,54,IN RD-3#78 AND #82. I THINK MIAMI WOULD MOVE UP THREE SPACES TO SELECT A DT THAT WOULD BE THERE @42 AND TAMPA WOULD BE THERE SITTING VERY NICE-GO BUCS
  • avatar

    I guess having two good games gets you the probowl these days
  • avatar

    McCoy gets in and David Does not ? How about Bennett ? That is nuts. Congrats anyways Gerald McCoy. Maybe this will inspire you to show up at every game and play to your full potential.
  • avatar

    You should take note of the fact that Martin and Jackson are first alternates, meaning they are the first ones chosen to replace a pro bowler should one opt out for injury or other reasons. Barber is not. That's noteworthy because Barber led all safeties in fan voting. I thought he was a lock. It seems the players and coaches are the ones watching tape and saw it differently. Still an honor tho!
  • avatar

    I am thrilled with our bad record that we got this many Bucs in the Pro Bowl voting. I have to think that Penn has that level of talent but the way he has digressed lately probably cost him a trip to Hawaii. This voting also is a triumph for DOM as well. He needs to be looking for the right experienced QB to lure here next year that with Sullivan's expertise can be elevated to an elite QB. Schiano also needs to be studying and learning from what he has done wrong this year. We need his emphasis on discipline to continue, but he put much to much load on Martin when he had a potential 1,000 yard rusher who is better between the tackles, left rotting on the bench. I do praise Schiano for stopping the fumbling that killed us last year. However, I think he really believed he could take green DBs and with his training mold them into even average NFL DBs and that has been a disaster this year, and despite his lauding the training he would bring to the team he has also failed to teach a defensive end from Clemson who many had considered a first pick in the draft before his injury, how to become an NFL sack machine despite all his talent. Sciano has got to do a lot of introspection and improve a lot.
  • avatar

    I am happy when any Buccaneer makes it. I am a little surprised that McCoy made it, but that's why I am a fan and not a Coach or GM. Congrats to all the Bucs.
  • avatar

    All well desevered for McCoy and all the alternates. I agree that it's going to be hard for L. David to make it with the 3-4 OLB emphasis. Best news I've heard about the Bucs in a month.
  • avatar

    Well done guys!!! Alternates or not, it's difficult to place Bucs in the Pro Bowl with our record regardless of their stats. They receive little recognition outside of Tampa Bay.
  • avatar

    Congrats McCoy! I'm happy for you and errr........I'm sure Horse feels the same way. Happy New year Horse!
  • avatar

    David would be in too, if there wasn't an emphasis on 3-4 OLBs.
  • avatar

    Jackson really got shafted by the amount of talent at WR in the NFC. He is a serious talent and certainly deserved the honors this year. It sucks that there is only one FS spot otherwise Ronde would be in there. Dougy deserved it as well. It's nice to finally have some players that are talked about as elite. And to the Dominic haters: 3 of these 4 people were brought in by him. Let's hope we can capitalize on this draft again and we will be sitting pretty. Go Bucs.
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