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December 30, 2012 @ 9:23 pm
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Schiano Proud Of How His Team Fought

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The Buccaneers snapped a five-game losing streak on Sunday, beating the Falcons in Atlanta to earn their seventh win of the season. Head coach Greg Schiano spoke with the media moments after the 22-17 victory.
After his team’s final game of the season, Greg Schiano spoke with the media. In his press conference he spoke about the play of his running back and quarterback, how much a win means to his team, and other topics. The following is a transcript of his press conference. 

Can you talk about how good it is to end the season with a win?
“Well I am really proud of our guys for locking it in this week in practice and focusing on the number one seed in the playoffs and going out and playing them in their place. There are a lot of ways that teams approach these things and the teams play it. I was very proud of the way our team fought today.”

How was it different today as compared to the last few weeks where things seemed to derail at the end the last few weeks?
“Well I thought we did not have as many as though quote unquote little mistakes, number one. I thought the defense played very well and created pass rush on Matt Ryan which is something you need to do. I thought the backend played well.”

Can you talk about Josh Freeman and how he played?
“I thought Josh (Freeman) performed well. Like any quarterback there is going to be one or two that you would like to have back, but I thought he played within the system. [He] trusted his training and did a good job.”

Your defense has been in a position to hold to one score to win and can you talk about their stepping up and doing that on that last possession?
“Again, it comes down to a combination of pass rush and pass coverage. Mark Barron made some really nice plays in the back end yet the play before we sack him. That’s the way it has to work if we are going to be good in pass defense.”

Was your coverage better today than it has been?
“Well I thought it has been better the last couple weeks. Since New Orleans actually. We had the one big play in the St. Louis game, but other than that I think they covered well. It is two games in a row.”

To hold the Falcons to a loss at home, do you carry something like that into next season?
“I don’t know. I kind of look at it as we had an opportunity to play one more football game together, right? We know teams change and things change every off season. This team I think really never takes it for granted what they get to do and make no mistake about it we get to do this. I thought that was really the emphasis we go out and do this one more time. Granted when you do that against a good football team like that whether it was at home in Tampa or here in Atlanta it is a good thing to be able to use all your cumulative experiences [which] make up who you are and what you are.”

Do you appreciate the fact that they played their starters through the whole game?
“Well I am glad they did, but that is their business. I am not commenting on what they did. I am glad they did because I think our whole football team wanted to play their team. It was good.”

Why is it important for your team to win even though you know will not make the playoffs?
“Well I have said this last week a few times I think the hardest thing to do in pro sports is win an NFL football game. I don’t think people realize how hard it is to do it [and] how much goes into each and every game. You learn to do it. You get your scars and you get tougher and you learn to do it because pressure situations at the end the game on the line you get better at that the more times you are in it together. To me it is just putting it in the bank. We had an opportunity to bow our neck and win a football game on a final drive and we did it. That’s what this league is about. Most of the games come down to that.”

Can you talk about Doug Martin’s season?
“I thought he ran the ball extremely hard. There were some plays you thought he was bottled up and then all of a sudden he comes spitting out of there. I was really, really happy with him. I have been happy with him. He has done a good job.”

How big was it for Josh Freeman after the interception to put together a drive like that?
“I think Josh (Freeman) has done so much that I am not sure he needed that to say oh I needed [that]. It helps us win the game and that is ultimately what we are trying to do. I think a guy with his experience you know one drive or one interception is not going to do anything.”

Offensive line seemed to step up today in most cases, right?
“Yes, I thought we protected the passer very well and I thought Josh (Freeman) did a good job of moving in the pocket as well.  Feeling the rush and not looking at it. Moving and again it goes hand and hand, right? Without a doubt I thought we were firm up the middle which gave him a chance to step up in the pocket.”

 Now that it is over what did you learn this year?
“I am going to hold on to those for tomorrow. You know the this years. I am just going to stick to today’s game. I love what I do and I feel blessed that I get to do it.”


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    Buc4life79: Your inference about Josh Freeman needing to be motivated is that he doesn't work hard enough now. From everything I have ever read, work ethic is not an issue. Alex Smith pushed Colin Kaepernick into the starting lineup and took his seat on the bench. Ever wonder why Coach Harbaugh got Smith off the field as soon as he had the chance? I'm not saying Dan Orlovsky is the ideal back-up QB. I prefer a veteran who has quality starting experience; but not Alex Smith who I believe would be disruptive like, you may remember Mike Rae, who once declared that he, not Doug Williams, was the best QB on the team. I do think the team should always have a developmental type. I'd like PR to tell us a little more about our Adam Weber.
  • avatar

    Scubog, good point. I don't believe Orlovsky is the back up that we should go forward with in 2013. I hope we try for another veteran back up. I am okay with Freeman in 2013 and hope he will improve in his consistency. I would also draft a developmental QB in the late rounds. Do I know who the new back ups should be? I have no clue, but I bet Coach will.
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    Well Coach I believe you are the real deal.And Next year our schedule is a tought nut to crack.But Tampa vcan do it.I can't wait to play Detroit up there maybe Tampa can Play DET on Thanksgiving.YES THAT WOULD BE GREAT GO BUCS.CAN"T WAIT FOT THE DRAFT>I"VE ALREADY HAVW A LIST OF PLAYERS I HOPE THEY GO AFTER THRU DRAFT AND FA,.GO BUCS GLH
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    VERY VERY VERY proud of the way our BUCS finished out their season...the fact that they stood up and relished in the challenge of taking it to the #1 playoff off seed team when they were already eliminated shows that they have a coach that they will play for...I can't wait to see what they put together for next year..and GOD willing..our nation is still in good enough shape to host an entire season. Happy NEW Year everyone...can't believe we're back into the off season again already, but I feel ALOT better about the off season this year than last year..GO BUCS!!!!...P.S. I would like to see a serious contending QB brought in to challenge Freeman...like Alex Smith...I think that is the only way that Freeman will ever be made or broke is to have someone that can potentially outplay him push him for the job. Don't think Smith will stay in SF after this year (their loss) and I really think a player of his caliber would motivate Freeman in the right way...Also..with that extra freed up cap space...don't know if anyone else has seen the story but the Bennet bros want to play together like they did in college...Martellus is lobbying for the Giants to sign Michael....if Dominik is smart...He'll grant the bros their wish and sign both of them to play here in Tampa...Heck..I wanted Dom to to sign Martellus last year and no knock on Dallas Clark but still don't understand why we didn't.
  • avatar

    Actually It Was 1995 When We Drafted Sapp and Brooks..Sam Wyche Was The Coach..Rusty Tillman was The Defensive Cordinator Who Really Wanted Brooks...
  • avatar

    Horse, in '96 we drafted Brooks and Saap.
  • avatar

    This organization desperately needed some stability. Schiano came in here and had to change a culture, had to make some cuts that might result in a couple more losses. I'm glad he had the balls to stick his neck out and make those decisions, especially given that we had a better product and a team that played with accountability. Today was positive affirmation with anyone in doubt that Schiano has a team that will play for him. Glad we made it through the first year with some things to look forward to. Excited for another good draft, although hard to top what seems to be from this past years' draft. The return of our injured players, Free agency, Potential assistant coaching upgrades, it's all fun to watch unfold. Let's all hope Schiano can have a strong second year, this first one he showed that NFL players will dig in and play hard for him.
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    Macabre, ditto. This game helps as it is another positive for the off season. Coach has a clearer picture of our weak and strong points. Over all, this is the best rookie selection we have ever had in my opinion.
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    I am proud of them too. I was surprised that Atlanta would play their starters the whole game. This was no gimme - they came to play, played hard and we beat their best! Go Bucs!
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