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January 8, 2013 @ 4:07 pm
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Finding Freeman's Competition For 2013

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


Editor-In-Chief E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
According to head coach Greg Schiano and sources with the Buccaneers, it appears Tampa Bay wants to bring in competition for quarterback Josh Freeman. Not only to push him, but possibly succeed him if 2013 doesn't pan out well. Pewter Report takes a look at a weak free agent class – and a few other possibilities – in this article.
It was recently revealed by head coach Greg Schiano that the Buccaneers will look to add competition for Josh Freeman in an effort to push the going on his fifth year QB. But where the competition will come from is unclear.

The Buccaneers could use a mid-round pick (doubtful that Tampa Bay uses one of their first three picks on any position other than defense), but would a fourth or fifth round selection, like an E.J. Manuel, really even legitimately compete with and push Freeman for playing time?

But if Tampa Bay chooses to go the free agency route, the pickings are extremely thin. And this is before teams attempt to re-sign their own players.

Below Pewter Report takes a look at the best of a weak free agent class at the quarterback position.

I hesitate to even list Flacco as there is virtually no chance the Raven starter leaves Baltimore. Flacco has been frustrating at times for Ravens fans, but he wins football games – lots of them. Will he ever lead the Ravens to the Super Bowl? That is still up in the air, but Ravens fans and management knows he can get them in the playoffs, and after that anything is possible.

Jackson has shown glimpses at times of what he can be during his tenure with the Vikings and even in 2011 with Seattle. But like Freeman, Jackson drove fans crazy with his inconsistencies. Jackson, with a career 77.7 QB rating and a 38-35 TD-to-INT ratio doesn’t appear to be an upgrade over Freeman but with 34 starts and 7,075 passing yards in his career, could be that “person over Freeman’s shoulder” that pushes No. 5 to take his game to the next level.

The Buccaneers certainly have some familiarity with Moore as the former Oregon State standout spent his first four seasons in Carolina. Moore left the Panthers after the 2010 season and had a solid season in Miami in 2011 throwing for 2,497 yards with 19 TDs and only six interceptions in 12 starts. Moore became an afterthought last season when the Dolphins took Ryan Tannehill in the first round, and now will be a free agent. Moore doesn’t have all the tools Freeman has but is a fairly fiery leader who possesses above average intelligence and commands respect on the field and in the huddle.

Campbell never put it all together in Washington and his numbers over his career are similar to Freeman’s (82.4 QB rating). Like Freeman, Campbell is an athletically-gifted QB who can extend plays with his feet when he chooses to, and has a rocket for an arm. But again, the inconsistency label has followed Campbell from Washington to Oakland and now Chicago. With Jay Cutler’s injury history the Bears most likely try and re-sign Campbell to a backup role, but at age 31 perhaps Campbell would prefer to go to a team that will allow him to legitimately compete for a starting role.

Other Notable Free Agent QBs
David Carr
Bruce Gradkowski
Curtis Painter
Brady Quinn
Rex Grossman
Byron Leftwich
Charlie Batch

While this is the current list of free agent quarterbacks that are now available, there will be a handful more over the next few months. With seven NFL coaching changes, current starters may become available. For example it is hard to imagine Andy Reid beginning the 2013 season with Matt Cassel as his starter in 2013.

Below are a few more potential quarterbacks that could come available depending on how the new coaches evaluate their inherited QB depth chart.

As noted previously the Chiefs, who will have the first pick in this April’s NFL draft, most likely will look to go quarterback in the first round, which means the Cassel era in Kansas City is most likely over. Cassel never really endeared himself to Chiefs fans, who many of them pinned this season’s disastrous season on the former Patriot. Cassel is only 30 years old but has taken a beating over the last few seasons and keeping him healthy will be a major concern for his next team.

Fitzpatrick is another player that has failed to live up to his billing for Bills fans. Of course not many quarterbacks have succeeded in Buffalo since Jim Kelly hung up his cleats in 1996 after four Super Bowl appearances. The Bills signed Fitzpatrick to a new deal in 2011 that included $24 million dollars in guaranteed money so it is plausible Fitzpatrick, like Mark Sanchez in New York, may not be going anywhere for at least one more season. The scraggly-bearded QB may need a change of scenery or just maybe a new coach to get the best out of him. It will interesting to see what new Bills coach Doug Marrone has in store, and if Fitzpatrick remains a member of the Bills.

One of these two Browns quarterbacks could be available, obviously depending on who the next general manager and head coach will be. Reports came out that McCoy would have been Chip Kelly’s choice had the Oregon coach made the jump to the NFL. That would have most likely made Weedon expendable. However with Kelly deciding to stay with the Ducks the search is still going on in Cleveland. Neither of the two quarterbacks have the pedigree to challenge Freeman for the starting role, however both most likely would be an upgrade over Dan Orlovsky.

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    Tampa will upgrade the secondary because that's such an obvious area that needs addressing. The defense will improve, with or without Lovie Smith. Sheridan, just like Freeman, will get another year. Going back to Freeman though, as a a head coach going into just his second year, how can ANY of you question his decision to not just crown Josh Freeman as the starting QB. He didn't bring him in. That was the former HC that everybody, (myself included), were so quick to run out of town. Why does Freeman continue to get a pass by the fans lol? If any of you were the head coach of the Bucs, would you seriously just "ride it out" with Freeman and "hope he pans out"? If so, please explain to me why.
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    Vicious: Yes, if I were the Buc's head coach, I would ride it out with Free and hope he pans out. I recounted earlier in this thread how he comprises a pretty good package in terms of measurables, demeaner, work ethic, and youth. In addition he has proven on multiple occasions that he can lead us from behind to victory at game-end, and that he can throw beautifully (sometimes) every pass on the route tree. He's shown he can do everything needed to be an elite QB. What is missing is consistently. Having a great o-line in front of him, which I think we're well on our way to having, should help a lot with that, as well as more experience, a stable consistent offensive system, and great coaching. In addition to all that, I think it is not realistic to think we can find a replacement franchise QB without committing a first round pick, and we have many other pressing needs for our early round draft picks. I'm actually very happy with the QB picture we have right now. The last thing I want is a QB controversy. And I think it would be well for we the fanbase to do what we can to bolster Free's confidence...to let him know we have his back.
  • avatar

    I don't want to "bolster Freeman's confidence" anymore. You're right that he's shown those flashes of being one of the leagues best, but on the other hand he's shown flashes of being one of the league's worst. His 4th qtr comebacks were impressive at one time.... Then I realized he can only do it against losing teams. Next year will hopefully be the last year we give this kid all the help and support we can offer. One of the best O-line's in the league, Doug "Poor Man's Ray Rice" Martin, V-Jax etc. etc. There are basic, fundamental things that Free is lacking and they have NOTHING to do with scheme or any QB's coach/Offensive Coordinator. And seeing as it doesn't look like a promising group of rookie/Free Agent QB's to pick from this year, seems he'll get another year of being our unquestioned and unchallenged QB. Free had better win some big games for us this year. No more looking like a rookie when he faces good/elite teams. 10 wins and a playoff berth, or there will be no more excuses for him, and no amount of stat-spewage should save him AND extend him either.
  • avatar

    Mark & Scott both criticized the Bucs for not adding a QB to the practice squad to develope when the regular season roster was announced. Was that Don's, Shiano's, or both's call?
  • avatar

    Hey stlbucsfan, love your thought on Lovie Smith as our Defensive Coordinator.
  • avatar

    I liked the article. I think people have some foolish notions for example trade for Alex Smith, Michael Vick, Kirk Cousins etc. Remember how good Matt Cassell and Kevin Kolb looked a few years back ?? What are they doing now ?? Also remember there have to be two parties in order to trade and both parties have to think it is a good deal. I think the wisest thing for the BUCS to do is exactly what they are doing. I bet they upgrade the backup QB position in free agency and then possibly draft a QB. Although this is a weak class there could be some gems out there Zac Dysert from Miami (OH) being one. Also Tyler Wilson if he is still there and perhaps Ryan Nassib.
  • avatar

    I feel like articles like this are taking the focus off the real issues with the Bucs. The offseason topics should be why does Sheridan even have a job, what corners in the draft match up with the scheme that Tampa is playing, what options the Bucs have at DT/LB either in FA or the draft just to name a few. Now im sure these articles will appear in the months to come but for now im tired of feeding into Schiano's PR stunt that Josh Freeman is going under so much scrutiny this offseason when in reality coaching lost us FAR MORE games than Freeman ever did. Hell the first half of the season was on the job training in my opinion. When you lose so many games bc you have errors in communication from the sideline, AWFUL gameplanning, questionable effort towards the end of the year and then turn and divert the attention to Freeman, I think its laughable at best! I will repeat this once again IF Lovie Smith does not get a HC opportunity and its looking bleak Tampa should be front and center to sign him to a contract to take over this defense. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    JackinJersey: Not only do I remember the McDonald's "The Bucs Are Coming" bumper sticker; I still have mine encased in plastic hanging on my wall right next to the original poster that was distributed when Tampa was awarded the still to be named franchise.
  • avatar

    I agree with everyone that Josh is and should be the man for the job in 2013. But you can't blame PR for writing this article when it was the head coach himself who flashed a sliver of doubting light on his starting quarterback. Schiano is the one who started talking about QB competition. PR is just doing its job in examining possibilities.
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    nice article Mark. stlbucsfan - as always from my mind to your keyboard! I understand all of the offseason cycling we all are going to do about how each player could be better and how we could even upgrade at OG if we just do this or that...I get it (it's fun)....but when all that clamor settles down the Bucs are pretty easy to figure out this year....we have the worst secondary in the league (IN THE LEAGUE) - we started 7th rounders and undrafted guys who got burnt time and again for record yardage and scoring drives by even Nick Foles...and yes there is lots of blame to go around the D-line, the coaches, the offense for not staying on the field longer...bla bla bla....we can instantly make our team better (and that's probably good enough better to win 3 more of those close games we lost....and yes make the playoffs) by just getting 2 new proper corners into the lineup....focus there and whatever else we add will be a good bonus...QB is not what we need to fix to win right now, corner is! Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    Mark, What the coach is saying is that he needs a real back up QB in case something happens to Josh. The current backup can't compete in an NFL game. The only QB listed in your article that gave me any interest was Matt Moore.
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    Hello Buc Nation. I've been with the Buccaneers from day one. Remember the "Bucs are coming" bumper stickers? Lets stop all this, get rid of Freeman nonsense. We should keep in mind that last season was the first time in his career that he received NFL caliber coaching, for the first time in his career he had a true "go to" receiver and didn't have an "over the hill" TE constantly crying for the ball. I believe that is grasp of the new offense was much improved, along with his footwork. Sure, he still has a way to go along these lines, but he's just turning 25 years of age. Lets just take a deep breath and see what next season brings. If Mr. Freeman doesn't show that he is moving into the elite QB neighborhood by then, then it might be time to consider a change. But he certainly has a body of work to keep him in the drivers seat for 2013.
  • avatar

    OK. This really is beyond baffling me. Are we for real all up in Freeman's grill right now? After he set team records in passing yards AND touchdowns. I mean wow. Yea he had some bad games towards the end but to sit here and read about how we're stuck with freeman and then give a list of players that could come in and "push" freeman when other than flacco, no one on thAt list could carry Freeman's jock strap is again very baffling. Reminds me again, is freeman 34 going on 35 or 24 going on 25? Last time I checked freeman is still a young developing qb who had to put up madden numbers game after game just to win ball games. Our pass d was so atrocious that it rivals the texans when they had an historically terrible pass d. Lets get some corners and our all pro guards back as well as "black beard" (clayborn) and then if we still are having issues we can blast freeman for our woes. We're still a young team who was significantly better this year with a legit coach and coaching staff. Obviously we want freeman to be mistake free but he's still developing,. And to replace him would be a fatal error to the development of the team
  • avatar

    We see one, yes one measly game and some horrendous mop-up duty from 4th round selection QB Kirk Cousins and we're ready to swap our # 13 or earlier picks for picks in the mid 20's and a probable clip board holder? As the young people would say, "OMG!!". I suppose that's similar to what Seattle was willing to do to get one-game wonder Matt Flynn and Arizona was willing to do to get Kevin Kolb or what Kansas City was willing to do to get Matt Cassel. How'd those moves work out?
  • avatar

    The Skins gave up draft picks to move up for RG3, then drafted another Q.B. Cousins with another high pick. RG3 just had his knee redone, so the Skins were right to bolster the position. Even if you believe in Josh he is one play away from I.R., and he has only one year left on his contract. I would not be opposed to the Bucs using any pick to take a Q.B. they feel improves the team.With the new rookie wage scale it doesn't even hurt cap wise to take a Q.B. in the top of the draft. I've said it before the top corner in this draft won't shut down J Jones, and a lot good he'd do us if Josh were to go down.
  • avatar

    I mean seriously, another article about Josh Freeman? I get that we need someone to challenge him and at the end of the day that means nothing more than Orlovsky wasnt a sufficient backup and we need more quality behind Freeman which hopefully leads to better results on the field for him. Somehow we have gotten consumed by that small segment of Schiano's final interview and we think this is the Buccaneers biggest problem of the offseason and its not. That said our biggest whole is the secondary and varying parts of our defense be it another LB and potentially another DT. It's great that we are aware of the options but it would be nice to see some articles that are actually focusing on REAL weaknesses of the Bucs. Freeman will be the QB next year and we all know that so why are we wasting so much energy on a player that at best will be a backup QB?? Maybe im lost but I need more on the available players that actually will be on the field and not standin on the sidelines decked out in Tampa apparel holding a clipboard! Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    Really, really good article, Mark. It's this kind of material that needs to be put out there. It's so easy for fans to sit back and say, "Off with #5's head!!!" The thing is, they rarely consider the implications of such a decision. Of the list provided, the only guy I even consider a potentially decent QB is Matt Moore...and doesn't that really say it all? I actually like the idea of signing him to be the pure backup. He showed 2 years ago that he can be competent when called upon, but if anyone reading this would rather have him than Josh, please, just turn in your fan card and go cheer for the Saints or something. I have always been pro-Freeman and continue to be. I genuinely think that he is supremely talented and that we would be foolish to quit on him so early (a la San Diego with Drew Brees). It would not shock me one bit if in 3 years people are looking back at this debate with disbelief that it ever took place because JF has established himself as a truly elite QB. That said, I do understand the frustrations of both the fans and the organization with Josh's play thus far. I see 3 potential options available to us that I would consider decent insurance for Free in case he fades, and only 1 of them really appeals to me. The appealing one is the drafting of Ryan Nassib if he manages to fall into round 4. I don't say this much about QB prospects, but I like very nearly everything about the kid. Right now he's projected to be a 2nd-4th round pick and the 4th-6th QB off the board. If he slips to the 4th, I'd love to get him there. Elite arm, good leader, mostly sound mechanics, cool under pressure, good size - really talented kid. The other 2 options are trades for either (1) Matt Flynn or (2) Kirk Cousins. I see both as unlikely to happen, though. With RG3 looking injury prone right now, they would be hard pressed to deal a QB they like. I doubt we'd be willing to pay their price. But if Cousins stick with WAS next season and never plays and RG3 is great and healthy, that price could drop. If Free has a bad season and the team has given up on him by then, I could be down with us trading a 2nd or 3rd rounder at that point for him. Matt Flynn makes too much money, but I think it's safe to say that if we wanted him Seattle wouldn't charge too terribly much, assuming the demand on him is somewhat limited. In short, I believe and hope, for our sake, that none of these are necessary and that Josh flourishes next season. I still wouldn't mind having Nassib behind Josh, ready to step in and play great if need be, though.
  • avatar

    too familiar 17, I would swap draft pick positions at rounds 1,2,3 for Cousins.
  • avatar

    The whole suggestion that Freeman needs competition in order to succeed to the level of our expectations infers that he isn't working hard enough when all any of us have ever read is about his strong work ethic. He's no Shawn King! Mark, your article was clear enough even for this charter Bucs fan to comprehend, but I can see where some might get the impression that the list of potential candidates was to eventually replace our young QB. Reality is that this was more of a list of options to replace Dan Orlovsky who apparently has failed in his job to "push Josh Freeman." I agree that, as with all positions, there should be a viable back-up, especially at QB. But why do we all seem to assume that Dan is not that man? We all witnessed Joe Webb's debacle last week. Doesn't Orlovsky compare favorably? I do hope these overly critical fans who think every QB has to be one of the "elite" few in order to be successful, take a good look at that list of "Anybody But Freemans" and ask; Would you trade # 5 for any of them?
  • avatar

    Josh Freeman is by far the best quarterback the Bucs have ever had. An average quarterback behind a great offensive line with good receivers will play great. But even an elite quarterback behind a poor offensive line will play poorly. Look at Matt Cassell. He lit it up when he played on the Patriots. Now with the Chiefs he is below average. Next year we get our 2 Pro bowl O-lineman back and if we upgrade Dotson, Josh will shine. Plus Doug Martin will most likely win the rushing title. Don't waste anything on a backup quarterback. Fix the defense and we have a Super Bowl team in the next two years. Just sayin
  • avatar

    I am not sure anyone of those guys could replace Freeman and I am not sure that we should be looking to replace him. We just need someone to push him enough so he thinks that just maybe he could lose his starting position. That usually brings out the best in emerging QB's. I think Freeman's problem is that he knew that the job was his from basically day one. judging by that list, there are a few guys who could push him. Of course we do need a quality back up too. If Freeman was to be injured whatever good season we might have would seriously be in trouble with most of the guys we have had backing him up.
  • avatar

    Lets just face it- suck or win,Freeman is the Bucs QB next season..there really is a shortage of good QBs period.we have an above average guy but he is still far from elite...I'm not sure how high the ceiling is on Josh but I feel we are gettin close- he is good but not THAT good- dont really think he will be... Looks like we might start heading into another cycle of RB and TE dominated offenses until the developing QBs match the needs of the ever changing NFL..there is just a handful of solid QBs out there and the drop off is quick and steep....
  • avatar

    I just hope the team looks for a guy in the mid rounds who may have slipped under the radar & appears to have the intangibles to be a solid option within 1-2 years. Freeman's obviously under contract next year. I may not be sold on Josh, but I can't see why Dominic & Co would panic and do something as stupid as to trade him for draft pick(s). I like our positioning now and much prefer to address the glaring defensive needs. Commit to building something special on that side of the ball and carry 3 QB's for 2013. I'd also make sure Josh is clear that the short game better improve. A lot! Could you all imagine what this year would have been like if Williams, or god forbid, Jackson would have gone down for an extended period. Double teams for the survivor. and no way to keep the defense honest.
  • avatar

    Mark, I think if you had directly stated your conclusion instead of merely implying it you would've seen more comprehension by the readers. I did get your point, but I can see where others might not...at least at first read. Getting back on topic it's obvious the Bucs will need to use a third round pick if they want a serious alternative option at QB for 2014. Someone like Landry Jones or Zac Dysert would do the trick but they simply won't be there in the fourth round (most likely). Dominik & Schiano can't have their cake and eat it too when it comes to the QB position. You want quality, you gotta spend the pick. Simple as that. Also remember the Bucs have an extra fourth round pick from the Talib trade, so they could package their two fourth rounders to move up and grab a QB in the third round. They'd still be able to keep their original third rounder giving them two third round picks. I could see Dominik maneuvering into a trade like that.
  • avatar

    Mark, First let me apologize for my smart a$$ inference. If I wasn’t going to say anything, I should have done just that. There is some truth even in jest – I genuinely do hold you in high regard as an analyst and commentator. But let me offer a small defense in my favor. First, I agree with you, Flacco does not belong in this article. I obviously misunderstood the intent of the article. Perhaps if the title had been “The Bucs are going to have difficulty finding competition for Freeman”, I may have better understood. It threw me when your intro said “According to head coach Greg Schiano and sources with the Buccaneers, it appears Tampa Bay wants to bring in competition for quarterback Josh Freeman. Not only to push him, but possibly to succeed him if 2013 doesn't pan out well”. Succeed him? As in become the Bucs starter?Then you mentioned the epic-fail Tavaris Jackson of the Vikings, Seahawks, and Bills as “that person looking over Josh Freeman’s shoulder that pushes no. 5 to take his game to the next level” and included Byron Leftwich among other notables. After that as you suggested, I quit reading. A genuine, but honest misunderstanding on my part. Because I asked myself – After a couple of really bad games by Freeman, have we fallen so far that we would accept anybody that you mentioned as the replacement for Freeman? Sorry, my bad!
  • avatar

    No problem man. I get what you are saying. My title may not have been the best but I thought it was clear that if the Bucs are serious about bringing in someone, the options are thin. The only real answer would be a trade. A few of the first group would be an upgrade over Dan Orlovsky but none I feel would be real threats to Freeman's job. When I listed the notables it was almost a joke in a sense. If you take a look at the complete list, these guys were actually the best of the bunch, which isnt saying a lot. Last season was probably the season to either draft or bring in a free agent, and like I said some additional players may come available. In my opinion you sink or swim with Freeman next season unless you genuinely feel you can find a diamond in the rough in the draft. Even then you would be hard pressed to convince me a 4th or 5th round guy would have any chance of unseating Freeman. Again, I thought I was clear but appreciate the feedback. It wasn't an agenda article as Cardoc suggested on the boards. I'm not even sure what kind of agenda I as a writer in this situation would even have. It was more of a bleak picture of the possibilities. But if Dominik and Schiano are going to bring in competition, where does it come from? Here are the options from the free agent pool. We are certainly going to explore draft choices in future articles. I am looking forward to seeing guys at the East West game and the senior bowl and spending time with scouts, getting their opinions on guys like Collin Klein, Manuel, and Glennon among others. Remember Brad Johnson didn't play much his senior season, losing his job to Casey Weldon. There are cases of guys who weren't superstars in college who developed into great NFL players.
  • avatar

    Do you guys even read these articles? At what point am I saying this is what the Bucs should do? All this article does is point out the facts. I'm not sure what you guys are reading! The whole POINT of the story was to show the LACK of choices and giving those that are calling for Freeman's head the facts of what is out there. I don't know how I can be anymore clear. Horse, I used Manuel as an example and even said, would these 5th round possibilities even challenge Josh! Mac, I have no clue what your comment means. go back and read it again and I think you will get it. I hope.
  • avatar

    PewterReportMC, my fault I over reacted to the word Manuel when we both know that he is inconsistent as heck. I was to focused on how bad it would be for the Bucs.
  • avatar

    No problem Horse. I appreciate your feedback on all our articles. I feel most of us on here have a good enough relationship we can call each other out from time to time when we don't agree. I can be a tad over sensitive at times! Hopefully I want too much of a jackass. Again thanks, I know I can count on you to give your opinion on nearly everything we write, and as a writer it is the only way we know how you guys feel, so keep it up.
  • avatar

    Are you kidding me?? Only Joe Flacco is better than our current 2nd string QB!
  • avatar

    Flacco isn't going anywhere; the rest are not going to replace Josh Freeman.
  • avatar

    Mark as an FSU guy like me too, how would you even suggest Manual who is even more inconsistent than Freeman? What were you thinking? One Bowl Game does not balance out his inconsistency. That would be a horrible mistake to waste a draft pick on Manuel; any draft pick at all. Even though I am off the Freeman bus I realize that he will be the starter and the best thing to do is to draft in Round 6 or 7 a QB from a small college that might have something to prove. I realize that there is no one out there too in Free Agency unless it is a QB off someone's Practice Squad. We might as well fix what we can fix which is the pass rush and pass defense in free agency and the draft. When a QB gets cut that we like later, then we can grab him and see what happens. We might have to carry 3 QB's this year and have one inactive for each game. Why we didn't do that this past season is beyond me.
  • avatar

    I'm going to recuse myself from commenting on this article because I have such high regard for Mark Cook! smh
  • avatar

    I don't think what Freeman really needs is competition to push him. What he needs is better o-line play, which should be provided by the return of Nicks and Joseph. With them back, and assuming Zuttah can hold his own, Josh should be able to feel pretty comfortable stepping up into the pocket to throw an accurate pass. And Martin should feel pretty confident that he will find a hole when he runs into the middle. And if he does, then our play action game should thrive. If Zuttah isn't really a #1 center -- he'd still be a very valuable interior o-line backup -- then we need to attend to that...maybe in free agency. I think the last thing we should do is anything to shake Freeman's confidence. He has great size and arm strength, a nice calm disposition, great work ethic, and he's still very young. All-in-all, it's a pretty good package. I agree that he can be maddeningly bad at times, but I think more experience and good coaching can mitigate that.
  • avatar

    I don't think you're giving Weeden enough credit if he became available. Dude has a super strong and accurate arm and he's smart. I'm not saying he would beat out Freeman, but he may be exactly what is needed to push him because he'd put a scare or fire under Freeman IMO.
  • avatar

    Good article. Flacco will be resigned so that leaVes Matt moore as the only one worth signing. I say we sign him and make Freeman focus and work harder. 2013 will be a very interesting year. We have the weapons, the oline will be back and everyone will have another year in Sullivan's offence. Its all there for Freeman to have a huge year...Sink or swim!
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