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January 9, 2013 @ 9:23 am
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PR's Underclassmen Entering The 2013 NFL Draft Tracker

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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Over 50 underclassmen have already decided to forgo their eligibility and enter the 2013 NFL Draft. PewterReport.com has compiled a list of all of the reported underclassmen that have entered the draft and that can be found right here.
There have already been over 50 underclassmen that have decided to forgo their remaining college eligibility and leave school early for the 2013 NFL Draft. Last year, 65 players entered the draft as underclassmen, which set a new record, beating the mark of 56 players in 2011. Players have until Tuesday, January 15 to officially declare for the 2013 NFL Draft.

PewterReport.com has the list of all of the underclassmen that have declared for the April draft in its annual Underclassmen Declaring For The 2013 Draft Tracker, which can be found on its PewterReport.com Message Boards by clicking here.

Some of this year's early entries in the 2013 NFL Draft are expected to be first-round picks, including Missouri defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson, Florida State defensive end Bjoern Werner, Florida State cornerback Xavier Rhodes, Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones, LSU defensive end-outside linebacker Barkevious Mingo, Texas A&M defensive end Damontre Moore and Texas A&M offensive tackle Luke Joeckel among others. Joeckel and Jones have the chance to become the first overall pick with a great offseason.

The Buccaneers, who need help with their defense, could target Rhodes, Moore or Mingo with the 13th overall pick in the first round. Rhodes has the ability and experience to step in as a starting cornerback, which is the greatest position of need for Tampa Bay, while Mingo or Moore could help the team's pass rush as the Bucs only generated 27 sacks in 2012, which ranked tied for 29th in the NFL. Only two teams – Jacksonville (20) and Oakland (25) – posted fewer sacks than Tampa Bay in 2012.

The Bucs surrendered a franchise-worst 4,758 passing yards in 2012, and were last in the league in pass defense, allowing 297.4 passing yards per game. It is believed that Tampa Bay will concentrate heavily on defensive players in the 2013 NFL Draft.

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    While I agree the BCS was far from Te'o's best game, I think there is sufficient tape on him to prove his value. So he had a bad game, everyone does at some point. He had 7 interceptions this year, that is almost as much as our entire secondary. Look at the impact that Luke Kuechly has had on the Panther's defense. I think MLB are not given the proper respect now a days. If you look historically at some of the best defenses around and in the past, names like Dick Butkus, Jack Lambert, Ray Lewis, Junior Seau, Mike Singletary, Brian Ulracher come to mind! I still argue that MLB, and safety are the most important positions on the defense, just as important as QB and WR are on the offense. We gave up more passing yards than any other team, and I believe it was because other than the obvious subpar quality of our DB's they had little help from our safety's in the deep patrol. Mark Baron had little impact in the passing game until the end of the season where he showed improvement. Furthermore our DB's where constantly left on an island because the front 7 could not generate enough pressure. Sure we were best against the run because we loaded the box each and every play. Bring in a guy like Te'o, move Foster to the outside, and that will free up your DB's to play the pass. I know we need CB's desperately, but I still believe Te'o is simply more of an impact player than the CB's available. None of the available CB's are standout in my opinion. There are plenty of CB's of decent value to pick up in the later rounds and hopefully we can pick up some free agents to further address the position. Regardless I don't feel any of the CB's in this draft class will be shut down CB's, and certainly not their rookie year when we need them to be. So why not get a sure shot at ILB, improve the CB position through draft and free agency and hopefully next year the next Brian Kelly and Ronde Barber will emerge in college and we can address it then. Just say'n.
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    And if Te'o is not available, we definitely can shore up the DT position (Star, Hankins, Jenkins ), Safety (Kenny Vaccaro), DE (Bjoern, Montgomery), or take a Tackle in that order. Using a 1st round on any of the DB's available will be a waste.
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    I wrote in a few e-mail earlier.I think that after all the workouts when the breakdown of players and positioning occures. I really believe two ways. Wait and be patient and when Tmpa gets on the clock for NO#13 1-see who wants to trade up fotr pick 13, and what will the team give up. I see now MONTI is the new DEFENSIVE MAN-. But no matter what the bucs does TAMPA BAY HAS TO HIT THE CORRECT FIRST 4 PICKS.I SEE IN RD-2 AND RD-3 TAMPA WILL MOVE UP I BE3LIEVE IN rD-1-#13,IN rD-2 @ #12 AND rD-3 @ #11. PLUS TWO PICKS IN rD-4 go bucs. i WOULD LOVE FOR TAMPA TO GET A COUPLE OF THE TENN PLAYERS ON TAMPA TEAM GO BUCS
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    Dee Millner in the first and then go after Rhodes in the second. Pick up Cyprien in the later rounds for the steal of the draft! If Christian Jones comes out then try to pick him up to complete the most dominate defense ever!
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    I would luv to have Millner but I highly doubt that he will be there at pick 13 and Rhoads will go in the 1st round. Either we can take Rhoads with the 13th pick or we could take an OLB like Mango and trade back in to get Rhoads a little later. If they want Millner, they will have to trade up to get him and hes not that much better than Rhoads (if at all), so we would be better off taking a pure pass rusher like Mango which would be a steal at 13 and trading back in to get Rhoads who I think has a better shot at being a true shut down corner (hes defenately the more physical corner). "Or", we could trade the 13th pick to move back into the later first round to get Rhoads and gain another pick.
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    Despite the national championship game, I still like Te'o as a player a lot. But there just isn't a really good reason to select him with our first round pick. Can he be an impact player? Sure. Is it a lock? Absolutely not. There are legitimate questions surrounding his overall game mostly centered around speed, to me). Beyond that, the value of a MLB just isn't that high for this team - Foster played the middle well this past season and will only be better next year. His ability would be wasted at SLB, which is the throwaway position in this team's defensive scheme. Again, I like Te'o, and if he ended up taking him I would be okay with it. Everyone on PR message boards wants to compare every college MLB around to Barrett Rudd. Last offseason it was Luke Kuechly that was gonna be the next Rudd. Anybody still dumb enough to spout that nonsense? Te'o should be a very, very productive player, but especially for a team that just finished the season #1 against the run, I just don't see it as a good value pick.
  • avatar

    J Jersey, the eye test before the game when Bama ran past N.D. in the tunnel. They looked so much bigger as a group. I was high on Teo before this game, in the NFL he'd be lucky to be as good as Ruud.
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    I'm not a big fan of Sheridan either, but if you guys think Rob Ryan's the answer I don't know what to tell you. Did you notice his LB's running around like chickens chasing RGlll's fakes all night? Besides, he should be taking the Jets GM job any minute now. Rex finally found someone willing to work with him.
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    #40 Rules, I see you went to bed early Monday night. Listen, the last thing I want to do is bash this kid, but he's overrated. You saw what happened to him when he went up against All-American type guards and center, what do you think is going to happen on Sundays? He's a poor mans Teddy Brushi.
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    Draft up and pick Manti Te'o!!!!! He had 7 Interceptions last year as a ILB! That's more than double than any of our DB's had!!!! Move Foster to the outside and the middle of our defense will become the Iron Curtain where no one will get through! With today's use of TE, drafting a ILB who is a beast in pass protection is crucial! Teo is a playmaker and unless some unforeseen catastrophe, he will be a future hall of famer. A stretch? I don't think so. He's what we have been missing since Lynch and Brooks departed... Difference makers who have high football IQ and play with passion and leadership. He's a threat in the cover, he's a beast against the run, and he generates sacks! He will help free up bringing our DB's and Safeties into the box so that they can cover deep, where we have been getting killed. Drafting Te'o will automatically improve all three areas of our defense, while adding a leader we desperately need. Bjorn is awesome but a DE is one dimensional in that he will only lock down a small portion of your defense. Same with a good DB, he will cover his man and thats all. ILB has the entire middle of the field, and can impact run, and pass to a greater extent. For overall value and overall impact, Manti Te'o is you guy!
  • avatar

    Again, I'm not crazy about Milliner, Banks or Xavier. None of them affect the game the way a shutdown CB should, which is what I'm looking for in a 1st round pick. When I saw Claiborne and Jenkins last year they always had a direct impact on the flow and result of the game, whether they got an INT or not. These 3 seem to be invisible, make an apperance in one or two plays a game, then disappear for the rest of it. Another thing I look for in any defensive player is this: Is the play over once the player gets near the guy with the ball? Too often with these 3 it's not. They'll take a bad angle on a tackle or arrive too late to have an impact on the play. I don't hate these 3, but I don't like them either. This will be the 1st year I can remember since I've been following the Bucs that I don't know who I want with our 1st round pick. If he's the best player available I would be just as satisfied with Mingo at SLB as any of the top 3 CB's.
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    I'm Sorry fans I see that Tampa has #13 in Rd-1,no#43 in Rd-1 2,No#73 in Rd-3 amd two picks in Rd-4 Tampa pick at #109 and NE pick at no#124. Here is a fact if we trade with Miami for example: In Rd-1 Miami Has #12, In Rd-2 Miami has #42,#54 In Rd-3 Miami has #77,#82,In Rd-#4 Miami has #108, this is just one team. Another team is Minnesota in Rd-1 they select at@24 in Rd-2 they select @#52m in Rd-3 they select at #83 in Rd-4 they select @99,and #117.But if I was Tampa I would do this I would stay at #13 and again selectedCB Johnathan Banks of Miss St. with #43 I would trade that pick to Miami for their pick at #54 select mult purpose CB/S david Amerson of NC State,Plus by trading down 10 slots I would pick up a 2 selection in rd-3 with Miami at#82 I would select DE/OLB Sean Porter fromTexas A&M, and with their pick at #73 I would shock everyone and get that QB from Tenn inTray Bray.This would give tampa 2-cb, 1-qb and a OLB/DE in Rd-3,Not counting Rd-4Then Tampa can get a te available with #109, and then at NE pick #124 go after a 3rd CB from Illinois Terry Hawthorne. and I would say Tampa did very well-GO BUCS
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    If we are going to insist on drafting a DE, then I say we made a huge draft day trade to move up high enough to grab Bjoern Werner, aka the next and better JJ Watt. It would be costly, but if we're going to insist on drafting a DE early, we may as well pay the piper and get a true stud, which I have 0 doubt that Werner is. **For the record, I don't love this idea. I'm just saying I'd rather do that than take Moore or Mingo or any other DE at the #13 slot. My preference, again, would be to trade back and draft Banks at the new slot.**
  • avatar

    Scott, I have to say, I hate these ideas, every one of em. Moore is a good player, but Mingo is a project and Rhodes just plainly isn't that good. Mingo could be elite in a few years, but I think that this team's window will likely be most open 2013-2016 or so. I don't like the idea of spending a 1st round pick on a DE when we already have good DEs on the roster (sack totals not withstanding) and undrafted rookies playing major snaps at CB. As far as Rhodes, almost every bit of film I've watched on him has been discouraging. I will feel sick if we take him in the 1st round. I'll say again - while Milliner is the best CB on this year's draft board, he is a much better zone corner than he is a man cover guy. The best man-to-man CB in this draft is Johnthan Banks, and I really don't think it's close. This is the type of player that best fits our defensive scheme, assuming no major changes are made to it in 2013. I would be thrilled if we traded back in the first round, even if only a few spots, picked up Banks at that spot and ran with the extra pick(s).
  • avatar

    how about addition by subtraction, good bye sheridan, hello ryan
  • avatar

    I agree that they need to get rid of Sheridan, but Ryan runs a 3-4 scheme.
  • avatar

    while it may be nice to add some more pass rush, if we go into next season with Johnson-Gorrer-(re-sign Biggers, or bring back Lewis) it wouldn't matter if we had Demarcus Ware and JPP at DE, we would get lit up again. Adding DE depth is nice but we need 2 new, serious corners next year...however we get them.
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    I myself would like to see the Bucs double up at corner like they have with DT and DE. Banks at 13 and trade back in the first for our second.
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    Scott, I think LSU's Mingo could be a solid pick for the Bucs at 13. His length and athleticism is just what the doctor ordered for the Bucs. Did you notice that with a better pass rush in Atlanta, particularly Bowers, the corners played much better. I believe that with the addition of Mingo and the return to health of Bowers and Clayborn, would be a step in the right direction towards getting the Bucs defense to respectability.
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