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January 16, 2013 @ 5:02 pm
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Buccaneers Part Ways With Defensive Line Coach Melvin

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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PewterReport.com is reporting that Buccaneers have parted ways with defensive line coach Randy Melvin after one year. The Bucs had 27 sacks last year, which was tied for the third-fewest in the NFL and last in the NFC. The Bucs now have four vacancies to fill on the assistant coaching staff this offseason.
A pass rush and pass coverage go hand in hand in football. The two phases of defense are supposed to complement each other. Last year, neither was complementary in Tampa Bay.

The Buccaneers had the worst secondary in the NFL in 2012, allowing a league-high 297.4 yards per passing game. As a result, the team essentially fired defensive backs coach Ron Cooper, who was allowed out of his contract to take the same position with the University of South Florida.

On Wednesday, PewterReport.com is reporting that Bucs defensive line coach Randy Melvin has also been let go. Both assistants were hired last year by head coach Greg Schiano, who had worked with Melvin at Rutgers from 2002-04 and also in 2010 coaching the defensive line.

Tampa Bay had the third fewest sacks in the NFL with 27, which was just a marginal increase over the 23 sacks the team recorded in 2011. Last year, the Bucs defensive line notched 18 QB captures out of the team’s 23, and the defensive line only improved by three sacks to reach 21 out of the Bucs’ 27 sacks in 2012. It’s obvious that the Bucs want and expect more sack production from a defensive line that boasts two first-round picks in defensive tackle Gerald McCoy and defensive end Adrian Clayborn, who missed the last 13 games of the 2012 season due to a knee injury.

Despite the fact that several players set career highs for sacks, including defensive end Michael Bennett (nine), McCoy (five), defensive end Daniel Te’o-Nesheim (four) and defensive end Da’Quan Bowers (three) in 2012, Tampa Bay’s pass rush was inconsistent from game to game and ranked last in the NFC.

However, McCoy did make it to his first Pro Bowl under Melvin’s watch.

Unlike Cooper, who had come from the college ranks at LSU, Melvin had previous NFL coaching experience, coaching the defensive line from 2000-01 with Bill Belichick in New England before working with Romeo Crennel as Cleveland’s defensive line coach from 2005-08. Melvin came to Tampa Bay from the Canadian Football League where he won the Grey Cup Championship with the British Columbia Lions.

Melvin’s departure marks the fourth assistant coach opening in Tampa Bay this offseason. Wide receivers coach P.J. Fleck left the team to take the head-coaching job at the University of Western Michigan, and quarterbacks coach Ron Turner left Tampa Bay to take the head coaching position at Florida International University. Cooper now coaches the Bulls wide receiver.

The Buccaneers are expected to continue to look for assistant coaches next week in Mobile, Ala. at the Senior Bowl.

Last modified on Wednesday, 16 January 2013 17:12

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    JackinJersey - I feel very similar to you about Schiano so far. Though nervous about a few things we've all heard, I immediately loved the obvious differences on the field of play this year. For example: remember all those sloppy lackluster half-*censored* attempts at tackling in 2011. I hope they collectively come up with an answer for the defensive struggles, while maintaining the stunning advancements in run defense. One POSSIBLE EYEOPENER will be the responses when Dominic & Schiano reach out to prospective assistant coaches. Do the experienced/desirable ones want to work with Schiano? I sure do hope the answer is yes.
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    how about goodbye sheridan hello, horton or ryan, and bates as qb coach
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    No doubt Schiano had his share of growing pains, but so did most successful coaches. Parcells and Bilicheck come to mind. I strongly believe that Schiano will get the Pirate Ship sailing into the playoffs on a consistent basis. I'm not a big fan of Sheridan's. He was let go by the Giants after one year as the DC. Talib was an absolute train wreck with the Bucs. He was given many chances to grow-up and never did. Sure, he'll be great with the Pats because he really can play. I was glad to see him go and thought Mark Dominick got what he could for him.
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    Thanks macabee; I knew Rod's son in law was our linebacker coach for a while. I guess my memory is fading.
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    We all know Talib was a great player but I seriously doubt he would have become that player here. Although it would have been smart to resign him to a smaller contract the fact remains someone would have taken a chance on him and paid him good money that we would not have matched. The Bucs got what they could for him and this is truly a case where both sides got what they wanted. I'll hold off on judging the trade until I give the Bucs an offseason to address the CB situation and see where we stand next year. Talib got every chance in the world to make it work in a Bucs uniform so if anybody is to blame for him being elsewhere its him. Dominick did what any competant GM would do which is move a player that had wore out his welcome.
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    I am not sure who should be held accountable, Schiano or Sheridan, for the horrible defenses called in games where we had leads late in the game and did not win. What I didn't like in Schianos year-end presser was he let Josh Freeman take the blame for losses like the Eagles where we had an 11 point lead late in the game and Freeman was nowhere on the field. Schiano will be scrutinized himself more in his second season. Ultimately, all wins and losses begin and end with him! Read PFT and Belichick's praise for Talib. There needs to be a post-mortem discussion on that trade that looks more and more like a high 5th round trade!
  • avatar

    Macabee, I agree. I also saw the article on Profootballtalk about Talib. What Belichik said aligns well with what PR reported about Talib's change in the way he carried himself prior to being traded. A lot of people jumped down my throat after the trade when I expressed how bad an idea that was and why Talib should have been resigned to a reasonable contract. That 4th (5th really) will be nothing compared to what Talib does the rest of his career for whoever he plays for. Dominik's choice of guys like Biggers who are trouble on the field over great players like Talib who have gotten in trouble off the field may ultimately cost us the Super Bowl...and Dominik his job. The window to win a Super Bowl only stays open for so long and guys like V. Jackson, Penn and Joseph aren't getting any younger. Who knows how long it will be before we find another great CB necessary to win a Super Bowl and now we need two instead of one!
  • avatar

    So let me get this straight, you fire the DL coach, the only unit that had a Pro Bowl player and then you fire Cooper who in the Atlanta game showed that with some scheme changes his unit could have at least been more productive had they been put in better situations (Tampa 2) yet you keep Sheridan? I hope Schiano isnt as dumb as his offseason moves make his appear bc if he thinks Sheridan is the right man for the job then he's not looking at the situation honestly. Sheridan and Schiano were so hell bent on impressing their "brand of defense" that they did so at the expense of the actual talent on the team. No team in America loses ALL of their starters and then continues to run press man coverage the remainder of the year with street FAs playing Julio Jones among others. That is a lack of coaching and if Schiano is playing pocket pool with Sheridan then I hope Dominick steps up and makes the right move and brings in a REAL DC. This is the very reason Sheridan got FIRED in New York, they were beset by injuries, he changed nothing about their scheme and he gave up almost 40 points a game which lead to his dismissa . at seasons end. He has shown that nothing has changed so he cant possibly be the guy for the job. Get LOVIE SMITH, Rob Ryan although a good DC runs a 3-4 and we arent converting so Lovie is the obvious choice. Man up and make the right decision!
  • avatar

    Hey Scub, old friend, might want to google Joe Barry!
  • avatar

    Rod Marinelli is in Limbo in Chicago waiting for the new HC to form his own staff. I suspect he will go where son-in law Gus Bradley ends up.
  • avatar

  • avatar

    also jax and mc need to sell coach to other players in hawaii
  • avatar

    rob ryan dc
  • avatar

    just hire ryan as dc
  • avatar

    So, any chance this could lead to the return of Keith Millard? He is currently an assistant D-line coach for the Titans... So I think the bucs would be a move up! I was disappointed to loose him last year!
  • avatar

    I hear Mark Trestman calling for Melvin since he is now an NFL Head Coach? So I guess what is being said is that our DB and DL situation is fine and it was the coaching? So it wasn't Sheridan nor Schiano's fault? Huh? I need some help in understanding what is being really said in between the lines?
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    Scott, do you think this has more to do with Coach Schiano getting the job later then most last year? Coach Fleck will be a loss, all the players and media loved him. But coaches Turner , Cooper and Melvin seem to be the best they could get on short notice. I have to say Coach Sullivan was a great hire. I am not sold on Sheridan, but time will tell. Any ideas where they go for these openings? Does Coach Cox get more involved? Well done as always!
  • avatar

    Breaking news from Scott Reynolds. I do believe Scott has more insight into what is going on and what is planned at One Buc than anybody reporting on the Bucs. His mole is alive and breathing. Scott has his thumb on the pulse of pewter and red. You are the man, SR!
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