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February 1, 2013 @ 10:28 pm
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Report: Bucs Add Wannstedt to Head Special Teams

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The Buccaneers have reportedly added former Bears and Dolphins head coach Dave Wannstedt to replace the fired Bob Ligashesky as their special teams coach. Wannstedt and head coach Greg Schiano have a relationship dating back to 1996 when Schiano joined the Chicago Bears as an assistant coach.
When Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano assembled his coaching staff after being hired last January, some were critical of the number of assistant coaches that came from the college ranks.

Schiano has had to replace four assistants this offseason and although Tampa Bay hasn’t confirmed any of them, it appears all the coaches that will be added will have NFL experience.

The latest addition to the staff is former Bears head coach Dave Wannstedt, who reportedly has been hired to coach the Bucs special teams, replacing Bob Ligashesky who was let ago earlier this week.

Wannstedt and Schiano are familiar with each other, as Schiano was the defensive assistant for the Bears under Wannstedt in from 1996-1999.

Wannstedt served as the defensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills the past two seasons and prior to that was the head coach for the University of Pttsburgh for six seasons. Wannstedt also had two NFL head coaching jobs, first with Chicago and later the Miami Dolphins.

Recent reports have former Cowboys assistant John Garrett set to take over for P.J. Fleck as receivers coach, and former Saints and Jaguars assistant Tony Oden in line for the defensive backs job vacated when Ron Cooper was released from his contract to join the USF Bulls.

Bucs general manager Mark Dominik confirmed two weeks ago that former Cardinals and Rutgers assistant John McNulty has been hired to replace Ron Turner as the Bucs QB coach.


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    One question for Wanny. Joe Flacco or Tyler Palko ?
  • avatar

    I say this is great-Go Bucs
  • avatar

    Just a thought: many of us believe that if Sullivan becomes a head coach somewhere his replacement has already been hired. Could it be that Sheridan's replacement has now been hired? I'm just saying....
  • avatar

    Not sure about this one either, at least he has experience even though it is on Defense not Special Teams. Our coverage units didn't seem too bad last year, although I'm not sure where we ranked. But our return teams did not perform well, especially compared to last year. I believe most of the problem was our choice of return men. They did not seem very decisive, and did not always hit the hole hard enough or FAST enough. I thought the rookie, Smith, did a better job in the pre-season than our regular season guys did. Smith had a bad return or two in that first game and then he seemed to be inactive the rest of the season. I'm sure that was a numbers game, but he seemed to be our best return man and he never saw the field.
  • avatar

    Ryan Maybe but kiffen that was my hope.
  • avatar

    Of course our stats for kick returns and run backs fell off badly last year. The all time leading touchdown returner for the Bucs, Michael Spurlock, was stupidly let go last year--how dumb was that in retrospect? And Spurlock had become a dependable deep wide receiver, with his blazing speed. Don't you think that could have helped us at the third receiver position last year? He even had good size too and had never been hurt. If Wanstadt is smart he'll suggest getting Spurlock back this year if possible. I do think Wanstadt is a good hire. I watched a number of his teams he coached at Pittsburg and they were good in all categories. He also is close to Schiano, and it always helps to have loyal assistants, too.
  • avatar

    Food for thought to tjbucsman:]] ]]]Norv Turner is better as an assistant than as a head coach. As far as I know he is still highly regard as a defensive mind. ]]]]I hope the situation is similar for Wannstedt.
  • avatar

    great hire. they need more of a stable,experienced hand . hope they form a cohesive unit they can lead this young team and teach them to become champions.a team of champions. year 2 of this regime should be another step up. i believe that freeman is/could be the best qb in buc history. i think jackson and williams can be the best receivers in buc history. and... i think that doug martin can and will be the best rb in team history. scoff if you will, but they truly look like a team that can be long term winners.
  • avatar

    you guys arent seeing the bigger picture, what AFC division do we play this year? anyone? AFC EAST! think of how much info this guy and help us with on game planning our defense! he faced the brady twice a year and the bills defense always played tough against them...i like the hire. go bucs!
  • avatar

    Horse and cressell, you guys no what you're talking about. We have a young team and need experienced coaches. I'm tired of younger is better, especially with coaches. This guy can coach (not head coach). He has energy and passion (yes;even at 60). Many of the assistant coaching jobs he lost was because of regime changes. This is another silvered hired hire in the likes of Butch Johnson, Jimmy, Sheridan, and the rest. Good mix of young and older coaches. People can and player can no longer complain about young college coaches.
  • avatar

    I don't know if this is a good or bad hire, but I do believe in general that experience can be overrated in certain professions. The ideal hire is someone that has tons of talent and experience. It's a hard thing to find and always expensive when you find it. If I had to choose one or the other I would choose talent. Which brings me back to my original statement: I don't know if this is a good or bad hire because I don't know how much talent Wannstedt actually has as a ST coach.
  • avatar

    I don’t know quite how I feel about this hire. Part of me says you can never have too much experience, but how does this improve ST? I like Wannstedt’s resume in defense and having that experience around will surely help. But with his considerable resume of head coaching and decision-making positions, is this a guy who is going to throw himself 24-7 into the job of improving STs? There were young, up-and-coming candidates out there like Dwayne Stukes who left the Bucs and our ST rating went from 14 to 28 in the league. He is currently an asst. ST Coordinator with the Bears who is ranked 6 in the league. If experience was the overwhelming factor, why didn’t we pursue Rich Bisaccia when he was available? Or is Belichick the only coach out there who believes that you can successfully re-hire past players and coaches? I will trust Schiano’s judgment on this one and being one to give the benefit of the doubt, I hope he does in effect improve our STs and we get the additional benefit of his extensive experience. http://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/teamst2012
  • avatar

    Quite a dropoff from D-coordinator to special teams coach. There must be a reason. What happened in Buffalo? Food for thought. Although he can not be any worse than what we had this past season.
  • avatar

    He certainly has been around. I don't know if that is agood thing or bad thing.
  • avatar

    I think that this is a good hire. He is a very experienced Coach. It's not all about a screaming/excited/ energy abound that makes good Special Teams play; it's about attention to detail.
  • avatar

    Lets hope the newly assembled staff can quickly form a cohesive unit.
  • avatar

    Great hire, not only for our special team but also for our defense. Wannstedt knows defense.
  • avatar

    thats great we have sheridan and wannstedt, while jauron and ryan are free to sign anywhere
  • avatar

    You'd really want Rob Ryan? That fat bag of wind fires up every opposing team the week before the game. No thanks.
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