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February 4, 2013 @ 12:22 pm
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Bucs Excited About Schiano And His Vision Of The Franchise

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Since Greg Schiano was hired last year, many wondered how the players would respond to the college-like coaching style of the former Rutgers boss. Listening to players since the season ended, it appears everyone is still on board, and even a new appreciation for Schiano's style has blossomed.
For those who still wonder if everyone at One Buccaneer Place are all on board with the detail-oriented style of head coach Greg Schiano, the players who have spoken since the season ended are giving pretty clear answers.

Offensive linemen Donald Penn and Davin Joseph heaped praise on Schiano last week in New Orleans while speaking to 98.7 The Fan’s Rich Herrera and Booger McFarland during media week at the Super Bowl.

“I think Greg Schiano is very misunderstood,” Penn said. “As a player I appreciate him as head coach because he is a guy who admits when he is wrong. When we come in Monday after the game whether it is a win or a loss, he is going to tell you everything we did wrong to lose the game or everything we did right to win the game. And then he is going to tell us what he could have done better to win the game.

“It is hard for somebody at that level to step back and tell guys who look up to you, I was wrong. I made a mistake. Usually you are always supposed to be right. I think that is a good thing that helps our team, and makes people look up to him and want to play harder for him because he does that. And I think it is going to go a long way for us."

Joseph was also complimentary of his head coach, and the work he puts in on a daily basis.

His work ethic is like no other,” Joseph said. “He is a grinder man. He is the kind of guy you want on your side. He is a guy who works day in and day out and loves what he does. We had a lot of guys who aren’t a part of our team now, who weren’t in love with football like coach Schiano is. And now we are getting to the point where we have guys that love to grind.

"He is a grinder and is a hard working guy, and now we are getting a locker room full of guys who love to grind. And so that is what is going to make us special this coming year. We just have to bring it all together.”

Bucs wide receiver Vincent Jackson spoke to the local media after being named to the Pro Bowl roster last month, and said he is also a Schiano believer.

"I couldn't be more impressed with Schiano and his staff, the way they were able to come in here in one year, coming from the collegiate level to dealing with professionals," Jackson said. "I know (Schiano) has some background in the NFL. But as a head coach, to take the reins the way he did, get his message across, get guys to buy in the way he did under totally different circumstances from years prior, he did an excellent job with that. He's a lot of fun to play for. He's a competitive guy, and he's going to make sure you're as well prepared as you can possibly be."

Jackson, who was signed on the opening day of free agency last season, said he has a message for other potential free agents this year.

"I would tell (free agents) it's a top-notch organization; it's a top-notch structure. We have a great coaching staff here. They've built a system and a feeling of family and continuity, not only with the team itself, but I think they've done a great job in the community as well."

All three players are looking forward to having another year in the system and seeing what year No. 2 will bring, but also want the fans to know they need their support.

“We have got to have pride in the Bay,” Joseph said. “We have got to have our pride back. We have to represent for our own city. It’s ours. We need all the support we can get. We are going to put in the work and we are going to give Tampa Bay our best shot. But we have to have pride I our team. And so it is now on Tampa Bay to support the Buccaneers and get back to having pride in being a Buccaneer.

Especially through the good and the bad,” Penn said. “(The fans) have got to understand we are working hard for you. We want this Super Bowl bad. I am so looking forward to next year because Doug Martin is coming back, Carl Nicks is coming back and Davin Joseph. You know we might not even need to put the defense on the field.”

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  • avatar

    Wow. I'm a Chamberlain grad of 2000.
  • avatar

    Warren: While I attended the University of Tampa I dated a girl who graduated from Chamberlain in 1967.
  • avatar

    Gotta love hearing feedback like this from your key players, especially as it relates to the feeling of the locker room now containing the "right" players and "grinders". If we can address the CB situation and add depth everywhere else we can definitely compete at higher levels next season. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    Geo. Hicks: As a Chamberlain High grad of 1965, I wish you the best and sincerely hope you get to see a Bucs game in person this year. Us old guys can still tell these young whipper-snappers a thing or two about football! :-) stlbucsfan: Thank you.
  • avatar

    hELLO gUYS AND gALS AFTER THE SUPER BOWL IN NO. Can you hear the support for the Great Warren Sapp when his name was mention in the Hall of Fame. Iam beginning that the overall NFL that The rest of the league is starting to believe that tyhe new coach knows how to get results. I love it when they spend details of who they are looking at and new coaches coming on board. Iam 67 yrs this year. And when Sept 2013 I will turn 68 and I will do everything possible to xcome back home where I grewup at HB Plant 1964 and see another BUC game. God Bless Everyone GO BUCS
  • avatar

    Can Titus Young , waived by Lions today, be a Buccaneer Man. Would definitely be a good slot and return guy, but if he couldn't play with Megatron, would he play with V-Jax and Mike Will
  • avatar

    Screw that guy, he's not a team player. He's talented, but he's an idiot. The only way I would want the Bucs to get him is if he agrees to a league minimum contract.
  • avatar

    To the Players, Coaches, GM, and Administration; I support you all! I can't wait for the season to begin. Just about a year ago it became the Buccaneer Way and I supported it then as now. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    Warren- you couldnt have said it better. Flacco is a great story but the better story is that through all the problems Baltimore stood strong behind their QB and it paid off. I look forward to sending our defensive great Ronde Barber off with his second ring next year. Big offseason spend wisely and address needs and its possible. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    We have many good players and good coaching, but one thing that never changes in the NFL is age and injuries take players away every year. The team has good starting level talent everywhere except the DBs but we are thin everywhere. We need a developmental LT to backup Penn, a SOLB to either back up or replace Quincy Black, a better DT than Miller, a developmental receiver in the mold of VJ, and the list just keeps going on. Some needs could be filled with second tier free-agent talent. That would be a way to get some veteran leadership on the team as well. Lots to do but I am hopeful that we will get it done and make the playoffs this year.
  • avatar

    The Ravens have provided the offensive model for the Bucs to follow...very good running game and excellent deep passing game. That's what Schiano is trying to accomplish. Remember two years ago, everyone was doubting Flacco...just like many are currently doubting Freeman. A better TE and 3rd WR would put the Bucs in the running.
  • avatar

    I am pleased to hear this. Go Bucs!
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