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February 22, 2013 @ 8:33 pm
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A Kinder, Gentler Schiano In 2013?

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The military-style run practice and rule regiment will be loosed to a degree said head coach Greg Schiano while speaking to the media on Friday from the NFl Combine in Indianapolis.
When head coach Greg Schiano was brought in to take over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in January of 2012, players were quickly introduced to a style of coaching that most had never experienced.

Former head coach Raheem Morris gave his players a ton of leeway –  that ultimately backfield on him – and Schiano knew immediately things needed to change. On Friday, while speaking to the media at the NFL Combine, Schiano said he plans to loosen the reins – just a little bit.

"You have to go overboard one way or another to get that culture established, but I think at this point, our football team understands who I am and how our football program is going to be run,'' Schiano said. "I think that happened as the season went on last year, so we'll change some things for this year, some of the mandatory things, things that I don't necessarily think grown men need.''

The attention to detail was a huge culture shock to most. From "toes on the line," to sprinting to the water coolers during practice, Schiano’s rules were similar to a military boot camp. But like the military, the need to break the players down and mold them into disciplined football players was crucial in Schiano’s mind.

Tampa Bay’s second-year head said some things – like certain practice drills – will stay the same, but thinks the team has gotten the message.

I believe that's critical, especially when you're not hitting (in practice),” Schiano said. “I believe in fundamentals. But some things can change, because I think they understand what we expect now.

"And what I'm really pleased about is that our leaders will teach the new guys that. Everyone was rookies as far as our way of doing things last year, but now only our rookies will be rookies.''


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    Fully expected this - so many managers in all walks of life take this approach - though not always to this extreme. VERY excited to hear it, because I was just speculating, and nervous as well. Guess we'll see how well Coach can actually pull it off, and better yet, maintain it.
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    One more thing that makes Coach a great hire in my eyes. He turned a laughingstock program into a contender. Took him awhile sure, but he fully commited himself to the project and it paid off. I'm greatly concerned that his fate is tied to Freeman though. Freeman bombs, good chance that Dom goes too. And a new GM possibly means a new HC, regime change so to speak. One more reason I hope Free pulls it altogether next year or falls flat and Tampa cuts ties with him and fully moves on. And to the naysayers I ask: Who would you rather have over the long haul? Coach or Free?
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    "Took him awhile sure, but he fully commited himself to the project and it paid off" I'm not sure I understand this statement...I mean...he's been in Tampa for one season now sooooo....
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    Vernon Davis did say that moment when HC Singletary sent him to the locker room that from that point on he started becoming a pro football player and it was the best thing that ever happened to him for his career.He started growing up and becoming more responsible and a team player,less selfish. But i'm still glad that Schiano is backing off some on the players.
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    Schiano is showing his wisdom here. It will be a smart move to loosen the reigns in a couple of areas. Fans were worried that he would be a hard *censored* his entire career wearing out players and their patience to the point of not wanting to come back. He got his point across the first year and is smart enough to know this ain't college. I think easing up in some aspects on the pro's will pay dividends in player loyalty, hard work and team work.
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    Good to hear! I remember the Singletary experience at the 49ers – particularly the Vernon Davis drama. Both good men, but not good for the team and with disastrous results. Not comparing Schiano to Singletary, just pointing out an example where conflict between a disciplinarian coach and players that object can be dysfunctional. Doesn’t look like that will be a problem for the Bucs!
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