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February 26, 2013 @ 10:43 am
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Mayock Talks Cornerbacks And The Bucs First Round Pick

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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NFL Network's Mike Mayock held a conference call last week to discuss the NFL Combine, and during the call had plenty to say about the cornerback position, an obvious need for the Buccaneers. Below is Mayock's thoughts, including his opinion on where the Bucs could look with their No. 13 pick.
NFL Draft guru Mike Mayock reputation as a draft and scouting expert has grown leaps and bounds over the last few seasons.

Part of it is because Mayock gets down in the trenches when doing the scouting work. Mayock, with his note pad and ink pen furiously taking notes, was a visible presence in St. Petersburg for every practice during the East-West Game week last month, and was all over Mobile as part of the NFL Network’s Senior Bowl coverage.

The former New York Giants safety made himself available last week on the eve of the NFL Combine and talked about this week's showcase in Indianapolis.

Mayock was asked about Mississippi State’s Johnthan Banks during the call.

“I tell you what's interesting, I like that other corner too, Darius Slay,” Mayock said. “I put the tape on to watch Banks who plays in the boundary for the most part, and my eye kept going to the other kid, and I liked him a lot.  I think [Slay is] a guy that's a third‑ our fourth‑round player.  And I think he's opened some eyes.

“As far as Banks is concerned, people like his length.  He's got some press ability.  He's long.  I think he's one of the guys who is a Combine critical four.  Corners and wideouts are the two most critical "speed positions" and all the teams are waiting to see what guys run.”

Mayock, like most draft pundits, and even NFL scouts, are still trying to figure out who will be the second cornerback to come off board in April.

“I made the statement earlier, after [Dee] Milliner, I don't have a certified first‑round corner,” Mayock said.  “And I think coming out of this Combine, I will.

“I need to see if [Xavier] Rhodes, [Johnthan] Banks, [Desmond] Trufant, any of those guys run well.  Banks is the one that runs sub‑4.5, I think he locks up a first round.  If he runs 4.55, or 4.58, he's not going there.  So for Banks it's a critical, critical weekend.”

Mayock said, even those without world-class speed can find a home in the NFL.

“There are four or five boundary corners in college that play that boundary corner.” Mayock said. “Typically that means a tough, smart guy that can tackle, but is speed deficient.  And almost all the top corners this year are boundary guys coming out of college.

“So I would tell you, that depending on what happens with these corners, if you don't get Milliner and somebody runs fast, [Johnthan] Banks, [Desmond] Trufant, any of those guys runs 4.4, who the next corner coming off is going to be really intriguing.”

Later during the conference call, Mayock addressed the Buccaneers specifically.

“They could look at inside linebacker,” Mayock said. “[Alec] Ogletree would be a potential based on whatever their in‑house security tells them about the kid.  Ogletree would be a possibility.  It might be a little early for [Manti] Te'o.  So if you're talking corner at 13, if Milliner's on – if Johnthan Banks or [Desmond] Trufant run well, if either of them can run in that 4.4, 4.42, 4.44 range, both of them could be a potential at 13.  It's a little bit high.  It's a little earlier than you'd like.

“But [Johnthan] Banks has got length.  He tackles.  Banks is the one corner I'd say that if he ran well, I think he'd be worthy of a 13th pick.  But I think he's going to have to run in that 4.4 range for it to happen.”

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    There is a reason that Tampa selects No#13. Tampa should get a CB at this position, andmaybe trade their 2-4 round pick to get another CB. with two corners in top 32 pick ,to move back into Rd-1 and maybe a 5th next year. Then Tampa would secure the cb's they needed.Then in Rd-2 &3 get the players they need at the positions they are weak at. With over 30 plus million over salary cap.I would go after a & another CB safety, a QB to b/up freeman and maybe an offensive line tackle or guard to strengthen Tampa bay line-GO BUCS
  • avatar

    Horse: This year I think your philosophy to "trade down" in the first round may be the correct approach because the "experts" all seem to agree that the player ratings from # 5 to # 20 are so close. I'm a believer in evaluating a player on how he plays rather than how many times he hoisted 225 pounds or how fast he ran a 40 yard dash. To me a player's instincts, physicality, his 10 yard quickness and most importantly his desire are more critical. I've been getting Mel Kiper's blue book and many other publications for aver 30 years now and enjoy Mike Mayock and Charles Davis on NFL network; but their predictions are less accurate than a certain QB some people love to bash.
  • avatar

    I agree scubug. I like Charles Davis also. He gets overlooked. BTW, don't be surprised if we end up with the Rutgers TE and LB on day 2.
  • avatar

    Mike Mayock is the best Period! He is not gonna cut these kids down too bad because this is there future but No way! he likes everybody.When he says he likes a kid and than says he will go in the 6th or 7th rd you should be able to read between the line sometimes.His job is not to make thse kids look real bad,not good for TV or NFL Network.His job is to evaluate and give his opinion and not turn the NFL Combine into a Bashing party for four days.I don't know how Mayock's final drafts have paned out over the last few years but like 4 years ago he picked 31 out of 32 first rd picks correct.I don't think anybody has ever done that before or since.Now the real Jon Gruden likes everybody. Just Sayin :)
  • avatar

    Mike Mayock focuses on the positive. He is the best in the business and can be critical if you listened to his comments on Te'o.
  • avatar

    Banks ran a 4.61 40 yard dash so looks like he will be there when we pick in 2nd round for sure if we want him at all...
  • avatar

    Jonathan can "bank" on not getting taken at 13 now! Should have eaten your Wheatie's
  • avatar

    This is why I keep saying to trade out of the first round and pick up some valuable draft picks for this year and next yeas draft. There are a few teams we could make a deal with.
  • avatar

    I don't think you have to trade out, just down.
  • avatar

    I love how we rate a player based on his 40 time, do u think ronde was a 40 time guy? Or anquan boldin or jerry rice for that matter? 40 times are for entertainment purposes and Al Davis give me football game tape thats my evaluation.
  • avatar

    @jongruden Ronde played mainly in a cover 2 so top end speed wasn't really a need. He played off when they were in man coverage and made the tackle. The scheme they are running now you need some kind of speed at the CB position, because they leave them on an island. The top CB in the league right now ran great 40 times. Anquan used brute force to get open. Banks would get rag dolled by him. A guy like him you would have to be fast enough to cover, because you are not going to get a hand on him. The main reason they make such a big emphasis on the 40 times, is because most of the top CB's are either fast or big. Banks on the other hand relied mainly on his size which. He was torch all day during the Alabama game. Jerry Rice is on another level. He is fast in pads not in shorts.
  • avatar

    I'm going to disagree that Mayock is "the man" - not that I doubt he knows a lot about the draft (anyone who spends 24/7 around these kids should know something) but Mayock has never met a guy he didn't like...in fact you can all mail me a dime for every time on draft weekend he says "now here's a guy a really like" - I expect to get about $20 from everyone. As much as Kiper is just about the show these days, at least on several occasions over the years I have heard him say "that was a terrible pick". Mayock would get a lot more credibility if instead of saying "Banks needs to run 4.4 to be a solid pick at 13" he said "Banks is slow and that means he will never develop into a #1 CB in the NFL" - not that I agree with that conclusion myself, but it would be nice to hear a little more conviction in his analysis to be considered "the man". And, Ogletree to the Bucs at 13...why....he wouldn't rush the passer or defend WRs....why would we take him and wallow in the worst pass defense in the league again next year? Finally - WVBucsfan, I appreciate the home town bias but if the Bucs take Austin at 13 I'm sending back my new team jersey to 1 Buc Place. This pick needs to be Miliner or a lineman (O or D doesn't matter).
  • avatar

    Milliner will be gone, Banks didn't time well enough to be picked at 13. That leaves Trufant who ran fast today, as the only other corner the Bucs should consider at 13. The better value would be taking from the D,and O lineman who have the higher draft grades. Banks should be there with our second pick, but again this draft is loaded with lineman, we could solidify both sides of the line, and still get value in rounds 3, and 4, at corner.
  • avatar

    Seemed like he's been dead on so far, with Banks' performance today. Slay just ran a 4.37 unofficial and Rhodes a 4.41 unofficial.
  • avatar

    I know it's crazy talk but seeing what banks ran I would like to see the Bucs go with Austin in the first and take a CB in the 2nd. The CB class is deep this year and there's plenty on talent in the later rounds.
  • avatar

    Well, Banks didn't run well...
  • avatar

    Mike mayock is the man the only guy I respect and believe anyting he says. The guy knows football.
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