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March 11, 2013 @ 2:11 pm
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Wright Fighting His Release From Tampa Bay

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The Buccaneers plan to release cornerback Eric Wright due to his suspension for testing positive for Adderall last fall, but the former Lion is fighting those plans and has filed a grievance to try and stop the move that will save Tampa Bay $7.75 million.
Last spring the Buccaneers held a press conference introducing their “Big Three” free agent prizes. Wide receiver Vincent Jackson, guard Carl Nicks and cornerback Eric Wright were all signed within hours of the start of the 2012 free agency period creating optimism in Tampa Bay.

One year later, Tampa Bay has plans to release Wright, but the former Browns and Lions cornerback isn’t going without a fight.

Monday reports surfaced that Wright has filed a grievance to contest his impending release.

When Wright was suspended for testing positive for Adderall last season, many felt it was just a formality before the Buccaneers would part ways with Wright. The language of Wright’s contract (as most NFL contracts do) called for a behavioral clause to protect Tampa Bay for this type of specific infraction.

A source told PewterReport.com back in January that the Buccaneers were almost certain to release Wright before the first offseason workouts began. The reason being, that if Wright were to injure himself, for example as Da’Quan Bowers did last spring (Achilles), then the Buccaneers would be on the hook for the entire $7.75 million due in 2013.

Wright, like the rest of the secondary struggled in 2012 and was part of a unit that surrendered 4,758 yards and 30 TDs through the air. Wright also struggled to stay healthy, with a series of nagging Achilles and back injuries. Wright appeared in 10 games for Tampa Bay and recorded 37 tackles and one interception.

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    Wasn't Eric Wright considered a top CB prospect from last years FA class? He had a new coaching staff and a new city and huge expectations with Talib on the other side. And adderall is something Talib also tested poitive for. What about the secondary coach who was recently fired for being in over his head? Bucs removed Talib first in last years trade with New England. Was Talib the unmanageable troublemaker that influenced Wright to break character? Is Wright salvagable? He is certainly affordable. 8 mil for a corner isn't a bank breaker for any team.
  • avatar

    Yes Mr. Wright..........you're the victim so you file a grievance. The ones with a right to file a complaint are the entire Bucs organization and its' loyal fans.........against you. I get that Talib is walking around worrying about his Texas shooting issue so he needs Adderal to focus on his profession and you slither by and say, "Dog hit me with one of those because I cant stop thinking about all my money." Anyone can make a mistake; it's what you do about rectifying your poor choice afterwards. First you took a ho hum approach to showing any regret to your decision to take a banned substance. Now Mark Dominik gets a chance to correct his mistake. That being believing in you and setting you up for life. I was actually willing to give you an opportunity for another chance to prove yourself in Training Camp. This action, while your right, is going to be more damning to your career than the original act.
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    File a grievance against your agent you jack wagon. This is a standard clause in all NFL contract. If you played better and didn't use drugs to play mediocre you'd be still making millions.
  • avatar

    Thank you Bucs for trimming tha fat off what could be a filet mignon of a team
  • avatar

    Maybe if he actually played well in the games that he did play in it would be a different story but the fact is hes average at best and obviously very selfish. good riddance.
  • avatar

    I'm curious what exactly his alleged grievance is. Sounds pretty cut and dry. Can't say I've ever made a mistake that cost me $7.5M, so I understand why he's grasping for straws.
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    I'm sory CB Wright. He should have check with the correct officials on that drug matter. GO BUCS
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    PFT says we are rumored to be signing Derek Cox right out of the shoot tomorrow. I am a little worried we may overpay again. I think Cox will be an upgrade, but signing someone first day usually means overpaying.
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    With the glut of FA CB’s on the market and the less than stellar year Wright had, he’s trying to salvage every penny of that overpriced contract Dominik gave him. It’s never a good sign when a GM gushes during the presser that he’s been trying to sign Wright for two years and finally got “his guy”. Translated that means “I overpaid and have massive player wood”. Hopefully that condition can be cured on Tuesday.
  • avatar

    Does Wright have legitimate leverage to block such a move or are his efforts pointless in large part?
  • avatar

    Yeah he is pretty much up sh!t creek without a paddle and this is his only option but it will not work
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