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March 12, 2013 @ 4:44 pm
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PR Analysis: Why The Bucs Are So Interested In Goldson

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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PewterReport.com's Scott Reynolds breaks down several reasons why the Buccaneers want former 49ers Pro Bowl free safety Dashon Goldson to team up with Mark Barron in Tampa Bay's secondary. Find out why in this Pewter Report Analysis breakdown.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are very interested in signing San Francisco free safety Dashon Goldson and will have him in for the unrestricted free agent’s first visit. The reasons for the Bucs’ interest are numerous, starting with the obvious need to upgrade the secondary after Tampa Bay finished dead last in pass defense in 2012, surrendering an average of 297.4 yards per game.

Here are some other reasons why Tampa Bay is expected to make a hard push to sign Goldson, the 49ers’ franchise player in 2012, once he gets to One Buccaneer Place:

• Goldson, a two-time Pro Bowler (2011, 2012), was an All-Pro in 2012 and helped San Francisco reach the Super Bowl last season. The Bucs like his accolades, postseason experience and production.

• A six-year pro, Goldson could help be a mentor to Mark Barron, the Bucs’ first-round pick in 2012, and aid him in his development. Barron and Goldson are very similarly-built players that have the same type of abilities. Having Goldson as a role model can accelerate Barron’s learning curve in the NFL. As a 16-game starter at strong safety during his rookie season, Barron had 89 tackles, one interception and one forced fumble.

• Defensive-minded head coach Greg Schiano likes players that create turnovers, and Goldson has been a ballhawk in his six years in the league. The former 49er has picked off 14 passes and forced five fumbles. Goldson burst on the scene in 2009 as a first-time starter, notching 94 tackles, picking off four passes, forcing three fumbles and recovering a fumble. In 2011, Goldson posted a career-high six interceptions, in addition to forcing a fumble and recovering one.

• Schiano likes big defensive backs, as does Tampa Bay’s front office. At 6-foot-2, 200 pounds, Goldson would be the third-biggest safety on the team behind Barron, who is 6-foot-2, 212 pounds, and Sean Baker, who stands 6-foot-1 and weighs 209 pounds.

• The Bucs’ scouts and front office has already seen Goldson’s impact firsthand. In 2010 during Tampa Bay’s 21-0 shutout win at San Francisco, Goldson finished the game with seven tackles. A year later at the same venue in the 49ers’ 48-3 thrashing of the Buccaneers, Goldson had four tackles and a forced fumble on a huge hit against Tampa Bay wide receiver Mike Williams.

• Despite the interest in Goldson, Tampa Bay remains interested in re-signing veteran defensive back Ronde Barber. Goldson would be the team’s starting free safety if signed, but Barber would see plenty of action on the field. Tampa Bay played a great deal of dime defense in 2012, which was Schiano’s first as head coach. In the dime defense, the Bucs played three safeties with Barron at strong safety, Ahmad Black at free safety and Barber in the slot. At age 38, Barber could play a lot of hybrid safety-cornerback in nickel and dime packages next year if he re-signs with Tampa Bay. With the Bucs liking to play a lot of single high safety in Cover 3 defenses, Goldson could play centerfield instead of Barber, whose declining speed wouldn’t cause him to be exposed as much as he was in 2012. Barber has made a lot of plays closer to the line of scrimmage in the slot rather than in the defensive backfield.

• Goldson was scouted hard by new Bucs director of college scouting Eric Stokes. The former Washington Huskies standout played in the backyard of the Seattle Seahawks, where Stokes spent the first 15 years of his NFL career in scouting. Like Schiano and general manager Mark Dominik, Stokes has a fondness for big defensive backs.

• In a division that features a plethora of gifted tight ends, such as Atlanta’s Tony Gonzalez, New Orleans’ Jimmy Graham and David Thomas, and Carolina’s Greg Olsen, having a safety with range and coverage ability like Goldson fills a big need. Barber and Barron had trouble against the NFC South tight ends at times in 2012, and having Goldson’s ability to match up in single coverage against premier tight ends gives defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan greater flexibility in calling plays.


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    Is it just me or does it seem like its taking too long to sign Goldson? When was the jet sent out? Is he at the facility? I expected a deal to be done by now.
  • avatar

    My opinion is that trading for Bevis is a Butthead move. Injury risk, cap costly and giving up draft picks we need. Keep the picks and get two other lower cost CB's and keep the draft picks. Use the extra cap space to get a RT, DE, DT, End etc. Yes he may recover fully and be shutdown, but at a very high cost. He seems to have a big jones for guaranteed money and wants a new contract to get it and he likely will holdout again next year after just signing a new contract this year (assuming we complete the trade and sign him). We can do better.
  • avatar

    Thanks Bucjoe, that makes me feel much better about the move. I think that having those 2 safeties would really help us out. Also like that he is not too old or injury prone like most of the other options out there. Everyone is saying how talented the FA market is at the CB and S positions, but most of them are either huge injury risks or are getting past their prime. These guys are not and that is a great thing for the defense going forward.
  • avatar

    These players deserve the money they are being offered both are Pro Bowl caliber players in their prime at areas of obvious need. We are roughly 30 million under the cap and will still be under the cap if both players are acquired, we will still have ample room to spare and thats without the release of Wright being final. We have the money the key is spending it wisely and this my friends qualifies as a wise investment. Secure both players and get us back in the playoffs, Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    Picking up Goldson is a no brainer. He and Barron will make a great tandem for a long time. Now a deal for Revis looks more attractive. Here are some things to remember. First, Revis and Jets owner Woody Johnson have a very icy relationship. Second, the Jets have no leverage when it comes to moving Revis. If the Bucs can pull off this deal without giving up their # 13 pick I'd pull the trigger. Rumors up here are the Bucs giving up this years 3 and next years 2. The Bucs are in the drivers seat for Revis because they have the cap room to afford him. The additions of Goldson and Revis are perfect examples why it's always good to be under the cap. I tip my cap to the front office. Boy you don't hear that too much on this site. I'm seeing a bright future!
  • avatar

    Goldson is a FS, NOT a SS. Also, he was not only a pro-bowler, he was the All-Pro FS this year! He IS good at pass coverage and ALSO hits like a SS. Goldson at FS and Barron at SS would be a fierce situation for a WR to run into, IMO!!
  • avatar

    Does anybody know if he played SS or FS for San Fran?? If his coverage can hold up, I think it is a good move. I thought we might need some D-line or TE help a little more. Also maybe an O tackle. although maybe the Bucs did not like the options there as much. Kind of hope we still get Cox at CB to hopefully pair with Reavis. We will need a solid, and less expensive, CB to pair with Reavis now that we are spending so much on him and the safety spot.
  • avatar

    I agree with most here, why are we suddenly saying Goldson has good coverage ability? I thought he was a SS just like Barron. Fierce hitter and good in the box like Barron. Not sure how good his coverage is, but it has to be better than Ronde's. Only because if he is in about the same spot as Ronde with more youthful speed, at least he will hopefully be tall enough to bat down the passes that went over Ronde's head and completed to the taller TE's. I do still think it is a definite upgrade and hope we don't overpay too much for a 2 time pro-bowler.
  • avatar

    I'm mox nix on Revis. If the Bucs can make this deal OK or if they walk away OK. I will say this - the deal FOR Revis is not nearly as important as the deal WITH Revis. There is one thing that is a major plus in the Revis discussion - The Bucs are relevant, they are in the news, they're being talked about as major players and that's good. It helps to be publicized as the team pursuing Revis when you are talking to others DBs in FA about coming to the Bucs. When you're in the Revis discussion, you're wearing big boy pants!
  • avatar

    Good points Mac. Signing Revis is the important part and he doesn't have a good history when it comes to contracts. I guess the point with Revis is, that if this deal becomes too difficult, the Bucs could simply walk away.
  • avatar

    Here's all I have to know about this or any other player. Is he better than who we have filling the position right now? If we can land a Pro Bowl player who's only 28 years old I sure don't see the downside. Who cares about the $. Let Dominik worry about the checking account.
  • avatar

    I've stressed strong safety play for awhile now; so, youi know I'm pretty happy to have Goldson paired with Mark Barron. I also like the idea of having Ronde back.
  • avatar

    I'm also a littel against the idea of bringing in Revis and his refusal to play at a team friendly salary. Revis has been getting consistently injured. I don't understand why the Bucs are not hitting Sean Smith hard. Get him and then Sam Shields and then draft a Ot and Te and lets go to war!
  • avatar

    Scott,why are the Bucs interested in Goldson? Three words, he's a stud.
  • avatar

    Don't get me wrong... Gholdson is a good player and he will definetly give our defense a lift but at what price? Will we over pay for him??? I believe we will over pay for him... Our front seven is good against the run but terrible against the past!!! Especially our LBs got sucked in on play action constantly! So I wouldn't say they are good nor would I say they are bad but that it's more of...can we stay consistent in run d and get better in our pass d??? Even our pass rush isn't great right now, ranking in the bottom half of the league! Good thing is, we can only go up from here!:) I only say buyer beware because I'm not to sold on gholdson because 49ers pass rush is way ahead of ours at this time and a defensive backs best friend is awesome pass rush which 49ers have although they run a 3/4 n we run a 4/3... Good pass rush can make DBs look like probowlers! Not mention we play in the NFC south and our safeties need to be able to have some pass coverage ability to cover the likes of Graham, Gonzales, Olsen and sometimes slot receivers. Again what are we gonna pay for and at what price??? Gholdson to me is just more a run defender that may struggle in pass coverage...
  • avatar

    I like the idea of bringing in Gholston but I agree with Laieboy45 that he doesn't have good coverage ability. I don't think he'll help much covering those TE's. PR said the same thing after we drafted Barron. Overall though he should be an upgrade at FS. I like the role Barber would play in the dime. Even as Barber ages and slows down his intelligence and tackling ability is still an asset to the team. We can just keep moving him closer to the line of scrimmage as he ages. Next year he can play LB and the year after that...NT.
  • avatar

    Yes to Goldston.....No to Revis. He will screw up our ability to resign players in the next few years and isn't worth QB money. How many times did the Jets get to the Super Bowl with a fully healthy Revis....0.
  • avatar

    Please bring in Revis. The jets didn't make it to the Super Bowl with a fully healthy Revis because they also had a fully healthy Sanchez.
  • avatar

    I am always wary of day one signings for less than superstar players. I do like Goldson a lot, but I don't want us to get Paul Kruger'd. Also, if these Revis rumours are true, I don't see why we are bidding against ourselves. If we are taking on all that salary, I don't want to give up more than a 3 for him.
  • avatar

    Golston is a tremendous hitter and great tackler seen him many times living out here in AZ would be completely estatic if we sign him "Go Bucs"
  • avatar

    @ Laieboy45...our front 7 is pretty darn good considering we had the number 1 ranked run defense so wouldnt he be just as good as he was in SF according to your point?!?
  • avatar

    If Tampa signs this player-Then Barber can come back and play cornerback and give the young corners some pointers plus if Barber comes back I think Tampa would make the playoffs again-GO BUCS lets sign him first then go after other fa's
  • avatar

    I don't believe he has good pass coverage ability at all!!! Also alot of his production could be from his from 7.... I say buyer beware!
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