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March 13, 2013 @ 4:38 pm
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Goldson Says He Will Bring Leadership To Young Bucs

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The Buccaneers announced the signing of free agent Dashon Goldson on Wednesday and Tampa Bay's newest addition told the media at his press conference that he will bring leadership and a physical presence to the secondary.
New Buccaneers safety Dashon Goldson sat in between general manager Mark Dominik and head coach Greg Schiano on Wednesday inside the media studio at One Buccaneer Place and talked about signing with Tampa Bay. Goldson appeared emotional at times recalling his journey in professional football that has taken him to the Buccaneers and what he feels he will bring to the table in Tampa Bay.

Mark Dominik’s Opening Statement:

“Welcome.  Certainly, an exciting day for our franchise and our organization.  A little bit about our signing today, Dashon is a player that we have coveted over the last couple of seasons to the extent that we inquired about trading for his services last year, that he just found [out] about a couple of days ago that we have tried to find a way to get this young man onto this football team last year.  We always try to find unique and rare instances, in terms of free agency, when you can add a player of this quality to your football team, and we felt that Dashon was one of those.  Over the last couple seasons, obviously, he has been to Honolulu, as elected as a Pro Bowl member, which is a rare class to go two years in a row.  He was also franchised by the San Francisco 49ers last year, which made him very untouchable.  We had planned and hoped for the opportunity to pursue Dashon Goldson, but certainly, were excited when the 49ers did not place their franchise tag on him this year and allowed him to hit free agency and allowed us to pursue him hard.  It has been a lot of fun in the last 24 hours, in terms of not only getting to have a chance to sit with him last night and to learn more about who he is on and off the football field, but also in a very difficult contract negotiation, but now finally here with our team, as a member of our football team for five, five the next years.  And really, a great player on and off the football field, a leader, and I think a lot of us have seen, it is not going to take a lot of work to put together a Dashon Goldson highlight tape, and to bring a lot of experience and veteran leadership to this defense and to the back end of our football team.  So, I will certainly turn it over to Coach Schiano and talk a little more, but I am very excited about this addition. And again, this is a very unique opportunity and those have been very successful for us in the past.”

Head Coach Greg  Schiano’s opening statement:
“Thanks Mark.  I want to first thank Mark for a great job these people did in pulling this together and thank the Glazer’s for, again, their continued commitment because this guy is what we need on the Bucs, and Mark said it, we’ve had our eye on him for a while and certainly when you watch his tape, you see it as a coach, these are things that you want in your safety.  But as important, or more importantly, when you had the chance to visit with him, finally, and sit down with him, he understands exactly as a head coach what I am looking for.  And he is going to come in here and be a leader and be a guy that understands what it takes to be a championship football team.  And that’s what we are going to do.  You know, every step we’ve, we’ve set out, every step we take is to get us closer to winning the Super Bowl and Dashon and I talked about that.  That’s the only goal and he is locked in on it and we are locked in on it.  And a huge addition and we are excited to have him here, a part of the Buccaneer family. So, I’ll turn it over to you big guy.”

Dashon Goldson’s Opening Statement:
“Alright.  How everybody doing?  I’m excited to be here.  Today is definitely a humbling experience and an exciting moment for me and my family as well.  I want to thank the Glazer family for giving me this opportunity and being interested in me.  It has been a long journey for me throughout the years, but I am excited, I think there’s going to be great things to come here in Tampa Bay.  I’m excited to meet some of the players.  I had a chance to sit with a couple of the staff yesterday and talk football and get to know these guys and have them get to know me.  I want to thank Greg.  He does a great job and I like his energy.  He reminds me of a couple of coaches I had growing up and I think that we will mesh well together.  Especially Mark, I appreciate you for giving me this opportunity and having the interest in me too.  This is definitely an exciting moment and I am looking forward to being here for the next five years. 

Goldson on why the Bucs were high on his list of teams to visit and the only team he visited:
“Man, I did some research.  I was sitting down with my agent trying to figure out where was my correct fit, my style of play, my mindset and Tampa came on my radar.  I was able to see a couple of games and their style of play and I think I fit well in this game.  I think that this is a good opportunity and this team is definitely on the upcoming.  It is a young football team and I like to consider a seasoned vet.  I think that I could bring a lot to this team, for leadership, just my presence in that backfield with the rest of the secondary and on the defense.”

Goldson on if he thinks the team could become a premiere team in the league:
“Definitely.  I was at San Francisco for six years. We started from the bottom and it didn’t happen overnight to get where we were these past couple of years, but I definitely see the potential here, the ownership, the coaching staff, their mindset and their plans.  I think that everything will work out.”

Goldson on his anxiety level going into the free agency:
“It was very high.  I was very thankful that I didn’t get a franchise again.  Just to see my opportunities out there.  I think that this was the correct fit.  I really, truly believe that.  It was time to go somewhere that wanted me and I feel that and I am glad to be here.

Schiano on his thoughts on how to make the secondary better:
“On our scheme, and everybody is different, but on our scheme we ask our safeties to do so much.  At times they cover the deep path of the field and then you’re the ultimate safety.  At other times they are down there playing at linebacker depth and have to be able to mix it up with the big guys and take down ball carriers.  Then, again, at other times they are out there covering wide receivers.  It really is a multi-faceted job and it takes talented guys to do it.  You know, I am excited with our safeties right now.  I feel good about that.”

Schiano on whether or not Mark Barron and Dashon Goldson are interchangeable between free and strong safety positions:
“You know, I really think that’s the way we do it.  You know, depending on what the formation is, guys are asked to do both things and the one thing that I know is I have watched these guys do both of those things on film well and that’s the key.  That is why we’re, as a coaching staff, you know we really feel comfortable that we can do a lot of different things with these guys.”

Goldson on his thoughts on the Mark Barron/Dashon Goldson duo:
“I think it could be very well.  I was actually taking a look at his style of play on film and I think that we will complement each other back there.  I was fortunate to play with Donte Whitner, I mean a couple of guys, Mike Lewis, guys like that, but he is a young stud.  I think he is young and I think that I can definitely help mold him into the guy that he wants to be, from a leader stand point and just our style of play.”

Goldson on what he learned for the last couple of years, going to the Super Bowl, play off runs, what kind of experience can he bring from those:
“It definitely took a lot of work and just consistency, the hard work and preparation every week.  When we came off the year before last, our success, we were pretty much the targets.  Being ahead of the game and understanding that and having the target on our back was going to be our identity from that point on.”

Goldson on the NFL letters sent to him and have they influenced the way he plays:
“No.  I mean, it is football.  I don’t play timid at all and I could still argue all of those hits, I think they were clean personally.  I would never tip toe or anything like that because that is for the league to sort out.  I am just trying to play football and help my team get a W and I will continue to do that.”

Coach Schiano on if the top priority was to get another safety and build up the secondary:
“It was definitely high on the list.  As you go into the year you look at the whole team and there are things that every football team needs.  But that was one that was at the top of our list to sure up our pass defense and this guy is going to help do that.”

Goldson on whether he looked for opinions from anyone playing on the team regarding the Bucs organization:
“Actually I ran into Mason (Foster) as he actually is an alumnus of mine.  We went to the University of Washington together.  Young cat doing good things for this football team and will continue to get better and do great things here.  I happened to run into him and pulled him aside while working out and asked him a little bit about how he felt about being here.  He was excited and I felt that everyone was excited.  I see the energy around this building and it comes off as nothing but positive and that’s a great start for me.”

Goldson describing journey from sixth grade to junior college to now:
“A little bit crept into my mind.  You’re trying to choke me up here man.  Hard work really pays off.  I remember playing football, signing myself up to play football hiding it from my mom.  Now I’m sitting here being able to, fortunate enough to provide for my family, play football and do the thing that I love to do.  I’m very excited about it.  My journey was um, I don’t want to say rough but it was a little rocky and it definitely is a humbling experience for sure.”

Goldson on what it was like to hide playing football from her mother:
“She really didn’t.  She didn’t even know I was playing football.  She happened to give me 100 dollars for my birthday one year and I used to play football with the kids across the street before they had their football practice.  One of the coaches was like, ‘have you ever played football before,’ and I said ‘no.’ He said, ‘would you like to play?’ and I said, ‘yeah, but my mom won’t let me.’  So I just took it upon myself.  I ran into my room, opened my dresser, got the 100 dollars she gave me a couple weeks before that and hid outside one of the buildings in the park and signed myself up.  I was hiding my past from my mom for about a couple of weeks.  She really found out that I was really playing when me and my sister, I kind of put a lick on my sister and she went and told on me.  Those memories go way back but I’m definitely excited and I can’t wait to get rolling.”

Schiano on whether getting a punisher was something that they were looking to get:

“I’d like to think that that’s our personality.  When you’re number one in the league in rush-defense you are getting after people and hitting them.  That’s who we want to be and that’s who the Bucs have been when they have been great on defense and that’s where we want to get back to be.  Dashon is going to help us get there.  When you heard him say that he ‘loves football’ you guys have heard me say that over and over again.  We’re looking for guys who not only like it but love it and he loves it.”

Dominik on where the Bucs go from here and addresses Revis question:
“First thing I’d say is to listen to Dashon talk about football and how important it is.  Here is a guy that has earned every penny that he has ever earned the right way, doing it the hard way and doing it right.  When you get to a point like this in your career where you are able to command a contract the way he did I’m proud of it too.  That’s hard to do at this level to be able to play all the way through and make it to free agency, battle through all those years and to actually come out on the other side and actually get rewarded for not only what you’ve done but what he’s going to do I’m excited about that.  In terms of our football team we don’t stop.  We are going to continue to look in any way that we can to continue to improve our football team.  But today is about Dashon.  Today is about his day being a member of our football team about him putting on our jersey.  Just know that coach, myself, the front office, we are still all looking.  The Glazer family will continue to provide us resources and lets us continue to look to see if there is anything that we think is rare, unique or a player that we think can help our football team we will continue to do that.  I’m excited about Dashon, I’m excited about the next five years, I’m really excited about him being teamed up with Mark Barron in our secondary and really improve in making us a more physical football team like coach said that we were when we won a championship.”

Dominik on whether or not he is anticipating a similar offseason to 2012:
“I would say that we always try to look for different ways that we can incorporate players into this football team in different capacities.  Whether it’s somebody that we think is a special team’s player or a guy that can play specific roles on our team.  We’ll continue to look but we are also going to be prudent with the way that this team is being built knowing that we have players that we want to do extensions with in the future and knowing that there are going to be other opportunities and always keeping that in mind.  We do a lot of strategic planning three-four-five years out to make sure that we don’t put ourselves in a situation where we can’t sign back players that we want to retain and make sure that when players like Dashon Goldson become free-agents we are able to strike and attack.  Certainly I wouldn’t count us out of anything because I think we want to keep our doors open.  We certainly know that we have a plan and we’ve been sticking to that plan and I’m excited about the plan that we did because of the way we ran this football team, the way the owners focus this football team to be able to be in a situation where in the NFC South we are able to add a player of this caliber.”

Schiano on the role of Ronde and Dashon:
“We are going to wait and see what Ronde feels.  Obviously that has been the thing we talked about.  As Mark said, this is Dashon’s day so I’m going to let Ronde make his decision and we’ll celebrate Dashon’s signing and everything that goes with it.”

Dominik on whether this might not have happened:
“There’s a lot, there’s the numbers, there’s the language, there’s a lot of things that go into it.  It’s not just as simple as, ‘what do you want? Ok I’ll do it’ and you’ve got a deal done.’  It’s really difficult and I would say that speaks to the excitement that he wasn’t franchised wasn’t just felt by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  There were other clubs and other organizations that felt the same thing and were really excited about having the chance to add him.  I was encouraged that we recruited hard enough to get him on the first flight but I wasn’t sure he was going to sign.  I know last night it was important to us to sell our organization just as much as it was for him to get comfortable and to work on the money side of the negotiations as well.  There were times where I was nervous and wondering if this was going to come together.  I worked hard with CAA, specifically Ben Dogra his agent, and we were able to come to an agreement and I’m excited about it.  Now we’re sitting here and we’ll finish this up, we’ll go back upstairs and go to work.”

Dominik on attempt to trade for Goldson:
“We are always trying to look for different avenues to add a player.  I felt very strong, we felt very strong, about watching Dashon even last year on tape.  It was prior to the draft which is what I would say so we still had ammunition in the draft and everything like that.  It all works out for a reason.  He played another fantastic season and got himself to the Pro-Bowl and got himself to the Super Bowl.  I know he’s got one more goal too and that’s what our whole team goal is and I know he’s going to help us get there.”

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    Love the signing, way to go Bucs! Now we need a CB or two and should still draft one unless we get some relative youth in FA. I still wouldn't mind Revis and another solid CB like maybe Cason, Cox or Munerlyn. Wouldn't even mind Asomugha instead of Revis if he still has some speed. Asomugha looked a little bit slow to me last year, unless he just lost interest in Philly. It seemed like many of the players might have lost interest. Maybe having Asomugha out there in the FA market will put more pressure on the Jets to let Revis go because teams will have a quality replacement if they do not get Revis. Go Bucs!!! Spend wisely!!
  • avatar

    When asked about Revis Dom says let's talk about Dashon. Here's a guy who's earned every penny he's ever gotten. Another words, not like Revis who sat out injured last year getting paid, and now wants more money with a year left on his contract. Thank you Dom. Goldson is our prize free agent this year, I think air Glazer is back in the hanger. Look for more, a corner for sure, but it won't be Goldson type money.
  • avatar

    That comment by Dom was awesome, strategic and telling....at least it seemed to be. I would live with Revis if he can stay on the field and become a team player (as opposed to an island) BUT, I'd rather see us pick up Cox & Grimes as they seem to LOVE football and are more like the "Buc Men" that we're looking for. I hope that's what Dom was eluding to.
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    now barron moves to his natural ss and will show why he was drafted high
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