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March 15, 2013 @ 11:50 pm
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Bucs Add Packers TE Crabtree

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


Editor-In-Chief E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tampa Bay added some TE competition late Friday night signing former Packers restricted free agent Tom Crabtree.
Late Friday night multiple sources reported the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have signed Green Bay restricted free agent tight end Tom Crabtree to a two-year contract.

Crabtree was signed as an undrafted free agent in 2009 by the Kansas City Chiefs and spent part of that season on the Chiefs practice squad then signed by the Green Bay Packers later that same season. In 2010 Crabtree made the Packers roster as a backup to Jermichael Finley and Donald Lee and appeared in all 16 games, primarily as a special-teamer.

Crabtree’s best season came in 2012 where the former Miami of Ohio standout had eight receptions for 203 yards, including a 75-yard TD reception, one of three scores on the year.

For his career Crabtree has 18 receptions for 302 yards and four touchdowns.

The addition of Crabtree gives the Buccaneers six tight ends on their current roster (Crabtree, Luke Stocker, Danny Nobles, Drake Dunsmore, Zach Miller and Nate Byham). 2012 starter Dallas Clark has is currently an unrestricted free agent.

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    Not everybody wants to come to Tampa... we got a good safety, a TE and a LB . We only lost two DL and they were just ok with no upside. I could care less when Miller and Bennet left, its not like we lost Pro Bowl players. Just start drafting better players and we will win.
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    Makski, I have to respectfully disagree somewhat that the only reason we were 1st against run was because we were last against pass. You dont think bucs putting up some good points this year had something to do with teams having to pass more? I agree the horrible secondary was part of the reason but not the only reason. Yes, the year before last we got run on with Bennett and Miller, but I seem to remember us being decent against the run until McCoy went out? Also part of playing the run better is Shianos tough coaching and expectations of players I think? Anyways, I still think not keeping at least Bennett for 5 million for a year will come back to bite us. Going to be hard to build depth from free agency and draft this year. We have a lot of guys that are unproven in their play and if they can ever stay healthy.
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    Everyone stop it already!! The only reason we were #1 against the run is because we were 32nd against the pass. We were even only a FEW yards away from being the worst pass D in NFL history!! Nobody ran on us because it was so easy to pass on us. The year before, we were 31st or 32nd against the run with almost the exact same D-linemen. Bennet was there and so was Miller, they couldn't stop ANYONE from running on us. We had Talib so everyone pounded it down our throats. We will be fine, and we want to get bigger along the line. A solid and cheaper player to fit in on the line will be signed, just be patient. As for the book from keno, I don't really agree with you on most counts. You have to wait until the season starts before you start comparing this years squad with last years. Most positions you mentioned were a wash, not a regression from last year. I believe we are even stronger at some positions than last year. Safety is a huge upgrade, CB will be at least an upgrade even if we do not sign Revis. Anyone would be better than last year. WR is upgraded, say what you want, but still having Jackson, Williams and Underwood is a wash and adding Ogletree is an improvement over Benn. Benn never played very well and could not stay healthy. We have NEVER had OT depth, that is a wash and we will see who we get, could be a big improvement!
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    Good coments Kino. It appears that the Bucs FO has allowed free agency to slip by while holding on to the possibility of trying to land Revis...don't forget he was out all of last year with injury...not a great lockerroom guy...and will want a new contract before the ink is dry on the current one. So if Revis is obtained, the Bucs will give up one or more high round draft choices, big salary ($14-15M) tied to huge salaray cap dollars, and not likely to retain him over the long haul. Meanwhile, a number of quality FAs who could have made our FIRST offense AND defense teams at the $3-6M range get signed by other teams. I hope I'm wrong, but from where I sit (admitedly on the outside), I just don't get it.
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    i like it! i got on a packers website and alot of packer fans were irate that they lost this guy, ver yunder the radar. Keep up the good work mark! Dont listen too the negative nancy's that call theselves buc fans.
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    Hey Kino: couldn't have said it any better! - right from the PR compliment through the Dom a little confused.
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    Solid under the radar signing/ Another good move by Dominick
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    Mark for the record you and the rest of the staff do an excellent job, the cost of this publication is is one heck of a good deal !! As for the Bucs : To be legit you have to beat Atlanta which means stopping the run and winning the White, Jones and Gonzo battle ,if you can't do that you have a dart throwers chance at going to the playoffs.Are the Bucs better off right now than the beginning of 2012 to do that No , gained a safety lost two corners.I would also challenge anyone to point out after the first stage of free agency where this team is any better than they were in Aug of 2012. Db's. No worse DL Hell No worse Lb Push but No OL No worse no Tackle depth Wr push No RB No TE No Qb No What needs to improve to get to the next level well TE , DBS and DL of those three immediate help is probably only available through the draft at TE . Second tier improvements needed( plug in RB depth), effective third WR and OL depth at tackle can all be had through the draft but not all of it.Vincent Jackson makes this offense and what ever plan Dom is on to win he doesn't appear to be included because we say build through the draft but we are letting drafted players that are good fits for our system walk. These players are signing for fair to below market value( Short term no real long term cap ramification type contracts)This will put you back another year and if you can't resign these type of players, nowyou sure as heck can't ever get enough draft picks to do it if you pay Revisi 13 mil. and give up picks to do it.Rick McKay made the bucs by knowing the Market and resigning quality players who fit the system for less than future market value prior to them hitting the FA Market.This helped the team with the long term cap, kept continuity and really gave a clean team vision ( dom is in a 2014 hell of a mess, this creates a very mixed vision as evidenced this past week)as far as need via free agency.Dom has done some good things but he clearly is in over his head .He has an eye on building through the draft but now has handcuffed either this years FA class or the build through the draft philosophy with Revis( will lose high picks)Either way you have to beat your best division rival in the nfl to advance and in this case you had better find a Great pass rush ( 3 quality DE's ) and three very good CB's . As of right now we have regressed at least a draft and maybe two because Revis if Healthy isn't getting sacks and shutting down 3 of the best in the game.So when this happens VJ will be ineffective or gone and I sure didn't think we got Him and Nicks to watch a three year rebuild starting this year.Capoligy , first round picks are very very important to a team as they can be signed to a five year contract . This extends the time (if you draft good) that a real good if not great player can count very little against the cap( see Barron's and Martins cap value vs Revis).I would also put a real premium on second and third round picks as far as cap management but do to the four year max contract this is where the Rich Mckays of the world will shine.if you draft good here and extend early for slightly less than market value and then use free agency, YOU WIN. By Benn, by Miller,by Bennett , by Trueblood........... By Talib by Jackson by Black so how do we replace them ,draft ? that's years worth of picks or free agency( apparently not). Ya your guess is as good as Mine and I think after a great year last year Dom is as confused as we are and has gotten a little full of himself. Pull out the Magic Dom !!! Go Bucs !
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    Good signing!
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    At first I thought the article said BUCS sign PRACTICE TE, then I read who it was and realized that's what they did....does anyone seriously think the Saints or Falcons are worried at all about this or Ogletree .... Quite the opposite they are LOL at our loss of two players from our #1 rush defense....
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    I like Crabtree. I was very suprised to see his career numbers weren't highter. I seem to remember him making several great catches when Finley went down during the season the Packers won the Super Bowl. Am I remembering that right? I just looked it up and only made 4 catches in the 2010 regular season so maybe I saw them all! (*UPDATE: I had the wrong guy. I was thinking of Quarless from their SB run. I still like Crabtree from what I saw last year). At any rate, I hear he's great blocker also so I agree with WVBucFan that he's now the best TE on the roster. Lousy Stocker...
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    Crabtree was a restricted free agent who the Packers did not tender an offer. The Bucs owe no compensation. Also for the rest of the whiners who complained abot the Bucs not matching $5M for Bennet the little baby's feelings were too hurt that the Bucs didn't over pay him he didnt go back to see if the Buc's would match. He didnt want them to say no again.
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    Ware is subpar. Upgrade with Gilhessee who was the leading SEC running back and can block and has good hands. Good to see this TE deal but Escobar in the draft is a balanced TE who can block and soft hands to receive. His presence would not give away the play. When Clark comes in its a pass. Byner comes in and the enemy knows it is a run. When the Bucs won the Super Bowl they had two balanced TEs!
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    "..restricted free agent tight end.." Did we lose a draft pick?
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    RFA that wasn't assigned a tender, so no pick lost. Don't know why not. From everything I've read so far, GB liked the guy and he was a fan favorite. Aaron Rodgers even tweeted that he will miss him. So, perhaps a good low risk pick-up.
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    @ Kenlola LMAO that video is hilarious!!!
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    Can't wait to get my CrabOgletree jersey!
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    This video was just released on the Revis trade. This is a must see for Bucs fans. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EiiePuTDUw&feature=youtube_gdata
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    Wouldn't mind resigning Dallas Clark for around league minimun, give or take a million or two. Can still start and is a smart, come back to your Quarterback type of TE. While he was never a speed burner to begin with, he knew where to sit down in between the defense. Lastly, keep RB L. Blount! This guy needs some remedial work on pass defense blocking and ball handling. I think that with some Professional coaching he can become a better player. He does bring something to the table that the muscle hamster does not. He definitely should be in the rotation for giving Doug a breath or two. For some reason, I believe that if he isn't traded, there will become a time when Blount just might have to play a major role for a game or two. I think we need to play the speedster 2 year back whose name escapes me, but add a RB DJ Ware and the Buccaneer Running Backs are lacking talent and RB L. Blount is the 2nd most talented RB in that group! Just something to think about. Peace.
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    Crabtree is a better pass catcher than he's given credit for. He has been behind Finley in GB and was not asked to be receiving TE.... He was their best blocking TE hands down and can bring the versatility to the Bucs offense. He's instantly the best TE on the roster.... I would like to see him Stocker and Noble create a solid rotation at the TE position. ...
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