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March 25, 2013 @ 8:45 am
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Bennett's Bad Shoulder A Reason For Bucs' Lack Of Interest?

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The Bucs failed to re-sign former defensive end Michael Bennett is free agency, puzzling many fans. But on Sunday a report by Adam Schefter said that Bennett is facing potential surgery for a torn rotator cuff.
The odd maneuvering of the Buccaneers so far in the 2013 free agency period has been has been widely debated over the last three weeks. From the lack of any additions to the cornerback position, to allowing certain players to walk, Bucs fans, and some in the media, have been scratching their heads and wondering the reasons.

But on Sunday, perhaps one of the questions was answered, in the case of defensive end Michel Bennett at least, when it was revealed by Adam Schefter that Bennett played part of last season with a torn rotator cuff, and will need surgery at some point to correct the ailment.

The injury could have played a bearing on the lack of interest by the Buccaneers, and other NFL teams for that matter, as Tampa Bay’s most productive defensive linemen(9 sacks, 18 TFL) ended up signing just one-year $5 million deal with the Seattle Seahawks.

Looking back over the injury reports sent weekly during the season, Bennett showed up on November 7 for the first time with his shoulder listed as injured. The previous week the Buccaneers had traveled to Oakland and it is possible the injury was sustained in that game. Bennett recorded a sack in that Week 9 Oakland game, his sixth of the season, and then recorded just three more over the final eight games. Two of the remaining three sacks came in one game, against Philadelphia, meaning Bennett failed to produce a sack in six of the final eight games of the season.

The prognosis for Bennett is up in the air if Schefter’s report is correct. Bennett could choose surgery now but his status for the start of the regular season would be unclear. Bennett could also attempt to play with the injury, as it appears he did over the second half of the 2012 season.

The Buccaneers have not commented on Bennett's injury, and maintained throughout the weeks prior to the start of free agency that they were prepared to enter 2013 with Da'Quan Bowers as their starting left defensive end.


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    The Bucs better be doing a draft day deal to get Revis. Otherwise, the off season will be almost a bust with all of the holes they have, ie. corner, DE, DT.
  • avatar

    Apparently they "know shoulders" too.
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    Dang scott, still should of resigned him. The guy is going to get to 10+ sacks this year. Bahahaha, leave it to the professionals.
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    Ditto. It is now clear what went down. We need to move on and by move on I mean fill the stable with some real players. Bowers hasn't shown to be durable at all. I don't know what would make the BUCS feel comfortable enough to bet the farm on him or Clayborn being the end all answer either. We have alot of question marks across this D-Line and we need some anwsers. You can never have enough pass rushers and at this point we don't have one on the list that is proven whatsoever. Abaraham would be a good stop gap and then draft one.
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    I am surprised the Bucs haven't show interest in DE John Abraham. He's still productive, he's got knowledge of the Falcon's defense, likely has a chip on his shoulder after being released, and can probably be had for $3M per year on a two year deal.
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    IMO, the money Bennett was looking for combined with the injury made the decision fairly simple. Now the Bucs need to decide who they will add to the DE mix. Can't go into the season with Clayborn and Bowers and nothing behind them.
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    Well it does make sense now. My question is this! What is in the Bucs going to do about a cb and a de or dt in Free Agancy. I really believ now if Revis does not pan out.Tampa would trade down for a 2nd Rd-2 or Rd-3 pick.Go after the best player availabe between DE,DT,CB,OL I would go after the best player available to pick In RD-1,Rd-2,Rd-3 &Rd-4.GO BUCS
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    There is no medical reason that I can think of for not repairing it now and giving it time to heal.
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    My question is why the heck would he not have gotten the surgery already? I can only assume, that he thought this would be perhaps his only big payday and so he is going to play injured this year and make his money.
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    I injured my rotator cuff 12 years ago. It still bothers me til this day, so that injury is serious. It sometimes do not heal correctly and even when it heals to much work and re-injure it. I'm not pushing around 300lbs linemen, I am working out at gym and it flares up, so I can understand the concern.
  • avatar

    Nobody has ever recovered from rotator cuff surgery to play DL in the NFL is my guess. Give me a break.
  • avatar

    Scott, Feel free to apologize to Dominik and Bucs for ripping on them for not signing Bennett. Always best to be patient and wait for atleast the end of the draft before grading their offseason moves, and even then it isnt over yet, as we signed our starting TE after the draft if I recall correctly.
  • avatar

    I was hoping Scott wrote this article... ;)
  • avatar

    Rotator cuff or not I didn't think he was worth resigning he was just another Stylz White, or Greg White to me.
  • avatar

    I hope that helps to answer some questions about Bennett; now can we move on.
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