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March 28, 2013 @ 12:07 pm
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Bucs Extend Dotson Through The 2016 Season

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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PewterReport.com has learned the Buccaneers have extended starting right tackle Demar Dotson's contract through the 2016 season. Dotson was scheduled to become an unrestricted after the 2013 season.
So far the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have done little to get fans excited in free agency, other than adding safety Dashon Goldson and a few second tier free agents. But PewterReport.com has learned Tampa Bay has extended one of their own, inking right tackle Demar Dotson – who was scheduled to be a free agent after the upcoming season – to a three-year extension through the 2016 season.

Dotson, who earned just over $1 million in 2012, will earn the same amount in 2013. His base salary will increase to $1.25 million in 2014, $1.5 million in 2015 and $1.75 million in 2016.

The Alexandria, Louisiana native, played his college ball at Southern Mississippi, beginning his career as a basketball player for the Golden Eagles before transitioning football in 2008. Dotson was a defensive lineman, and played in just six games as a senior for Southern Miss.

Tampa Bay signed Dotson as an undrafted free agent in 2009 and converted him to an offensive tackle due to his footwork from basketball and his prototypical offensive lineman size (6-9, 315 pounds).

Dotson didn’t see any regular season action until 2011, serving primarily as a backup to former starter Jeremy Trueblood. During training camp last season, Dotson started training camp as the Buccaneers starting left tackle, subbing for starter Donald Penn who injured himself in the offseason. Penn was able to start the regular season, relegating Dotson back to the bench, before taking over for Trueblood after Week 2.


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    Big upside on this one. What if we trade 3 or 4 players from our Rutgers roster for Revis
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    Based on the terms, this doesn't look to be the contract of a starting RT. I guess that means he will likely be getting competition soon via the draft or FA.
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    Poor Demar Dotson. He finally gets an article written about him in Pewter Report and all anyone talks about is cornerbacks and free agents. I can hear him singing that country song now, "I wanna talk about Me!" I have to agree, if one of those top OT's is there at # 13, the relatively inexpensive Dotson will become the swing tackle. Congratulations Demar.
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    I believe that this contract was fair. Dotson was smart to keep the figures reasonable and he will be here thru 2016 and then some. He is proving to be another Zuttah and that means they can play at more than one spot. Why are some of you Fans are at apanic stage and the sky is falling. OSI was a problem in New York and Atlanta was desperate to find a DL before the draft. If we just keep our cool and select a DL at that spot 13 we will also have improved our LB's and especially our CB's positions. We need 2 CB's in Rounds 2-4 where Rhonde can help teach them how to play in the NFL. I am keeping my figure crossed that we leave Revis alone until after the draft, unless the Jets will take a 3rd round pick this year and a 4th round pick next year.
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    I'd say this this player does what he is ask-No Problem.At least He will be with Bucs thru 2016.Way to go Team Player.GO BUCS
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    It seems to me the Bucs are putting all their eggs in the draft basket. They'll spend for good free agents, the key word being free, but it's only Schiano's second draft. They are not going to trade premium picks for anybody. The Bucs will give Wright a one year deal to start on one side, and yes, have a rookie start on the other. Barber will be back for one more go, and we'll have at least one more corner from this draft. That's the plan.
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    I want to know if we don't land Revis how do we improve our corner situation? Please give me your opinions please.
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    If we dont land Revis I say trade up for Milliner and get Grimes if hes still available. I mean if we were gonna give a 1 and 2 for Revis and then dont get him might as well make a big trade to 4th spot and snag Milliner. To me thats the best option to improve the pass defense dramatically for this season.
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    jongruden: By improving the pass rush. In Bowers, McCoy and Claiborne we have 3/4 of a ferocious defensive front four. We need to add a stud 4-3 nose tackle and some depth. If opposing QBs don't have time to throw, the corners automatically start looking a lot better. Then we need to add a couple of mid-round CBs to the mix of young guys we have now. With improved secondary coaching we should be able to develop at least a respectable group of CBs. And then hopefully Ronde will give us one last year. That's the formula I like.
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    Update March 28th: Todd McShay predicts the Bucs will draft Tavon Austin in the first round. VTBucs, Raheem33 and I all agree with this pick (per our previous comments) AND the Scott Reynolds...see the Fab 5 of 3/22/13 (FAB #3)!
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    Yes, drafting a slor wr is another huge priority for this team, lol Todd Mcshay didn't watch one Bucs Game all yr guaranteed!
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    HELLO! Mark...Mark Dominic, are you in there? This is FREE AGENT time...are you awake Mark? I say, this is FREE AGENT time! Mark, is your electricity off? Is is your fax on the fritz?? Mark, did you read the latest CBA agreement? Each team now has a MINIMUM they must spend...did you realize that? Mark, wake up! Is your alarm still on snooze?? Are you still dreaming about making a deal for Revis? Is that infernal affection for Revis clouding your judgement? Atlanta just signed Osi...EVERY team is getting better and you signed one safety and a couple of special teamers. There have been a ton of FAs gone by the wayside...just wanted you to know!
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    MC- I believe you esp since you talked to Dominick himself and my opinion is just based off of that alone but I find it extremely hard to swallow that "if" we don't land Revis and we have names like Gorrer, Johnson, and Lewis on the roster at corner that we take a RT at 13 a possible franchise one or not is hard to believe. We will give up huge passing records again this yr if thats the route we take in the draft, taking corners later on in the draft to solve a HUGE weakness spells disaster in the making. Xavier Rhodes is predicted to land somewhere between 10-20 so its not a reach to take him at 13 just my opinion. Would Lane Johnson even start this season if he were drafted by the Bucs this yr and if not how does that help us this season? In 2-3 yrs yes but we have serious issues NOW in our secondary did I mention SERIOUS!
  • avatar

    Rhodes stock has skyrocketed for sure since the end of his senior season. But even so I'm not sure he makes an immediate impact. In fact, as Ronde said, this defense puts a ton of pressure on the cornerbacks. I like Rhodes but I am not sure he is 13 worthy, but I'm not a scout by any means. However I am an FSU fan so... I'm not sure if you have read what a scout who covers FSU told me at the East-West game... He said EJ Biggers is a better CB than Rhodes, the caveat being right now. Meaning Rhodes has a ton of potential, but a mediocre guy with experience in the defense, would play better than Rhodes as a rookie will. With that said that is why I feel it is important to make the Revis deal. Revis will be head and shoulders better than any rookie in the draft, including Milliner. SR and I are beginning to think DT is that 13 pick if they still have it when the draft comes. They want some QB pressure from the NT position and Miller and Gibson couldnt do it. but hey man this is what makes this time of year so fun!
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    roger that 4680, San Diego just canned Jared Gaither, no way does Lane Johnson get by them and may be gone before he gets that far. Dotson is a good signing and still has more upside, but will probably only ever be a ROT. We should draft Brennan Williams in the 4th for competition at RT. If the Dominik/Nix hacked phone conversation is to be believed, Jamon Meredith is on the trade block.
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    This is fine because there is no chance Fisher or Johnson fall to #13.
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    I think they got him cheap. He should have waited to be an FA.
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    So all this talk of drafting Lane Johnson may have just been put to bed, I told u guys including PR that RT is not a priority or even a need, Dotson has limited playing experience at the position and did fine and to be honest may be the best RT we have had since Rob Taylor.
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    JG, I like you, but you are out of your mind if you think the Bucs wouldn't take Johnson at No. 13 if by some chance he slips. I like Dotson a lot, but this is a minimal contract. This will have zero bearing on taking a tackle if one is available at 13. Ted Larsen will make more than Dotson this season. I agree it isn't a priority but Dominik has told us you cant pass up a franchise tackle. Rarely so they sniff free agency and if they do you pay an arm and a leg for them.
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    One of the quieter yet more significant moves so far, this gives us at the very least a reliable swing tackle that provides solid depth at both sides, and who knows after some experience he could blosssom into something special. Now if lane johnson can slip to the #13 spot, we could be set at a marquee position for the forseeable future
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