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April 4, 2013 @ 4:59 pm
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Bucs Release QB Orlovsky, RB Ware

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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The Buccaneers released backup quarterback Dan Orlovsky and reserve running back D.J. Ware on Thursday, creating $2.35 million in salary cap space. Tampa Bay is expected to add another quarterback to back up Josh Freeman in 2013.
Tampa Bay made two roster moves on Thursday in an attempt to upgrade the team's depth. The Bucs released backup quarterback Dan Orlovsky and reserve running back D.J. Ware. Both players just played one season in Tampa Bay.

Orlovsky completed 4-of-7 passes for 51 yards in relief duty in 2012. He was signed at the urging of former Bucs quarterbacks coach Ron Turner, who coached Orlovsky in Indianapolis during the previous year. The move saves the Bucs $1.5 million in base salary.

Ware was signed at the suggestion of offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan, who spent time with Ware in New York with the Giants. Ware rushed for 51 yards on 11 carries (4.6 avg.) in his lone season with the Buccaneers as the team's third down back. He also caught 14 passes for 100 yards (7.1 avg.) as the team's primary third-down back.

Ware was scheduled to earn $750,000 in base salary in 2013 and had a $100,000 workout bonus. Cutting Ware saves the Bucs $850,000.

The signing of former Rutgers and Cincinnati Bengals running back Brian Leonard made Ware expendable as he will be a strong candidate to take over third down duties. Leonard has a more accomplished NFL career, rushing for 646 yards on 174 carries (3.7 avg.) and catching 113 passes for 814 yards and one touchdown. Ware has only toted the ball 92 times for 375 yards and one touchdown, and has just 51 receptions for 352 yards.

The Buccaneers currently have five running backs on the roster, including starting halfback Doug Martin, starting fullback Erik Lorig, Michael Smith, LeGarrette Blount and Leonard. The Bucs are expected to draft a running back for depth, and Texas A&M's Christine Michael and Michigan State's Le'Veon Bell are among the players Tampa Bay is targeting.

Tampa Bay currently has just two quarterbacks on the roster – starter Josh Freeman and Adam Weber, who was on the practice squad last year. The Bucs are expected to either sign or trade for a veteran quarterback to compete for the backup job or select one in the middle or late rounds of the 2013 NFL Draft.
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    I agree with another Fan how about a Tebow trade along with 4th rd plus 2 draft choices next year to swing the CB REVIS toTampa.We would pay Tebow $$ plus Jets would get a 4 &6 rd pick this year plus a #2  next year. I think that Jets won't happen to stick with Tebow. I would love for Tebow to pack the stadium and he would be a b/up running QB. Can you Imagine with Tebow and Freeman in the backfield.Tampa would have a lot of fancy trick [plays for long yardage-GO BUCS.
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    I think that this means that #1-Tampa will sign another veteran to backup Freeman and pickup another RB thru draft. I think that Tampa may decide to trade their NO#1 next year to get in the tOP 5 TO GET THAT cb FROM bAMA OR de FROM OREGON. I AGREE WITH OTHER FANS REVIS COULD BE IN A BUCS UNIFORM BUT NOW I THINK THE PRICE WILL START GOING DOWN AS WE GET CLOSER TO THE DRAFT. Let Tampa play hardball on Revis. The Jets are not going to milk tampa on a player that has to be reproven before the drafts picks goes up. Look at the other deals on players this year. Tampa can wait.Its all in Jets Corner on what to do.GO BUCS
  • avatar

    With Tebow we may not win, but it would be entertaining.
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    NFL Network did a Draft Do-Over for 2009. Josh Freeman was the third overall pick. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000156632/article/2009-nfl-draft-doover-mike-wallace-percy-harvin-hit-top-five. So I agree need to groom youngsters not Veteran backup. Why do you guys want to trade a Number 1 Pick for Revis? The Jets have no leverage at all. 4th rounder even without taking Tebow should be enough. Otherwise, the Jets have a disgruntled Revis for one year and then get NOTHING. Maybe Revis will play hard for the free agency, but I think he will make plenty of money doing zero. And I think what he will give the Jets this year is zero. I think Revis wins the most by not playing (claiming injury, w/e). That way the knee doesn't get hurt, and he can show YouTube videos of him working out to verify the knee is ok, if the Jets don't trade him.
  • avatar

    By the way the actual show they had with Warren Sapp, had different picks, and I believe Freeman went 4th to Seattle.
  • avatar

    Horse is right: We don´t need competition, but maybe a replacement (next years draft has some starting caliber QB´s). For this year a simple back up should do it, as Freeman is able to win games. And that´s why a Revis trade wouldn´t be wise (we need all the picks to make this team better). With a trade, the Bucs would be left with other holes and would wind up beeing average again... have a nice day
  • avatar

    Ok here it goes...Scubog that was some funny stuff.....The Skins just resigned whats his name (the QB from Chicago) and they signed Pat White (QB from WVU). How many QBs do they need when they have one of the best in RGIII. What if theres a trade already in place for that kid (Kurt Cousins) they drafted right behind RGIII from Michigan State. He stepped in for RGIII last season and had a hell of a game. I believe between here and the Jets with Revis that Blount is a part of a package deal. We trade down in the first round with the Redskins to pick up there first rounder, Kurt Cousins, and an additional pick later by trading them our first rounder and Blount (or Blount goes to the Jets). We than trade our first rounder this year (which is now a later first rounder) with an additional pick to get Revis. This way we retain the rest of our picks (2-6) and get a QB and top CB out of the deal. I dont know about you, but it sounds good to me.
  • avatar

    We don't need a vet to tutor Freeman, he is a vet! He's going on his fifth year for Pete's sake.The Bucs need to pick up someone like Mallett, or draft someone who could possibly replace Free should he falter. Someone with more future, then past.
  • avatar

    If the Bucs released Orlovsky yesterday it was because they have something in mind. Nobody got up yesterday and said "it's Thursday, why don't we release Orlovsky today". I think within the next few days, we will see what they have in mind. It is entirely possible that as a courtesy to Orlovsky, they are giving him sufficient time to sign on with another team before the draft. I would be surprised if they used a high draft pick on a QB and a low draft pick gets another body but accomplishes very little.
  • avatar

    Hopefully if they draft a QB it is Zach Dysert. I think he is the best qb in the draft and no one is talking about him
  • avatar

    What's the chances we draft tavon with 13 and then trade mike Williams to the Pats for Ryan mallett?
  • avatar

    Highly unlikely the Pat's will part with Ryan Mallett. I live in the Boston area and know the Pat's very well. It's been reported dozens of times over the last few months the Pat's might trade Mallett but they'd need an offer they can't refuse. They really don't want to part with him.
  • avatar

    Could the Bucs draft the top QB at 13? They would have their pick of the class. Who would that be? USC's Matt Barkley? Schiano reportedly likes the W.Va program. Could the Bucs take Geno Smith? I know it has been reported that Schiano's job is tied to Freeman like Mark Dominik's is. Not so fast. Schiano could take "his guy" in this draft and as long as the team is competitive, he would be given time. I think the better Mountaineer at 13 is Tavon Austin. Keep giving mismatch weapons to Freeman and watch this offense lead the league. If Tavon is gone at 13, they should take CB Rhodes/DE Ansah/LB Te'o and not a QB.
  • avatar

    I wouldn't mind having Tebow as a backup. I liked him even when he had those ugly @$$ Gator colors on. He's clutch in the 4th quarter, like Freeman. Also, unlike the situation the Jets got themselves into the expectations for Tebow as a starter are very low right now so no one should be screaming for him to start.
  • avatar

    No Tebow; but I have seen Weber play and he has a hell of an arm , very quick feet , good size and may be the only QB that I have witnessed, to be a substantially WORSE thrower than Tebow.
  • avatar

    Here's my take on the situation? We have Freeman and he is our QB and we expect him to perform. At this point if he doesn't perform enough he will still be playing and starting this whole season. Why not pick up a young QB in the draft and after the draft? I believe we should hold our fire and do not give up any 1st or 2nd round draft picks this season or next in a Revis deal. If Freeman was to play poorly which I believe it that won't happen; we batter have that 1st and 2nd round pick in order to get a good QB.
  • avatar

    Scary. If Tim Tebow becomes our back-up QB I will officially become an ex Buccaneer fan until his departure.
  • avatar

    Sadly Tebow would be better then Rob Johnson. I hated Rob with a passion!
  • avatar

    Let's see, the Jets want to trade Revis for a 1st round draft pick but Dominik offered to take Tebow off their hands and the Jets are so grateful they'll let the star CB go for a 4th rounder. Kinda like a pretty girl agreeing to go on a date with you if you talk your buddy into take her ugly sister to the prom. Let the rumors begin.
  • avatar

    I though the Bucs missed the boat on not getting a veteran qb Like either a Cassel or a Matt Hasselbeck more for tutoring purposes than anything, Joe Ferguson where are you?
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