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April 15, 2013 @ 12:39 pm
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Schiano Says Bucs Are Counting On Wright In 2013

Written by Mark
Eric Wright restructured his contract to stay in Tampa Bay
Eric Wright restructured his contract to stay in Tampa Bay Mark Lomoglio/PR


Mark Cook


Editor-In-Chief E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Buccaneers head coach addressed the media at One Buc for the first time since early January. Tampa Bay's second-year coach talked about ways to improve the football team, passing on some free agents and how the Bucs will be counting on Eric Wright this season.
The Buccaneers welcomed back the players to One Buccaneer Place for the first phase of their 2013 offseason workouts and head coach Greg Schiano took a few minutes with the media to discuss the offseason thus far.

Opening Statement:
“Good to be back, good to have the player in the building again. That’s certainly a big difference from what I was accustomed to the last 12 years before I came to Tampa, so it’s fun to have them back here and get to work with then, There are different phases. We’ll work through those but we get more involved with them as you move to the big phase, phase two and three. As far as attendance, everyone was here, except one person who was accounted for with a family, a good family situation, a birth. Erich Wright and his wife had a baby yesterday so, it’s all good. Everybody’s excited to get back to it. I include myself in everybody.”
Did Ronde Barber show up?
“No. 20 did not show up. He’s not under contract so he was not here.”
Where does the Barber decision stand?
"We’ve been in communication but there’s no developments. It’s just kind of where it is, which is fine. It’s kind of where we left it and we’ll continue to keep in communications. Certainly there is no silence or anything. It’s just the process of figuring it out.”
 Is there a deadline with Ronde as far as re-signing with the Bucs?
 “No. I guess at some point down the road, but we’re not anywhere near that now. For planning purposes only down the road.”
How comfortable are you with the team you’ve put together?
“There are always going to be areas that need to be addressed. You can stack up Lombardi Trophies, and when you evaluate the tape you still need this and you need that. As an organization we’re building a team and an organization to the vision of what kind of men do we want in here, what kind of players and people, And I’m, pleased that we’re going in the right direction. It’s one step at a time and sometimes you don’t get everything you want. It doesn’t always unfold the way you want. But I’m pleased with the direction we’re headed.”

What was the reasoning on why you passed on some starters at positions of need in free agency?
“The key word you said is the big picture view. I think what happens is free agency comes up and all the focus is on that period of time and what goes on in that period of time. There’s three ways, really, you draft, go through free agency and the third way, regardless of whether you draft them or get them in free agency, is developing them as players. So we have to draft, draft well again, I think we were very selective and process with the way we went through free agency. And then we have to develop all the players in this building. There are some guys in this building that maybe aren’t household names yet that need to improve and that we need to develop as coaches and they need to play for us. No every guy has to be a first-round pick or a high profile; free agent signing. But at the end of the day, you need to add those pieces up and play winning football and certainly that’s with every decision we make, that’s the goal. What gives us the best chance to win. Sometimes, as I said earlier, you make the decision and then you don’t get what you decided to get because you’re not the only guy in the process. But again, I’m pleased with where we’re going and we just need to keep moving in that direction.”

What is the latest on the Darrelle Revis trade possibility?
“Again I hope you understand why I have to answer the way I do, that’s the rules. And I understand certainly why you ask the question – you have to ask the question. Generically I will answer to that, not in this situation (but) in that whenever we can get better – we are going to do it. I don’t care if it’s midnight or if… it doesn’t matter. If we can get better and we have an opportunity to get better then we are going to do it. That kind of is our philosophy – period. Covering all trades, all acquisitions, all things we can do as a team and as a program.”

On the cornerback situation, do you need more?
“Well we do. Again like I mentioned – free agency, draft and development of your current players, we need to do that. The point I was making (at the owners meetings last month) was the sheer numbers, we didn’t have enough. Now that Eric (Wright) is back in the fold that is one more number for sure. And I agree with you that Eric Wright is a starting cornerback caliber talent. He just had some bad luck last year. I’m excited. I think he is going to come in here and he is going to work hard and perform well. God willing he stays healthy, I think he is capable of playing well.”

Defensive line situation, how do you feel about the overall players and depth?
“I feel good about the D-line. Certainly there are some guys coming back, like A.C. (Adrian Clayborn) coming back off the injury, but he looks good and feels good. We are young, I think we have an opportunity to be really good there. Again, I think we have some players that we are developing that we feel good about. And you have to look at every decision and certainly all those decisions were organizational decisions – but it’s not just this just position you are looking at. You are looking at the whole football team. So sometimes there has got to be some give in that area, for some take in that area, and vice versa. I think that is the hard part. You can’t look at all of these decisions in a vacuum, you have to look at them in a more global position.”

Overall health of the injured players Adrian Clayborn and Carl Nicks and will they be available for the offseason workouts?
“Yeah I do think they are going to be able to do that. Certainly if anything comes up between now and then that would risk them or harming themselves in any way then we would pull back.  It is my plan that they are going to be able to do that. But I am pleased. They are coming along well, both of them. I think this is a chance to brag on Todd Torricelli and our medical staff – I think they do a great job. I am confident they will be ok.”

What are your goals as you enter the first phase of the offseason?
“It’s definitely different. Any time you begin a repeat of something you feel much more comfortable. We are in this process now as we are repeating all these different everything as a staff, and I as a head coach. We feel much better about that. And certainly when you are a new head coach you get those two extra weeks, as the teams that have new head coaches have this year. I wouldn’t trade the continuity and having all of our systems in place for those two weeks. Not even close. Just today we started meetings with the players and we are watching video of us. We’re not watching Giants video, Rutgers video and Miami Dolphins video. We’re watching Bucs video. The fact that you are teaching your players on their tape is a huge advantage. Things are installed and we have some new guys that need to get up to speed. I feel good about that. If you look at phase one, it’s just meeting with them and they work with our strength staff. Then you go to phase two, and it’s meetings, strength and conditioning and then we get to go out on the grass with them a little bit. Then phase three is meeting and training, but then you have OTA practices. With all of that there are limitations. It’s not like real training camp practice. There are just certain things you don’t get to work on and that’s the way it is. The way I look at it, everybody has the same rules. Nobody’s got an advantage or a disadvantage. You go out and make the best of it, and that’s what we’ll do. We have nine weeks to get it done. That’s our biggest challenge. How do we best utilize our time? Because the time is limited by the rules. How do we best utilize our time and be the most efficient and get the most good work done that we can in these nine weeks?”

You haven’t done much to increase the competition at the quarterback position. Is the draft an avenue for the team to do that?
“There are always opportunities. I’m not saying that and have this guy I’m thinking of. No. There are always opportunities in the draft. I believe in competition. That’s just the core belief of mine. I’d like to have a lot of things. Dan (Orlovsky) is an excellent backup. I believe that. At this stage of his career is he going to go like (motions upward)? I don’t know. Who knows? But I wouldn’t say that’s the plan. So if we get somebody [else] in here, we do. And if we don’t, we don’t and I’m good with that. Again, I clarified it once and I probably need to do it again because the quarterback is such a focused-on position. That wasn’t my intent the day after the season (to suggest that Josh Freeman needed to compete for his job). My intent was just to express that I believe in competition and wanted it to be prevalent. One of the things that I told the players was that we needed to compete with ourselves right now. How do we get better? You compete. You compete with yourself and you compete with the guy next to you. That is really kind of more my message to them. The one thing I know is the more good players you put on one team the better the whole team is going to be.”

How does Josh look, other than like Michael Jackson?
“He looks good. He looks like he’s in great shape. He has stayed lean and physically fit. I’m very excited about getting back at it.”

How condusive is your system to having a rookie come in and learn the system and start at cornerback?
“I don’t think it’s any more different than anyone else’s system. We were fortunate last year. You look at something that usually doesn’t happen. You have three rookies come in and start all 16 games. It might be a little naïve to say, ‘Let’s go do it again.’ But you really want to get guys that are capable of coming in here, especially with those early picks. If they aren’t starting, they are playing a substantial role on Sundays. That’s the goal. If it ends up being a cornerback – just like the guy that started at Will cornerback – that’s about as complicated as it can get and Lavonte [David] did an extremely good job. So did Mark [Barron], and safety is very complicated – more so than corner. Both of those are more complicated than cornerback. If that’s the way the draft ends up going, I think that guy would be capable – whoever that guy is.”

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  • avatar

    We're lucky to have Coach Schiano. You heard it here first, Buccaneers win NFC South in 13!!
  • avatar

    Kenlola, that was FANTASTIC ! ! ! ! Haven't laughed that hard in a long time !! It took me 3 tries to read it all the way through.
  • avatar

    I have no problem with Revis and Wright being our 2 CB's this year. Revis (if healthy) will take away their #1 WR and Wright could keep up with most teams' #2 WR. When Wright needs some help, we can roll coverage his way with Goldsen. I also believe that IF Revis comes here, Ronde will definitely be back to man the nickel CB spot. If we do not get Revis, I think Ronde returning will be a 50/50 chance. I think Ronde would love to play the nickel with Revis in town. It would give him a great opportunity to blitz and cover the slot to add to his totals for the Hall of Fame. Lets go Bucs and have a great finish to the off season and the draft.
  • avatar

    I have no problem with the Revis trade, I only fear that we will give the Jets too much for him. I think a #1 would be OK if he were healthy and there were no other issues. But we seem to be giving the Jets exactly what they want. I think we need to make them sweat and only offer them a 2 or a 3 this year, with maybe a 3 or 4 next year. If they do not like it, let them have him. He will not be happy after all they have done to him this year and will be a free agent next year. We can get him next year, OR, we could get someone else. There will be a million free agents next year to choose from. All of the normal FA's will be out there as will all the players who only signed one year deals this year. Let the kids we drafted get some experience this year and pick and choose a FA or two to fill in where ever we need the help.
  • avatar

    I agree with most perspectives, saying Revis-Trade-NO! because of the many holes. Last years draft was great and we need to draft good (players) again. And fans should be patient and fill the stadium, because so far under Shiano, we are on a very good way and it´s cool observing the development. So face it: We are not good enough, talent wise, to be big contenders this year, but with the great cap sitiuation here, we should be able to retain all "stars" and key players and are able to even get some quality big time FA´s in the coming years... Just need to be patient, scew Revis (at least this year) and get good/impact players. (DT Star, WR Tavon Austin, CB Tyrann Mathieu/Poyer/Trufant) Tyrann Mathieu would be last years Lavonte David: Undersized, hard playing, ready to prove them wrong type. GO Bucs
  • avatar

    Now that's funny Kenlola. I was worried that Coach Schiano actually spoke the way it was transcribed. Horse: What does your mole have to say?
  • avatar

    scubog, if you go to the Pewter Message Board and open the Going thru the Motions, you will see what information I had as of last week from someone within the Buc organization. It is that's person's opinion that they are just going thru the motions in preparing to draft at their Spot 13 and that person doesn't believe that they will actually have that spot because of a Revis trade. I took that to read that the Jets are getting it for Revis and he is going to be a Buc. That information is now a few days old. Evidently Revis is looking much better than expected. There is no way that I would put that person in harms way and give out anymore detail than that because if I say how I got it they would know where it came from. I can say that it wasn't from Schiano nor Dominik. Believe it or not or take from it how ever you wish too. For me, I am now prepared for Revis to be a Buc.
  • avatar

    Tarzan wonder why so many not like bad grammar and bad spelling. Tarzan not care about grammar and spelling. When cheetah read story to Tarzan, Cheetah not care about grammer or spelling. Jane say, real man not care about grammar or spelling. Tarzan like story. Signed Tarzan
  • avatar

    Keniola, Clever and hilarious.
  • avatar

    Gut feeling tells me Wright will have a pretty solid season this year. He won't make the Pro Bowl, but I think he'll prove he's worth a starting number 2 corner.
  • avatar

    Glad to see Coach Schiano at the mic. Good to hear about football. Laughed out loud as he explained the 3 phases.
  • avatar

    And what happens if Wright fails again? Where is the depth on this team?
  • avatar

    WellGeorge Hicks here-I like what the coach says,And Iam glad Eric Wright is back with something to prove.And if he does it right.He will get more money. I think the Revis will get done one way or another.And I think the bucs are handling the Rhonde Barber correctly. The NFL draft is two weeks away. I been doing my homework and I see that If Tampa stands pat at #13 A OT or a good DE or DT will be there. And Tampa could get some good corners in Rd-2 & 3. May be after selects #13 The Revis trade could go down for draft choices in 2014. That CB from Miss st or Southern would be available in Rd-2 or 3. A lot of teams I believe they over spend in FA and they could be better or may be a bomb. But what Tampa did getting that great defensive back from SF time will tell. I will be in Florida during the draft.I hope other teams don't get certain and Tampa gets all their player drafted that they had theoir eye on. Plus pickup some good rookie free agents and looking in 2013-GO BUCS
  • avatar

    There is nothing in Coach Schiano's interview that indicates we areor are not drafting at the 13th Spot. I now believe that Revis will be a Buccanneer.
  • avatar

    Hard to judge where they stand on Revis. Of the three ways he mentioned how you get better, trading for players wasn't one of them. He also said he wasn't opposed to playing a rookie at corner. So who knows, I just think it's foolish to give up several draft picks for one player, when you have many needs. It's only coaches second year, he drafted well last year, he should be given all the ammo he needs to build this foundation right with more picks, not less. In 10 days or less we'll know, just wish this draft wasn't being dominated with Revis talk.
  • avatar

    surferdudes, I so hope you are right. It makes the most sense. My problem is that my source within the Buc organization is indicating something different.
  • avatar

    ESPN reporting Revis ahead of schedule. No matter how they spin that news, I still do not feel that Revis is worth this year's #1. The odds of a 28 year old corner back coming off of major ACL surgery and returning to pro bowl level of play has never happened. I would rather the Bucs give up this year's #1 and next year's #1 to trade up and get Milliner.
  • avatar

    At midnight, the only girl left in the bar starts to look pretty good! Just think about that for a minute, It'll start to make sense !
  • avatar

    Mark, I'm glad you guys got this up so quickly, but there are a awful lot of typos, misspellings and grammar issues. Far be it for me to complain, but in this case, it is a little of a difficult read. Not criticizing so much as making the observation.
  • avatar

    You are absolutely correct. This was brutal. not to make excuses but someone pitched in on the transcription and I did not proof it that part well. Inexcusable for sure. If my name is on it, then I must be responsible. I think I found all the errors.Thanks for the heads up, as embarrassing as it was.
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