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April 17, 2013 @ 6:03 pm
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Idzik Tells The Media That Trading Revis Is A "Viable Option"

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Jets general manager John Idzik spoke to the the New York media on Wednesday and addressed the Darrelle Revis trade rumors, saying the that trading Revis is a "viable option."
The Darrelle Revis trade saga has resulted in little official word from the Buccaneers organization, and with good reason, as NFL rules prohibit teams from commenting on players under contract elsewhere.

But on Wednesday at a news conference in New York, Revis’ general manger John Idzik did address the future of the Jets’ star cornerback somewhat.

While Idzik didn’t make any major revelations, he is leaving the door wide open according to a story from the New York Daily News.

“I don’t like looking too far ahead,” Idzik said when asked whether Revis will be on the Jets in 2013. “I really don’t. Everyone’s anxious to know… We prepare for different things that could happen and we let things play out. I don’t like to get into speculation or the percentages or what’s your gut feel.”

Idzik stated he was willing to do whatever it takes to make the Jets better, even if that includes trades.

“We will always believe that,” Idzik said. “A trade is certainly a viable option. Yeah, we will definitely look at any trade possibilities and see if it benefits the Jets. We’ll have open discussion on potential trades… We’ll explore all avenues to try to better our roster, to try to increase the competition on our roster.”

By all accounts Revis is ahead of schedule in his rehab from a torn ACL that happened last September in a game against the Miami Dolphins. Idzik also commented on the Jets insistence that Revis join the Jets in New York as he continues to rehab as opposed to Arizona where Revis reportedly preferred to have stayed. $3 million of Revis’ $6 million dollar 2013 salary is based on attending workouts with the team in New York.

“Certainly whenever a player comes into your building and you get to see him and you get to first-hand be involved in the rehabilitation, that’s always a plus,” Idzik added. “That’s always a plus from our standpoint. But there’s a lot of factors that go into rehab schedules and who’s doing what where. So we take that into account. In the end, we just want what’s best for the player because… we’re after the same thing – get a thorough and complete rehabilitation and get him back on the field as quickly as we can.”

Reports surfaced recently that the Buccaneers think the Jets’ price tag of Tampa’s first-round pick in 2013 (13th overall), a second-rounder in 2013 or 2014 and fifth-rounder is too much to pay for Revis, but Idzik seemed to deny on Tuesday that the there have even been a firm proposal made.

“It’s been speculative,” Idzik said. “I don’t think any of that has impacted us at all…. We’re just trying to pay attention to what we feel are the important tasks at hand and not get distracted by anything that we think is on the periphery or superfluous.”

Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik is expected to address the media on Monday at One Buccaneer Place.


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    A 2nd and a 6th this year . Done deal.
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    Trade our 13th pick and L. Blount to Jets. No additional picks. Tell Idiotzik to take it or we'll wait to talk to Revis next year and you get nothing.
  • avatar

    Oh please let it end!
  • avatar

    I think its a done deal,Because what Jets want is not what Bucs will give them.I think Tampa NO#1 this year with a 4 &6 this year is reasonable, But also give them a #3 or #4 next year.They don't morage themselves.GO BUCS
  • avatar

    I've come to the conclusion that Dominik may just let it ride until after the 2013 Draft has concluded. If he does, what are the Jets to do? They still have a player they want to trade and few, if any, other suitors but our Buccaneers. Continue to observe Revis' rehabilitation this summer and readdress the trade talks in July. It's simple supply and demand economics. Jets have something of questionable value, but few willing or able to pay the price. Thus the price has to come down. Sit tight Mark. Your phone will ring.
  • avatar

    Scubog hit the nail on the head !! The Bucs are doing enough for the Jets just by letting them have some much needed cap space. The Jets will have to do something because they have damaged their relationship with Revis so severely that he will leave after 2013 season anyway and they'll get a compensatory 3rd !!! I think Dominik is playing this one right.
  • avatar

    I agree Scu- The jets have no leverage in this negotiation process what so ever, the Jets are a terrible team who are in the rebuilding stages and have alot of holes to fill, keeping Revis one yr doesn't benefit them anyway and they will lose him with little compensation next yr. If I were Dominick I would throw out the 13th pick and maybe a late rounder and say take it or leave it and if the Jets don't take it ride it out after the draft the jets are the only team to lose in this dilemma.
  • avatar

    Darrelle Revis IS NOT WORTH a #1 draft pick because he is coming off a knee injury, and his play peaked 2 years ago, and he is going to be 28 before he plays another down in the NFL AND he has a very real 10-20% chance of re-injuring himself (it's not just the ACL reinjuring, he has a good chance to hurt hsi OTHER leg as he compensates) AND REVIS TAKES OVER 10% of a teams cap space (that is a crazy cap #). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Other GMs have all realized corners were being overpaid and over valued. And as more and more teams use 3 and 4 WRs that SEVERELY limits the value on a "shutdown" CB even further. SEVERELY. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Jets will miss the playoffs with or without Revis. Only the Jets will have a FAR WORSE chance at a franchise QB picking at 10 (2014 draft guesstimate with Revis) then 3 (guesstimate without Revis). The Jets will get a third rounder WHEN, NOT IF Revis leaves them next offseason.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Bucs CLEARLY have the leverage. So, IF the Bucs give up more then a 2nd and a 4th (or two #3rds) they are overpaying imo. They could even be overpaying at that price considering Revis's cap number. Bucs fans MUST NOT FORGET Revis costs you the draft picks we give up to get him AND the cap space that could be used to sign/keep at least 2 other quality starters.
  • avatar

    My take on this is that Idzik is trying to get their fans and the media ready for the Jets to trade the best CB they have ever had, because if he does not do this preparation to get them used to the idea of trading him he will get a big backlash from the fans and media and he has a very tough sell to get the fans there to buy expensive season tickets to see the Jets playing after trading away Reavis. I think this means a trade is already in the works to occur before this years' draft. It is a good sign. The Bucs shouldn't snatch defeat right out of the jaws of victory with Reavis by insulting the Jets with an ultimatim.
  • avatar

    Everyday that goes by now will lower the demand for Revis. I will be a happy guy if we can settle for a 2nd rounder this year and a third rounder next year for Revis. That's all I would give. No way I would surrender a 1st round draft pick this year or next. If the Jets don't take the deal they are still in good shape? Revis will play his very best and there will be a good team that will come forward and trade their 2nd round 2014 pick before trade deadlines end in this season. I am hoping that we get to keep our draft picks and we select a DE or DT in the 1st and 2nd rounds and CB's in the 3rd & 4th rounds along with another TE with the other fourth. I don't know why we don't do a RB swap with a team for Blount?
  • avatar

    Revis is worth a 1st if healthy, but that's the big question. The only 1st they should even consider is next years. It can then be made conditional based on # of games played and more importantly, if he can finish the season intact. No way they can afford to mess this one up. Saving next years #1 solely because of the QB question mark can't in my mind justify leaving yourself so exposed. If the Jets won't agree to the conditional approach, just walk away.
  • avatar

    If this was the actual case then Revis will have been dealt already. Idzik is either greedy or stupid. I'm done waiting. Tell the Jets to stick it and take the offer off the table.
  • avatar

    I would send Idzik a registered letter stating our final offer of a 1st this year and a conditional 3rd and 7th in 2014 with a request for confirmation by Sunday April 29, 12:00am or talks may resume on May 13, 2013 if they are still interested in trading Revis. If the Jets want to get anything at all for Revis, they are forced to take the Bucs final offer or be willing to trade for 2014 picks that will not include a 1st. It is a fair offer that parallels the Harvin deal. The Jets would be wise to have a fire sale on Revis or take on an unhappy player this year and say goodbye to him next year! Mark Dominik do this and wait for your phone call as you go about preparing for the draft as if this didn't even exist!
  • avatar

    got to pull up the goloshes real high to wade through this BS
  • avatar

    Idzik, and Dominik might as well be the same person,they sure do answer the questions the same. I don't see this deal getting done, the stakes are to high for both men. Jet first time G.M.can't blow the first big deal that comes his way, and Dom can't get fleeced by a former employee who's now a first time G.M.. Fear has gripped both men,and the best move they can make is no move at all.
  • avatar

    Well I guess it's about time Dominik gave the Jets a hard deadline. IMO FRI. should be it. as they have stalled long enough. A 2nd and 4th next year or WALK. The longer they wait the less they get!
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