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April 23, 2013 @ 1:48 pm
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Freeman Isn't Worried About A New Contract, Just Winning

Written by Mark
Josh Freeman is confident in his ability he said on Tuesday
Josh Freeman is confident in his ability he said on Tuesday Cliff Welch/PR


Mark Cook


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Josh Freeman took his turn at the microphone on Tuesday and shared his thoughts on 2012 and what he hopes and expect this upcoming season. One thing Freeman made clear was that he and head coach Greg Schiano have a good relationship and are on the same page.
Quarterback Josh Freeman stood at the podium at One Buc Place for the first time in 2013 and discussed the upcoming season – one that could be his last in Tampa Bay – depending on his performance. While there has to be some amount of pressure running through his mind, Tampa Bay’s top signal caller seemed relaxed and at ease.

"It's interesting, because just talking to different guys, talking to my dad, talking to coach Schiano, talking to a number of people, it's all set up to be a high stress situation,” Freeman said. “But honestly, I know that's stuff I can't really control right now. All I can control is my day to day process, coming in, trying to get better, being a leader, being the best quarterback I can be for the Buccaneers and leave the rest to God.''

Since Schiano’s arrival there have been rumblings of issues between the two, but Freeman shot those rumors down Tuesday.

"The entire off-season, I've been in constant communication with coach,'' Freeman said. "I had a lot of time and sat down and talked with him about a number of things football-related, life-related. Me and coach, we've got a great relationship. Every now and then, somebody will call you and say, "Hey man, what's up with you and your coach?' But we (Freeman and Schiano) know how it is. It's something I'm not really concerned about it. I'm kind of living it and I know how it is.''

Freeman, who had a stretch of games in 2012 that was tops in the league, also had a stretch that ranked as the worst. Because of that, the organization seemed to determine to allow Freeman to have a make-or-break year in 2013 before discussing a new contract. Freeman says he isn't worried about a new deal or anything contract related, knowing those things will come with success.

"I give it all I got regardless,'' he said. "I love my teammates; I love football and I love winning. It doesn't really change anything for me. Obviously I love being a Buccaneer. But at the same time, the job is to go out and find a way to win and worrying about any sort of external forces, contract, all this stuff, you can't worry about that. It's not going to help you play better. You've got to focus on the things that will help you go out and play better on Sundays and win.''

Freeman admitted Tuesday that when watching games from last year he saw several throws and decisions that he “wishes he could have that play back.” Freeman said the losing and the inability to make the playoffs has been frustrating.

"It bothers me a lot, knowing the type of team we have and our capabilities, being close but not quite getting there,'' Freeman said. "The only reason you play this game is you want to go out and win. You want to win championships and you want to walk away and have a handful of rings. That's why you play the game. The drive is there – the intensity is there. We've just got to find a way to put it all together.''


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    What is not to like for 2013? Davin Joseph 1st round 2006, Josh Freeman 1st round 2009, Gerald McCoy 1st round 2010, Adrian Clayborne and Da'Quan Bowers 1st round 2011, Mark Barron and Doug Martin 1st round 2014, Lavonte David 2nd round 2014. Plus, Vincent Jackson, Carl Nicks, Dashon Goldson, and Darrelle Revis added to the mix. This reminds me a lot of the 1997 Buccaneers built through the draft, improved through free agency. I think Freeman is in the top half of NFL QBs, and folks want him gone. He was 18th in QBR in 2012 (ahead of Flacco and Bradford). And by classic QB rating ahead of Andrew Luck and Matthew Stafford. Unbelievable.
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    Bleacher Report has Freeman ranked 32nd out of all QB's. They're saying he's worse than QB's Jake Locker, Kirk Cousins, Kevin Kolb, Chad Henne, and COLT freakin McCOY. Even geezers like Matt Hasselbeck & Kyle Orton. Sheesh!
  • avatar

    I have seen articles on Bleacher Report and that website isn't worth the keystroke it takes to get to the site. Freeman being the worst ranked QB only speaks to their overall stupidity and inability to provide unbiased material. The have traditionally been against the Bucs for some reason so this ridiculous article doesnt surprise me one bit. Even if Freeman performs he wont receive a 20 million extension bc his body of work doesnt merit that. He needs to worry about being consistent and if he gets a Mark Sanchez like extension 4yrs roughly 40 mill he will rush to sign it and all will be well. Dom knows he wont have to pay Freeman that type of money which is why he gave it to Revis. The Revis deal is a fine example that Dom has it under control and if Free performs Revis gets restructured and Freeman gets locked up or at least thats my view. Go Bucs! Its draft time!
  • avatar

    Relax everybody! This kids not going anywhere, except behind the center for the next 10 years. As mentioned, he's only 25 and lets all be honest, with the coaching he got from Greg Olson his first 3 years it's a credit to him that he can play at all. Do you know that the Bucs scored the exact amount of offensive TD's as who in 2012? The 49ers.
  • avatar

    Watched Freeman's press conference on Buc.com, and the thing that kept popping into my head is he's only 25 years old. I've been one of his critics, but I think this year the light comes on for him. His second year in the system, Nicks, and Joe back, Martin in his second year, and now we have a real secondary, I'm expecting him to preform. Can't give up on him yet, he's still years away from his prime. S.D. bailed on Brees, look how that turned out. Now should we still look to up grade the position, absolutely, but let's face it, we live, or die with Free this season, I think he has a great year.
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    I still contend that Freeman is our best bet for now and the future. He will end up being the franchise leader in all QB categories if given the chance. Get a defence (and a return game!) and we will win games with him.
  • avatar

    Well said macabee. In 13 games last season Josh played well enough to win the game and looked closer to being one of those elite QB's fans expect. In 3 games he didn't; and 1 of those was a hopeless cause as our defense couldn't slow down Drew Brees regardless of what # 5 did. I for one, hope Freeman eliminates those 3 games and solidifies the QB position on this team for years to come. I sure don't want to return to the days when every year we look for the savior. With the improvement on the defensive side and the return of our injured "stars" all this team needs is a quality return specialist to contend.
  • avatar

    I also agree with macabee and parts with scubog. Because Freeman is a good, not very good QB, we still lack a good Slot WR and TE and it´ll show this year IMO. Maybe we can pick up Zack Ertz through draft 2nd Round or late 1st.. but debateable. For sure is, we should look for BPA at: D-Line, TE, WR, CB, LB, maybe even RB or going for RB later. E.Lacy in the 2nd-3rd wouldn´t be a shoker, would it?
  • avatar

    Hey louden, what about Ogletree. The WR we picked up from the cowboys? Would he be a good slot receiver. Last year he did show signs of a good playmaker but its hard to compete with miles Austin, jason witten and dez Bryant getting most of the passes. I also think that we will get Dallas Clark for depth at the TE position for near nothing since no one else wants to touch him. But I still believe we should draft a good TE this year. But the area that needs the most improvement is our Dline. We need penetration and QB hurries if we stand a chance this year. We already have a pretty solid secondary if Barber decides to come back and play nickel or dime cb. In all actuality I whole heartedly believe that we will make it to the playoffs this year. Go BUCS
  • avatar

    Oh, this is much ado about nothing! I never thought I would see the day when a guy would be worried about whether he got a 20mil a year contract or a measly 10mil a year contract. Because if the Bucs decide to let Freeman walk, there will be 10 or 12 teams willing to pay him 10mil or more. And what are the Bucs options next year? Starting over? Taking Teddy Bridgewater that has never felt the hot breath of an NFL DE? Or taking Aaron Murray, the UGA QB that was afraid to come out this year and compete with the worst QB group to come out in recent memory. Because that’s pretty much all that’s out there next year. We’re going to have to lose big time to be close enough to get any one of them or pay through the nose like the Redskins did for RGIII for talent that is not RGIII. None are good options.The best option is the one we’re taking and that’s to put as many weapons around a good but not great QB who played good enough to win last year if we had any resemblance of a secondary. Freeman worried? I don’t think so!!
  • avatar

    Macabee; don't forget Johnny Football? My guess is that if he does good again this year and Philadelphia shows that speed ball works, then he will be sensational and will come out early. Murray looks pretty good to me. I agree with you that this years QB talent is very poor.
  • avatar

    Horse, I didn't mention Manziel because he was a freshman, will be a sophomore next year. If the Bucs were interested in a Russell Wilson type QB which Manziel is, then you're talking about a retool of the offense and we've got a lot of money invested in V-Jax and the deep ball. DCs have had a year to study tape and visit with college coaches who have defenses for the new pistol type offense. We will find out this year if it's just a fad or here to stay!
  • avatar

    If we want to help Freeman then we should focus on the pass rush. We still have a starting DT slot open. I believe now our DB's are solid and no need to draft in that area until after the 4th round. We play against two very good and one fair QB just in the NFC South; Philadelphia will be non stop; and many other teams have speed up their offensive plays and we have to have rotation within the DL.
  • avatar

    There is a good article on Bucsnation .com about our salary cap and how the REVIS contact will be a prolem in 2014. What the Buc's have to due if they want to sign Freeman. IMO, If he has problems this year they should franchise him in 2014 and Draft his replacement next year.
  • avatar

    This is the year where there is no more excuses for Freeman. He is in his fifth year, same O/C and hopefully a better defense. Two prime time games, average schedule and another draft. It's win now or he might get his walking papers. With that being said IMO 2014 is the year we start to bo a NFC contender.
  • avatar

    Freeman is a good one. We should sign him long term, just not for a big money contract. I disagree with that being his make/brake year, because offense still lacks a great Slot WR, TE, 2nd HB. He´s not the best and we could get a better one the next years, but right now, I´m pleased with him.
  • avatar

    Freeman will be Awesome! this year.Watch and see. GO BUCS!!!
  • avatar

    ya right!!!!!!!!!!!! what player doest think about max $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ oh ya DARRELLE.to be pacific........................as he said yesterday!!!!!
  • avatar

    Well freeman it's make or break this year. I think we draft a quarterback in the late rounds of this draft. Perhaps the kid from duke. 6' 3" 220 pounds and over 70 percent completion percentage this year. I like freeman but the inconsistancies in his game have to stop this year. With the defense revamped ad the addition of the draft he has no other options this year than to shine or i really believe he's gone. We have some great pieces, but lack depth. Let's go freeman!!!! Going to my first game in Tampa this year vs the bills. Cant wait and hope to meet some of my fellow bucs fans on here that I read about. Extremely excited for the draft. GO BUCS!!!
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