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April 26, 2013 @ 10:01 pm
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Schiano: Banks Will Fit Right Into Our Football Team

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The Buccaneers thought highly of second-round pick Johnthan Banks since last season. Both Greg Schiano and Mark Dominik raved not only about Banks talent of the football field, but also of his character.
Mark Dominik's opening statement:
“Exciting start for the night. Obviously we sat pat at 43 and turned in a card that we are very excited about. A couple of things that are very intriguing to us as an organization is, obvious a captain of his football team. He’s a very mature young 23-year old, married with a little one. The Jim Thorpe winner and he played in one of the toughest leagues, the SEC, as a starter for more than 45 games. And he would take the No. 1 guy off every team and that’s a tough call, a tough road to hoe for a corner in the SEC. So we are obviously excited about not only with his skill set and his ability, but also with what he brings on and off the football field. He’s known as a great community guy as well and we’re really excited to bring him to our organization.”
Greg Schiano’s opening statement:
“Everything Mark has said, he really had a great description of him as a young man. We are very excited as a coaching staff. Dan Mullen his head coach at Mississippi State, a friend of ours, couldn’t say enough great things. Winner is the word that kept coming out of his mouth and we agree. His body of work is very, very impressive and, as Mark said, in the toughest conference in college football. So we can’t wait to get him here and he can’t wait to get here. That’s the best part.”
Does this allow you to move Eric Wright to slot?
“Eric played inside in the nickel," Schiano said. "I think that all comes with competition. You let it play out. Whatever is best, and then you move the parts. But what we’ve been able to do is get the parts to move. To have them here and be able to do that and have that flexibility and that’s exciting.”

 Was there a concern on his 40-time?
“He was always high on our board," Dominik said. "We went into the senior season and we already had good grades on him. He played well again this year to win the Jim Thorpe Award so he’s been a consistent football player. For us, the one thing people keep talking about – the speed – he did run at the combine his time, and he ran a 4.55 at his pro day, but the one thing that was important for us as an organization as we watched him and the coaches watched him and the scouts watched him is you never felt that, because he has such good instincts, such good length and such good ball skills that you never felt that you were concerned about the deep speed, because you love the length of the player and the ball skills and when he had to push and shove and run to get into position. He did a great job of that. So that was probably what helped us get him at 43.”
 Was this a best player available or a need?
“It was a combination," Dominik said. "He was our highest grade because we did like Johnthan Banks going into this draft, but certainly it was a position that we felt like we could continue to strength and wanted to continue to strengthen so it was a good combination for this pick.”
What is it that he does that makes him such a good fit for your scheme?

He’s really, really diverse in what he does in their scheme," Schiano said. "And we ask our corners to do a lot, everything from press to bail, to bait and being off and rotating and he’s done all that and he’s shown he can do that. I really like the way he plays the game. As Mark said, he’s the captain and he was the guy who made their defense go. And you love that, especially in a corner. That doesn’t happen very often.

What were some of the other things that made Banks attractive?
“I think you step back and look at the big picture," Dominik said. "Some of these players… we have letter grades assigned to medical, we have letter grades assigned to football character, to their personal character. And Johnthan Banks has fantastic grades at all three of these letters and that is very important to us as an organization. And then you take into account what he did at Mississippi State, being the Jim Thorpe Award winner, and then you look at the tape and the hands and the ball skill and then you look at the length. Yeah there are a lot of good corners, and we talked about this the other day that when I said there are a lot of quality players at this position so honesty is the best policy and that is how we felt with this thing. That is who Johnthan Banks is and I am excited for you all to meet him and get to know him, and I am excited for him to play football for the Buccaneers. Because I do think you are going to love him on and off the football field. But more on.”
How unusual is it for a guy to be a Jim Thorpe award winner and not even be the first corner off his team?
“You know, [Darius Slay and Johnthan Banks] are both good corners,” Dominik said. “Everybody looks at everything differently, but we know that he was the captain of that team; he was the engine of it. We spent a lot of time researching that and making sure where we felt like, ‘What can he bring to the football team?" And he has the fortune to be able to learn under two professionals in Eric Wright and certainly Darrelle Revis with how to approach the game the right way. And we’re really excited to pair him up with Darrelle and our team and the rest of our locker room with the guys that we’re growing and how we’re developing the players right now in Tampa.”

When did you think Banks could be a Buccaneer?
“Brian Hudspeth, the area scout, Eric Stokes and Dennis Hickey both went into the schools,” Dominik said. “We actually had at least three scouts make a school visit, I think four. But again, we had good spring grades coming out. And then every time a scout went into that organization, they came out and said, ‘This is a great guy and a great player.' And so every time he just checked the box and every one of our guys signed off. Generally, our draft room is pretty quiet and somber because we’re trying to do business. But when we took Johnthan Banks, because sometimes we don’t tell them exactly who we’re going to pick just to keep the intrigue because I like to test and see who they would take, quite frankly. But it erupted, and it hasn’t been a while since our draft room erupted like that, so that’s what we’re excited about.”

Can you share how he felt when you told him he’d be a Buccaneer?
“He was thrilled,” Schiano said. “I mean he’s one of us, I can’t say it any better than that. This guy is going to fit right into our football team. Skill set, personality, character, and he was thrilled. His words were ‘I can’t wait to get there.' And I said ‘I can’t wait to have you here.”


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    louden; Not sure where you got your evaluation of Banks. You surely are aware that he is the winner of the Jim Thorpe award as the nations best DB? Doesn't that give him just a little credibility? Did you hear any real player evaluator criticize the choice? Maybe you just didn't like the sound track on his youtube video.
  • avatar

    @scubog: okay, i got to admit it looks like I´m terrible wrong. I prefer CB, who move quickly out of their breaks and have very good closing speed (making it look like the WR is open and suddenly, by that splitt second they jump the route). Like a Bret Grimes (compare to Trufant). Although players like Talib or Richard Sherman obiously can get the job done as well (Talib showed flashes, but wasn´t at his WR close enough pretty often too, that´s why i like the "quick-cats"). Still, i think he will give up critical yardage on a regular basis, because of the lacking "closing speed". Banks looks like he has to stay in front of the WR all the time, and by the time they are on a same level - he´s beaten (wether downfield, or by a stop rout). I understand the difference between 40 time and footbal speed. That´s why I´m not impressed with our draftet DT, who can lift the 220lbs xx times, too. Conclusion: i truly have to admit, picking Banks at our spot wasn´t a terrible or wrong pick, but I doubt (and that´s debateable and has to be seen) that he will make the same impact in the NFL, especially compared to all the other holes that we got and what we had been able to fill them out with (extreme sentence construction- i´m sorry- english is not my first language). And i didn´t like the music :) but there is worse music by far
  • avatar

    and instincts are good, but can be coached by assignments etc.
  • avatar

    chefboho: I didn´t complain about the bucs spending of last year. But i complain about drafting a CB in the 2nd, who is not good at covering. He has good hands and size, thats about it. So there were way better options left in the 2nd round. And then, the 3rd pick.. even more wasted. These are dumb moves, it´s simple. And i would love to keep Sullivan, instead of Shiano. That´s why i want to get rid of Shiano (these draft choices clearly was his wishes). My comment about being better HC than him was a emotional reaction. The Bucs showed some "win now" moves this offseason (trading a 1st rounder for Revis), but don´t give him (Freeman who struggles tofind open receivers) weapons in form of a dominating Slot WR or TE for dump off throws. So there are possibilitys for the Bucs to make a playoff run the next years, but they would have to upgrade the team. With what? (cap space). only thing left is drafting those missing pieces and relying on that 3rd round QB Glennon. If that plan won´t pay out (and i doubt it), then this draft was wasted (including Revis trade)
  • avatar

    Banks pick is solid - CB that can start opposite Revis. We needed that player and he was best CB available. And no one worth trading up for. I agree with many on the board here we need a DT, or even ILB to move Foster back outside. So I'm luke warm on the Glennon pick. But if he can be our Kirk Cousins backing up Freeman, I can be convinced. DAY 2 - we need to get DT, right OT, TE, RB to back-up Martin, best players available for depth.
  • avatar

    This is a Ronde insurance policy, in the same way that Clayton was a McCardell insurance policy. Hopefully this one goes better than that one. Welcome aboard, Banks.
  • avatar

    Disappointing pick in 3rd! Thought DT much bigger need. I am OK with Banks.
  • avatar

    Cry more, bc I don't think buc fans do that enough.
  • avatar

    I think I just read the most absurd comment I have ever seen on this website. A person posting on Pewter Report just said that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would be better off with him/her coaching the team rather than Greg Schiano. (Note: This comment is retracted, with my apologies, if the person posting happens to be Bill Belichick.) Also, I hate the Glennon pick. DT or DE seems to make so much more sense.
  • avatar

    No matter what the bucs do, majority of you will continue to cry regardless. I'm happy that none of you run this team. Banks was a great corner in the sec. 16 career picks. Get over it, I'm tired of reading bs posts about how mad and disappointed you are at w.e pick or move Tampa makes. Be a fan of another team then.
  • avatar

    buclover1988- If you like everything the organization does then your just a "team Bobblehead" with no mind of his own just nod at everything we do no matter what
  • avatar

    like previous years (except last year) we missed out on key talent at need positons.. except for last years, we don´t have the cap space to make up for it.. Welcome cap hell. I dont hate Shiano as a person, but i think we would be better off even if I was the HC. We should get rid of him - now!
  • avatar

    Lol all I can do is laugh at you.
  • avatar

    I think bucs fans are the most rediculous fans i football. You *censored* when we don't spend money, you *censored* when we spend to much, you dont like freeman, but hate that we drafted another corner. Louden I laugh at your dumb comments. Even with all the injuries we had we were i every game except the saints game. That was because Freeman had such a crappy game. I like what schiano is donig and I applaud him for sticking to what he said about having competition everywhere. I can't say that I'm thrilled with the pick, but to think our coach should be gone because of it is just plain laughable. I like how are team is forming. We can still get greene as a linebacker and jessie williams from alabama as a DT would be a great pick up. He's better than miller was all day. This is just my opinion , but us buc fans really need to settle down. Freeman never had competition and if he gets hurt I'd rather have Glennon who came from a pro style offense than orlovsky anyday. Go bucs and lets finish the draft off strong.
  • avatar

    chefboho: I didn´t complain about the bucs spending of last year. But i complain about drafting a CB in the 2nd, who is not good at covering. He has good hands and size, thats about it. So there were way better options left in the 2nd round. And then, the 3rd pick.. even more wasted. These are dumb moves, it´s simple. And i would love to keep Sullivan, instead of Shiano. That´s why i want to get rid of Shiano (these draft choices clearly was his wishes). My comment about being better HC than him was a emotional reaction.
  • avatar

    I don´t agree with the Banks pick at all. He is not a good cover CB, he just has good hands and size, but that´s it = wasted 2nd rounder (Shiano has connections with Banks college coach, it´s a shiano pick). 3rd rounder wasted (we could have got this QB in the 4th for sure, maybe even 6th). Shiano is not a genius like Sean Payton.. Remember how Sullivan wanted to leave for a HC job? He should get one here with the Bucs. We should make Shiano piano - i realy was a supporter at the beginning, but now it´s over, he is over his head.. think about it
  • avatar

    Bc of his 40? So I guess Rhonda barber shouldn't of been drafted. Nor flowers. He was a complete stud in the sec, was a playmaker, and is physical. He's a steal at 43. Period.
  • avatar

    @buclover1988: Not because he is slow, but because he has not good instincts, or change of direction speed etc. . He just can´t cover ^^ Look, the Falcons got Trufant, because he has skills that look like a rough Grimes. That´s a good one for their sheme. The bucs selected a guy who will either get burned, or allows a medium pass, uncontested, on a regular basis, with the 2nd round pick, although there were far better options to go, to fill needs with talent. That´s a bad move IMO.
  • avatar

    Speaking of work to do, I now am hoping for some of the D-line talent that has dropped in this draft. If some of these guys fall to us, then Dom is a GENIUS !!! I still like these guys, and think they could come in and contribute or even start. At DT: J Williams and J Boyd. At DE: A Okafor, C Washington, Q Smith and W Stewart. Might even like M Buchanon or L Edwards at DE too. If we could get 1 guy from this list at each position, I would be excited about the draft, even though I too, like most of you, just about broke my TV when I herd the picks announced. Maybe work on a TE or LB at the end of the draft or maybe even RB. Have a great evening everyone and go Bucs ! ! ! !
  • avatar

    Well I feel a little bit better after I settled down and listened to the conference video. I would have been okay with this maybe at the 4th round and this was tough to understand, but I do understand risk and value so okay Coach I sure hope you are right.
  • avatar

    I was mad at this pick round two then we selected Glennon in the third and then that feeling went away, lol
  • avatar

    Everyone relax, there is still work to do. I was not too happy with the QB pick either, but just have faith. I think this is more of a safety-net in case Freeman gets hurt or something. We are obviously not too thrilled with Orlovsky or our back-up QB position. How would all of you feel if we started out great and lost Freeman for 5 or 6 games? The season would probably be over. Now, with a solid back-up(if he even wins the job), we still would have a fighting chance. Plus, I LOVE the Banks pick. I'm not too scared with his 40 time because he has had GREAT production. I am tired of all the potential and the fast 40's. Who cares how fast he is if he can't cover anybody??? Wasn't Biggers fast? Now he can compete with Wright or Ronde if he returns for the #2 or the nickle spot on our D. Sorry, long post for me.
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