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April 27, 2013 @ 1:01 pm
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Tampa Bay Drafts Huge DE Gholston In Round 4

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers continued to address their defensive line in the fourth round, selecting Michigan State DE William Gholston. The 6-foot-6, 281-pound Gholston had 30 tackles for loss and 10 sacks in his Spartans career.
Tampa Bay continued to address the defensive line on the third day of the draft, using the team’s second fourth-round pick on Michigan State’s athletic defensive end, William Gholston with the 126th overall pick. The Bucs used the 100th overall pick earlier in the fourth round to select Illinois defensive tackle Akeem Spence.

Gholston, who is the cousin of former Jets first-round pick and draft bust Vernon Gholston, has great athleticism and size at 6-foot-6, 281 pounds. Gholston has 34-inch arms and nearly 10.5-inch hands.

Gholston represents a good value pick in the fourth round for Tampa Bay. As NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock noted, Gholston has first-round ability, but was not a consistent producer. 

“Now that I am in the NFL that criticism was just,” Gholston said. “But I’ve been making up for it by working out and the next stage of my life right now is to come in and contribute.

“I also played within my scheme on the defense. We finished with the top defense the last three years in the Big Ten and top five for the last two years in the nation. I feel like my numbers may or may not been that high, but as a unit we worked efficiently and everything that I did helped out my team. I played both end positions at Michigan State, so I feel like I’ll be good on either side.”

In 2012, Gholston was a second-team All-Big Ten selection by the media, but just honorable mention by the coaches. He played in 36 games and notched just 30 tackles for loss and 10 sacks.

In 2010 as a true freshman, Gholston notched 13 tackles and half a sack before tearing his left labrum against Minnesota. As a sophomore, Gholston started 12 games and earned second-team All-Big Ten honors with 70 tackles, 16 tackles for loss and five sacks.

Gholston had a tremendous game at Raymond James Stadium in Michigan State’s 33-30 overtime win over Georgia in the Outback Bowl with five tackles for loss and two sacks. However, Gholston’s 2011 was overshadowed by a one-game suspension for punching Michigan offensive tackle Taylor Lewan and twisting the helmet of Wolverines quarterback Denard Robinson.

The Detroit native notched 59 tackles, 13 tackles for loss, 4.5 sacks and 10 pass breakups in his junior season, which was his final year at Michigan State, thanks to his huge frame and wingspan.

“Some of the technique that we were taught in practice was to put up the same hand that the quarterback used to release the ball,” Gholston said. “We did it every day and with so much repetition that it became a habit, and we were just able to swat down the ball.”

Gholston needs to use his hands better to disengage from blockers and work on his balance. He’s very agile for his size and plays with good leverage, but needs to play with a wider base when rushing the passer and anchoring against the run.

With the loss of Michael Bennett, the Bucs’ leading sacker last year with nine, the team needed to add another defensive end to the roster. Gholston’s addition now gives the Bucs eight defensive ends, including starters Adrian Clayborn and Da’Quan Bowers, Daniel Te’o-Nesheim, Aaron Morgan, Markus White Ernst Owusu and George Selvie.

– Victoria Horchak contributed to this report
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    i agree with owlycat + horse. Adding, that i was wrong by calling Banks a bad player, but i will still say, we could have gone a different direction (starting with the 2nd pick): this draft is/was horrible
  • avatar

    I have to say I was extremely disappointed that the took a CB first and then crushed when they got a QB second. I wanted it to go DT, DE, CB. I do at least give them credit that the CB they got will likely pan out and we needed quality depth there. The bottom line is that now we have what we have and I hope they are all better pros than they projected to be. Go Bucs! Draft grade C minus.
  • avatar

    Well Bus Fans and Not a Buc Fan-I think getting Revis is a big plus espically when we face off against Jets in Game one with Revis,Wright, Gholston safety and Barron Safety and the NO#2 pick from MIss ST is on the field. Oh by the way can Tampa put 2 CB's on the field at the same time! GO BUCS
  • avatar

    FilmBuc, Horse is not being irrational. Wait til the Lindy's comes out and grades all the drafts by every team. I guarantee you that all our rivals had far better drafts than we did. We'll be lucky if we rate a C plus. Now, yes, we did have a good free agency this year, and if not one starter gets hurt we should field a much better team than we did last year. But what if our running back goes down? We practically gave away our thousand yard backup. Do you think our running back from Miami can be a 1,000 yard rusher as a rookie with the Bucs? ESPN had no film on him for a good reason; and he isn't even listed in my draft publication--according to the Bleacher Report he is not going to be starter material. He has no burst through the hole and other defiiciencies. If you think otherwise, I would consider that thinking irrational. I sincerely hope I am wrong, but I don't think so. As for our blunder in the third round--Glennon is a fumbler, threw 17 interceptions last year, has no escapability, has bad footwork at times resulting in inconsistent throws, and never had even a 60% completion rate; but he can make accurate long throws. I am sure Freeman is probably very happy he doesn't have to compete with Landry taken in the fourth round after our fourth round pick. We could have used the third round pick to take Sylvester Williams, who was the fourth best DL in the draft and could have gotten sacks from the inside, which was our goal. Horse is right on point!!! He does his homework before he speaks.
  • avatar

    bucterp - you sound a lot like Seahawks fans did last year when they "reached" for Irvin, Wagner, and Russell Wilson. Alot of their fans belittled the Wilson pick after they had already grabbed Flynn in free agency.
  • avatar

    JonnyG: I'm starting to think you might need to become a fan of your hometown Cardinals and Cheech and Chong's favorite player the "Honeybonger". Not sure what gives you and guys like loudenobnoxious the credentials to be so overly critical when, at this point, none of us know how any of these players will turn out. Those of us old enough (except Horse riding Raheem's emotional roller coaster) learned a long time ago to take a wait and see approach when it comes to the Draft. Woulda, shoulda, coulda mean absolutely nothing right now. As much as some of us think it; we don't know more about these players than even the dumbest of GM's. I sure don't consider myself a "bobble-head" for having the sense to look before leaping. Speaking of leaping, there must be a lot of red and pewter clad "fans" heading for the Skyway because they just don't like our 5th round pick.
  • avatar

    Filmbuc... I agree with you about Goldson and Revis. But we are talking about the draft now. This will turn out to be a train wreck. We overshot by 2 rounds for Glennon, easily.
  • avatar

    jongruden - if I had told you back in january that the Bucs would add Goldson, Revis, and the Thorpe award winning CB to the secondary you would've been ecstatic. That's a historic coup for one offseason to fix the biggest weakness on the team. This on the heels of the Bucs adding Nicks, VJax and one of the best draft classes of 2012. From 2003-2011 the Bucs had mediocre to horrible offseasons. This is one of the best in franchise history. If you can't appreciate that - nothing the Bucs ever do will satisfy you.
  • avatar

    @filmbuc: are you just reading "thorpe winner" and and then thinking: "oh good player"? Are you just reading "Revis is a Buc" and thinking it´s perfect? Banks is hyped like a Gaines Adams, and Revis is like a smoke screen, it´s nice having him on the team, but it´s not like all problems are solved. It seems like you are blinded by the lights of one star. And the Bucs did things to satisfy you, but there are others who put up constructive words against it and who also would like to get satisfied. wouldn´t be it fair?
  • avatar

    filmbuc- I love what we did in free agencu and loved at the time our draft of last yr but this draft plain stinks lets call it for what it is "terrible"
  • avatar

    The Buccaneer Bobbleheads will be out in full force and say " trust in Dominck and Sciano", lol this is the worst draft! We over drafted players at their positions, Banks minght be ok, but we missed on not getting Kawann Short who went a pick later to our divisional rival Panthers and by the way your welcome, then we took a 4th-5th round qb who resembles Chris Simms with the 3rd to give Orlovski competetion the DT from Illinois is R Miller reincarnated run stuffer with zero pass rush and the rest of this draft isn't worth mentioning.
  • avatar

    @jongruden: Word! Agreed
  • avatar

    I saw this guy play a couple of times last season and I kind of like him. I was mostly watching a CB Michigan State has that I really like, but I caught glimpses of Gholston in the meantime. Not a bad pick, especially for the bottom of the 4th round.
  • avatar

    Some fans will cry and never be happy regardless! Very satisfied with the BUCS off season.
  • avatar

    We just traded Blount to the Patriots for Jeff Demps and some picks!!! I hope Demps plays this year with that speed out the backfield! I loving this team!
  • avatar

    This was a wasted draft other than Banks and Revis. We needed DL and we waited too long and ended up taking players who were better suited taken two rounds later. Our secondary will be much improved but if we cannot find a pass rush we are dead in the water.
  • avatar

    To be honest I wasn't overly excited about this draft class anyway. Not the level of excitement compared to previous draft classes...so lets just see them play. They can't be worse that what we've had...right?
  • avatar

    I always want to reserve judgement until I can see some of these guys play. We have done a ton to improve the team this offseason. After watching our draft im kind of clueless. We did such an amazing job last year and with this year it was supposed to be so deep with talent, yet I dont think we picked a single player that was talked about. I like banks with our second pick and I'll even cool down with Glennon, but with kasheem greene still out there and jonathan jenkins from georgia after the fourth round and we choose a light defensive tackle that only had three sacks last year i'm just not sold on anything after the second round. Again they know a lot more than me, but after watching every draft since my main man Sapp was drafted, Im a hurricane fan before i even watched the nfl, this seems to be the least i've ever been excited about a draft with this team. I'll reserve more judgement until later this year, but for being a make or break year for dominic he really didnt pick any money maker type players. Go BUCS!!!
  • avatar

    @chefboho: I´m with you, except for being cool with the 2nd rounder. The Jenkins left out was a big blow
  • avatar

    Not a big fan of our draft (except for banks). I am hoping our gm, coach, and scouts knows something ESPN doesn't. Keep the faith...Go Bucs.
  • avatar

    @Horse... I believe you are right on with this draft. I also can't remember a draft that we passed on better players. We drafted for NEED and not BPA.
  • avatar

    Filmbuc, I agree. The problems on this team have been addressed. We got the best corner on earth in Revis plus 2 hard hitting safeties. Depth at key positions by drafting the positions we lost in free agency. You can't declare a draft class a failure without seeing anyone play. I like the QB pick also, if Free had gone down with an injury and we only had Orlovsky we would've been screwed. And there's still time to find more quality players after the draft depending on what players other teams release. Dom has a knack for finding diamonds in the rough, and at least now we don't have to put those diamonds in the starting lineup. This team is strong. I hope we can find a dynamic slot receiver and more O-line help.
  • avatar

    Horse, I'm sorry - but you're being irrational. You have to look at the offseason as a whole to gauge how much a team has improved. I'd argue that no team in the ENTIRE NFL improved a part of their team as much as the Bucs improved their secondary this offseason. Plus - the addition of Banks was fantastic. In the NFC South teams have to almost live in the nickel formation as they face Brees, Ryan, and Cam. Banks solidifies the nickel position that would have been a glaring weakness were he not picked (and just imagine if Revis had to start the season on the PUP list). Also - I'm a huge proponent of Freeman's - but the pick of Glennon was very astute. If Freeman were to get hurt with Orlovsky as our backup - the season would've been over. That's not necessarily the case anymore. And you are sorely misjudging the DT the Bucs just drafted in rd 4. I'd be shocked if he's not the starter by midseason. I'll go as far to say that in its totality - this is one of the best offseason's the Bucs have had in a long while.
  • avatar

    Gholston brings nothing to help the pass rush this year or ever. Just like the next pick OLB Means from Buffalo who is another Schiano pick because he saw them play while at Rutgers. Horrible draft less Revi.We got no starters from rounds 2 and on. Are we really that good that we didn't need starter improvement? One of the worse drafts I have witnessed. I don't believe that we will even win 8 games this year because the rest of the league got a lot better than us. Horrible draft through rounds 3 and on. A wasted draft year.
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