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April 27, 2013 @ 2:05 pm
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Bucs Pick Up Unheralded OLB Means In Round 5

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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The Bucs continued to address the defensive side of the ball on the third day of the 2013 NFL Draft with Buffalo outside linebacker Steven Means, who played defensive end in college. Means had 19.5 career sacks in his Buffalo career, but will move to linebacker in Tampa Bay.
The Buccaneers continued to make defense the priority on the third day of the draft, selecting Buffalo’s Steven Means after drafting Illinois defensive tackle Akeem Spence and Michigan State defensive end William Gholston in the fourth round.

The 6-foot-3, 257-pound Means played defensive end for Buffalo, but projects to the role of outside linebacker at the next level. Means, who was a team captain at Buffalo, ran really well at his pro day with many scouts saying he ran in the 4.6 range and looked the part of an NFL player.

“I am willing to do whatever I have to,” Means said. “Even if they want me to snap the ball I will do that. But I have been talking to Tampa specifically about linebacker. That’s the position I am willing to go in there and transition through and just contribute.”

His selection in the fifth round comes as a surprise as Means was projected to be an undrafted free agent by many NFL scouting services in the media after not being invited to the NFL Scouting Combine.

“I always had that tough road to go through,” Means said. “I always had to sneak through the back door to have a chance for me to showcase my talents. It started from high school. I had to get through people that my grandfather knew and college the same way. Just going through this process it wasn’t an alarm for me to not go to the combine because I have been going through this my whole life. For somebody to just give me a shot and see how I really am in person and how I really am on the field … [but] I definitely had to go through a lot of adversity. I fought through it and that is something that they liked.

“I’ve always dreamed of playing at the next level, but it actually started to sink in when I was getting calls from coaches this offseason and it definitely hit me after my pro day. That’s when I realized I would be somewhere, whether it’s in free agency or the draft. So March 5, my pro day, that’s when I realized it was definitely going to happen.”

Means recorded 186 tackles, 30.5 tackles for loss, 19.5 sacks, nine pass breakups, five blocked kicks, three forced fumbles and two interceptions, one of which was returned 42 for a touchdown against Bowling Green in 2011.

As a freshman in 2009, Means had 25 tackles, 6.5 tackles for loss and five sacks, and followed up that initial campaign with 50 tackles, 8.5 tackles for loss, 4.5 sacks, two forced fumbles and an interception as a sophomore.

As a junior, the Buffalo defender recorded 33 tackles, 3.5 tackles for loss, 2.5 sacks, two blocked kicks and an interception before having his best season as a senior in 2012. Last year, Means recorded 78 tackles, 12 tackles for loss, 7.5 sacks, three blocked kicks and a forced fumble.

“I came up in an environment where it’s not easy,” said Means, who is a New York native. “So I don’t really like anybody touching me and that’s probably why I’m a decent pass rusher. I don’t like offensive linemen especially touching me, so I try to get them off of me as quick as possible and I like making plays. I love hitting the quarterback.”

Means is known for his nasty demeanor, which helps his tenacious pass-rushing ability.

“I’m definitely quick tempered on the field,” Means said. “I get mad at somebody just lining up across from me. Just thinking that they can block me gets me mad, so you’ll definitely see a lot of that on the field this year.”

With the selection of Means, the Bucs now have nine linebackers, including Lavonte David, Mason Foster, Adam Hayward, Jonathan Casillas, Dekoda Watson, Jacob Cutrera, Najee Goode and Joe Holland.

– Victoria Horchak contributed to this report
Last modified on Saturday, 27 April 2013 15:50

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    This draft was solid. I choose to ignore buc fans who whinevabout everything. First it's the glazers are too cheap, then it's their taking to many risks, then it's why'd we bring in that player, then it's we spent to much on that player, then it's we should of stuck with that player we said was terrible earlier what are you thinking. It's always something and I honestly am done with it. Screw 40 times. Johnathan banks balled in the SEC and was physical. He's 6'2" 185. So he doesn't have a great 40, it didn't seem to affect him against some of the best competition college football can offer. He's a tackler and has great instincts. IMO he's the manti teo of corners. Great football skills, not great combine skills. Just bc your fast doesn't mean you'll be a great football player. Look no further than Rhonde barber. And as for glennon, lets wait and see, from what I've seen, he's a big guy that has a quick realese. He's a short strider and he's smart. Very compact delivery and is accurate. Idk, but after watching him I'm kind of intrigued to see what he does. Overall just wait and see, all these picks deserve a chance until otherwise proven wrong. So just chill.
  • avatar

    He is a big guy at 6-3 to play outside lb-Great pickup
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    As to those who say the nay sayers don't know NFL Football, check back on these responses and note what Jon Gruden had to say about how good this draft was! By the way ABC does not hire a broadcaster for NFL Football who does not know what he is talking about. Now, I am not saying this version of the Bucs cannot make it to the playoffs this year; what I am saying is they could have gotten a lot more value out of the draft than they ended up with. Now, that being said, I would like to see Means succeed. I will hope they will have him compete for the SLB position and at the same time get some Preseason Experience as a DE as well just in case we have a lot of injuries at that position and need his help there. I like his size, speed, and heart, and I know he will be a help to our Special Teams no matter what happens. I predict he will make the team.
  • avatar

    To those who haven't taken the time to look at Means' film, please do so. I think you will see a football player with a passion to hit. He has a high running motor. He is quick off the snap.....good size too. I was impressed!
  • avatar

    I haven't been this excited about a Bucs season since Allen & Gruden let Warren Sapp and John Lynch walk. Look at the talent we have assembled. 1. Vincent Jackson - One of the top receivers in the league. 2. Mike Williams - Very close to pro bowl quality. 3. Doug Martin - One of the top backs in the league. 4. Carl Nicks - One of the top tackles in the league. 5. Davin Joseph - One of the top tackles in the league. 6. Donald Penn - Very close to pro bowl quality. 7. Josh Freeman - Josh will shine this year with Nicks and D Joseph back. 8. Darelle Revis - Undisputed best CB in the league. 9. Dashon Goldson - One of the top safeties in the league. 10. Mark Barron - Future pro bowler. 11. Gerald McCoy - One of the top tackles in the league. 12. Da'Quan Bowers - Future pro bowler. 13. Adrian Clayborn - Future pro bowler. 14. Lavonte David - Future pro bowler. I think at least 8 from this list go to the pro bowl this year. Plus look who we have this year we didn't have last year. Carl Nicks returns Davin Joseph returns. Adrian Clayborn returns, Da'Quan Bowers should be totally healthy for the first time, Darelle Revis added, Dashon Goldson added, Eric Wright should be healthy, Plus our new draft, and no one knows if they will be awesome or flops until they play so everyone calm down. The improvement to our defense is huge and we should be a top 10 defense this year. Remember when we had the top offense for about 5 or 6 weeks last season, that was without Nicks and Joseph. There is no way we don't win at least 10 games this year and the Super Bowl is a definite possibility, if not this year, the next couple of years could see multiple Championships. So come on guys it's time to get excited and enjoy the ride.
  • avatar

    On the surface I'd say we drafted who in the 5th round? I've never met Mr Means, or have I seen him play, have you? My sister in law went to Buffalo many years ago, she met a guy on the football team named Jerry Philbin. He's the only pro I've ever heard come out of Buffalo, that was in the early sixties. He played for the Jets. Hopefully this kid turns out to be as good as Jerry. He sure looks like he can play ball in his photo. I'm also sure the Buc's know him better then we do.
  • avatar

    Amen seat 26. It's as if they said oh we got Revis and goldson so were all good... Dennis or schiano why don't you try finding some "steals" while Dom took a nap. Hey we got banks too so who cares about the rest it's all depth and camp meat. Shoot, why we didn't keep miller, Bennett and Blount is beyond me with these wacko picks. And to those who say us negative posters have no experience in football or scouting you have no idea who is on this board
  • avatar

    JonnyG: Back in the day, I used to be happy if the players we chose were even listed in Kiper's and Joel Buchsbaum's books. Many times my only remark could be "Who?" Of course that was when the Draft was 12 rounds. Back then we weren't able to know everything about a player and judge him by the beat of his 2 minute youtube video. After reading today's comments I've come to the conclusion that NFL teams don't even need a scouting department and GM working 80 hours a week evaluating players when anyone can know all they need to know by listening to Todd McShay, Mel Kiper, Charlie Caserly (I wish he'd stop dying his hair) and simply selecting Mel's Best Available in each round. Bill Tobin said it best, "Who the Hell is Mel Kiper?" Here's what I know. NO ONE KNOWS
  • avatar

    Bill Polian but I hear ya Scu! I know when i see talent even from youtube videos which is basically the same tape our scouting dept have, like when i knew we had a great draft and called it when we got Lavonte David but this yr sucks plain and simple
  • avatar

    I find most of the comments to be negative regarding this year's draft. How do you people know TODAY that this is a bad draft? There isn't anyone of you who know anything about these players except off a you tube or some articles by other commentators. Should I dare say almost none of you played pro football either so all your so called knowledge is hardly credible. I have NEVER read about so many whiners who think they know what they are talking about. Perhaps people should judge you the same way you judge; by other people's opinions and a "you tube" video or two. PATHETIC and childish...
  • avatar

    Dbucs63: I hear what you are saying. But..(can't believe I have to say this)....this is the "internet". It's full of instant analysis. There are 32 teams out there making picks. By definition, some teams are gonna have good drafts and other teams...not so much. Just cause we love the Bucs doesn't mean we need to buy in to the crap shoveled out by the GM and owners. Hell, all teams say they did well. In my (and others) instant opinion, this whole thing looks and smells rotten. Didn't have that feeling last year. If it makes you feel better, remember, it's all instant analysis. Take it for what it's worth (little).
  • avatar

    Sorry to disagree with all the naysayers but I like this draft. No ginormous egos, but kids that are gonna bust their *censored* and have a giant chip on their shoulders. The DTs are going to pan out as steals. Mark my words....
  • avatar

    The question I have is how many of these under the radar guys are on the team in 2-3 years. This looks like another year of NO playoffs sad to say. After having season tickets for20+ years it sure is tough being a buc fan. If the Buc's are all in this year they should have traded 4-5-6-7 RDS and moved up to get two or three IMPACT players.
  • avatar

    @kinderrt: signed! that´s exactly what i mentioned before the draft. this was a horrible draft, hate to say, but...
  • avatar

    This selection pretty much sums up the whole Bucs Draft, ah what and who from where and why?, lol
  • avatar

    This draft has totally confused me. Ive never thought to have had a firm grip on what I think this front office will do. Last year on draft day, walking into work I started to think we might be looking at the top rated safety (that was just a gut feeling, so I started inquiring about them coz Id been pigeonholed [as I think everyone was] on a CB), and we did, but thats about the closest Ive gotten from a read off them. Dont get me wrong, I like that were playing things tight to the vest, but Im sooooo confused right now. All that being said, I love my Bucs, and heres hoping that the people getting paid by the team are doing a good job. I guess well find out soon enough.
  • avatar

    These are the type of low round picks that I like. Guys that were productive but at a lower level of competition so they go under the radar. I prefer guys like that over non-productive guys from big programs (e.g. Kyle Moore - USC). I'm rooting for ya Means!
  • avatar

    Yes, pinkstob , this guy will do just fine.
  • avatar

    I agree with you guys. This draft is beyond weird. Lets hope for the best. Go Bucs!!!
  • avatar

    I hope we all learn to love this kid - but on the board is Florida State DE Jenkins, Florida RB Gillislee, and OT Wagner of Wisconsin that all went in the same 5th round. Our draft team looks stupid just hope it is only looks.
  • avatar

    Bucs trade Blount and last pick in 6th to Patriots for Demps. An undrafted Track star who is a silver medalist who was going to be used as a Punt returner for Patriots before he was injured. This is the weirdest Draft I have ever seen the bucs work. I am totally confused as to what their strategy was.
  • avatar

    Bucs trade Blount for track star Jeff Demps and a 7th round pick!
  • avatar

    Other than Banks it really appears that the Bucs are picking every player a round or two before most scouts projected them to go. Are we going to get anyone who can start from this group ?
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