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April 27, 2013 @ 3:21 pm
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Blount Traded To Pats For Seventh-Rounder, Rights For Demps

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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Since the end of the 2012 season there were whispers that the Buccaneers were interested in trading running back LeGarrette Blount, and on Saturday, the final day of the 2013 NFL Draft, the Bucs shipped Blount to the New England Patriots in return for a seventh-round selection in this year's draft and the rights to former Gator speedster Jeff Demps.
Tampa Bay traded former starting running back LeGarrette Blount to New England in exchange for a seventh-round pick in 2013 and the rights to Patriots running back Jeff Demps.

Demps was recently put on the trading block after expressing his desire to run track and play football as a professional.

“We have made a trade with the New England Patriots,” Bucs general manager Mark Dominik said. “We have traded LeGarrette Blount for one of New England’s seventh-round draft choices and the rights to Jeff Demps. We’ve talked to Jeff a little bit; certainly we understand what he’s doing. We’re just taking the rights to see what happens.

“He obviously practiced down here in Tampa when the New England Patriots came down. He played in our game and had a good game against us and we’re going to walk and talk with him. But the reason was not Jeff Demps. Jeff Demps was part of it but not the reason. We were going to do LeGarrette Blount for a seventh-round pick but we asked for the rights to Jeff Demps because we want to investigate that further. So as an organization that was a team decision that we felt like was the best interest of our football team going forward, and that’s why we made the trade.”

The Buccaneers re-signed Blount in March to a one-year deal worth $1.25 million. The fourth-year running back also has a $350,000 reporting bonus and a $150,000 workout bonus included in his contract. Tampa Bay did not tender Blount a restricted free agent contract offer. Instead, the team decided to sign him to a one-year deal without a tender offer with an eye on making a trade. 

After rushing for a team-high 1,007 yards and six touchdowns on 201 carries (5.0 avg.) as a rookie, the 6-foot, 247-pound running back's output slipped in 2011 where he rushed for 781 yards and five scores on 184 carries (4.2 avg.). Blount fumbled the ball seven times in his first two years with the Bucs, and that prompted the team to draft Doug Martin in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

His best game last season came in Tampa Bay's 38-10 victory over Kansas City in which he carried the ball seven times for 58 yards (8.3 avg.), including a 35-yard touchdown run. However, over the next two weeks, Blount was far less successful, totaling 13 carries for 14 yards against Minnesota and New Orleans.

During the final eight games of the season, Blount only carried the ball six times for 30 yards.

The general feeling was that Blount was not an ideal fit in Mike Sullivan's offense, and the team remains concerned with his ability to be effective in the passing game, which limits his opportunities. In the past, Blount has struggled with pass protection assignments and had only one reception for two yards in 2012.

“I would say that, for us, LeGarrette is going into the final year of his contract, and for us as an organization, we’ve had LeGarrette here for a couple different staffs … all I can tell you is LeGarrette has been a good player for us. But we felt like as an organization, this was best for our football team,” Dominik said.

The Bucs were hot after Demps last summer and attempted to sign him, but he opted to join the Patriots instead. Demps played football and track at the University of Florida, and has expressed the interest in doing both as a professional. That prompted New England to trade him this offseason, as head coach Bill Belichick wanted him to exclusively play football for the Patriots.

“[Football] was an uncertainty,” Demps said prior to joining the Patriots. “I was just focused on running and competing in the Olympics. Once all that stuff was over I was ready to come back to the game. I just want to fit in and help the team out.”

“We have [Jeff Demps’] contractual rights,” Dominik said. “And certainly we’ll talk to him and stuff like that and see where his mindset is. From what I’ve been told, he wants to run track and play football. We thought it would be worth at least getting the rights to talk to him. That was a side part of the deal.

“I would sit there and say that is not why we did the trade. So we’ll talk to Demps and figure out where his football career is headed. But the main point is that we traded for a draft pick.”

Demps played in three preseason games last year in New England and had nine carries for 56 yards, including three-carry, 41-yard game against Tampa Bay that featured a 29-yard run. He also had three catches for 31 yards in the preseason before being placed on injured reserve on August 31 with a minor knee injury.

The 5-foot-7, 175-pound Demps, who has run the 100-meter in a time as fast as 10.01, did not sign with an NFL team after going undrafted in April 2012 because he wanted to focus on training for the 2012 Olympics at the time. Demps ran in the qualifying preliminaries in London, but did not run in the finals and earned a silver medal in the 4x100 meter relay team.

Blessed with 4.2 speed, Demps has experience on offense and in the return game as he finished as Florida’s eighth-leading rusher with 2,470 yards on 367 carries, a 6.7 average, and 23 touchdowns on the ground. As a receiver out of the backfield, Demps nabbed 57 passes in his career for 481 yards, an 8.4 average.

Trading Blount had leaves the Bucs with five running backs the team has Martin as the starter and Brian Leonard, Michael Smith, Demps and Mike James, who was drafted in the seventh round with the pick acquired from New England.

– Mark Cook and Haley Cornish contributed to this report
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  • avatar

    I think this move is a plusn getting demps rights is for the future,plus getting unknown Mike James from Miami will be very intreading GO BUCS. But I'd wish Tampa had moved back inthe first to get Hunt, then CB from Miss St.GO BUCS
  • avatar

    what has blount done since his rookie year? he rushed for 1000 yds and that was it. and for being such a big back, hes terrible at short yardage situations. he is a one trick pony. he also fumbles way to much. remember the oakland game? when all he had to do was run straight and wear down the defense in the final 5 minutes of the game, but fumbled on his 1st and only attempt. heres what i believe most of you are missing about shiano; hes got to be able to trust you. as much as i love freeman, shiano doesnt completely believe in him, thus drafting mike glennon and as much as i want freeman to succeede, im optimisitic about glennon and curious to see what he does. and jongruden, im sorry, but im tired of all the whinning, crying, and moaning everyone does on here. so yes, when EVERY MOVE tampa makes gets chastised, im going to defend them until proven wrong and just like you, who will make fun of those such as myself, who choose to be positive, have an open mind, and not claim that the sky is falling purely because you dont like who we drafted because they werent on your "big board", am not going to stop because you send me a private message insulting me. im not the one you want to mess with, so i suggest you back off.
  • avatar

    This is too bad for TB and Blount. I am sad they couldn't work things out. I think NE gets a steal, and the Bucs get the most they could out of him. It's just too bad the coaching staff could not find room in their system for Blount.
  • avatar

    Oh yeah we picked up Brian Leonard -- much better than LGB yeah right! Politics had to have played a role in giving up LGB a thousand yrd rb who Aaron Rodgers and Ernest graham praised as one of the most gifted rb's in the league. This is BS. Whoever drove this trade (seems like schiano but I can't confirm) is petty and just plain ticks me off
  • avatar

    jrwilson85.... I did not say that Blount was better then Martin. When Blount was starting, did he not run over players when he ran the ball for the Buc's? He did FUMBLE quite often but so did A. Peterson early on and that was fixed with GOOD coaching. Blount never had that help but he still gained over 1000 yds. fighting for extra yards with a poor OL. As far as the draft goes if your happy with it, I happy for you. Me, not so much. I was not a fan of the Revis trade for many reasons and I'll let the experts grade this draft but IMO it's a C.
  • avatar

    KINDERRT.... Adrian Peterson was fixed by much more than good coaching. Peterson was fixed by Peterson mostly. AP is an intelligent young man, an elite talent, a COMPLETE back and he works hard to perfect his craft. Face it Blount is a one trick pony !!! Using a Blount to AP comparison is a joke !!!! As far as the Revis trade goes, the whole success will be determined by if Revis is able to return to form. If he does then this draft could end up being a "A" just on the Revis trade alone. The guy shuts 50% of the field down. He is the best corner in the league and one of the best of all times. Revis is a first ballot hall of famer already. Anything he does for the Bucs is gravy !!! The "experts" may give us a "C" before the season starts. The only grade that matters is the one given when the season ends !!!
  • avatar

    jrwilson85; well said,
  • avatar

    I like Revis for our no. 1 pick as well as Banks at no. 2, and our defensive backfield will be great this year. However, our third pick was a terrible reach. We should have taken a quality DT at that position who could get sacks. Instead, we get a DT who is great at stopping the run but is no sacker with our fourth pick, that could have been used to get Landry from Oklahoma who Poulan on ESPN said had been listed on his list as the top QB in the draft. He could have really pushed Freeman and replaced him if Freeman moves on next year. Schiano giving away a thousand yard rusher to his good buddy for a seventh round pick and the rights to Demps is a travesty! We have nobody who can carry us at the running back position if our starter goes down and that is foolishness. Demps couldn't do that for the Gators and he can't do it for the Bucs either. However, he can help us run back kicks. I do think Gholston can help stop the run and be OK as the fourth DE. But we should have instead kept Bennet with his nine sacks from last year. I give this draft an overall C plus.
  • avatar

    Reach at 3rd, 4th, 4th, 5th; Revis, 2nd, 6th was good. This spells a fair draft. At 7-9 last year, I hope that makes us at least an 8-8 team. Injuries always are the key and lets hope for none and that the previous injured are healed. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    We got our pockets picked in this draft; even good buddy Belichik fleeced Schiano again. Remember the Talib trade for peanuts? Worse draft ever less Revis and maybe Banks. We got a lot of fill ins and most of them will never start, but just help out our starters when they need to take a breath. Spin all you want, my guess is that the other teams in the NFL are thanking the Bucs for drafting like fools.
  • avatar

    Horse, I think the Bucs got all they could get for Talib. Depending on him is like living on the edge of a volcano. The mistake was drafting a player as unstable as Talib to begin with. Allen and Gruden knew about Talib's citizenship before drafting him. Others have questioned losing Bennett and Miller to free agency. Bennett had rotator cuff surgury and D ends have to swing their arms a lot. Let's see how much Bennett is able to give Seattle this season. Miller was a good run stuffer, but wasn't good enough on passing downs to take the heat off of McCoy. Spence may be strong enough to collapse the pocket better. I also think Gholston has a large upside. When you are drafting in the 4th round that's when to take chances not in the 1st. Belicik makes his share of mistakes too. He has been unable to get the Pats back in the Superbowl and as Brady ages the window gets smaller. Teams like the 49ers, Seahawks, Vikings and the 2013 Rams are getting strong after years of cellar dwelling ang getting high draft choices. The Vikings had the kind of draft this year that should put them over the top. The Rams finally got some dangerous weapons on offense and Alec Ogletree is the missing piece to make their defense lethal. The 49ers had the luxury of taking Marcus Lattimore in round 4 and be able to bring him along slowly. About the time Lattimore is ready to be the bell cow, Gore will be looking at retirement. The Bucs weren't in a position to afford the luxury of that pick.
  • avatar

    You know this is the worst draft based on what? This kind of crap pisses me off. Maybe you should actually see them play in a few NFL games before making that call. Remember Ronde's entire rookie season? BTW, Schiano doesn't make trades; that's the GM's job.
  • avatar

    Last draft getting three starters was an abberation and actually reflected the lack of talent at those three positions. I count getting Darrelle Revis as our real First round pick since that is what we gave up (plus a mere $16 million a year). If Banks starts as the nickel or supplants Eric Wright, that would make him a starter. IF you are getting three starters every time you draft then you can't have much talent on your team. This year we get two first round draft picks back (Nicks and Joseph) on offense. We also get a first and second back (Clayborne and Bowers) on defense. We also will have the best CB in the NFL. Really, not bad.
  • avatar

    Blount was one demential and not that good @ that. I think James can be a nice 3rd down back.
  • avatar

    Worst draft in a long time. All that positive momentum just got sucked out of me. I'm pissed! How can you give Blount away for a part time player whose heart is in track. To whoever was in charge of this draft- you are an idiot
  • avatar

    Well, I guess the draft is over for us. We're out of picks and we traded away all the players that Schiano didn't want. I'm surprised we didn't draft a TE but I guess I should have expected that since we have so many on the roster. The only real surprise was that we took a QB so high, but I don't think that was by design. I just think all the players the Bucs wanted with that pick were gone.
  • avatar

    Well we just gave Blount away for nothing
  • avatar

    I can't say I agree with this move, but it's certainly not unexpected. I would be great if we end up with Demps.
  • avatar

    I'm happy for Blount, hope he goes on and becomes the back that he wants to be and gets a RING. Schiano did not like him so he would not play him. I liked Schiano at the start but not so much any more. Wait till we play NE and Blount runs over a few of our guys he might realize what he had and didn't know how to use him. A good coach adapts his plan to fit the player. As far as the draft goes all I can say is SAD, SAD,SAD !
  • avatar

    So KINDERRT I suppose Blount is superior to Doug Martin ? Blount is a physically gifted player with little disicpline. He was inconsistant catching the ball and flat couldn't pass block ! Blount also fumbled too much. There was more than one flaw to his game. How could coach put his trust in Blount ? After last years draft there were people second guessing the drafting of Mark Barron, Doug Martin and Lavonte David. Who is second guessing those 3 picks now ? When you rank this draft, you have to consider Darelle Revis as our first round pick. I don't think there was a CB in the draft in Revis's class. I figure the Bucs brain trust knows more than I do. I like Schiano a lot. He changed this team's attention to detail and work ethic in one season. What kind of Buc fan chooses an individual player over the team and goes as far as to suggest that Blount will run over our guys !!! Blount pouted for a while last year before finally getting stoic ! Running the football is just one duty of an NFL RB. Brian Leonard and Mike James will help this team more than Blount and neither one is a loose cannon.
  • avatar

    I watched Demps play a lot and am hopeful that he opts to be a running back for us. He was a dependable often exciting back and I like him rotating with Martin. Don't know squat about James at this point....
  • avatar

    The type of draft the Bucs had in 2012 is VERY rare. Sadly - we were primed for a letdown this year without a #1 pick. But if you look at the offseason as a whole... the Bucs are primed to be a far better team than they were at the end of last season. In our wildest dreams we couldn't have imagined the secondary improving as much as it did. And I still think we end up with two starters out of this draft in Banks (nickel) and Spence (DT). Means and Gholston will be solid rotational players and Glennon is a massive upgrade over Orlovsky. If Dom can snag a cheap veteran OL to provide good depth at tackle - there are no glaring weaknesses on this roster outside of TE. Apparently the Bucs are ready to give Stocker his big chance.
  • avatar

    I hate to sound like debbie downer but this was the worst orchestrated Draft Tampa has had since its early days. Other than Banks and Revis I cannot see a single one of these players contributing any time soon.
  • avatar

    I assume the Bucs traded up in the 6th round from 196 to 189 to get Mike James and gave up their 196 pick plus the 7th acquired from the Pats. So i guess Mike James is the Bucs last pick.
  • avatar

    I believe they are serving Wine this year in the Board Room, of course not having a one affects your draft feeling but I would be amazed if they receive many high draft rankings. Nailed it last year, uuuhhhh not so much this year.
  • avatar

    Yeah then we draft another RB? I don't get it unless he is going to be a FB...
  • avatar

    and we traded up to draft him this is the stupidest draft ive ever witnessed
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