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April 27, 2013 @ 5:01 pm
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Dominik, Schiano Wrap Up Third Day Of Bucs Draft

Written by Pewter
Report Staff
Pewter Report Staff

Report Staff

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Tampa Bay wrapped up the 2013 NFL draft with the selections of defensive tackle Akeem Spence, defensive ends William Gholston and Steven Means and running back Mike James. Head coach Greg Schiano and GM Mark Dominik talked about what these third-day picks can bring to the Bucs.
Mark Dominik's opening statement:
“We selected four new players for our organization, four very good players with a lot of strength, a lot of length and a lot of good character that we’re really excited about bringing into this football team as well as very productive players and I think that will continue to add to the depth of this football team and allow us to grow and build our team our way.”
Dominik's breakdown on the four new players:
“We took Akeem Spence with the fourth-round pick. We traded up to get him. We felt like he is a very powerful, very strong, tilt nose for the Buccaneers. He produced a high level. I thought he was performing at his best at the end of the season but played consistent throughout. Really a force inside and that is such an important aspect to make sure we didn’t miss or lose him before we were going to make our original pick in the fourth round.”

“Will Gholston was a big, long, powerful defensive lineman from Michigan State. Again, length and power and strength. We visited him as one of our 30 visits so we could really get to know him better and learn more about him. I felt that pick in terms of quality and quantity in terms of where you’re taking him, for a player of that level is very exciting for our entire staff. The scouting staff as well as the coaching staff is very excited about continuing to develop him because of what her brings and the traits he has.”

“We obviously took Steve Means from the University of Buffalo. He’s a guy who may have been a little bit off your radar but he wasn’t off of ours. He was a guy who we put a lot of time into as we do with all the draft choices. We use all the resources we can, whether that’s through the coaching community the scouting community, we did a private workout with him. So we spent a lot of time with him and we’re really excited about him being a developing pass rusher. WE think he’s got tremendous traits at that ability and that’s why we’re excited to bring him in. Anytime you can draft a pass rusher you don’t want to pass him up. We thought he was one of those guys for us and so we’re really excited about him.”

“Then we took Mike James, a big back out of Miami, Again, another powerful player a big back. He ran in the 4.5s. He can do everything. I think what makes Mike so special is that he can play on first, second, third and fourth down. He’s very dependable, very trustworthy and out of all the respect in the world for him an Earnest Graham type of player. We loved Earnest Graham and what he did for this organization. Mike is bigger and taller than Earnest but he’s selfless like Earnest and really can do a lot of different things.”

How good is this team now? Is it a playoff team?
“April is a tough month to ask that question but I understand why you’re doing it,” Schiano said. “I believe we’ve made ourselves better. I feel like we let some opportunities get away from us last year or it should have been that way last year. So we need to get to work. Like Mark said, out current guys under contract have been in here the last two weeks, we’ll get these rookies in here for a weekend and then get them back in the middle of May. As is always the case, time is our enemy., It’s not the other 31 teams. It’s the clock and how fast can we get some of those talented rookies ready to play. We have some newcomers that we acquired through free agency that need to get on board with our schemes, so that’s going to be the challenge. As mark said we’re building it our way, with our kind of people and I’m excited. I think we made ourselves better. I know we made ourselves better.”

What do these individual players bring to this football team going into next season?
“When you look at the makeup, in addition to all their talent, one of the things you mention their length and their speed they certainly have some physical traits that we’re looking for beyond a shadow of a doubt,” Schiano said. “But the kind of people they are, the kind of competitors they are, the word that was used in conjunction was Michael James, a selfless player. Guys that can put this organization before themselves, that’s something that’s not easy in this day and age. But I think we found a bunch of guys that really fit into who we are and what we are. So that to me, in the clutch when you know you can count on the guy next to you, that to me is the secret. And we got some more guys that I think will be counted on.”

Where does Akeem Spence fit in to the DT competition?
“Just like every other position, he’s in the competition,” Schiano said. “We didn’t use that pick for him to watch. We want him in the mix and competing. We think that he is tailor-made for what we do defensively. I mean we really do. And that’s why we were, like Mark said, we went to get him. We felt that strongly. We think he’s going to do the things that we need done at that position. So I’m thrilled that he’s on our defense.”

Do you see Mike James as a RB and a FB like Earnest Graham?
“Not so much that,” Dominik said. “More of just who he is, like the selfless player. The personality, the traits, the toughness, all of those kinds of things. It took a while for Earnest to actually really get an opportunity and take advantage of it. But the one thing Earnest kept doing was playing so great on fourth down as well. Mike can play all four downs. I think that’s so important, as coach knows, when you’re putting 46 men on the football field, what they can do in every phase is why you dress them. And Mike is able to do that, and that’s what makes him so valuable; and that’s why we made this selection.”

Will Steven Means be playing OLB or DE?
“He’s going to be a defensive end,” Schiano said. “And where he lines up, you’ll see he’s going to have an opportunity to rush the passer.”

Do you see Means as a guy on special teams?
“We sure expect him to be,” Schiano said. “With his physical traits he should be an excellent special teams player.”

Is Gholston a guy that you can put in as a nickel rusher inside as well as the outside?
“He definitely has the flexibility to do that,” Schiano said. “When you have the linemen we have, the defensive front we have now, you let them compete and then you get the best four or three depending on the front you’re on out there and go from there. But he’s got the height, weight, speed, and skillset to go either outside or inside.”

Can you talk about Gholston’s ability to play both right and left end?
“He’s versatile,” Dominik said. “Coach just talked about him going inside. For a big man he plays with good knee bend, which is really important to win the leverage game, especially at his size, and he’s able to do that. I think that’s what makes him attractive, that’s part of the package that we really liked. And again we felt like he was continuing to grow this year. Although he came out, we felt like there’s a lot of potential still in the body in the young man. Again, he was one of the thirty guys that we brought in here, and [we] really got time to really spend with him from a coaching and from a personal standpoint. And we really started to appreciate everything about him, not just the tape that we saw, but what he can become we believe. So that was a big part of the selection.”

Does Gholston’s lack of consistency have to do with maturity?
“It can be,” Dominik said. “But I’m really impressed by our coaching staff and who we have here to make these players better. And I really believe in that, and I think you saw that when you looked at our football team last year, some of the strides a lot of guys took I think is tremendous and that’s what give you an opportunity to sit there and say, ‘here’s an opportunity for a guy late in the fourth round that has all the traits and is showing you all the flashes, but just hasn’t been as consistent as you want to be.’ And that’s part of the reason why he’s there in the fourth. But at the same point that’s part of the reason we were excited to take him, because we believe in our system, our coaches, and this team and be able to get the most out of him.”

Talk about your penchant to move up and down the draft board the past two seasons and how much of that has to do with the compatibility between you and Mark Dominik?
“I thought, as I said last year, that Mark did a masterful job again,” Schiano said. “A lot of it is patience as far as moving up, so I’m sitting there and that’s hard, when you know. It’s not like we had a ton of different guys. We know who we wanted if they were there. When you know you’re guy’s sitting there, as a coach you’re dying like we’ve got to get him and Mark says we’re going to get him. The thing that I’ve mentioned several times is the relationship that we’ve had. We discuss everything and that’s critical. We communicate as well as anybody in this league as far as head coach and GM, constantly going through things. That’s what leads to [success]. We usually come to a consensus on most things. It’s not like there’s a big difference because we believe in the same things. It’s a matter of managing that phone and the other GMs and again it was awesome.”

Did you feel like you had to move up to get Akeem Spence in the fourth round because somebody else was going to take him?
“We did because I talked to you guys about the strength of the defensive tackle class,” Dominik said. “I said going into the draft that was one of the strengths. As you went into bed last night and looked at that defensive tackle class, it had been hit hard and that was one of the things that we talked about. For us he was that beacon in terms of all the defensive tackles that were going off the board, he was a guy that we felt could still have an instant impact and have a chance to go in there right away on day one and be a starter for us. That’s the way we looked at it because, again, you have to trend years. You have to look five to seven years back at how many players go at each position and look at your board and say how many went this year and the strength [of the class] and Akeem stood out to us and that’s why we made the choice.”

Because the draft started and ended with a trade, have you found yourself to have to be more aggressive to get the players you want?
“Well I’ve found myself to be calculated,” Dominik said. “I think that’s better than aggressive. I want to make sure we’re making the right decisions at the right times and we did that this draft. There’s opportunities where we could trade up and we sat back. Johnthan Banks is a heck of a football player. We held our water and made sure he would get to us and we think we played it right. We talked about it and Greg said he agreed with it so we go through those [discussions]. You have to willing to be fluid. I think that’s the most important thing, whether it’s trades or the draft, you have to keep your mind open because I think if you let things come and go you’re going to miss out and we don’t want to be that organization. We’re always going to be aggressive in that way and make sure we’re going to get better as a team.”

When you have your eye on a guy does it make you nervous and want Dominik to move to get him?
“No he’s just as nervous as I am,” Schiano said. “But the thing that we do is spend so much time with Dennis Hickey and Eric Stokes, myself and Mark, just going through scenarios and watching players and when I go to do the coaching they’re still doing it and that’s the beauty of this league. When I go to work with the players that have been here the last two weeks and when I come back up they are three or four hours into stuff and they get me up to speed and there’s nothing like that. When everybody’s on the same page, really it’s about executing. It’s not making decisions, it’s executing your plan and like I said he did an awesome job and we’re a better team for it.”

Andrew Scavelli, Haley Cornish and Victoria Horchak contributed to this report
Last modified on Saturday, 27 April 2013 21:38

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    To XDelgado: To answer your question where I got Sylvester Williams from; I misspoke confusing Sylvester for Brandon Williams who is the Williams DT that went in the third round. However, if you check the stats, Brandon Williams had better numbers, even, than Sylvester Williams. Brandon had 7 solo sacks in 2012 to 5 for Sylvester; Brandon had 13 solo tackles for loss to 11 for Sylvester; and Brandon had 31 solo tackles to 21 solo tackles for Sylvester. My point is still the same, however, we could have gotten an excellent DT with our third pick who could get us sacks from the inside as well as the power to stop the run, which is what we wanted to improve our pass rush, but instead, because of taking Glennon instead, we ended up with a run stopping DT who does not have the experience of the DT we let go. Now, yes, I evaluated Glennon on his stats too. I believe in looking at performance below. You may remember Freeman's stats were not stellar coming out of college either, but ROM gave the same excuses for him you did for Glennon--that he did not have a great surrounding cast--so now with three years invested in Freeman, how has that worked out for us? I don't follow the ACC so I take your word for how bad Glennon's cast was. But I also know Glennon is very smart and had top knotch coaching in college, and he should have still been able to have better footwork and gotten better production than he did, and he does not and never will have the escapability that Freeman has. I can live with the latter if Glennon can develop into a better QB than Freeman is. I found out Glennon only started one year, so there is a chance he can get there, but if it takes years, he is not going to put the pressure on Freeman we need this year. We could have taken Landry Jones in the fourth round who completed 66% of his passes last year and he would have pressured Freeman this year. That is all I am saying.
  • avatar

    Gholston will do nothing in this league. He will be totally ineffective.
  • avatar

    I can't wait to see how many UDFA's we get from Rutgers.
  • avatar

    Isn't it amazing, they got evry single player that they wanted and targeted, it's a bloody miracle..........
  • avatar

    Today's Bucs' foundation has been built through the draft and improved through free agency. The balance is important and like I mentioned before reminds me of the late 1990's Bucs. I am very excited about 2013. I was not impressed with this draft except that we got Revis out of its first rounder. I don't like the QB pick in the 3rd round, but now it's "let's wait and see". I see the Bucs being a dark horse in the 2013 season.
  • avatar

    This draft class addressed a few positions of need and brought in a nice insurance policy behind Freeman. Im interested to see if Spence is more Brian Price(penetrating ability) or Roy Miller(stout against the run only). I still would like to see us sign Clabo from Atlanta to come and start at RT which would allow us to keep Meredith and Lee as swing players on Sunday. The thing that excites me the most about this draft is Banks who I think is finally going to push Myron Lewis out the door. Its time to stop being soft and play or go home Mr. Lewis. Physical tools mean nothing if you dont have the heart. Myron you are officially on notice and I love it! Go Bucs solid draft and I will see you out west this year in Seattle!
  • avatar

    Where are the undrafted Free Agents? Has anybody heard anything? Other teams have posted some lists with several FA signings. Yet, nobody is talking about what Free Agents the Bucs are trying to sign. What say you PR? Any news? I guess will probably get a list today sometimes of the Free Agents Bucs have signed? Go Bucs! Are you ready for some football?
  • avatar

    I never heard any team interested in banks except us. Seems like we kind of locked in on him from the start, so not bad for a 2nd rd. I like the 3rd rd pick the most, QB Glennon . I know we are a lot better with him on the team. I like Spence the NT. I really could care less what rd they draft a player, just get the player you need. Banks, Glennon, Spence and Gholston we'll keep. Then we go out and find another top RB and an elite pass rusher.
  • avatar

    A few undrafted players I would still like to see in pewter and red: DE W Stewart DT C Grissom OL E Cleary and L Marquardt Wouldn't hurt to bring them in to add more depth to our roster. Wish we could have got a couple more, but they have already signed with other teams. GO BUCS !!!
  • avatar

    I remember there was a debate between who was a better QB Blaine Gabbert and Cam Newton. Mel Kiper said Blaine was a better pro ready QB. How has that workout?
  • avatar

    It's said in jest, but my flippant reaction to this draft is: I hate football players drafted from Illinois. Makes no sense does it? Doesn't change my statement & makes as much sense as what I'm currently reading. Wish him the best. Don't understand the QB pick in the 3rd. Watching. Love the Banks pick, think he could be (not great) but really good. I would not be surprised if his effort got us to the next round of playoff game some day soon. Favorite pick? Gohlston in the 4th. Loved his cousin--who never did anything. His genetics and raw talent are exciting, on a team that has teachers. Coaches are supposed to be teachers. He's quick, long, strong, and plays both sides. I can't wait to watch his development. He could be a real wild card. Could be nothing. For me, Football is way beyond watching the ball. That growth, strategy, and synergy is what has fueled me through the past 10 years of Tampa's dormancy. I'm just lucky I've got friends who will listen to my excitement over how the Blount/James -- Trade/Trade-up/Pick went down. Not who we got/lost, but how it occurred. The Mechanics. Beautiful!
  • avatar

    mjmoody, good humor and funny.
  • avatar

    I like the Banks and Spence picks...I am onboard with Revis now, and Gholston has about a 33% chance of working out, which, in the 5th round isn't terrible. Maybe a B- if you include Revis....
  • avatar

    I wish I could exchange my Blount jersey too. Too bad someone can't just change the names. I'd like to update my # 19. Nice to see everyone calming down. Welcome back!
  • avatar

    I am done ranting about this draft they are Bucs now and I have to accept it.
  • avatar

    jongruden, I am doing the same. Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    Ill admit it, I way overreacted after the glennon pick. After sleeping on it and hearing both Dom and schiano reiterate that free is the starter I'm starting to be ok with it . We did need a capable backup if we're going on a run and if "god forbid something happened to josh"--schiano. I'm willing to wait to see how gholston, means and James play to judge them. I have it on good authority that spence is an upgrade over miller. The angst I think comes from being such a fan of freeman, Blount, and Bennett and I appreciated Roy's dedication to the bucs. I thought there was a good chemistry being built in the dline that I hated seeing it torn apart, but hopefully spence and gholston will jell even better given that this will be their first pro system and McCoy, AC, and Bowers will make it work with them. I truly believe free will be extended after a great year, and at least we will have a better backup than orlo. I really hate loosing LGB though! I have to get rid of his jersey now:)
  • avatar

    I like the fact that a lot of these players got where they are the hard way. Something about their character made the Bucs take them ahead of who you, Kiper, and McShay thought were better.Colin Cowherd said he likes players who had to work, and scrap hard for everything they ever got, that way when things go bad they don't cave,or panic, they just work harder. Sounds like these kids, and that's the kind of meddle Schiano is looking for. I've been reading the posts and have to laugh when I see we could've had Williams instead, or it was a reach taking Glennon. Butch Davis knows more about Williams then anyone of us, and the Bucs passed. Jaws was very high on Glennon, saying he's pro ready, and Josh better take care of business because Glennon has the talent to take his job. Does that sound like a 3rd round reach? Settle down folks, we don't know as much as the pros who do this every day for a living. I can't say one way or another if this was a good, or bad draft, but I will at least wait till I see some of these picks take the field before I say anything stupid about them.
  • avatar

    Surferdudes, some of us have vented out and now we all are pretty much together that we move on and lets Go Bucs!
  • avatar

    Well Tampa Ban fans-This is one of the best drafts Tampa has have in the last few years-Can't wait for Bucs to Play the Jets in Game One Up there.GO BUCS
  • avatar

    Well Buc Fans this is George Hicks back from south florida. And Iam very proud that this may be one of the best drafts that I think time will tell.I can't wait for Tampa to beat the Jets in Game one-GO BUCS
  • avatar

    Since football is a game of inches, then I like the idea of getting "longer and stronger"! In fact, that's what my wife tells me all the time! Not sure what exactly she's getting at?? Anyway, I'm with scudog. Some guys are ready to hurl them selves off the skyway after hearing Glennons name called??? Sure, there were some other names on the board that made more since but If their was another Warren Sapp in this draft.... Name him?? Or, another Gronk... Name him?? Then, in 3 or so years you can say I told you so and will give you a trophy or a shiny badge!! No one knows, who will do what! This team has been riddled with injuries over the last few seasons and the montra is "next man up"!! If your next man up is an undrafted free agent or a journeyman does it even really matter? We do have some glaring needs, but so does the other 31 teams! I think we are building a winner and taking a couple burners in this draft won't make us or break us! But never the less, it's a Bucs life for me!!
  • avatar

    Kracker25, good points.
  • avatar

    though i was surprised on a backup qb in the 3rd coach and Dom took the players they wanted...for a reason...and i still trust in the decision making because i am seeing a very powerful d take shape especially the secondary and i for one can't wait to see it all together!GO BUCS!!
  • avatar

    Well, lots of things have been said about this draft good and bad. Now we have heard from the manager and the coach. I have my doubts, but it is time to move forward and let Schiano do what he was brought here to do. Put a winning team on the field using the talent that has been brought to the Organization. I am a believer in Schiano. He may not be able to make this team into a playoff team this year but he should be able to produce a winner from it. Injuries and of course the cohesion of the Defense will be key. Freeman having an even better year than last year will also be key. I know one thing for sure, we are better than we were two yrs ago. I think our Offense will give a lot of teams fits.
  • avatar

    Seat 26, I agree.
  • avatar

    I often reference the old draft publications stacked on the shelves of my Bucs Room. (My wife tries to get me to throw them out all the time) Here's what I've learned by reading their opinions a few years "after the fact". Pay little attention! There is minimal credibility in their evaluations. Yet, we fans continue to rely on them as gospel. We say things like, "We could have waited and drafted him a round later". According to who? "He was rated as the 4th best tackle" Whose rating? Heck, this year they couldn't even predict who the first player would be or the first QB of the class. Fact is, we and the "Draft experts" know very little in comparison to the data gathered by the scouting departments of each team. They often repeat each other. Even with all of that mistakes are made (good and bad) because no one can predict the future. They can only use the past help aid their forecast. We've had our share of both hits and misses like all teams. At this point, to declare that this Draft is made up of "reaches" or is made up of "future stars" , based on the opinions in the various draft publications and web sites is just a tad silly.
  • avatar

    Scubog; I agree, but it is fun to and predict and hope that all will be good. You are right, we won't for a couple years what this draft was all about. It's still fun for me to look at this as risk versus value.
  • avatar

    Still not a fan of the Glennon pick, but at least two sources (PFW's draft mag and Cosell from NFL.com) think he could have been a first rounder. Maybe he'll be good enough to push Freeman to the next level. --- NFL Films senior producer Greg Cosell said earlier this month that Mike Glennon "has probably -- of the quarterbacks in this class -- more of the attributes that you look for than maybe any other quarterback." Cosell argued that he "wouldn't have a problem" with a team grabbing Glennon in the first round. Through that lens, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers scored a bargain finding the N.C. State passer in Round 3 of the 2013 NFL Draft.---
  • avatar

    Horse, I agree with you completely. What the Bucs passed up in the third round was Sylvester Williams DT from North Carolina, that a number of draft publications listed as the fourth best DT in the draft. He would have been a sack maker for us from the inside, which is what we needed. Instead we have just a strong run stopper who does not have the NFL experience we let go. He may be able to push the OL backwards a little bit, which could help a bit but that is it. Instead in the third round we picked a QB that has fumbled a lot and threw 17 interceptions last year and never hit even 60 per cent of his passes, and has zero escapability and is inconsistent. He would have still been sitting there in the 5th round, I am convinced. And then to practically give away a thousand yard rusher who we needed as a backup, was pathetic! On top of all that Bleacher Report does not see our Miami pickup as ever having starter capability. At best he is a marginal pick without a good burst, and he does not hold a candle to Ernest Graham, a 1000 yard back for the Bucs! I am convinced we'll be lucky to get a C plus from Lindys for this draft. Very Sad!
  • avatar

    Olwlykat you are criticizing our new QB Mike Glennon strictly off his stats If you look at a lot of his games his receivers dropped a lot of passes he put right in their hands I seen more than a few passes get picked off after his receivers tipped the balls that he put right in their hands he actually looks more accurate passing than freeman especially if you can protect him in the pocket he was sacked a lot but it was mostly cause he played for a bad team he would have gotten drafted in the 1st RD if he would have played for a team like Alabama and even though he did not play for an elite team some sports analyst say they would not be surprised if a team took him in the 1st RD. This is actually the only player I believe can make an impact on our team out of every player we drafted this year especially if Josh chokes this year I would like him to sit back and learn our playbook and hit the gym hard so he can bulk up while Free gets his last chance to prove he should be the Bucs starting QB. You all will love him when he gets his shot to play with our starting offense and he starts winning games for us. Trust me they didn't draft him to backup Josh they drafted him to put him in if Josh starts loosing games with his inaccuracy trust me Schiano didn't like that he didn't have a better option to put in when he kept throwing interceptions. He did the same thing to Blount after he kept fumbling balls he went and drafted martin who replaced him as a starter and eventually sent him packing in a trade don't be surprised if the same thing happens to free if he doesn't stop turning the ball over but at least we should get more than a 7th round pick for him if this is what ends up unfolding in the future and no I don't like the banks pick we should have went DT with Kawan Short to take some of the double teams off of Gerald McCoy. In Schiano's style of defense I see Banks getting burned a lot unless we play Tampa 2 or some type of zone coverage and we don't have the pass rush for that he won't push around elite NFL receivers the way he did in college I see another Myron Lewis Regardless he is a Buc now so I will root for him to succeed like I will for every player on our team Go Bucs
  • avatar

    Sly William perhaps. I liked Jesse Williams who carried and 85 rating from Mike Mayock. Spense carried a 66. Williams was still there when we took Spense. I don't put much stock in Bleacher Report.
  • avatar

    Owlycat- Sylvester Williams went in the first round drafted by Denver perhaps your talking about Kawann Short?
  • avatar

    Johngruden it wasn't Kawann Short he was he was drafted the following pick By the panthers after we passed him up for Banks in the 2nd RD I don't know what Owlykat is talking about
  • avatar

    UDFA's according to walterfootball Montel Harris, RB, Temple | Carl Johnson, G, Florida | Evan Landi, TE, South Florida | Akeem Shavers, RB, Purdue | Branden Smith, CB, Georgia | Nick Speller, OT, UMass | Tank Wright, DE, Arkansas | Tim Wright, WR, Rutgers |
  • avatar

    Anybody heard anything on Non-drafted Free Agent signings. I hear that they are trickling in this evening? Any Rutgers guys that did not get drafted? Just wondering... Hey PR have you guys heard anything yet? Great coverage PR and it was a blast to follow all of the analysis and predictions. You guys can now take a bath and and a long siesta!!!
  • avatar

    You know what fellas, after many drafts and draft watching it is very simple. You really just don't know. I mean, sure things don't pan out, and POTENTIAL becomes the buzzword of the day! If we truly knew, there would be no Tom Brady's would there! So, we got some young athletes who have (length) and they all appear to be high character guys and leaders from their prospective teams. I like Spence and Gholston picks. The Jeff Demps rights pick up is intriquing. Will he play in the NFL? Could contribute if he decides to play. 3rd round QB did leave me scratching my head abit? Never heard of, seen, or heard any draft expert speak of him? Was a substancial amount of talent still available at this pick. So, we really don't know. I mean we do know the 3rd round pick sucked, but the others may ultimately, be solid NFL players. Go Bucs! Draft Grade of B- unless Demps runs back some kicks, then grade becomes a "B". I'm just saying...
  • avatar

    I don't claim to be an expert evaluator of college talent, but I have to believe Schiano knows what he wants in a football player. I like the way he and Dominick preach knowing what we are looking for: Character, Length, Strength. In my experience as a player, I found it true that coaching makes all the difference. The margin of talent difference between many of these players I have to believe is slim. If you have quality character individuals with great athletic ability and great coaching, impressive things can happen. It sounds like Schiano and Dominck knew exactly what they were going after.
  • avatar

    I really like the Banks and Spence picks and am willing to bet both of those guys are starters on day 1 (Banks as the nickel). I agree with most that the Glennon pick should have waited one more round with all the DL and LB talent still there in the 3rd. But - this might be just the thing Freeman needs to take the next step in his development. We're talking about a QB who's biggest competition to date has been Byron Leftwich. He needs a push. When Freeman challenges for a Pro Bowl slot next season - we might look back on this Glennon pick a little differently.
  • avatar

    Filmbuc, I agree with you about the Freeman thing as I know that Josh has to prove better consistency this season.
  • avatar

    After watching and listening to the video a couple times and also watching their body language I still believe that some of these picks were reaches. I am okay to use Revis as our No.1 pick because in a way he was. I am okay with the Banks pick even though I thought there were just as good players at other positions like DT and DE. I thought the James pick was good and he might play a much bigger role than picks in rounds 3 thru 5. I am still confused with the huge reach for the QB in the 3rd round and thus the other need to reach for players that were puzzling at the time and still is for me. I am not sure what Coach was talking about lost opportunities in the last draft as that draft was far better than this one for quality. Some of these players fit a rating of leader, team player, potential, and the new buzz word length; but was the talent really there? Were they that special? I thought we had a fair draft, but in the NFL that will not get you many wins. I still feel that rounds 3 thru 5 were one of the worse reaches I have seen and I have watched or listen to every draft since 1976. I am a die hard Buc Fan and this draft does not fit well with me. Yes we got a good Safety in Free Agency and yes Revis will be good; I just hope that all the other things fit into place that we really can make it to the Playoffs. I sure didn't hear a lot of confidence from the Coach when that question was asked.
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    Okay - I realize I may be in the minority here, but I can't see what all the optimism is about with this draft class. I think we have (if everything works out for us) the next Eric Wright, the next Roy Miller, the next Dakota Watson, a back-up QB, and a practice squad RB. I can't see anyone we got that is likely to become an impact player, never mind a pro-bowler. It's not that I think Banks and Spence won't be descent, but they won't be all-stars....I see no reason for celebration - we didn't find a Mike Williams in the 4th, we didn't get the next GMac, we have a couple of guys who could be starters but not impact starters. I am optimistic about the offseason because of Revis and Goldson, but teh draft....mehhhh.
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    EastEndBoy, I agree. Mostly back ups, special situation,developmental and special team players. But, that is exactly what we needed_depth. We already have the stars.
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