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May 3, 2013 @ 6:33 pm
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Schiano: "I Want To Let The Competition Play Itself Out"

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Friday was the first practice for the Buccaneer’s draft picks as well as college free agents who are trying to make the team. Coach Schiano spoke to the media following the afternoon session and gave his impressions of Day 1.
Friday was the first practice for the Buccaneer’s draft picks as well as college free agents who are trying to make the team. Coach Schiano spoke to the media following practice and discussed how the practice went, if anybody stood out, and his impressions with players such as Mike Glennon, Johnthan Banks, and Mike James.  The following is a transcript of his press conference.

Opening statement:
“Well, it was a good start. A bunch of good kids that are trying their guts out so we’ll see how this unfolds tomorrow. They’re a little tired right now.”

 What did you like, anyone jump out at you?
“Probably too soon. There’s been a lot of good stuff. I think the thing that’s impressive is the way these kids came in last night, very on point, everyone on time. I think the level of this tryout camp is considerably higher than even last year. Does that mean more will come out of it? Not necessarily. That’s a pretty steep pyramid to get a contract. But that part is going well. I think for our draft picks and our free agents that are under contact, it was good work out there and it was good meeting time.”

Your impressions of Mike Glennon?
“Like you said, it’s been a day. But he did a nice job. The stuff that doesn’t take any retention, just throwing one on ones, throwing routes on air, I think both of those guys did a good job, Mike and Robert (Marve). They both threw the ball well.”

Could you tell it was overwhelming for some of the guys?
“A little bit. But there’s a lot of different things. A lot of these kids are coming down from the north and it’s 80 degrees and they got all this new football to learn, they’re trying to impress and so there’s a lot of anxiety that goes along with that. No matter how talented they are. But that’s part of the plan. We want to see how much they can handle. Now, there’s not that much that goes into it. I hate to break their spirit. But it’s good. It’s a good group of young men. They’re really supporting each other and practicing like a little unit, which is good.”

What will the meeting with the Patriots be about?
“I’m actually not going. Some of our staff is going. Just to work over some things. We’re probably going to practice together again this training camp, so we’ll kind of go over the things we did and what we liked and didn’t like. That’s all, nothing major.”

You recruited Mike Glennon out of high school and now you see him later and draft him, so what did you like about him then and now?
“We were in a situation where we had a year and then we had to have a quarterback so, every four years you kind of have to go on that pilgrimage to find the next guy and he was really the guy that we thought was the top of the East Coast because he had arm strength, because he was intelligent, and that hasn’t changed. He had a growth spurt in college. He wasn’t that tall in high school. So he’s considerably taller, but very much the same guy – kind of even keel, which is something that we liked then and we like now.” 

When you look at rookie CB Johnthan Banks off the field, he is an interesting guy with his maturity and he has a family. What about those aspects attracted you to him?
“I think his maturity is probably a little more advanced than a lot of guys his age. Like you said he has his own family. He has played a ton of football so football wise he is mature as well. (MSU coach) Dan Mullen is a friend and Dan expressed to me how much they counted on him on their defense on their team. I think when you have that kind of insight it helps. No doubt, but he is a guy that I really felt fit exactly what we are looking for from a player and from a person.”

You got three key starters from the draft last year and have you thought about this group and what will be a success rate once you get into season of guys that could have an impact this year?
“I try not to think too much of that. I want to let the competition play itself out. I think there are some guys in this draft class that can be in the starting units. It just so happened that last year we had a unique threesome that really... we had needs and they had talents and maturity. We will have to play it out and see. I do not really have a number that I think could, but I think some of them could.”

You drafted Mike Glennon and what role do you see him having this year – can he be someone who competes for the backup role?
“Just like all the rest I want him to come in and do the best he can. Wherever that places him in the pecking order so to speak that is where he will be. You have aspirations for every player you take whether it is free agent or draft, but the guy has got to go do it. That is why I like competition across our football team because I think it raises the overall level of the team. Everybody is different. We are going to have to wait and see how it goes.”

Does he have certain aspects being as tall as he that may be a negative or athletically his feet?
“I don’t know. It is like 6-5 and he is that much (showing two inches with his hand) taller you know. His feet are fine. We watched plenty of tape and [he] moves in the pocket well and all those things. I am not concerned about it.”

Are guys in college more prepared to get into the NFL now today?
“I think. I think technology has allowed that. I think I have said that before in here when I was a younger college assistant coach if you could get some pro tape it was everything. You were "it." And you would watch it and study it and break it down. Now with technology I think it is like $121.99 you can get coaches tape of every team in the league. So I think that helps the coaches be better which in turn helps the players be more advanced. I think it trickles all the way down through high school all the way. These kids are getting more coaching. They are getting more physical preparation with all these trainers and everything that is out there now. It is just different than it was 10 [or] 15 years ago.”

Is Mike James one of the guys that you look at and say he is a football player?
“We felt that as an organization. We felt it and we feel after having him for a day not only is he a good running back, but he is really good on special teams. We saw that in his time at University of Miami both in his early years and then even as a senior he did even though he was their lead ball carrier. I think that he is going to be a real good addition to our football team. Again, how fast does that happen? We got to let that play out, but I think he has got all the tools to do that. He is another guy that I think maturity wise and his kind of unselfishness is something that is real important to us.”

How does the uncertainty with Revis, Barber, Wright and the secondary affect Banks and what you think he could do in his rookie year?
“I don’t think it affects him at all. We are going to prepare him like we do everybody to be the guy and then let competition go and play its way out. Then whenever he falls he falls. That’s why training camp is so good and preseason games for these young kids is really good. You get to see them—practice is one thing and when the lights come on how do they respond? Looking forward to that, but one step at a time.”

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    It is interesting to me that Schiano is so high on James, who is nowhere near a thousand yard rusher at Miami; instead a little over 600 yards. It would be sad if he misjudged this young man's talent and let a veteran 1,000 yard rusher backup go for a 7th round pick, as a result. But the proof is in the pudding. Perhaps Scihiano found a hidden talent that the scouts from none of the other teams in the NFL picked up on. I hope James turns out to be a great talent, because if our starter goes down, it is going to be a long, long season for all of us to endure, and there will be cries to fire Schiano for letting his backup go. If James will be the third down back he best be studying the blitz schemes in the NFL and preparing his blocking technique. At least we have a Rutgers Running Back to step in if James can't do it. I keep hearing we are thin on offensive backups--that is nothing to how thin we are right now at running back!
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    Well Barber will make his mind up when he is ready either way I do appreciate to not presure Rhonde Barber.HE WILL MAKE THAT CALL-GO BUCS
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    Nice read and great info. Thanks Vicky.
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    Nice job Victoria. Let the competition begin.
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