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May 5, 2013 @ 11:07 am
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Schiano Talks Up Tampa Bay's Rookies

Written by Victoria
Victoria Horchak 


Staff Writer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano spoke with the media and wrapped up Tampa Bay's two-day rookie mini-camp at One Buc Place. Find out what Schiano had to say about defensive linemen Akeem Spence and William Gholston in addition to other rookies in this Pewter Report article.
With Saturday’s rookie mini-camp practice over with, head coach Greg Schiano took to the podium to discuss with the media the day’s events. He discussed how the guys looked today, how tough it can be for the tryout guys, and the play of players like Deveron Carr, Evan Landi, and Robert Marve. The following is a transcript of his press conference.

Did the guys look sharper out there today being the second day and all?
“Maybe a little bit. They gave great effort. Whatever we gained in their heads spinning less we probably lost in soreness and being tired and that sort of stuff. They haven’t been doing this kind of stuff, but I thought overall it was a really good effort, great attitudes. It was a fun group of guys to be around. Now there are some tough decisions to make and we’ll make them and get back to work with our club on Monday.”

William Gholston got his first sack out there today. 
“Pretty impressive. He did a nice job. I’m sure that quarterback didn’t think so but.”

What have you liked about Deveron Carr?
“Right after the seventh round, we had our phones ready and as soon as the last compensatory went in, bang we got our guys on the phones. But one of the things we do is before the draft we take time getting to know these kids and talking to them and so we had built up a relationship with him beforehand. We targeted him as one of the guys that we – if he didn’t get drafted – recruit as a free agent and it worked out well. He’s long, he can run well, he plays press coverage very well. We need to work on him with his zone technique and some off stuff, but he’s a real nice prospect to work with.”

What did you think about the USF guys, especially Evan Landi?
“Evan, I go way back with Evan. He came to our summer camp up there, and I was always a fan of his when we played against him. He kind of does everything, did everything for them. Now he’s settling into one deal. I think he’s got the potential. Now he has to learn the stuff and compete with the guys on the roster. He’s going to get a shot.”

What sticks out for you so far with Mike James as far as the interactions you have had with him?
“Maturity. Loves the game. Wants to know. He asks questions that are good, not just questions to ask questions. He’s going to be a fun guy to have on the team.”

What are the plans for Michael Smith now that you have Mike James?
“Same deal. You need multiple running backs.You need depth at running back. It’s a physical position. He’ll go in and compete from the time that Mike gets back and whoever the better one is will be the second, and whoever the next one is will be the third. Brian Leonard will be in that mix. Brian can play kind of a hybrid position. We need that, though. We need that kind of depth at the running back position.”

How tough of a hill is it to climb for a tryout guy just in general?
“It is tough. It is tough to get invited to a tryout camp. Forget to get signed to a contract, right? The one thing that I have told all these guys and I mean it is it doesn’t matter – we give certain free agents money and other free agents just get a contract. Other guys are tryout guys, but we really are going to evaluate. We are not just going to ignore all the history of their film that they had and their careers that they had. We are really going to put a lot of stock into this weekend because we get to actually coach in the meeting [and] out on the field. If we feel that you are going to be a better member of that 90-man roster, we are not afraid to make changes. That is witnessed by last year we will do that. I do not know before that if it was done, but it was done last year and it will probably be done again tonight. Those are tough decisions though because every one of those kids loves football and wants to keep playing and when you do that it makes it harder for them to keep playing.”

Did you see anything from the local quarterback Robert Marve who was here on a tryout?
“Yes, Robert really did a nice job. Good energy. Good attitude. He can really throw the ball well. I enjoyed working with him. We have to see how that fits into our needs. That is going to be a discussion, but the guy is a good player.”
When you watch Akeem Spence one-on-one in the pass rush drills, are you hopeful that he can be a guy that can push the pocket a bit and put pressure up middle as well as being run stopper?
“We are. We think he is athletic enough to do that. So a lot of what is talked about is playing the tilt nose, the tilt nose, the tilt nose. Well, we ask that guy sometimes not to play the tilt nose and get over the guard. We know we think he is an athletic guy. I thought there was some good defensive line work going on outside. Again, we have to sift through it. Who are the guys we are going to actually add to our roster. Akeem certainly did some nice things. I am really excited to coach him.”

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    Coach had a great talk-GO Bucs
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    Tomorrow the Bucs will be signing several players from rookie mini-camp. I have heard WR Chris Denton, OL Jace Daniel, and WR/KR Jeff hughley from the arena league. Now don’t hold me to these names as it’s hearsay and every time I do this I’m invariably wrong! Since the Bucs are at the 90 man limit, for each player added one must be cut. So tomorrow, as they say in the movies “there will be blood”!
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    Liked what I heard from Coach Schiano. I hope he will keep Landi and Marve, and the USF RB and the Rutgers' 240 pound DE/LB, and the best Offensive Tackle and Offensive Guard, as well as Carr.
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