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May 8, 2013 @ 2:55 pm
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Barber Decides To Retire After 16 Seasons

Written by Pewter
Report Staff
Pewter Report Staff

Report Staff

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Fan favorite and most likely future Hall of Famer Buccaneers cornerback Ronde Barber has decided to retire after 16 seasons in the NFL, according to Jay Glazer from FOX.
The record-setting amazing run is over.

After 16 seasons in the NFL Tampa Bay's legendary cornerback Ronde Barber has decided to retire, according to a report from Jay Glazer of FOX.

The Buccaneers organization and fans have been on the Barber watch since the season concluded, waiting to see if the team’s all-time leader in games played would return for a final season.

Many, including PewterReport.com, speculated that Barber would return, especially with the secondary upgrades but after having months to decide, Barber decided to hang up his future Hall of Fame cleats telling Glazer, “"I've had a better run than I ever could've dreamed of having."

Earlier this year, in his weekly Fab 5 column, PewterReport.com publisher Scott Reynolds noted the lengthy list of Barber’s accomplishments during his 16 seasons in the NFL.

• Barber played more seasons (16) than any other player in Tampa Bay history. Had he returned for a 17th season, Barber would have tied Baltimore linebacker Ray Lewis for the second-most in NFL history for the most seasons with an original team. Kicker Jason Hanson holds the record for spending 21 years with the Detroit Lions.

• Barber was a five-time Pro Bowler, a distinction that ties him for the third-most appearances in franchise history with Lynch and Nickerson, in addition to being a three-time All-Pro, which is one more year’s worth of that honor than either Lynch or Nickerson received. In 2012, which was his first year as a starting free safety, Barber was a Pro Bowl alternate.

• Barber played in 240 consecutive games, and has 215 consecutive starts. Both are franchise records. His 215 consecutive starts are the most by any current NFL player.

• Barber had 232 career starts, including 200 consecutive starts at cornerback, which is the most in NFL history.

• Barber had 10 career NFC Player of the Week awards (nine on defense, one on special team), which is the most in Buccaneers history. Barber’s nine NFC Defensive Player of the Week honors are tied for the most in league history with Lewis and three Hall of Famers in defensive ends Chris Doleman and Bruce Smith, and linebacker Lawrence Taylor.

• Barber is the second-leading tackler in Tampa Bay history with 1,428, ranking behind only Brooks, who notched 2,198 stops in his Buccaneers career.

• Barber is the franchise’s all-time leading interceptor with 47 picks. He is the only player in NFL history to record at least 40 interceptions and 25 sacks in his career. In 2001, he led the NFL with 10 interceptions.

• Barber’s 92-yard interception return for a touchdown in the 2002 NFC Championship Game at Philadelphia sealed the team’s victory and paved the way for the Buccaneers to win the franchise’s first and only Super Bowl title, which came against Oakland a week later. Barber’s pick-six of Eagles QB Donovan McNabb is widely regarded as the top play in Tampa Bay history.

• Barber’s 28 career sacks are the seventh-most in Buccaneers history. With two more sacks and three more interceptions Barber would become the only player in NFL history with an even 50 picks and 30 sacks.

• Barber has scored the most non-offensive touchdowns in Buccaneers history (12). His 12 regular season scores are tied for the third-most in NFL history. With one more defensive score, Barber will be tied for first all-time with former NFL defensive backs Darren Sharper and Rod Woodson.

• Barber had a franchise-record three defensive touchdowns in the postseason to give him a total of 15 non-offensive scores in his illustrious career.

• Barber is the first player in NFL history with at least eight interceptions returned for a touchdown, four fumble returns for a touchdown and a punt return for a touchdown.

• Barber is the first Buccaneer to have blocked a punt, a field goal and an extra point in franchise history.

In that column Reynolds also wrote about a conversation he had with Barber in 2011. Barber, by that point in his career, had finally accepted his place in Buccaneers history.

“A couple of years ago I was at the stadium for Tony Dungy’s retirement party and all four of us were there,” Barber said at the time. “The three of them (Sapp, Brooks and Lynch) got up there together and were saying stuff about Tony and I thought to myself, ‘I’m not in that group. I don’t need to be up there. I’m not part of that.’ At the time I was thinking, ‘You have this great defense and you have one guy from each unit.’ But that was a couple years ago. Now with what I have done for this football team and the 40 interceptions, looking back, I probably should be part of that group.”

Reynolds also asked Barber about the now legendary 92-yard interception that sent the Buccaneers to the Super Bowl in 2002.

“It’s a great place to start, but I don’t want that play to define me,” Barber said. “Obviously, it still resonates in this building. There are pictures of that hanging all over the walls. It’s propelled me into stardom around here. Not that I wasn’t a good player before, but it separated me. I think that play made me a brand name around town, but amongst my peers – the old guys before and the new guys now – I wanted them to think I was a guy that did everything and would do everything, and that I’m a great player because of that.”

In 2011, Barber stated to Reynolds how he wanted to be remembered.

“Outside of this building I’d like to be known as a guy that had the best interests of this team in mind,” Barber said. “I excelled in spite of what everyone else thought I couldn’t do. The guy that preserved and had pride in being able to preserve – I think that’s what I want people to know me as.”

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  • avatar

    God speed Ronde. Thanks for everything you gave to the Tamp Bay community both on and off the field. Number 20 will and should be retired and no other Buccaneer player should ever be able to wear it. Next stop the Bucs Ring Of Honor and then Canton not necessarily in that order. You will be missed by all Tampa Bay Buccaneer fans but especially by my son. He idolizes you.
  • avatar

    I've been recovering the last 5 days-Rhonde you will be missed.But He will be around I hope to help out the young defensive backs go rhonde go-GLHICKS
  • avatar

    Ronde your the best and will be missed on the field and in the locker room. You are a class act like Leroy Selmon. Keep the Faith!!! Go Bucs
  • avatar

    Glad to see at least one "Superbowl Buc" able to leave the game on his own terms in a Buccaneer uniform.
  • avatar

    Ronde you are my wife's favorite player. Maybe the Bucs will have injuries and they will bring you back for one more shot at the playoffs!
  • avatar

    I was saddened to hear this news. I thought had the Bucs approached the draft differently and picked up Sharif Floyd DE, then he might still have a spot and in my opinion a better defense over all. Ronde, you are appreciated and now on to the Ring of Honor and Hall of Fame and a new career!
  • avatar

    One of the greatest Buc's ever ...He'll join Warren, Derrick, and John in the ROH one day. Hopefully in the HOF as well.
  • avatar

    The ULTIMATE Buccaneer...and my all time favorite. Enjoyed watching every minute of your great career. Selfishly wanted to see you do it one more season. The last remaining member of that great defense that dominated the NFC South and NFL for years. Now I can start planning my trip to Canton in 2017 to see u get into the HOF. Thanks for all the years you have given us...the FANS. GO BUCS!
  • avatar

    Big play? It's always Ronde! Pound for pound the best player in Bucs history. No doubt Ronde Barber Day will be the game against the Eagles. The jumbotrons can show "the pick" over and over again. We all remember where we were when # 20 stepped in front of that pass and stepped on the throats of the Eagles. That place sure vacated quickly. Thank you for that Ronde.
  • avatar

    Thanks Ronde for giving us your very best. Your contributions will always be linked to the Buccaneers and success. I am confident you will be forever linked with Sapp, Brooks, Lynch, and Tony Dungy.
  • avatar

    Congrats to you Ronde on a great career. Happy for you, sad for us. Enjoy the next chapter in your amazing life.
  • avatar

    Ronde, if I had a young son I would tell him to carry himself like you. I have met you several times in addition to Fan Day. At Tampa International waiting to check in. You told me after getting Brad Johnson the Bucs would have "no excuse" if you didn't win the Super Bowl. It took until the next year! While you are a Future NFL Hall of Famer. You are a Hall of Fame person - now!
  • avatar

    I haven't felt this bad about this team since I logged in and saw that Gruden was gone. After soldiering through all the bleak years Ronde's not going to be a part of the resurgence. What a waste. At least CBS Sports Radio told it like it is - if he was in a big market like Washington or had a fanbase like Pittsburgh he'd be a first-ballot HOFer. As it is, I hope so. His stats are gargantuan, and if Art Monk can get in... Still, I can't believe that our last seasons with him were such a train wreck. I close my eyes and see the almost-pick six against Chicago two years ago, or the times he was a split-second away from a sack this last year only to have the team give up a whip route because management insisted that E.J. Biggers was an NFL cornerback. I remember Watson picking the ball up right in front of him against the Cowboys, and Ronde selflessly fighting to carry him into the end zone anyway. I remember the picture-perfect open-field tackle on Michael Turner when everyone else on the team had quit on the play or missed. Ronde, if you're reading, I hope you'll indulge us some bitterness in your favor even though you're too classy to feel it yourself. Thank you for your years of service to a small team and a smaller fanbase; it may not be much, but I know who I'll use as an example for my son someday.
  • avatar

    I greedily wanted to see 1 more year with the future HOF'er in the nickle spot. I followed Ronde his entire playing career in Tampa. Knowing I will never get to watch him play again is like losing a good friend. Hang #20 in the rafters with #99, & fly the Buc flag at half mast. He lived it the way most people only dream it.
  • avatar

    One of the all time Buc greats. Class act on and off the field. And maker of the single greatest play in franchise history. Thanks for 16 years of great memories.
  • avatar

    Ronde was and will be remembered as the epitome of the Buccaneer Man. I join all of my fellow posters at PR in paying homage to a great player for all of his career at the only team he ever played for – The Tampa Bay Buccaneers! Today a toast of the highest order, tomorrow a HOF celebration! Good luck Ronde in all your future endeavors!
  • avatar

    Ronde was really the perfect player when you think about it. He seemed to play so much bigger than he was, faster than he was, smarter than he was and longer than anyone expected. Yet it seemed he could have played forever if he wanted. He was a personal favorite of mine because CB is my favorite position in football and I loved the way he played it. A pick-6 is my favorite play and no one did it like Ronde. We love you man and we'll miss ya!
  • avatar

    The last of the iron men are gone. It's a sad day in Tampa Bay. However, I am glad he was able to go out still on top of his game. Class act. Not just us, but the rest of the NFL will be lucky to ever see one like this again.....
  • avatar

    There's few people as mature as Ronde and Tiki.
  • avatar

    Well ladies & gentlemen, the last BUC from our championship team is officially done. Sad day. Ronde, you will be missed & thank you for all the great years you bleed your heart out for this team. You're truly are a one of a kind & a class act. True warrior. GO BUCS!!
  • avatar

    So bummed...Ronde has always been one of my favorite all time football players and he will be deeply missed..I thank you Ronde for all you have done for the Bucs...I hope you have a wonderful time in retirement and I look forward to the day you you make the HOF..sad day for the Bucs...
  • avatar

    I am shocked as well of this news, but I understand and I will miss watching him play and doing that fist pump behind his back after an interception, you will forever have your jersey framed on my wall Mr Barber
  • avatar

    What an All-Pro both on and off the field, and he will be missed by all, and he is for certain a future Hall of Famer. However, I think we should at least offer him a scouting job for us even if just part time, and then offer him a corner back coaching position when one ever comes open. We could use him teaching our backup CBs and Safeties (since he has played both positions). We will also miss Rhonde as a huge playmaker for us throughout his career and all his sure tackling and blitzing into the backfield. He has been the best model for the Buccaneer Way all his career.
  • avatar

    This just ruined my day. Barber is one of my favorite players of all-time, let alone one of my favorite Bucs ever. On top of that, a real gentleman and one of the classiest guys in NFL history, no doubt. My first Buccaneers jersey was a Ronde Barber jersey. Here's to him joining Selmon and Sapp in Canton, alongside future Buc inductees Brooks, Lynch, and Dungy!!
  • avatar

    Way to go out on top Ronde and on your own terms. Thanks for giving it your all for your whole career and with class. Hope to see you in the future maybe as a coach or a community representative.
  • avatar

    One of the best Bucs ever!!! We will miss your #20.
  • avatar

    I expected this, but am still shocked. What a strange feeling it is to now know Barber won't be out there for us. What a great career though, and a great Buc.
  • avatar

    I am sorry to hear that. But, I respect his decision. We should see Ronde in the Hall of Fame in 2018!
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