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May 20, 2013 @ 1:01 pm
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Schiano: Freeman Is Our Starting Quarterback

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Over the last few months rumors have abounded that head coach and Greg Schiano and quarterback Josh Freeman don't have the best of relationships. On Monday, both Schiano and Freeman made it clear there are no issues and Schiano also said that Freeman is the Bucs quarterback in 2013.
During Bucs head coach Greg Schiano’s end-of-year press conference last January, Tampa Bay’s on-the-field boss mentioned bringing in competition at the quarterback position.

Since that time, fans, media and everyone in between, has wondered exactly what that meant. From cryptic tweets by national writers to interviews Schiano himself has conducted, the door seemed opened to Freeman being challenged not just in the future, but even possibly this season.

On Monday, following the first of the Buccaneers OTAs (organized team activities), Schiano seemed intent on slamming the door shut on the possibility that rookie quarterback Mike Glennon could unseat Freeman in 2013.

 “Nationally, [the reporters] don’t sit with me every day like you guys do,” Schiano said.  “From the day we arrived, our whole program [was about] competition. We haven’t always been able to have it because you can only get so many guys on your roster, but that’s what we believe in. It’s the most competitive sports league in the world. There’s someone that wants my job; I know I’m competing with somebody, that if I don’t get it done someone’s going to take my job.

“So it is competition and I love it, but we have our starting quarterback – it’s Josh Freeman. I’m not looking to find a new one, but I do like to have quality depth at every position, and when you get that – just naturally these are the most competitive guys on the planet – and it raises everybody’s level.”

Schiano asked if the national perception – and even some local ones – that he isn’t sold on Freeman as the Buccaneers starting quarterback had any validity.

“That’s inaccurate,” Schiano said. “I’m just trying to be honest with them when they ask a question. I told you guys from the beginning that I’m going to shoot you straight. I’m just trying to tell the truth. That I believe in competition, but also, that Josh Freeman is our starting quarterback. And maybe I should just not say anything and then it would not be an issue. But Josh knows how I feel, and you guys know, and I know that Mike Glennon does too. I told him the day we drafted him. I don’t’ sweat it.”

Freeman was asked just after practice if he had any issues with the Bucs bringing in Glennon. 

That’s the way it works on any team, honestly,” Freeman said. You want to have the best, most talented team you can possibly have. They feel like – and it’s true – Mike’s a very talented player, but we’re going to learn together, I’m going to try to help him as much as I can. I just had my first year in the offense last year, and there are certain ways to study and learn different things, a lot of it is terminology, but it will all come with time. But I’m excited about Mike, excited to have him aboard and ready to get this thing rolling.”

Schiano said he isn’t worried about the perception held by some pressures Freeman.

Yeah, but I don’t think it bothers Josh,” Schiano said. “Josh is a confident guy. He knows this is his team. I don’t’ think it bothers him one bit. I think he’s ready to go have a great year, and that’s what we’re working for.”

Freeman said having Glennon is the best situation for the team.

“No question, you want to the best possible option behind you,” Freeman said. “I feel like Dan is a great player and they decided to grab a younger guy, and Mike is a perfect fit. You look at it and down the road if we’re making a run or whatever and something happens to me, you want a guy that can keep it going and win some games.

"Honestly, we’re pushing full tilt. With (new QB coach John) McNulty, we get in there and we meet a lot of extra time. Because the system is still fairly new to me and I’m trying to watch as much tape and learn as much as I can from our experiences last year. And also watching some stuff with the Giants, some concepts they were working with, some formational things.  So it’s been a very productive offseason, and I’m glad to have Mike aboard.”
Both Schiano and Freeman tried to put the rumor that they have a frosty relationship to bed.

“Yeah, believe it or not, we actually do have a good relationship,” Schiano said. “Contrary to some of the reports.”

Freeman reiterated what Schiano said.

“Coach and I have a great relationship,” Freeman said. “I go up there at least every week and we sit down and talk about ball, we talk about the team, we talk about life. And I know coach Schiano extremely well. He’s a guy that you’re proud to play for.”

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    Freeman and Schiano are tied at the hip. If Freeman fails, the Bucs fail with him, and both of them will not be working at One Buc Place next year. I am hoping Mark Dominik isn't highly coupled with them, but he might get dragged down as well if the Bucs fail. If you are a Freeman, Schiano, or Dominik fan, you better hope/pray for a good 2013-2014 season. If they have a great season, the Freeman/Schiano era will continue for at least two more years after 2013-2014. The only way Freeman goes by himself is injury or he is replaced early in the season and the backup dominates (can't really see the second scenario happening)
  • avatar

    Owlykat: Your credibility just went down the drain. Lucky I must be the only one who read that.
  • avatar

    Good observation, BucsFan2003! It took a veteran QB for the Bucs to win their only Super Bowl. How would you feel about the Bucs hiring Tebow next year if Freeman falters? Think about it: Tebow is a born leader who willed a poor Broncos Offense into seven wins in a row, and got them to the Playoffs and then knocked off the mighty Pittsburg Steelers, while setting records for long passes in a playoff game. No, you wouldn't have to radically change our offense; just add the same QB option play the 49ers have run to perfection this year. What Tebo lacks in pure speed he more than makes up for in his ability to run over and punish a defensive backfield. He led all high school passers in Florida in his high school career and can pass the ball, despite his form that the experts don't like. With our excellent offensive line, his passing technique would be irrelevant, because he would still have the time to get the ball off. And yes, Tebo is smart and has terrific intangibles including being great in the locker room, has the highest good character, and I bet he would love to come back to his home state too. The Jaguars are fools not to grab him. He is a short yardage weapon too! He does not stare down receivers. He can throw on the run, and goes through his progressions quickly.
  • avatar

    We need wins and a playoff run. Freeman isn't giving us that. If the Bucs have another losing season we need a good experienced QB out of free agency. I would have liked someone like Alex Smith this last free agency.
  • avatar

    76bf46....if that happens and then what say ye when the back up does the same thing being a rookie and all....do we just give him "he's a rookie "....being a "76" buc fan you've seen way too many of these "lets hope the next guy can do well" if the starter falters...the biggest thing is for us now to let the season unfold and josh's play...heck man it's may...
  • avatar

    I'm a Josh Freeman Fan but we can't ignore than the inconsistencies that have plagued him, hell if you take away the four horrendous games he had last yr Freeman would have had his contract the fans would be clammoring how he is a top 5 qb so on and so on. The problem with evaluating a qb you have to take the whole picture and in those 4 games last yr he played like a highschool qb thrown into an NFL Game, I believe Josh will be more consistent and will have those "off" games you just can't have 4 in a row like he did last yr or we will be seeing Glennon as the qb next yr, just saying that as a possibility makes me want to throw up so here's to a great season Josh!
  • avatar

    Always love your posts macabee. These "perceptions" persist because fans and media seek to validate their own biased opinions. Then the media just keep repeating each other over and over until the misinterpretation is thought to be "fact" , Why? Because, "everyone says that." No matter what Coach says now, it will be hard to convince people that Josh Freeman is "his" QB. Mostly those who want to look only at the three or four poor performances and discount everything else Josh did last season.
  • avatar

    Schiano's' comments at the news conference today supporting Freeman as his QB for 2013 reminded me of Elway's support for Tebow this time of year last year promising that Tebow would be the Bronco's QB for 2012, before he stabbed Tebow in the back to bring in Peyton Manning who blew the first playoff game and could not match Tebow's playoff record with the Broncos the year before beating the Steelers. Schiano has said previously that every move he makes is to improve the Bucs and I think that is what he will remind the press of if he has to bench Freeman. Hopefully Freeman is smart enough to understand this and better be playing his A game this season every game or face the Bennet Treatment!
  • avatar

    sometimes i read these comments and wonder if most bucs fans have ever even played the game past little league,because ive watched josh play and he can be brilliant and then go on a cold streak that makes you wonder if he will ever really get it.I truly want him to succeed because he has more talent than most but i cant see him processing information quickly enough to be one of the greats. Brad Johnson did it with less than half of joshs ability because he could process the info quickly and was tough as nails and simply more accurate and consistant.
  • avatar

    Bucs fans are never happy unless they are complaining about the Starting QB. They will find a way to spin news in their derogatory way.
  • avatar

    Josh did great last year...4000 yards 27 td broke records for Buc QB's what killed us last year was being in a 21 pt hole most games because of that secondary and he still brought us back in some of those messes...Josh bashing getting old this kid is going to be what he was drafted to be...a young qb with some talent that might become a starter one day....every team needs that on there roster.
  • avatar

    I don’t know what to think now or who to believe! Should I believe Schiano’s words to NFP or should I believe his words at the presser? Because they were different - very different. Schiano is sending mixed signals – by design! Does anybody believe that if Schiano had expressed himself to NFP, the way he expressed himself at the presser, there would be a national discussion of this today? If this is a controversy, Schiano started it. Read the comments of local media including our own Mark Cook who opine about Schiano’s affection for Glennon. The national media is having a field day with it! Whose fault is that? Schiano would have us believe that the national media has taken his words out of context – something the local pen and mic club wouldn’t do and that maybe he should just be quiet. Schiano made comments at the end of the season regarding competition and subsequently cleared up what he really meant. This has happened too frequently for me to believe it’s simply a matter of context. If I were Josh Freeman, I would sleep with one eye open and throw no interceptions!
  • avatar

    Hopefully Josh has a great season, we're all pulling for him. Like Josh said, the more talent you bring on board the better your team. Having some real competition will make Josh better.
  • avatar

    It was very clear in the Coach Press Conference that Josh Freeman was the QB and Glennon had a lot to learn.
  • avatar

    We shall see after josh has his second and third 3 pick game in a row this season .I got money that says if josh struggles again this season we will see the backup qb.
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