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May 29, 2013 @ 12:55 pm
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Penn Discusses PewterReport.com's Weight Clause Report

Written by Scott
Scott Reynolds


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On Wednesday, Bucs LT Donald Penn said PewterReport.com's report about failing to meet prior weight clauses "really kind of stabbed me in the stomach," and addressed his comments on Twitter directed towards PewterReport.com and ProFootballTalk.com. PewterReport.com did not intend to personally attack Penn.
Following Wednesday’s organized team activity (OTA) at One Buccaneer Place, Tampa Bay left tackle Donald Penn addressed comments he made on Twitter that were directed at a story on PewterReport.com called “Five Bucs That May Be On The 2013 Hot Seat” that was picked up on ProFootballTalk.com and numerous other national websites.

The original report stated that Penn “has failed to meet most of the weight clauses in his most recent contract, which also drives management crazy.”

That prompted Penn to take to his Twitter account and address ProFootballTalk.com and PewterReport.com’s Bucs beat writer and editor-in-chief Mark Cook, the author of the article.

“@ProFootballTalk 330 right now in the best shape I been in a long time stop reporting bull(expletive) I made all my weigh in last yr n this yr”

“I still shut down the best DEs in the game n ball out every Sunday I gave up 4 sacks all yr last season get yo (expletive) right”

“Keep reporting bull(expletive) on me n see the next time I do a interview wit u yo (expletive) is lies get the facts 1st Cook b4 u say (expletive)”

PewterReport.com issued the following update, which is listed below, to the article on Monday upon learning of new information that in fact Penn did meet all of his weight clauses in his contract for the prior year:

UPDATED: PewterReport.com has learned on Monday that Penn did in fact meet his weight clauses for the 2012 season, although prior to 2012 Penn failed to meet some of the stipulations of weight in his contract, costing him of bonus money.”

In no way did PewterReport.com intend to personally attack Penn about his weight in reporting that he had missed prior weight clauses in the former Pro Bowl left tackle's contract. The error that was made – and the mistake that PewterReport.com regrets – was not reporting that he in fact did meet his targeted weight in 2012.

Penn was also praised for his play in the very same article on PewterReport.com, which was about five Bucs players that needed to perform well in 2013, primarily due to high salary cap figures:

“No one is questioning Penn’s outstanding Buccaneers career, but at age 30 and due almost $22 million over the next three years, Penn must not allow his level of play to slip in 2013.

“Signed from the Viking’s practice squad in 2006, the former Utah State standout is rivaling Buccaneers great Paul Gruber as one of the best – and most durable – offensive tackles in Buccaneers history. Penn has started 92 straight games at left tackle and while he rarely dominates his opponent, very few times does he allow the quarterback’s jersey to get soiled with grass stains.”

But on Wednesday, Penn was asked about the part of the story that focused on his weight, and his Twitter posts, which have since been deleted.

“I just hope it’s not going to be a trend,” Penn said. “Last offseason, [Tampa Bay Times Bucs beat writer] Rick Stroud came out with something – some true, a lot of it false. It seems like this year it came again – some more false stuff. It’s like … I don’t do anything to anybody. I’m a happy-go-lucky guy, and it seems like people are trying to attack me. I’m going to be bigger and better than that. I shouldn’t have reacted like that [on Twitter]. I wish I could take it back, but I’ve been working hard this year and I’ve been working hard this offseason.”

Former coaches have told PewterReport.com and the Tampa Bay Times that Penn struggled with his weight during the 2011 season. But Penn looked to be in tremendous shape on Wednesday, and admits that he weighs 330 pounds, which is 10 pounds less than his listed weight of 340 on the Bucs’ roster.

“Me and [Bucs head coach Greg] Schiano we had a lot of talks last year about where he wanted my weight because we had a disagreement on where he wanted it and where I thought I should be,” Penn said. “At the end of the day, that’s a battle I’m not going to win. I’ve done everything he’s asked me to do and I’ve done everything [Bucs general manager] Mark [Dominik] has asked me to do, starting last year.

“For that to come out after doing everything I’ve done, it really kind of stabbed me in the stomach. It made me feel bad. Where did that come from? I know it didn’t come from the Bucs because all I have been getting is praise. They are happy with what I’ve been doing and how I came in April 15. I came back in my football weight. I haven’t done that coming in on April 15 in a while. Usually I get down to it when I come back. But I came back already at the weight that [Schiano] wanted me to play at. For that little stupid report to come out … I guess they don’t have anything else to talk about.”

Schiano addressed Penn’s weight during Wednesday’s press conference. While Schiano acknowledged that it was not where he wanted it to be when he arrived in 2012, Penn has diligently worked to drop weight and keep it off since last offseason.

“Well, like so many of the big guys you have to keep an eye on it,” Schiano said. “When we first arrived his weight was not where we wanted it, but with Jay Butler and Kevin Luhrs, our nutritionist, and Todd Toriscelli, our trainer, and myself, we educated and talked to him about what we think is important as far as playing the position and being in an optimal size. He has done everything we have asked. For the last year probably he has hit all his weights and done a very good job. I think he has played well, too. I think Donald has really grown in this last year and I know it is weird for a veteran guy, but I see it. As far as managing his physical situation, he’s doing a much better job, as well as leading and being a positive influence. I am pleased.”

After addressing his comments directed towards PewterReport.com, Penn wanted to shift the focus away from what has been written about his weight and on to the improvements the Buccaneers have made this offseason.

“We need to focus on this great team that we are building and that we’ve got right now,” Penn said. “That’s what we need to focus on. We’re about to shock a lot of people next year. We’re going to do a lot of good things. Our team is out here working hard. These guys are really working hard. A lot of guys are getting better.

“We made some great moves this offseason and that’s going to put us above the level. Playing in the NFC South, you’ve got to. We’ve done a lot of things this [offseason] that is going to set us up for [this] year, and that’s what we should be talking about. That’s my main concern – getting better and being able to help my team. At the end of the day, my play speaks for itself. Half of you guys don’t watch film. The film doesn’t lie. I’m a consistent player. But my team is getting better and we’re working hard. We’re about to do big things.”

– Mark Cook contributed to this article

Last modified on Wednesday, 29 May 2013 17:47

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    did you read the OTA practice report yesterday?
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    I don't agree with describing Penn with adjectives such as "great, elite, fantastic, best, etc..." He is very good but those kind of descriptions should be for someone that dominates ball DL and not just step up when he faces the top ones. He should be totally destroying the lesser DL, but he seems to play to the level of his competition. The lesser DL don't get by him, but I feel he should be pancaking them. That's what the "elite" do. That all being said, Penn is no scrub, can ball And I'm glad we have him.
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    Penn may have made all his weight conditions after the season started in 2012. He certainly did not when he arrived at TC - as reported by all local media and said as much by both Penn and Schiano. It is apparently factual that previous weigh ins he failed.
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    Just FYI, Mark really has nothing to apologise for. It's not his fault if Penn, and those who are demanding for a formal apology from PR, didn't take the time to read the article properly. It clearly states that Penn missed most of his weight clauses over the length of his most recent contract. For those who need that translated: Penn's most recent contract began in 2010; that means PR are claiming he missed most of the weigh-ins over the last three years, NOT just 2012. Even if he hit every single weigh-in last season, that still just represents a third of the weight clauses in his most recent contract. PR are quoting internal sources - unless you have internal sources that have informed you Penn hit a majority of his weight clauses in 2010 and 2011, maybe you should slow your roll and make sure you understand what you're reading?
  • avatar

    I agree with you there. Mark has nothing to apologise for. What he said was true. ProFootballTalk.com and numerous other national websites are the ones who need to apologise for not reading and using it get headlines.
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    C'mon Horse, admit that you spent an entire practice focusing on Donald Penn rehabbing on the opposite field and criticizing his physique. Mark's article may not have been 100% accurate with regard to Penn's weigh-ins. But my interpretation was that Mark merely was singling out big # 70 as a player who can't let up now. Donald's immediate reaction was no doubt done without taking a breath and counting to 10. He should simply have stated, "not true" and let it go.
  • avatar

    scubog; I'm trying to be balanced here. You are correct; I had those binocular's on him twice at TC and he didn't win any awards from me as the rest of the team worked very hard. If I was Penn, I would have been completely embarrassed that I couldn't even make a very generous weight objective. I hope that Penn understands that as a team leader, you lead by example. I guess he thought that just meant the buffet table the last two years. At least he is trying this year and I will give him credit for that.
  • avatar

    A few thoughts...First, all of you calling for MC's head: I get the frustration over the mistake, but I'll allow those of you who have never made a mistake in your jobs to devalue this man's career so effortlessly. I, for one, will try to understand that mistakes can happen and that, in reality, this is a relatively small one. There is NO doubting that DP has struggled with his weight at different times in his career. By his own admission, he has always shown up out of shape until this year. The detail about Penn missing weight in 2012 was incorrect, which is a mistake indeed. But the idea behind that tidbit still remains: that DP needs to keep making weight and staying committed because, with that big cap number, he has to play great to field safe about staying around. Secondly, DP seems AWFULLY sensitive about a piece that was 80% effusive praise and 20% word of warning. Cook went over the top in comparing him to Gruber (a ridiculous assertion, IMO), and receiving such praise is an extraordinary compliment. Outside of pointing out Penn's past weight issues, Cook was tripping over himself in pointing out Penn's strengths as a player. It just seems like DP took one bit out of context and blew up about it. I get him not liking that, but try to take it with the rest at the same time and not only see the bad. Third, at this point, I appreciate DPs most recent comments. The realities are that (1) this is in the past, (2) he overreacted, and (3) most importantly, it's time to move on and focus on football. He essentially said all of those, and I respect that.
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    Who cares what he weighed in 2011 ? He is fantastic left tackle, especially given that he wasn't even drafted. He isn't going anywhere. Let's hope we have as much luck at the guard position and right tackle.
  • avatar

    So Mark's info was wrong about 2012, but apparently it was spot on for the previous weigh clauses he failed to meet. He may be meeting them now and I give him kudos for that, but if he balloons up then he will be "On The Hot Seat". That's the point he was making regardless of if he made his 2012 weight clauses or not. I wonder if that battle with Schiano over his weight was before or after K2 got traded away for not buying in.
  • avatar

    Mark Cook needs to apologize for reporting false information. I don't blame Penn for being upset. This makes me wonder how much other stuff that Cook has 'made up' about Buc Players. Cook...you're supposed to be out there, beating the bushes to get the FACTS, rather than sitting behind your computer, making stuff up.
  • avatar

    Why can't Pewter Report just say we're sorry to the guy for getting some of the facts wrong? Doesn't anyone in this country ever man up an apologize any more.
  • avatar

    In some journalistic circles Mark Cook's totally screwing up the focus of the article ( Penn's inability to make his weights last year upsetting the Buc's ) would be grounds for termination. Or at the IRS suspended with full pay. Really, Mark, how could this have happened?
  • avatar

    I see Pewter Report position and I see Donald Penn's position. Now let's move on.
  • avatar

    Penn's a passionate guy, and I can understand how any perceived negative comments can ruffle a feather. At the end of the day, you say "two tears in a bucket, *censored* it" Lets play some football!!! GO BUCS!!!! ALL THE WAY!!!
  • avatar

    A whole lot of drama caused by inaccurate info. Hopefully this won't happen again.
  • avatar

    76bucsfan46 - Not to be a douche but after that little scuffle with Allen, Allen was the one that came back and got a sack the very next play against Penn. No one is doubting that Penn is a very good Left Tackle. To react over a writers report and to only take the negative out of that report is a little over the top. I didn't think MC went to far, he praised Penn in 3/4 of the paragraph.
  • avatar

    dont worry penn your fans judge you on the butt woopins you give out on sundays like when you tore jared allens butt up at minnesota last yr. keep it up big man your doing a great job.
  • avatar

    A whole lotta drama for nothing
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