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June 4, 2013 @ 11:34 am
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Revis' Goal Is To Be Ready For Week 1

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Some consider the Bucs trading for Darrelle Revis – coming off an ACL injury – somewhat of a gamble, but according to both head coach Greg Schiano and Revis, his rehab is progressing as expected and the No. 1 goal is for Revis to be ready for opening weekend in September.
The $16 million question on most Bucs fans' minds – along with many around the NFL – is how cornerback Darrell Revis is recovering from the severe knee injury he suffered in Week 3 last season.

The Buccaneers traded their No. 1 pick in 2013 (No. 13 overall) and their 2014 third-round selection for Revis, and signed him to a six-year, $96 million deal, making him the second-highest paid defensive player in the NFL behind Buffalo's Mario Williams.

While no one is making any promises or predictions, both head coach Greg Schiano and Revis himself are confident that the star cornerback will be in the starting lineup next September when the Bucs travel to New York to face the Jets in Week 1.

“That is the goal,” Revis said. “That’s the goal to be out there Week 1 and play. If anything other than that we will have to see when that time comes, but we have got to have a goal set. I think Coach has the same goal too – to be out there Week 1.”

Schiano talked about Revis’ progression and the things he is working on while he can’t be on the field.

"Well I think in the meeting room and in the walk-throughs he's doing very well," Schiano said. "He's not a rookie, the guys played a lot of years and has played in a scheme where he's got to do more than just cover one-on-one. That’s always the fear, if you bring a corner from the outside, if he's only played one-on-one, does he understand all the other concepts?

“But [Revis] does, and he's got a really good football mind. So he's doing a really good job with his rehab and all those things, and he's also doing a very good job in the classroom, which are the two things he can do right now."

Revis was asked after practice on Tuesday what percentage he felt his knee was at this point.

“I cannot really put a number on it,” Revis said. “I can tell it is getting stronger. We are improving. Me and [head trainer] Todd [Torricelli] are doing a great job. I am out here running and cutting. Even in the weight room we are getting stronger. There is really no percentage on it right now, but I can tell I feel better than I did a couple weeks ago.”

With training camp quickly approaching in late July, Schiano has yet to determine what the potential schedule will be when Revis is cleared to be on the field this fall.

"Not yet," Schiano said. "We'll have to see. I think it's going to be predicated somewhat on not necessarily live play [but] cutting and breaking and running, covering and all those things. I think that's the important part. So that's where I've got to get a feel and more importantly, he's got to get a feel. He's the one that needs to be confident on it."

A confident Revis says he isn’t too overly concerned with practice or training camp work, instead saying his only focus is being completely healthy.

“I think I am getting comfortable now,” Revis said. “I am in the walk-throughs. I am in the meetings. The defense is easy. I am a veteran and some of the things that we did in New York, Coach Schiano does down here too. I am fine with that. I think the biggest thing is just making sure I am 100 percent when I step out there with my teammates and we can go out there and play some great football.”

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    I'm hoping that Geno gets intercepted week one by Revis..
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    I still can't believe we have Revis...blows my mind.
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    Playing the Jets week one will be like his first pre season game.
  • avatar

    This is our #1 grab for our secondary, and we gave up a lot in cash and draft choices. I never thought there was any question about him being ready to go on game one. If he cannot play and make an impact right away it will be ugly for Dominick. It means the DL has to really out perform this year.
  • avatar

    I hope they hold Revis out the entire preseason. The most valuable reps will occur during training camp when the defense has an opportunity to get after it and grow together. I think we will follow the blueprint Minnesota laid out for AP when he missed all of preseason and then trotted out Week 1 ready to go.
  • avatar

    I say Revis tries a series or two in the third pre-season game against Mike Wallace of Miami. Just to see where he's at.
  • avatar

    I dont think he is going to play in the preseason. Every time he's been asked when he'll be ready to go, all anyone ever says is week 1 of the reg season. Hopefully he doesn't look lost when he does get out there with everyone.
  • avatar

    Curious to see if he plays week 1 of the pre-season. That will be telling.
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