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July 12, 2013 @ 11:45 am
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Contract Talks Between Williams And Bucs Not Going Well?

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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The Buccaneers and Mike Williams have discussed a new contract for the former 2009 fourth round pick, but talks may have hit a snag if you read between the lines in a recent tweet by Williams.
Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Williams wants a contract extension and the Buccaneers would like to lock the former Syracuse receiver up with a long-term deal.

PewterReport.com has reported there has been dialogue between Williams’ agent Hadley Englehard and Bucs general manager Mark Dominik since the draft, but reading a tweet from Williams yesterday, it appears negotiations may not be going so well.


Englehard was unavailable for comment on Friday.

Williams desire for a new deal may have been spurred even more after Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz signed a new deal with New York earlier this week. According to reports, Cruz and the Giants agreed on a five-year $43 million deal (an $8.6 million a season average). According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the money is paid over the first two years via a $9.5 million signing bonus, a $630,000 base salary in 2013, a $1.5 million roster bonus due in 2014, and a $4 million base salary in 2014.  All of those payments are guaranteed.

The base salaries beyond Year Two are $6.15 million in 2015, $7.9 million in 2016, $7.4 million in 2017, and $8.4 million in 2018.

Cruz is coming off back-to-back 1,000 yard seasons, including a monster 2011 where the salsa-dancing standout put up 1,532 yards and nine touchdowns on 82 receptions.

Englehard spoke to PewterReport earlier this year about Williams’ contract situation.

“When you look at Mike’s production you can see he has outplayed his original contract (approx. 4-yr, $2.4 million) starting all 48 games in the league,” Engelhard said. “Mike really likes Tampa, and they like Mike. He’s definitely outplayed his fourth-round compensation, and they want him to be a part of the future.”

As a rookie Williams led all NFL rookies with 65 receptions for 964 yards and 11 touchdowns. The 11 touchdown receptions set a franchise record. In 2011 Williams, like a majority of the Buccaneers regressed and underperformed seeing his production dip with 65 receptions for 771 yards and only three touchdowns.

During the 2012 free agency period, the Buccaneers signed former Chargers receiver Vincent Jackson to a five-year, $55.5 million deal. The addition of Jackson took some of the pressure – and coverage  – away from Williams and the Buffalo native excelled, seeing his numbers almost mirror his rookie season with 63 receptions for 996 yards and nine touchdowns.

Last modified on Friday, 12 July 2013 12:47

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    macabee, thanks. Read the same retraction on profootballtalk.com. Mike either, cleverly, used his Twitter account to get attention drawn to two different subjects. Or, got lucky and killed two birds with one stone. At any rate, I give it a chuckle for a lot of reasons.
  • avatar

    Appears profootballtalk.com has a different take on Mike's alleged comment stated in this thread.
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    Interesting! Got a source we can read?
  • avatar

    Bones, Enjoy! http://thepewterplank.com/2013/07/13/mike-williams-sheds-light-on-his-twitter-outbursts-turns-out-it-has-nothing-to-do-with-the-buccaneers/
  • avatar

    Turns out that this wasn't about the Bucs or a contract at all or so Mike Will says. Two things come to mind - Twitter is unreliable and Mike Will is still dropping some catchable balls!
  • avatar

    We definitely need Williams for many years to come, and I trust ROM to get it done without killing our Cap in 2004. If Williams thinks he should be paid as much as Cruz, then he should have showed production equal to Cruz the last time we played New York--He Didn't!
  • avatar

    It appears we are all saying "Pay for level of play." Let's hope an amicable agreement is reached and we can get on with what appears to be an interesting season on the horizon.
  • avatar

    If Dominik doesn't pay Williams what he deserves, it's gonna send a BAD message to all the young guys. MWill has WAY outperformed his 4th round contract and would argue his long-term value is more than Jackson. VJ has a couple more top years left, and Williams is just hittin his prime. Mwill has made more acrobatic, spectacular catches than ANY Buc Wr EVER! Revis better be worth his contract, because ALOT of core Buc players may be casualties of his contract. In 4 games Revis will make more than Williams has over his entire contract. Fair?
  • avatar

    He is not worth Cruz money, but he is close. Truth is being the 2nd receiver is the best thing that could have happened to him. It took the pressure off him, which allowed him to be matched with lesser corners. Bucs will get him inked, because they need him.
  • avatar

    Man, reading some of these comments drives me nuts...it's like no Bucs fan wants to consider the context. We have no idea what number Dominic has put on the table, and we have even less of an idea of what number Mike is expecting/demanding. I agree that we are much better with Mike than without him, but we can't just write him a blank check. Smart teams don't do that. Honestly, I love Mike, but sometimes you have to let good players go. I'm not saying I want to do that, but if his demands ARE unreasonable, and he wants to be paid like a #1 receiver when he's only ever produced like a #2, then we would be absolutely stupid to meet his demands. All this talk of "family" and "respect" means nothing to me. When it comes to the money side of things, you have to treat it like what it is - a business. There is a certain amount of money that Mike is worth. Beyond that number, it would be foolish to "pay the man". MD has to do what is best for this TEAM, and giving Mike a contract that averages 8 digits would not fall under that description (not saying I know or think that's the case - just throwing that out as an example). I strongly believe Mike will get his extension, but let's not rush Dominic to just throw a bag of money at him because we like him so much. Because that would be STUPID.
  • avatar

    Horse. Are you representing Underwood? Who else do we have that has/can catch 11 TD balls in one season?
  • avatar

    Value is what it is all about and Mike Williams is no Victor Cruz. I believe Williams is worth 7.5 million guaranteed for 3 years and an addition 6 million not guaranteed for two more years. We have other players who can adequately fill that spot. Just my opinion.
  • avatar

    I said it when Cruz started his contract issues. They should have paid him before Cruz got his deal because of was only going to get more expensive. He's good but he's never had 1, 000 yards and Cruz has had a 1, 500 yard season. That's 50% more than his best season
  • avatar

    I agree With Mike getting the dollars. I'm thinking the "Bottleneck" is how many dollars he would receive as compared to his level of production. Then, compared with the receivers he's looking to be paid like. I'm happy Jackson was brought in giving Mike the chance to max his performance again. As we know, he lit it up his first year since other teams had no tape on him. In the last video he did with Scott Smith he talked about the timing between all the receivers that has been developed with Freeman giving Freeman better decision making capability. I want Dom to get the deal done. Keep Mike in the family!!
  • avatar

    Pay the man, he has earned it. Now that you spent 16 Mil. for Revis you want to cheap up on a player that has played very well for us. I think Mike is right when he said "it's all about family", pay the man.
  • avatar

    Sounds to me like Dominic should have gotten this deal done a few months ago when the number was smaller. These comps are only going to get worse for the Bucs. Pay the man. He's earned it. Every day you wait risks another huge deal making MW that much more disgruntled. Don't be short sighted on this one.
  • avatar

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Robert Meacham is a better comp than Victor Cruz, in my opinion. Williams is to Jackson as Robert Meachem was to Marques Colston at the Saints before he signed with the Chargers in FA last year. In March, 2012, Meachem signed a 4 year contract for 26.9mil with 14mil guaranteed and a 7.5mil signing bonus. Williams should get at least that and more likely a 5 year contract at around 37.5mil with 15mil guaranteed. Probably little or no signing bonus, because the Bucs don’t usually do them. He’s going to get a comparable contract to other NFL WRs with his level of production and demand in the NFL marketplace. He is much better than Meachem and he’s near Cruz’s production but wouldn’t create quite the demand that Cruz would get in FA. Still, Dom needs to pay the man before camp starts and get this one behind us!
  • avatar

    @macabee: let's hope Englehard sees him as Meachem and not Cruz....and then let's hope he plays like Cruz and not Meachem....
  • avatar

    I really like Mike....but this Cruz deal is a problem. $8.5m per year for a #2 WR, when our #1 WR is making $11m per year is a LOT of money tied up in two WRs. Think of what we could get for $8.5m per year to help the team next year....the best OL on the FA market?, the best TE on the FA market?...who knows what our need will be next year. This is very tough - again I really like Mike, but nearly $20m in two WRs...yikes!
  • avatar

    We obviously don't know the details, but I hope they show Mike some love.
  • avatar

    I also expected Dominik to get the deal done soon after Cruz got his. Even though Cruz is slot WR and Mike is a flanker neither of them are the #1 option in the passing attack. Mike's contract should be less than Cruz's relative to the fact that Mike was a little less productive. Still the parameters have been set. To me, with Dominik knowing both Freeman and Williams would be free agents next year he chose to protect himself (if you call Glennon protection) by taking a QB in the 3rd round instead of T. Williams from Baylor. PR reported they really liked him and he has a similar skillset to Mike. Well Dominik, you made your bed now lie in it. Sign Mike to the big money deal he's worth and stop beating around the bush.
  • avatar

    Treat Mike right Dom.He deserves it.Of course I don't know the details but please don't cause a rift between the Bucs and Mike because he has paid his dues and is a big part of our success.
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