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July 18, 2013 @ 1:27 pm
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Banks Has Confidence In His Game

Written by Mark
Mark Cook


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Bucs rookie cornerback Johnthan Banks talked to the media after practice Thursday and in the conversation his confidence in his ability came through. Confidence and swagger are two things that many successful cornerbacks possess, and Banks appears to have both.
When talking to NFL defensive backs, two common themes tend it get brought up in nearly every conversation.

One is the fact that a cornerback has to a short memory. When you get beat, you have to forget about it and move on. The other thing is confidence. Going up against receivers like Julio Jones, Calvin Johnson or even Vincent Jackson, cornerbacks need confidence and swagger. Look at some of the greats to play the game and you will see those two common traits, more times than not.

When Banks was asked on Thursday if he ends up as a starter, does he expect to be targeted more playing opposite Darrelle Revis. The rookie’s answer showed the confidence part, he down pat.

“I hadn’t thought about it, but anybody playing on the other side of Revis is going to get targeted a lot,” Banks said. “But we all human and you have to be ready for the job. That is what we do – play football. That is what they have me here to do – to come out here and cover people. So if that happens, it happens, and I will have to be prepared.

“I played a lot of zone at Mississippi State and I did a lot of both. I’m a corner(back). Whatever they ask me to do, that is what I will be willing to do. No matter what it is. I am just trying to get my mind and body prepared for this camp.”

Banks got a glimpse of Schiano’s style earlier this spring in mini-camps and OTAs, but doesn’t seems concerned about the intensity once things get going for real next week.

“I have talked to a lot of veterans and I think it is more mental than physical with his camp,” Banks said. “I played at Mississippi State and coach (Dan) Mullen. Him and coach Greg (Schiano) they are very similar in a lot of ways. Both are very aggressive. Both of them are workaholics. So I have had a taste of it for four years (in college). It will probably be different here in Florida, but it wont be anything I can’t handle.”

After Thursday’s practice Schiano talked about how Banks has performed since being drafted last April.

"I thought Jonathan performed like a rookie would perform, you know,” Schiano said. “He learned a new scheme and he did a good job he made some good plays, then he had some plays that just like I said – that learning curve. It’s not important though, because he showed skills and he showed ability. The important thing now is where you get repetition right? Because training camp is day after day after day, that’s where you can really make huge improvements. In the spring you go, then you are off, then you go, then you are off, that kind of deal.  So this is where rookies really make their fastest transition and I’m sure he will. He works very hard and he’s talented.”

Banks is confident heading into camp, but knows no one will hand him a job on a silver platter.

“We have a lot of good corners here, a lot of guys,” Banks said. “Danny Gorrer, Leonard Johnson, Eric Wright, Revis, Anthony Gaitor My Lew(Myron Lewis). They aren’t just going to throw me in the fire. They aren’t just going to give me a job. I am going have to work for it. If I want a job I’m going to have to come out here and work just like they do. They aren’t just going to give me the job. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, then I will just play my role and try and help this team win.


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    Man,I may be dreaming. But, Revis and Johnson or Banks at corner. Then Goldson and Barron at safety. I'm loving this secondary. I can't wait to see it in motion.
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    I like Banks better than Wright anyways and I think Leonard Johnson is a good #3 guy. The only thing this hurts is the depth just in case revis doesn't pan out. But other than that, I'm hoping we can snag a 3rd rounder out of this!
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    Eric Wright gone...traded to 49ers for a late round draft choice next year. I thought they'd keep him around to see how he pans out, but I guess they have no confidence in him.
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    I really hope he beats out Eric Wright to start sooner rather than later. Wright will get abused as the man oppo Revis as he gets targeted often, he really is much more ideally suited to cover slot guys with his quickness and (lack of) size
  • avatar

    I'm stoked by the way Leonard Johnson played last season. To me, he out did any effort shown by Wright . If Banks can out perform Johnson then, Mr., we are looking at one mighty cornerback tandem.
  • avatar

    I don't believe he will be thrown into the fire the way Johnson was last year. I believe that slowly but surely he will get more playing time as the season progresses.
  • avatar

    Sounds very respectful....a Buccaneer man! Now let's see some INTs....
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