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July 23, 2013 @ 8:36 am
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Reports: Bucs To Bring In Hillis, Shiancoe For Workouts

Written by Mark
Hillis had almost 1,200 yards for the Browns in 2010
Hillis had almost 1,200 yards for the Browns in 2010 Getty Images


Mark Cook


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The Buccaneers are looking to fill Eric Wright's roster spot, and it appears it may be a veteran player brought in. Reports have Tampa Bay bringing in RB Peyton Hillis and TE Visanthe Shiancoe for workouts on Tuesday.
The Buccaneers have a roster spot to fill with the release of cornerback Eric Wright after the trade to the 49ers was voided due to Wright failing his physical with San Francisco.

But instead of filling the roster spot with a little-known undrafted free agent, it appears Tampa Bay is considering bringing in a veteran player instead.

Late Monday night Jenna Laine of SportsTalkFlorida.com reported that former Browns and Chiefs FB/RB Peyton Hillis would work out for the Buccaneers on Tuesday, and Tuesday morning Jason LaCanfora reports that Tampa Bay will also work out former Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe.

Hillis has struggled since his monster 2010 season in which he ran for nearly 1,200 yards while adding 11 touchdowns. Last season in Kansas City, Hillis ran for 309 yards and one touchdown. Hillis has also been a productive receiver out of the backfield throughout his career, notching 111 receptions for 867 yards and three touchdowns.

Shiancoe, 33, like Dallas Clark last season, is nearing the end of a productive career but the Buccaneers may not be convinced that incumbent Luke Stocker or free agent signee Tom Crabtree can provide what they need offensively in 2013. Shiancoe was with the Patriots in 2012, but failed to record a catch. Shiancoe began his career with the Giants in New York, but really blossomed during his five seasons in Minnesota. For his career Shiancoe has 243 receptions for 2,677 yards and 27 touchdowns.


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  • avatar

    reggae maaannn...if the game was so meaningless then why didnt the team just lay down like it did for 10 games straight with the BUCS last real lame coach??? I mean c'mon right...in ur head the game was meaningless right..so then why did they even bother to put forth the effort for such a high and mighty thinks his !@#$ don't stink coach right??? but not only did they put forth the effort they won??? srry dude...think ur screen name says it all on this one)
  • avatar

    Buc4life, in your attempt to prove your point, you actually proved mine instead; thank you. As stated in your comment "MEANINGLESS GAME". Enough said!!!
  • avatar

    reggaebuc please anyone who actually watches Freeman know he doesn't suck...4 seasons 13,000 yards and 78 td...he just turned 25...give it a rest.
  • avatar

    I loved these two guys. I'm a bucs fan first but I live in the Cleveland suburbs so I've seen Peyton Hillis when he's motivated- not fun for the defense. He's a power player just like alstott was. Many dont know this but in his year in Cleveland he had 1200rushing yards to go with 60+receptions. We've also seen he can be relegated to blocking duties from his time as a FB in Denver. Shiancoe is a physical receiving TE who can make contested catches- something we don't have in our TE group
  • avatar

    reggaebuc...hav you ever seen a team like the one with the sucky QB and HC you described play their last meaningless game of the season with almost half of the starters being backups and WHOOP UP ON the dirty bird falcons like our BUCS did last year...and don't try the they took their strters out arguement because they didn't do that until the 3rd quarter was almost over because their HC didnt want to go into the playoffs on a losing note???Their starters VS half our starters and backups and they were handled....NOUGH SAID. And DOM...PLZ SIGN SHIANCOE PLZ!!!!!!!! The man can straight up ball when he's in the strting line-up and healthy....Hillis...scarred by the Madden curse..he'll nvr b the same again unfortunately....
  • avatar

    Anybody ever thought for a minute that Dallas Clark doesn't want to be here? Our QB sucks and our coach has a God complex. Who would want to relive that experience, especially if they don't have to. If you want to know how the receivers & TE's truly feel about Freeman, don't listen to their words, but observe their body language whenever he misses them badly, or throws them into massive hits. Same for the coach, observe the players whenever he has one of his "made for tv" rants, the looks are of utter disgust. We will go nowhere with Freeman.
  • avatar

    @reggaebuc.....I disagree.
  • avatar

    Why say "we" or "our" when talking about the Bucs, you clearly see this team through different eyes than most of us, Freeman had a stretch of three games where he threw most of his INT's, aside from that, he looked great! What's this about OUR coach? Give the guy a break, he hasn't even begun his second year and you're crucifying him already, with fans like you, blackouts must be a welcome event, whatever man, go root for someone else!
  • avatar

    Whoa!! We are bringing them in for workouts. We didn't sign them to Vjax money. Relax. How can evaluating players be a bad thing? If Hillis looks good then bring him to camp. Clearly we could use some more competition behind Doug M. Cleveland brings out the worst in everybody!! At TE we are so weak with unproven players that maybe a veteran prescense could be instumental from a teaching standpoint as well as depth. What happens if Stocker or Crabtree go down in camp?
  • avatar

    Like I said - publicity stunt = fine....if it's our plan B at TE and/or 3rd down RB....not good!
  • avatar

    EastEndBoy, this is not a publicity stunt. They are taking a look at these guys to see where they are at in case of a training camp injury.
  • avatar

    Ok - well he's on board now, so I'll cheer on Hillis to return to form....
  • avatar

    I really hope this is just some sort of publicity stunt...otherwise it reaks of desperation....how can we have given up on Stocker, Crabtree, Smith, James, Leonard, Demps, Byham, Noble before camp even begins...the whole planning this offseason has to be questioned....if these guys I listed are not good enough then we should have had a much better back-up plan than Hillis and Schiancoe....come on Dom and Schiano get with it!
  • avatar

    I don't know why we don't bring Dallas Clark back he was productive for us and made some big plays he is certantly better than big and slow Stocker at TE. As far as these guys coming in for a workout bleh Hillis is a one yr wonder boy who made the Madden Cover for reasons I won't share and hasn't done anything since, Shancoe is old and hasn't done anything since he left the Vikes a few yrs ago
  • avatar

    Imagine if they sign him would they let him wear 40? Reminds me of alstott early in his career.
  • avatar

    Schiano's insistence on "Buccaneer Men" only and Hillis's attitude seem like an oil and water mix to me! We could use the old Brown's version of Hillis, but I'm not sure about this one!
  • avatar

    I agree with Macabee not only from an attitude standpoint, but also the simple fact that he hasn't proven to be effective as a runner since his injury. Sign Shiancoe. He's at least got to be as good as D. Clark was last year.
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